Podcast: All Access Breaks Down The News On A New Star Trek Movie, ‘Discovery,’ Shatner/Stewart Comments & More

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 170 - TrekMovie

Anthony and Laurie start with the biggest news of the week: A new Star Trek movie is in development! They go through the tidbits of information available and talk about director Toby Haynes, who directed the Trek-themed Black Mirror episode “USS Callister.” They also discuss Patrick Stewart’s comment that a Picard movie is possibly in the works, William Shatner’s thoughts on his Kirk being “erased,” and the departure of the TOS and TNG movies from Paramount+ to Max. They also talk about Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas’ Astra TV Award wins for Picard, episode titles and a premiere event for Star Trek: Discovery‘s final season, comments from Prodigy producers about the Janeway-Chakotay reunion coming in season 2, and the arrival of Ezri Dax in Star Trek Online. They wrap up with a final preview of Trek Talks 3 before the big event on Saturday.


BREAKING: Paramount Developing Second Star Trek Movie In Parallel With ‘Star Trek 4’

New Star Trek Movie Director Is A Fan And Directed The ‘Black Mirror’ Trek Episode “USS Callister”

Patrick Stewart Reveals New Star Trek Movie Script Featuring Jean-Luc Picard Is In The Works

William Shatner Doesn’t Expect To Return To Star Trek, Accuses Paramount+ Of “Erasing” His Kirk

In Defense of Captain Kirk [Startrek.com]

All 10 TOS And TNG Star Trek Movies Exit Paramount+ For Max And HBO (Again)

Jeri Ryan And Terry Matalas Win Astra TV Awards For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – Watch Their Acceptance Speeches

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Episode Titles Revealed

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 To Debut At SXSW In March; Premiere Episode Synopsis Revealed

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Showrunners Talk Janeway/Chakotay Reunion And How Season 2 Wraps Up Series

Nicole de Boer Returning As Captain Ezri Dax For ‘Star Trek Online: Both Worlds’


Trek Talks 3 on Saturday, January 13 – guests, schedules, and graphics to share on social

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If you asked me what legacy reunions I would most like to see in Star Trek, the Chakotay-Janeway reunion would be near the bottom of my list, way down there with the Geordi-Leah Brahms reunion and the Yar-Armus reunion.

Voyager has grown on me over the years, and I can appreciate how the Janeway-Chakotay relationship progressed. Not sure what the writers were thinking trying to put Chakotay and Seven together at the very end … that’s like TNG trying to make a couple out of Worf and Troi. It felt forced.

Ya know though … there are a couple Trek meme groups on the book of face … if you’re good at creating memes, perhaps you can create a Yar-Armus meme reunion … that might get a few laughs.

I never liked the Chakotay / Seven relationship as I felt it was forced but I would like to know how it ended and subsequently if he and Janeway grew closer after that.

Perhaps Prodigy will answer that question once Janeway finds Chakotay? A simple line of dialogue about how it ended would suffice. I get why PIC never addressed it, it’s likely none of Seven’s new crewmates never knew Chakotay.


Chakotay: “That Borg chick was just too high maintenance for me.”

Janeway: “Well the way she tells it, it wasn’t just that you bored her to death, but the last straw was you calling her ‘Kathryn’ in bed… That upset her so much she ‘went over to the other team’ ”


Sisko / Jake FTW

Hee hee, a Pic of Shatner’s James T Kirk on the banner. I see what you did there!

Heh! I asked myself “What is a Star Trek episode in which Kirk is very annoyed?” and immediately “The Trouble with Tribbles” came to mind. This was a fun image to make.

Yeah, great job on getting that in — thanks!

HAHAHA, well done!

“And somebody… close that door…”

I think the best fix is to reach out to Shatner and include him in something for the 60th Anniversary. Alex Kurtzman or JJ Abrams or Terry Matalas if he gets a show can make it special. Let’s face it the 50th was a total botch job. Hopefully they do the right thing this time around.

I don’t think they see anything that needs fixing, really. And I don’t think Shatner is that invested, either! It’s a fun scandal for fans but that’s about it.

Therein lies an issue. If they don’t see a need to honor the franchise better for the next anniversary…
Maybe that doesn’t include Shatner but the 50th was a disaster. It was like they were ashamed of the history.

Just saw that SNW got an ASC cinematography nomination for episode 10 (the one I remember looking like it was just shot at a contemporary smalltime town.) Am really amazed (though it is nice Pic’s Jon Joffin got a nom for SCHMIGADOON … that stuff looked pretty good, the opposite of how I felt about his PIC work, which seemed to be shot for a Braille audience more than a visual-based one.)

On the subject of a trek movie … I think this story proves Hawley would have delivered the goods with his take. I think these comments about what he is doing with the ALIEN TV series shows he has his head on straight when it comes to what makes something work. hollywoodreporter has the story