Chris Pine Remains Hopeful For Another Kelvin Movie, Says Star Trek “Deserves To Have A Future”

Trek fans wait as Paramount decides what to do with the movie franchise while their corporate partners continue to expand the franchise for streaming on CBS All Access (soon to be Paramount+). One person who is surprisingly in the dark about the future of Star Trek on the big screen is Chris Pine, star of the last three Trek films.

Pine: Star Trek “Deserves To Have A Future”

Speaking to while promoting Wonder Woman 1984, Chris Pine responded to a question about Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie. Even though Tarantino (and his Trek screenwriter Mark L. Smith) have talked up his performance as Kirk, Pine revealed that he doesn’t know what’s going on with any Trek projects, although he remains hopeful:

You know, I haven’t [read the Tarantino/Smith script]. I really, in terms of the Star Trek of it all, I wish I knew anything. I’m quite literally one of the last people ever to find out. So, I haven’t read that script. I don’t know where it is in development. I haven’t read the Noah Hawley script. I have no idea what’s happening in Star Trek land. But I love the character. I love the universe. I love my friends in it. To have a Quentin take on it would be tremendously interesting and entertaining. Whatever happens, if I come back or not, it’s a great universe. It deserves to have a future, and I hope that is the case.

Even though the Hawley project was “close to production” earlier this year, the writer/director confirmed it involved a new cast, so isn’t surprising Pine wasn’t given a script. There are indications that Pine’s Kirk would be involved with the Tarantino project, but once Quentin stepped back as a possible director, that project went on the back burner.

Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond

Paramount taps Pine for yet another franchise

One script Pine didn’t mention was the direct sequel to Star Trek Beyond, which was supposed to go into production in 2019. A script had been completed and a director hired, but the film was shelved after Pine and Chris Hemsworth (set to return as James T. Kirk’s father) balked at being offered lower salaries. Over the summer Emma Watts, Paramount’s new head of motion pictures, reportedly put the fourth Kelvin movie back into consideration as she pondered how to bring the franchise back to the big screen.

While Paramount considers Trek’s future, they remain in the Chris Pine business. Yesterday it was reported that Chris is in talks to star in Dungeons & Dragons, one of the many tie-ins Paramount is developing with Hasbro. And Pine is also attached to Paramount’s reboot of The Saint. So clearly the studio is ready to meet the star’s price when it comes to these other franchises. The only question is, do they think it makes sense for him to captain the USS Enterprise one more time?

Chris Pine will next be seen in Wonder Woman 1984, which comes out on Christmas day in theaters and on HBO Max.

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Keep drinking your fountain of youth water as with what studios like Warner are doing now, going right to streaming even though they are losing unknown millions of dollars, Paramount would be nuts to greenlight any bigscreen Trek for years if ever. Who knows when or if the previous studio/exhibitor business will ever return. I have just been on a 33 day full pandemic business trip to several countries where I have stayed in 4 star deserted hotels, walked through major airports where the janitors outnumber the passengers, and had to eat pizza in my room as there were no sit down restaurants open within 500 miles… and right now I would be perfectly ok with betting that the previous economic model will never return, especially in sectors such as hospitality. Please no politics, I don’t care who did what, it’s the virus’ fault!

There is one COVID vaccine available now and a second one is imminent, so there is light at the end of this particular tunnel. I think we’ll see most theaters returning to full-scale business probably by mid-summer and definitely by next Thanksgiving. Since a green-light for Trek 14 would not result in a movie until 2023 at best, there is no reason for Paramount to sit on this decision any longer. Warner had ulterior motives with its “entire 2021 slate to streaming” decision: to prop-up HBO Streaming which has suffered an exodus of customers following the end of Game of Thrones. Disney doesn’t have that luxury (Disney+ is priced at about 1/3 of HBO and that’s just not going to pay the bills for Marvel or Pixar movies) and CBS/Paramount is too small, so both of those studios, along with Universal will be leading the way back into theaters by mid-year.

Yes, your opinion is quite valid, I would just like to make two points:

1) Here is my 50 cent bet on the efficacy and safety of the vaccines… all of the current candidates… being next to 0. My opinion on the subject isn’t worth much, but it’s mine and I’m sticking to it.
2) According to 8.77 M subscribers coughed up $30 to watch Mulan. At Disney’s standards, that probably bought the coffee on the set. So again, IMHO, tentpoles and streaming premieres are desperation ploys as the studios have no option at the current (and possibly future) times.

Yes, I am sanguine about the pandemic as I fundamentally believe that the disruptions to the global economy have just begun to decimate it. Anybody want to share my mountain cabin and help me roast squirrels? :)

Setting aside Imon’s scepticism about vaccine efficacy (I’m confident it’s high for most populations), it’s a big jump to having a large enough proportion of the population vaccinated to shut down the virus.

Most countries won’t have the level of vaccination by summer 2021 to enable widespread reopening of movie theatres.

And as others have discussed on earlier threads on this topic, it’s not obvious what people will want to come out to watch post pandemic.

However one looks at it, Covid has been a major disruption to the industry.

sir this is a Wendys

I’d like a Dave’s Double Squirrel with a side of Frog Fries please.

Sir, we also have Crunchy Frog treats for dessert

The die was cast with WB taking everything to a simultaneous theatrical and streaminbg release next year. I’m very convinced the next feature length release will be to Paramount +.I don’t know that the theratical distribution model is dead, but it will look very different in a couple of years.

I really doubt this gloomy outlook. Going to movies is still a social experience, and you just don’t get that with a friend or two in your living room. Theaters will be back once COVID is over.

I think the pandemic has just accelerated a growing culture of wanting to limit contact with other people.

If you can watch all your movies from home, work from home, order your shopping and take out to be delivered to you, then why would you want public activities to come back?

Star Trek already has a future, and it’s not on the big screen. I really liked Pine and most of the rest of the cast, and I appreciate the movies keeping things afloat and paving the way for new Star Trek on TV, but IMO their time has come and gone.

Chris actually said “this universe” deserves to have a future, i.e. his Kelvin Timeline universe. Chris actually mentioned in a previous interview that he was unsure how exactly his crew’s stories fit now that there is so much Trek, so he is aware of Trek’s recent tv success. It’s the Trekmovie headline that changed Pine’s words to “Star Trek deserves to have a future”.

Yeah no knock on Chris, I get what he’s saying, and the one thing I genuinely love about the Kelvin movies is the cast chemistry – they clearly wanna work together again. Still, I do think the window has passed. It’s been over a decade since the first Trek movie with them – almost as much time between TMP and Undiscovered Country (and certainly more than Generations to Nemesis).

But wasn’t there quite a few years between TOS and TMP? Or even TAS and the first movie. Btw,is TAS canon? Don’t care if it is or not,it’s fun,just curious.

TAS’ status depends on the time of day, but a lot of it has been worked into canon via back doors, most recently in Lower Decks.

Agree on the chemistry of the cast. They are fantastic and really drew me back into fandom!

At this point I think a limited series with the Kelvin cast would be the best option. CBS has already been willing to pay for bigger stars, such as Patrick Stewart, for the new shows.

I like this idea! Movies are expected to make a ton of money and hence often appeal to the lowest common denominator, and that’s never been Trek’s strength.

Agreed, it’s a great idea. Maybe 3 – 5 hours of TV, god that would be great.

Something that happened on Discovery this last week leads me to believe we may be in the Kelvinverse …

To be more precise, it was the first explicit acknowledgement in the rest of Trek that the Kelvinverse exists.

I say give Pine what he asks, but just cut the budget on all those ridiculous set pieces and fisticuffs. Star Trek is better when the filmmakers have to be creative with their money.

While I’m sure Disney has some exclusive contract with him for writing/directing/producing (& he’s straight-up gonna be too busy to take-on any more full-time jobs), I wonder if Jon Favreau could be tapped as a “creative consultant” to help CBS/Paramount economically make more cinematic-style Star Trek series set in the Kelvin timeline that could run along-side the more conventionally “televisual” shows like DIS, PIC, LD, SNW, S31, & whatever else is currently planned…

No more Star Wars hand-me-down people, please.

I have so much Schadenfreude from seeing the choice of JJ Abrams blow up in Disney’s face. As much as I adore Star Wars too, I just can’t help it. He did much to revitalize Trek in 2009, but he also Star Wars-ized it, hard. On top of that he got full of himself and arrogant with Into Darkness and made some boneheaded decisions with casting and remaking TWOK but lying about it and overspending like mad. And then he did both Trek and Paramount dirty by jumping ship to play with Star Wars while still under contract with Paramount. I can’t hide that one of the only satisfying things about Rise of Skywalker is seeing his reputation tarnished a bit by its poor reception – he needed to be brought down a peg or three, and might find that happens even more under AT&T’s rule at WarnerMedia.

Does Favreau like Trek? He’s a great fit for Star Wars, he is best left there to do damage control.

I think the only Trek-tested/fan-adored showrunner out there who could replace Kurtzman and Goldsman but still has a top notch resume in Hollywood is Ron Moore. Bryan Fuller seemed a natural choice but flamed out. Behr is not as active in the industry and perhaps not suited to have his creative fingers in the pies of so many Trek shows at once. Braga maybe could do it but I think was creatively just about tapped out by 2005, and he’d be a little divisive. Manny Coto would be as well, but perhaps more so for being a Republican, judging by the forum temperatures these days.

I don’t think anyone else who wrote for Trek has the CV to take on the role of Trek Czar as it exists now. It’s far more involved and ambitious than when Berman did it, even without movies right now.

Oh, Naren Shankar. He’d fit the bill too.

Shankar is out in the Expanse showrunning season 6

I’d settle for creative storytelling…

I don’t know if Chris Pine really should associate himself with Dungeons and Dragons, the movie they did in the early 2000s was horrendous and I highly doubt anything new or interesting would come out of the guys in Hollywood (I could be mistaken too of course) The Saint is also an unusual property. I guess they are still looking for that one other action property for Pine other than Trek.

Wasn’t he half the reason why Star Trek 4 didn’t happen? He & Chris Hemsworth both wanting huge salaries, utterly disproportionate to the kind of production budget (& expected even best-case profits) that could be justified for such a movie?

The way I heard it is that Paramount wanted Pine to take a pay CUT, and Pine quite naturally didn’t want to earn less for #4 than he had for #3. So it doesn’t sound to me like the problem is with Pine…

That’s completely true and I supported Pine for not taking less.

But, you do have to wonder, is he willing to take a pay cut now? Because it sounds like he still wants to make one but Paramount made it more than clear at this point they probably have to cut down his fee if another one ever does get made. The fact he’s completely in the dark about everything does tell me they are not begging him to come back to Star Trek although they seem to have no issues with him being in other future projects as he can now be in two other movies that TM mentioned. But I’m also guessing he would get paid much less for those being new projects. Hollywood can be a weird place sometimes.

Why would he take a pay cut? He’s in demand, and getting what he wants elsewhere.

I’m just stating the obvious. He’s the one who seems to want to do another movie. Great. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen unless he takes a pay cut or it’s all back to square one. Or at least a movie without the Kelvin cast. Which is exactly why I don’t see another one of those happening. And I know your feelings on it lol.

But yeah time is ticking. At this point the people who seem to truly care about wanting another Kelvin movie seems to be less and less every year and that doesn’t bode well.

The irony is this website only exists thanks to those movies and yet most of the members on it today seem to care less about seeing more of them.

I just started thinking about this, but it is odd how Hollywood works. You said Pine is ‘in demand’ which is true but yet I can’t think of a single movie he’s done outside of Wonder Woman that was actually a big hit? And I LIKE Pine as an actor. I seen a few of his movies outside of Star Trek. The two best I seen him in (and the two couldn’t be anymore different) was Horrible Bosses 2 and Hell and High Water. He was great in both, but neither exactly big hits. But outside of Trek and obviously WW, I can’t think of any hit movies he’s been in? Same for Hemsworth outside of Marvel.

But neither are hurting for work.

Loved him in Unstoppable.

Hell or High Water, and Outlaw King. Enjoyed his work in both. Personally I enjoyed Finest Hours and Jack Ryan, but I’m aware the reviews were mixed there.

They didn’t want huge salaries, they wanted what Paramount agreed to pay them. Paramount wanted to renogiate the deal, and the Chris’ declined that offer.

I wonder if “salary” is a euphemism for “bad script”

Pine and Hemsworth were not to blame. Paramount was reneging on the arranged salaries, so the actors rightfully said no.

Now that the Kelvin Universe has been officially recognized within Discovery, how about a Kelvin TOS crew miniseries instead of a movie? All of the principle actors work in both streaming series and feature films, so even though Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana are movie stars, presumably they might do a streaming series if the story were right.

The future of cinema seems to be in streaming series more so than in theatrical feature films, going by Disney’s recent announcement of massive numbers of Star Wars and Marvel streaming projects.

By the time they get around to making another movie, Chris Pine will be about the same age as Shatner was when he played Kirk in TMP…


What’s crazy is the TOS cast made 6 movies in 12 years. Next year it will have been 12 years since the first Kelvin movie premiered. Just a lot of wasted opportunity.

Yes wasted especially with Into Darkness

Good, move the 5 year mission, close the gap


Still would like at least one more film to wrap it up but I stopped holding my breath after 2018.

I just don’t see another film happening at this point, at least a Kelvin one. Pine is talking about the Tarantino film, a script that was already written 3 years ago and Tarantino himself passed on doing over a year ago already. This is the state the movie division is in. Crazy next summer will be five years since Beyond premiered. It’s now the second longest period between Trek films. The longest was between Nemesis and the first Kelvin film. That was seven years between movies but this time can now go longer than that; especially if nothing is greenlit by next year.

And if Paramount was serious, next year would’ve been the year to release another movie being the 55th anniversary and all.

The way they screwed up the 50th anniversary by essentially ignoring it, I’m expecting nothing going forward from Paramount. Shameful, the way they treat the franchise, imo.

Next thing I envision is yet ANOTHER reboot of either TOS or TNG on the big screen, a few years down the line.

That is the irony, a big reason the last movie failed is because how badly Paramount botched its own movie, starting from the very beginning firing Orci when the movie was already in production and it only got worse from there. Ignoring the 50th was just bizarre considering how much they fought to make a movie happen that year.

And yeah, although I would be happy with another Kelvin film, if they are really done I really don’t want yet another TOS or even a TNG reboot. Both of those would be the last thing I want personally. I really want something completely new and why I was interested in Hawley’s script at least. I’m not holding my breath and assume we will get a TOS or TNG reboot probably within the next few years but I hope they keep the idea of possibly something completely new too. Maybe they will surprise us if the right idea comes along.

The only big screen TOS reboot I would be interested in would be be one several years down the line set up by Strange New Worlds.

I still want to see that movie. It was a genius move to choose Claudio Miranda as the cinematographer, i have no idea what Bob Orci’s script was like though. Also the fact they said it was too Star Trekky has me intrigued. I never wanted a guardians of the galaxy Star Trek, or Fast and furious in space. What interested me about the reboot films was the characters and their relationships, i had hope the film that wasn’t made was a character piece and not another revenge movie.


Long overdue

They released a movie on the 50th and never acknowledged it.

Chris Pine should get his wish.

Another Wonder Woman movie?

Star Trek you moron!

I been wanting to say that to Phil for years now. Glad you had the courage to do it! :O

Come Hell or High Water…..oh, wait.

Nice…excellent film.

Trek is not needed on the big screen. Only about a third of the movies have been worth the wait. Star Trek is back in a big way on CBS/Paramount Streaming.

Whoever figures out how to make a profitable and popular Star Trek Movie franchise deserves to run Paramount.

The irony is with the exception of two of them, all Trek films have been profitable. The issue with the Kelvin films is that they just never been profitable enough for the money they cost. And then Beyond bombed altogether.

They just need them to have more moderate budgets (and moderate expectations) instead of trying to make them at the level of Marvel or Star Wars popularity. That’s never going to happen. But the fans they do have (like us) will pay for anything as long as the quality is good (and even when it’s not so good lol).

Star Trek never be profitable like a Marvel or Star Wars movie. Paramount should get their priorities straight.

The main focus should be on quality of storytelling not competing with the big boys. Star Trek is not at that level yet.

Fans are important but the film’s should bring in new fans to Star Trek in order to grow the franchise.

back to how they budgeted the previous films in the 80s, 90s at least for current spending on mid range films.

And there Tiger2 is the difference between profit and rate of return on investment.

A big $ profit number that is actually a small % return, on risking and tying up $250 or $300 million for the time it takes to make the movie and complete vfx heavy post-production, is not a viable equation.

Would you put a fifth of your investment capital in project for 2-3 years with a risky return that wasn’t going to make more than 10% per annum?

So, either Trek films need to be less risky (no more Into Darkness outcomes) or have a higher rate of return.

That’s why I keep thinking that streaming movies or stand-alone “Long Treks” as well as some 6 episode limited series might be the best way for the franchise to experiment with some “event” products that could better map out what either a lower risk or higher return Trek cinematic feature might look like.

I would think Paramount would still prefer the lower rate of return similar to 2009 or 2012 if it meant the bigger grosses. It gives them more market share and attention than when the Trek films from 1989-1999 were basically sleeper hits.

That does not mean the films need to cost more than $150 million, that’s insane and IMO actually creates an excuse for the writing to be lazier. But had Star Trek Beyond simply reined in the spending by $40 million, we’d most likely be talking about a 5th Kelvin film right now.

Where could they have cut the budget for Beyond though, it would’ve been difficult to make that film and cut another 35-45 million from the budget which is where it needed to be at 150 million, or maybe even 140. You would have to gut the sets and special effects and have slashed all the salaries of the stars. You also would have had to avoid any reshoots. I just don’t see a JJ Abrams produced Bad Robot Star Trek coming in under 90 or a hundred million. This isn’t 2005. You could take that 100 million though and make a 10 episode mini series for CBS all access through secret hideout though.

Star Trek is not profitable enough is what you’re saying.

To be honest – I am not sure that ST needs to currently continue on with KIRK and the TOS crew characters at this point in time. The Kelvin universe has made its mark and whether or not one might consider them successful or not – it is what it is.

Star Trek is really gaining momentum on CBSAA right now….ST Discovery & Picard showing that Kirk and his crew has currently run its course. I think there is no need to revisit the Kelvin universe anymore.

With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds coming out on the horizon, we get to see a unique and undiscovered side of the USS Enterprise and Capt Pike at his peak while in command…. I would say after 3-4 season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds……this could honestly lead into a revitalized or reboot of the TOS crew at that point…and move forward creatively, etc.

Strange New Worlds could become a movie. A reboot of TOS is not necessary. Star Trek might go too far if a TOS reboot ever happened.

I see your point. However, considering that the TOS was only 3 seasons – assuming that it was part of their 5-year mission, there might be room to continue on from the stories from when the TOS ended per se…. a continuation …without ‘retelling’ those TOS stories.
Just a thought.

A 4th Kelvin film is welcome as long as it isn’t another movie about a villain hellbent on revenge. Far too many of the Trek films have done that since Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan. I count at least 5 of the 13 Star Trek features. 3 of them from the Kelvin Timeline.

my least favourite kirk.

careless and lacking tactical skills.
losing his ship in such a foolish way in ‘beyond’ proved it.

It’s going to be difficult doing another Kelvin movie with Anton Yelchin no longer with us.

A crossover movie with Kelvin, Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds is the way to go.

Also I would like to see a Kirk TV series with Chris Pine.

What a shame- we have one of Hollywood’s best young actors who wants to come back for another Star Trek but no film in the works.

I really enjoyed the Kelvin films, particularly the first one.

I still meet people who don’t watch Trek on tv at all but know and love the Kelvin movies.

Glad to see Pine’s star continue to rise. He’s a very capable actor. He is a good fit for The Saint. I wish they would give him a second chance at Jack Ryan but that’s no longer a viable option.

I do hope they do a 4th Kelvin movie…they should…this cast deserves it. Beyond was an excellent movie. The Hims and Haws about it all revolve around the money. That’s not fair considering it’s the best of the three films (IMO).

Imagine if they could’ve brought in a producer who could have kept the budget under control, and they had a studio that didn’t complain about scripts being Too Star Trekky. We would’ve had 6 of these movies by now.