Watch Brent Spiner’s Victory Dance After Scoring Against LeVar Burton In ‘Star Trek Fleet Command’

The mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command added Star Trek: The Next Generation content with new missions and characters earlier this year. Today they released a new promo with two TNG stars, including one acting out of character.

Spiner dances for Fleet Command

The makers of the free-to-play mobile strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command continue to bring in Trek celebrities for their promotions. Earlier this year they had Sonequa Martin-Green and Karl Urban, but their recent promos have leaned into TNG to showcase the latest updates to the game. Today they released one featuring Brent Spiner letting loose on co-star LeVar Burton after playing “an emotionless android for years.”

ICYMI: Frakes joins the game

In June, Fleet Command released the first star-studded TNG promo to celebrate Captain Picard Day, featuring Jonathan Frakes alongside Burton and Spiner.

If you want to check out Fleet Command, download it free at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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There are so many cool things they could do with the licence, but all they can think of are phone games.

Daaaaaaaaang. Spiner moves like an old man now.

He’s 72. What do you want