Zachary Quinto Would Be Happy To Do Another Star Trek Movie; Open To Spock TV Show Too

Yesterday news broke that Paramount had finally set a date for another Star Trek feature film, with the franchise set to return to the big screen June 2023. Now one of the stars of the last three Star Trek films is weighing in on the possibility of a fourth.

Quinto happy to jump into another Star Trek movie… if asked

Yesterday Pop Culture posted an interview with Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in the three Kelvin Universe Star Trek films. Even though the article was posted on the same day Paramount announced the release date for a new Star Trek movie, Pop Culture says they actually interviewed Quinto four days earlier as he was promoting his new Audible drama series Sorry Charlie Miller. However, the idea of returning to Star Trek came up and while Quinto expressed ignorance on the future, he also expressed optimism for the Kelvin cast’s interest:

“Honestly, I have no real idea what’s going on with Star Trek. [But] we all love each other and we all love that experience and I’m sure if it comes back around and we’re all available, I’m sure we’d be happy to jump back on board. No pun intended,”

It’s been almost five years since Quinto has been seen as Spock in Star Trek Beyond and so the 43-year-old actor was sanguine that his time with the character could be over:

“[T]hat’s in other people’s hands and I know I, for one, have had sort of moved on in terms of any kind of expectations, but you never know things come back in surprising ways and it’s surprising times, and it could be fun if it happens.”

Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond

Lots of possibilities for the next Trek movie(s)

TrekMovie was the first to confirm the film Paramount put on their release calendar for 2023 is being produced by J.J. Abrams, who produced the three Kelvin Universe movies released between 2009 and 2016. However, it isn’t known if the June 2023 movie is tied into the Kelvin Universe, or if it would include Spock or other characters from the three Kelvin films. Paramount described the film as “top secret,” so it’s possible they have not yet reached out to all cast members who have already signed on to options for a fourth movie (as Quinto has).

It also isn’t clear if the June 2023 Trek film is related to the script the studio ordered recently from Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez. The studio is already sitting on at least three other Star Trek scripts (the direct follow up to Star Trek Beyond featuring Chris Hemsworth returning as Kirk’s dad, the one based on the “bananas” Quentin Tarantino’s pitch, and a new concept from Noah Hawley). There could be (and knowing JJ Abrams are likely to be) other scripts or treatments as well. It is common now for studios (including Paramount) to have multiple films from the same franchise in development, including Star Trek.

New USS Enterprise-A seen at end of Star Trek Beyond

Quinto open to a Spock TV show too

These days franchises are getting a lot more complicated, including characters moving between feature films and television, such as the Disney+ Marvel show WandaVision and upcoming Star Wars Kenobi limited series. Pop Culture asked Quinto what he thought of the idea of playing Spock on the small screen for Paramount+ and he was open to the idea, but would need to know the details:

It’s so hard to say. I consider anything and everything that comes into my experience and I consider it on an individual basis based on criteria that are specific to that time and those circumstances. It’s hard to be theoretical about things,” Quinto told PopCulture, reiterating while he has not moved on from the character, he is not going to “feel attached” to any expectations just yet. “I love that character. I love that world. I think there’s a lot of possibilities of storytelling in there and I’d certainly be open to any conversation, but it depends on the who, what, where when and how and why — and like all those questions that can only be answered in specifics, not necessarily hypothetically. So we’ll see.”

Quinto has done a lot of TV work since Star Trek Beyond, including guest roles on shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Little America. He also starred for two seasons on the AMC series NOS4A2. In addition, he has done voice work for a number of animated series, including the new Amazon superhero show Invincible.

Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2

There are currently three live-action Paramount+ Trek shows in production, including Strange New Worlds which features Ethan Peck as Spock. There are also other Trek TV shows confirmed to be in development. The new era of Star Trek Universe shows produced by Alex Kurtzman have been sticking to the Prime Universe, however, we did see our first overt connection to the Kelvin universe in the latest season of Star Trek: Discovery. With Paramount Pictures and CBS again all under the ViacomCBS banner, bringing the films and television shows back together is a distinct possibility.

How Quinto’s Kelvin Universe Spock and Peck’s Prime Universe Spock would work together could be an issue, but are always possibilities. For now, with everything coming out of First Contact Day on the TV side and all the recent movie news, it’s a good time to be a Trek fan.

Ethan Peck as Spock in Short Treks “Q&A”

Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films.

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He’ll need to arm wrestle Ethan Peck for TV Spock.

Yea, that came across as a bit rude to me — certainly he knows another actor is doing Spock on TV now, right?

I don’t think he does. If you watch him in interviews, he’s not really a fan and barely knows anything about the universe. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s not his job to do so. But why would he know about a show behind a paywall that barely anyone watches, if he didn’t really watch any of the good ones that came before?

There’s that.

Carrying on with my speculation that Michelle Yeoh’s formerly MU Phillipa Georgiou may be continuing to move across universes in close to her original time in the mid 23rd century. According to the Guardian of Forever, the key thing is alignment/proximity with the MU of her original time.

She could be landing in the Kelvin universe. If so would make sense for Quinto to play Spock rather than Peck whether it’s television or cinema.

Sure no one watches it. That’s why the fourth season is in production, the fifth is a surety, and the series is the number one Star Trek topic covered on the web.


He said nothing that a rational person could describe as rude.

He sure didn’t. What an odd read.

It just seemed a bit of a callous remark to me given the TV Spock role is already held by Peck. It’s like if you are a coaching candidate, you yourself don’t go public with a statement that you would like to coach a team that is already has a coach employed.

Again, I said “a bit” for a reason. It’s not that big of a deal.

Callous? He portrays the character in a series of blockbuster films. When asked, he remarked he’d be happy to return to the role. This is science fiction– no reason they can’t both play the role. After all, we will have THREE actors playing Batman next year in live action big budget movies. Three actors playing Spider-Man in the next film. There are currently two actors playing the Flash in film and TV.

There were two long running Sherlock Holmes series n TV not long ago.

There is absolutely nothing rude, callous, or even odd about what he said. Personally, I enjoyed Quinto in the role, and love Peck too. Would be fun to see both of them on the screen, even together.

If he’s up for a streaming series, they should have S31 revolve around Georgiou and Braxton recruiting characters from across different timelines to (as Braxton did with Seven) to fix problems in the multiverse. The multiverse seems to be a new trend these days anyway!

A fun way to bring back various characters and actors, heck, a perfect way to get Shatner the role he’s been asking for!

Agreed. It’s simply absurd to have ANY problem with what Quinto said. It’s not a rational reaction.

Right on schedule. LOL

You make some good points. I did say “a bit” though, and I stand by that limited criticism. He could have added something like, “I really like the work Peck is doing” or mention Peck in any way, but he did not. That’s in contrast to your other examples — I recall seeing quotes from those actors acknowledging the other actors playing the same role.

He didn’t because it’s completely irrelevant, and when asked if he’d consider a reprise of his role as Batman, Keaton said nothing of Affleck or Pattinson, nothing of David Mazouz or Iain Glen.

Neither Garfield nor Maguire have been specifically asked about the possibility of returning as Spider-Man prior to last year’s news that they would (meaning, when it was just a theoretical possibility, once they’ve signed on of COURSE they would mention Holland because they are no contractually obligated to be careful what they say), the only interview being one with Garfield in 2016 I think, where he said he would hesitate to play the character again, or any superhero, because of his difficult experience making ASM and ASM2.

And as I recall, Maguire was actually quite close to returning to the role in “Into the Spider-Verse.”

So your recollecting them saying otherwise is quite curious!

It would be sad to have a new film without Yelchin, but I guess that if they use the Kelvin cast, they can always say Chekov left the Enterprise to serve on the Reliant

Or simply cast Chris Colfer…

I believe they have said they’re not recasting. Probably for the best.

That never made sense to me. It was a heat-of-the-moment decision made shortly after Yelchin’s death. Don’t let sentimentality get in the way of making a good movie. Just recast Chekov.

Personally, i’m OK with them writing him out of the series. Chekov isn’t any kind of iconic character the way Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are. Say that he was promoted to Commander and transfered to another ship, and move on.

I think they should recast Black Panther because he IS an iconic character that can survive the death of the actor, and I think Boseman would have wanted it that way.

But Chekov, as nice as a character as he is, is just a random ensign, essentially. I liked Yelchin, particularly in Beyond, and I see no reason that he has to be replaced.

They’re not recasting Black Panther, the mantle of the Black Panther is being passed on to someone else, new Black Panther….

That was six years ago. They’ll recast, if they have to.

or say that Chekhov was killed in the line of duty

Transferred to reliant, then killed on a survey mission to ceti alpha 6.

Or just promoted to Lieutenant and is at Command School at the Academy (like Saavik in Wrath of Khan.)

We already have a Spock TV show and unfortunately for Quinto, Ethan Peck simply has the much more suitable voice. He truly sounds like Nimoy’s Spock (though he looks a lot closer to Quinto’s Spock).

Personally I enjoyed Quinos Spock a lot more. But that might have to do with the fact, that he had marginally better scripts to work with, since there was no need to dumb him down so much for his “sister” to appear competent in contrast. Plus he just really looks the part in a way that Peck simply doesn’t.

Interesting perspective that I don’t agree with. I like the KT movies but Spock was largely out of character. Peck’s Spock was also out of character but that was part of the script.

Both don’t look anything like Nimoy but very similar to one another. Nimoy’s eyes and facial features are so unique they will never find a spot-on doppelganger. But the one feature that makes Peck a gazillion times more accurate is his voice which is 99% Nimoy’s voice. Quinto simply doesn’t have that at all. That’s the one distinctive feature that really matters to me as a voice fetishist :-)

This is why I’m also obsessed with the idea of Celia Gooding playing Uhura. She’s got that distinctive voice…Same with Rebecca Romijn. She just sounds like Majel. We’ve listened to that voice for an eternity as the ship’s computer and she just sounds the same…

I also get that Denise Crosby voice vibe from Melissa Navia, that’s why I think she will finally bring Macha Hernandez to life, the original TNG character that never made it to the screen after Crosby and Sirtis swopped roles…

“Out of character” is an interesting way to describe it, considering any changes are easily explained by it technically being not the same character. I like Nimoy best, obviously, but I think Quinto brings a different kind of Spock to the screen that works in its own way.

Where did you get the idea Celia Gooding was playing Uhura? That’s not the case.

Dude do you have inside info on some of this stuff? Your posts lately almost sound absolute. Do you actually know something or just guessing like the rest of us?

And Garth is clearly just saying he likes the idea of her being Uhura and it’s just an assumption she might be; which is an assumption in many places right now. It’s not completely out of left field even if she’s not.


OK, cool! So I guess she won’t be Uhura, which makes sense obviously.

But not all of us have inside info, we’re just the bottom feeders speculating on scraps of the vague details they decide to give us, so go easy on us. ;)

I hope they’re open to streaming shows featuring the Kelvin Universe cast. I would be open to that.

I cannot imagine that happening as it would directly compete with SNW and probably confuse genera viewers. And also, apart from Karl Urban I don’t think the KT cast was a spot-on rendering of the TOS crew. Pegg was fun, but he wasn’t really Scotty. I also could imagine a better Sulu. Zaldana was a good Uhura but I think Celia Gooding (if she plays Uhura) is a better fit. Peck is the better Spock due to his much more appropriate deep voice.

If SNW is a success, it should run for five seasons and then renewed into Kirk’s Star Trek – Year 1 and Star Trek – Year 2, turning TOS into years 3-5 of Kirk’s Five Year Mission. If those two Kirk seasons are still successful, they might do Admiral Kirk’s second five year mission after TMP…

No. With all due respect, that is just not a good idea at all.

There’s no chance at all of the Kelvin cast being given a TV show.

I actually could see the Kelvin cast getting a limited series. I think it would be great fun if they took 6 or 8 stories from the 60s show, and did their spin on them.

Not even a chance of it. They’d have to pay them WAAAAY too much money.

Budget wise, I think bringing them back for an 10 episode series is much more doable than a single feature film.

In this day in age it’s impossible to ever say “not a chance” to something like that. Marvel is bringing back both Tobey Maguire from the beloved Raimi films as well as Andrew Garfield from the absolutely reviled Amazing SM films.

Sony let Marvel use Spider-Man. Keaton is reportedly back as Batman. Zack Snyder got his cut of Justice League released. Ezra Miller showed up on a CW show. Evan Peters popped up in WandaVision. Freaking FULL HOUSE came back.

Heck, getting Stewart back as Picard and Mulgrew as Janeway seemed impossible just a few short years ago… we live in wonderful times for entertainment where anything is possible.

I hope they film a series where Quinto Spock takes his time off before TMP to study and ends up on Tatooine studying with Ewan’s pre-Alex Obi Wan.

No direct crossover please, but yeah, I could perfectly imagine a very, very old Vulcan Master of Kolinahr who happens to be a midget and who is so old that his green bloods shines through his veins turning his skin greenish, living in a cave in the Vulcan desert. Let’s call him Master Yodak.

ZQ is a talented actor.I’ve enjoyed his other roles in Heroes and Nosferatu.His portrayal of Spock always seemed a bit off for me. Like he was always pissed off at the situation he was in or the characters he was dealing with. I much prefer Ethan Peck as Spock. He has a little more of that “fish out of water” sensibility about his portrayal. ZQ just played the exasperated Spock a bit to much. (For myself, anyway)

I think that was the fault of the writers, not the actor; Quinto acted pissed off because they WROTE him pissed off.

I’d really like to see a controlled, Vulcan Spock, if the writers can bring themselves to give us actual classic Spock. :-)

I agree, Quinto was never given any good material to work with. Peck has had better storylines and you can see that his Spock is much more faithful to the original Spock

Wandavision was just awful, so I would not hold that up as a great example of a good tv limited series.

I think that was in reference to studios putting big money behind streaming limited series and mving their stories back and forth between film and tv– Wanda Maximoff went from Endgame, a blockbuster feature film, to Wandavision, a highly acclaimed streaming series, and back to film in Doctor Strange 2 next year. Ewan McGregor will go from the prequel films to a streaming series.

This is to illustrate that a streaming series with Quinto Spock is not as far fetched these days as it may have been even in 2016.

What was your problem with it? I thought it was mostly delightful, and a welcome departure from the sameness of the MCU.


WandaVision was pretty great. Better in every way than Picard and Discovery, at least.

Then you have no understanding of what good writing is, and your opinions about Trek should not be taken seriously.

Look dude, please stop the getting personal stuff. I get it that you are probably embarrassed as I’ve called you out a couple times in the past for presenting some information that was not supported by facts, but that’s just us talking Star Trek topics, and was not personal.

Relax, we have different opinions on this. Big freaking deal! :-)

LOL. I have no idea who you are, so if you’ve “called me out,” I don’t know what that refers to. I don’t bother paying any attention to people’s screen-names, so you are not a known commodity to me. You have far too exaggerated an opinion of your own importance if you think I’d have any reason to remember you or be embarrassed by something you’ve said.

LOL, such defensive BS.

Sure dude, let’s go with that — whatever you say. ;-)

I guess that confirms the Kelvin cast is not in the next film although I guess he could be lying he’s heard nothing.

I liked Quinto as Spock but like many here I never thought his was that good. I like Peck a lot more and feels much closer to Nimoy’s version. But to be fair Peck and Nimoy are from the same universe, but still.

I guess that confirms the Kelvin cast is not in the next film although I guess he could be lying he’s heard nothing.”

My thoughts too

Not necessarily. If he’s under contract Paramount just needs to make a phone call to his agent and tell him when to show up for work.

He still works as an actor and has other commitments. They can’t call up the guy and tell him he needs to be in Canada in a month (as an example). And I highly doubt any of them are still under contract at this point.

Ok, I obviously used some hyperbole there, but if he’s already signed for a fourth movie, there isn’t much left other than set that into motion with his agent.

I don’t think they are contracted though. The last time they tried to make a film was 3 years ago already and that was shelved. I think once Pine walked away that ended all of that. In fact, it’s probably why they were trying to get another film going in 2018 because they probably WERE all contracted then. That was already two years after Beyond came out. It’s now been over four and a half years, that’s a really long time at this point.

It’s not to say they can’t get them all back obviously but the way Quinto talks, it doesn’t sound like they are under contract anymore.

“Not necessarily. If he’s under contract Paramount just needs to make a phone call to his agent and tell him when to show up for work.”

That’s not how it works, no. It might have worked that way in the 1940s, but it hasn’t worked that way for many decades.

The timing of the interview would likely mean that he would be contractually obligated to plead ignorance if he was involved but I do still tend to agree that it’s looking less likely to be a continuation of the current Kelvin universe Enterprise crew. I’d be surprised if they don’t eventually bring them all back together for one last hurrah though even if it takes another decade.

You could be right of course, but I find that hard to believe given EVERY time there was even a hint of another movie happening for the last few years it was usually Pegg or Quinto telling us if they were involved or not. I guess maybe they could’ve made them sign an NDA about discussing the movie, but why now??? When they were certain the Hemsworth movie was going to happen no one stopped them from talking about it, at least in terms of the production itself.

But sure something could change, but as I said, that’s why I don’t think they are in it. Because for literally years now Quinto was the guy always talking about it and saying what he knew about it. In fact I think he was the first one to reveal their characters were part of the Tarantino movie. Or was it Pegg lol.

I’ll just clarify my last comment Tiger. I do actually agree with you that I don’t think this new movie will be a sequel to the 3 previous Abrams films but at the same time I wouldn’t be totally shocked if I was wrong because hypothetically speaking if there was a secret movie being developed with that cast I don’t think Quinto would say anything before the official announcement. If I had to guess which project has been greenlit my money would be on the Kallinda Vazquez script. I just think that eventually nostalgia will drive some sort of sequel to the Kelvin trilogy. That might not be for many years, it may not even be a movie but I’d be surprised if we don’t see a future project with at least some of that cast. I mean how many of us would have imagined that we would have got a series like Star Trek Picard in the aftermath of Star Trek Nemesis?

OK, fair enough!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we’ll never see them again. Far from it. We now have actors like Stewart, Mulgrew, DeLancie and on and on reprising roles none of them thought they would reprise again from nearly 20 years ago. So yeah ANYTHING is possible and I’m 100% sure we will see the Kelvin universe again. In what form or format, I can’t say, but yes if it’s not in the next movie, it doesn’t mean we’ll never see them again.

You know enough about me and how I think about this stuff. I don’t think like so many narrow minded fans do and think something is ‘over’. I actually been paying attention to know that’s never the case.

I think the Kelvin movies could be done for awhile though IF the next movie is not based on that cast; but it’s a different thing saying the Kelvin universe is finished as a whole. It was like when people said the TNG era died when Nemesis bombed. Ironically people use to say because the Kelvin movies now existed meant the TNG era was done. And now 20 years later it’s back in multiple TV shows and formats with literally the same actors as before. There will probably be more TNG era shows in the next five years then there were when it first started at the rate things are going.

So who knows what future plans hold for the Kelvin universe. They may even pop up on one of the shows in the future OR it’s own show. Even Quinto suggested a Spock TV show and maybe there is someone hearing that going ‘hmmmm’. Who knows, right? So we agree fully on that.

….and here’s the first of the Kelvin cast commenting ‘sounds interesting’. So, either this ‘top secret’ project has an entirely new cast, or this 6/23 release date is only penciled in, subject to change.

Cool! I can still imagine a Star Trek crossover event in the same veins as Doctor Who and the Power Rangers.

I’m looking waaay more forward to seeing Peck again in SNW. Sorry, Quinto but you don’t cut the mustard for me.

Well if they ever want to do flash forward scenes in SNW, I think they could get Quinto as an older Spock for those. Age him up a little with makeup and perhaps CG and it could be doable. Kind of in the vein of legacy casting for many of the CW superhero shows.

That would work really well I think. I like Quinto’s Spock more regardless, especially since he actually was trained to *be* Spock by Leonard Nimoy.

Breaking News: Actor Still Wants Work

This is at least the third article I’ve seen here reporting that the Kelvin cast would be happy to do another Trek movie. At this point, wouldn’t the “news” be if they weren’t interested?

IIRC Quinto was suppose to get at $6 million for the fourth film. Yeah I would be definitely be super excited to work on another one lol.

Suppose? Where was that reported?
Did they even have contracts for a fourth movie? I didn’t think so.
There is no way any actor will be paid $6million in this film unless Paramount have completely insane management at the helm. Anything more than 50%+ of the budget on the cast would lead to subpar film with poor VFX for a start.

IMO The Kelvin cast are untenable for a myriad of reasons.

It looks like I misspoke. I thought both Quinto and Pine got $6 million but it looks like only Pine was suppose to get it for the fourth movie. And yes he also got $6 million for the third one too. And yes they were both contracted for Star Trek 4. That was part of the reason why Pine walked back in 2018 because the studio already paid him TWICE of what he was suppose to make in Beyond and then promised him the same price for the next one when they thought the movie was going to be a hit….and then Beyond tanked and you know the rest!

But the article did say they ALL got more money for Beyond than they were originally going to get. But that’s the problem and exactly why I think these movies are done. They paid Pine $600 thousand in the first movie that made $385 million. But by the time Beyond came, they paid him ten times that for a movie that only made $340 million. And he’s just one of the stars. That’s just not a good deal for Paramount no matter how you slice it.

Patrick Stewart reportedly made $14 million on Nemesis, out of a total reported budget of only 60 million. Compared to that, the Kelvin actor salaries sound like a bargain.

Hence why there wasn’t another TNG movie after Nemesis. ;)

History seems to be repeating itself.

I recall De Kelley saying that the cast took a pay cut to get TUC made. It was the 25th anniversary of TOS and they all knew it was going to be their last film together. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kelvin cast made “one more” and worked for less money. I spoke to an agent about this when Pine walked away. He said that when an actor agrees to a pay cut, it sets a bad example for the industry. Every studio would be renegotiating contracts with their A players….”Well, Pine AGREED, why can’t you?” would be the argument.

Another reason why I don’t see the Pine coming back. Maybe we will be proven wrong and announce Pine is back as Kirk with the rest, I just have a feeling Paramount is ready to move on in general. And it will have been 7 years minimum since their last movie. That’s a long time in franchise land. That said Patrick Stewart is playing Picard again 17 years after the fact, but Picard was always immensely popular.

The Six Million Dollar Spock

Que the Simon Pegg “this is an insane project’ interview (even though he hasn’t seen squat) in 3….2….1…..

I read this again a few days ago. Remember this blast from the past Phil?

This wasn’t even that long ago but it should tell all of us nothing is concrete with these movies, no matter WHAT they say. I’m much more interested in the actual shooting date than the premiere date at this point. The latter doesn’t mean anything without the former.

Oh, yeah. Got crucified for my comment there.

The longer this digests, the more it’s looking like Paramount plugged “untitled Trek feature” as a placeholder for a future movie. It may be Trek, it may not. To your point about principle photography, to hit an early June 23 release date, they need to be in front of the camera’s late this year, early next year at the latest. So, we’ll see where this goes. If anywhere.

Yeah it’s fun to read so many of these articles after the fact. And you were so on point about nearly all of it.

Now to be fair to the actors, clearly SOMONE is telling them these things and they are just going on what they know like anyone. Pegg has been doing this a looooong time now, he would know how these things go. I think he assumed that everything was going swimmingly….until it didn’t.

But now, I think it’s better to be skeptical given everything, especially as you just pointed out they have to start things VERY soon and they still haven’t even announced a director, which my guess is the first big thing they have to do before anything else. Maybe by summer we’ll hear something on that.

I think his time as spock has come and gone. I personally don’t think we’ll see this cast again.

Ne neither…I could see SNW making a movie first..the sets are built, the actors are all cast..

It would definitely be interesting to see Peck’s & Quinto’s Spocks meet and interact. Not only is Kelvin Spock different due to the destruction of Vulcan & death of his mother, it’s also quite plausible – given the significant differences between the Kelvinverse & Discoverse – that (assuming she was even born in that timeline) he never grew up with – or even met – Michael Burnham, so that would make him even more different…

As of season 4 of Discovery, the Prime universe is aware of the Kelvin universe. A Quinto guest spot on a few episodes of Discovery could be interesting, if done well. Kind of a mirror of Nimoy’s Prime Spock… maybe Quinto’s Spock somehow ends up in the Prime Universe, a la like Nimoy’s Spock ended up in the Kelvin universe. Maybe they could do this as a series finale for Discovery… everything kind of comes full circle, but this time for the Kelvin timeline Spock.

Why on Discovery, which is set a considerable amount of time further in the future?

Strange New Worlds would be the most likely place for a crossover that echoes the one from Mirror, Mirror, specially given it has a Spock in it.

I agree, and further: to me, a crossover at this point feels inevitable.

It would be cool to see Michael meet a version of her brother again.

[Insert Michael Scott screaming “No” GIF here]

I think it would be really good for the Kelvin cast to get one last film. They’ve all talked about wanting to get back together for one last adventure, and to get some closure after Anton’s passing. It would also be nice to see the 1701-A in better detail from a fan perspective.

I understand that there is some major division amongst the fans on which Spock actor is better, I personally prefer the version portrayed by Quinto, not only because he was instructed and approved by the original, but because I found him to be relatable. His Spock was one that struggled to reconcile his Vulcan heritage with the fact that he was more in connection with his human side (which I also see as an early side effect of the Narada’s incursion). He was bullied for his struggle to control his emotions, viewed as an outsider by the Vulcan Science Council, and took his position at the Academy so seriously that both his peers and his students disliked him. Uhura was the only one he let in because of this, prior to finally connecting with the crew that Pike surrounded him with over the first and second Kelvin films.

Coincidentally I was in a used bookstore, found a copy of DC Fontana’s Vulcan’s Glory, which I had never read. I spent all day reading it. You know, if someone so steeped in Trek history as Fontana can create a whole story where young Spock, on Pike’s Enterprise – has a love we never heard about – and it makes emotional sense -I am sure SNW is going to be delving deeply, be somewhat controversial, be accused of fan service – and it will be good.

I love Z. We had great times promotion the first two movies.

Wish I could leak the script we did for part 3 of our trilogy. Snowden? Greewnald? Assange?

Hey Bob, do you talk to anyone from the old cast? I mean beyond just responding on their twitter pages?

So many of us still want to hear what your script was about.

I don’t talk to anyone from the old crew. Leaving Trek was hard. Partly my decision, partly the studios decision, and it’s not good for the soul to dwell on what might have been.

Hey Anthony, if it is of interest, we could do an general interview about what our script was about for fun, probably without violating any rules.

OK, I understand! You didn’t leave on the best terms so I can see wanting to just cut ties completely.

That would be a GREAT idea if you did an interview with TM about your script. I think I speak for most when I say we would definitely be interested.

And how much do they even care at this point? It’s been over 5 years now.

How much do I care?

My late best wonderful uncle introduced me to this world. I would never do anything to hurt Trek. I will always care. For my Captain Robau.

No I meant how much does Paramount care that you tell people what your script was about at this point? Should’ve made that clearer.

That’ll all depend on how bad the waters were roiled at Paramount. Time may heal all wounds….or leave nasty scars, depending on how one looks at it.

An interview about the lost ST3 would be awesome .would love to know more about the timeline under threat, Shatner, Cranston, Carol, the title, if any stuff was carried into Beyond or the Hemsworth ST4 etc . Please make it happen TM!

Might it not be possible for you to adapt your script as a licensed comic through IDW? There’d clearly be a significant portion of the fanbase interested in reading it and we’ve seen this approach prove successful for other franchises like Star Wars and Aliens so it’s potentially beneficial for all parties. Obviously as you say leaving Trek wasn’t a great time for you so I totally get how you might want to draw a line under it but on the other hand maybe getting some sort of resolution for that all the work you out into it could be a cathartic experience for you. For my part I hope that time proves to be a great healer as I’d love to see you involved in the franchise again but of course it goes with out saying you should do whatever is best for your own sanity.

wish your ST3 had been done over Beyond, what ive heard so far sounded much more exciting especially for the anniversary movie with plenty ‘hooks’ for the audience that Beyond just didn’t have. #restoretheOrciST3

Too kind

Agreed. I liked Beyond, but it was missing a hook, something to really get fans excited about the story. It was fine, but nothing remarkable, kind of like Insurrection IMO.