All 13 Star Trek Movies Available On Paramount + For The First Time

Paramount+ is the home to the Star Trek TV Universe with every episode of every series, including five Paramount+ original series (once Strange New Worlds debuts in 2022). And now, finally, it is also the home of every single Star Trek feature film.

Paramount+ now has all the Star Trek

Over the last year, Paramount+ has been building up its library of feature films. Earlier this summer the catalog for the USA streamer grew to include all but one of the Star Trek feature films, however, due to previous licensing deals all but two left the service in August.

As of today, all the movies are back. Paramount+ includes all six Original Series movies, all four Next Generation movies, and all three Kelvin-era J.J. Abrams-produced movies.

All 13 Star Trek movies in Paramount Plus

Some of the Trek films are also available via other streaming services, including Hulu, AMC+ and Epix, but none have all thirteen. While it is possible that there are still pending exclusive licensing deals that could see some of the Trek films movies leave Paramount+ temporarily in the future, it appears that ViacomCBS is trying to ensure as much of its catalog is available on its own streaming service. Other entire Paramount film franchises are now available on the service as well, including all four Indiana Jones movies, and all six Mission: Impossible movies.

ViacomCBS has made it clear that they have changed their policy towards licensing to third parties, making Paramount+ the priority. We have already seen evidence of this with Star Trek, as three series left Netflix in September the USA after being available for a decade. It’s quite possible that as deals for the various Star Trek legacy series expire with thrid party streaming companies they will not be renewed. This pattern may also repeat itself internationally as Paramount+ expands overseas in the coming years. None of this is unique to ViacomCBS as all the major media companies are prioritizing their own content on their own streaming platforms.

More to come in 2022… and beyond

Over the summer Paramount announced they were developing a new 4K version of the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which will debut exclusively on Paramount+ in 2022.  Paramount’s new chief has also recently confirmed that the studio is developing plans for multiple Star Trek feature films. And currently Paramount is generally making major theatrical releases available on Paramount+ within 45 days of release. The studio is also committed to developing more exclusive films for Paramount+, which could include potential future Star Trek movies. We have already seen them do this for other franchises including a Paranormal Activity movie released exclusively on Paramount+ last week.

All the Trek movies but which versions are they?

Right now it looks like the first four TOS movies are the same old circa-2009 theatrical versions, and not the newer 4K remasters that were released digitally and on disc a couple of months back. All TNG movies and the rest of the TOS movies are also the same circa-2009 versions with 5.1 audio.

Of the Kelvin-timeline films only Into Darkness is available with 4K HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, Star Trek (2009) and Beyond are HD and 5.1 only, despite them being available in 4K HDR and Atmos since 2016 as digital copies and on disc.

NOTE: Device support for 4K and/or HDR/Dolby Vision and/or Dolby Atmos is rather limited, you can see the details in this Paramount+ help article.

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Actually, they still haven’t put Snake Eyes on Paramount Plus and that came out in theaters months ago.

Well, I saw that movie in theaters and regret doing so. It was very bad. Unless you’re a huge Joe fan, don’t bother

GI Joe: Origins?

I thought it was about the guy at the Hasbro factory who said, “hey, let’s make a doll for boys!”

I find it interesting that paramount was able to hold onto the writes for the first 4 indy films I would have thought Disney would have fought tooth and nail to get them since they may have been filmed on paramount lots but they belonged to lucasfilm
i guess the only way to stream both the first 4 and the fifth when it comes out is to have both paramount plus and Disney plus

Paramount will be involved with Indiana Jones in perpetuity. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it was granted ownership rights to the Indiana Jones IP, but Paramount retained the ownership of distribution rights for the films. Disney eventually acquired the distribution and marketing rights to future movies, but per the terms of their agreement, Paramount will continue to distribute the first four films for Disney and will receive “financial participation” from any additional films yet to be made.

I’m wondering when they figure out the rights issues with the royalties or whatever it is with the comic books so Marvel can reprint all the Dark Horse and original Marvel runs and do a new comic series. They’ve slowly been reprinting the Star Wars legends stuff but no Indiana Jones.

I don’t think it’s a rights issue; I think they’re just waiting until the next major market opportunity, which should come with the release of the fifth movie (just as the release of the fourth movie prompted a general wave of new Indy stuff, including reprints and reissues and whatnot of old comics in new collections, old novels, soundtracks, etc.).

It was a pretty ironclad contract, and with each film I believe Paramount always finded the entire budget themselves and thus had more leverage.

What I’m curious to see is if some canny Viacom lawyer finagled a way to keep the mountain logo at the beginning of Indy 5.

See my reply above yours. :)

We just don’t know if Paramount’s participation will ever be featured onscreen going forward. I’d love for it to be like The Avengers where their logo still came on even though they had ceded distribution responsibilities to Disney.

It’s still funny to see the one Avengers movie on Paramount+. It’s so random lol.

I think they have their eye on streaming revenue of the new films rather than the box office. That might speed things along. The franchise could even survive the occasional dud and not go into exile for a few years.

This so much. If Trek continues to be overall a good thing for P+ then they may be able to try some new ideas they’ve talked about. I wish they’d get back with Nick Meyer about the (apparently Kahn related) project he was working on. I think cinematic miniseries of 3 episodes would be great. Then do a mix of P+ stand alone streaming lower budget movies, and exclusive streaming rights to future big budget movies.

It’s obvious, regardless of what people may think of current trek, that it’s working for the streaming service.

At this point, that may be the option for the movies and just go to P+. They can make lower budget ones and do some interesting and creative things. Imagine something like the Star Trek: The Beginning movie they originally had in mind that dealt with the Romulan War. Script is already written! That can now be a Paramount+ exclusive. A movie that takes place in the 31st century aboard a ship right after The Burn hit and trying to get home. Or they can make a series of DS9 films set 10 years after the Dominion war! Get Ira Steven Behr back and make it great! Or a film that takes place during the Eugenics war staring a young Khan. Or one that involves Enterprise and give that show real closure. We’ll forget TATV exists. ;)

There are tons of ideas they can do that make not work for an entire show but done in a movie format. And this way they don’t have to worry about trying to get a bunch of new fans (and China) to make these movies a hit and you can tell a wide range of stories that doesn’t involve Kirk jumping off things like he’s Ethan Hunt or fighting another uber-villain who wants to destroy the Federation.

Wow great news!

I assume the 09 film was coming. It was on Netflix for half the year (which is where I watched it recently) but then it was pulled in August. Since it never showed up anywhere else I was hoping Paramount+ gets it.

Paramount+ is finally feeling like a real Star Trek library. Still needs more like the documentaries or TV specials but the movies and shows is what matters most. It’s crazy to know you can access 800+ hours of Star Trek for just $5-10. Beats the old days when I used to rent a 2 episode TOS VHS cassette for $3 at Blockbuster lol.

I still have Encounter at Farpoint and the pin it came with. Didn’t subscribe beyond the first one because that was like under ten bucks with a free pin and the others were twenty dollars a tape. Years later they had more affordable selected episodes at Blockbuster that is purchased like Best of Both Worlds tape 1 and 2 and All Good things tapes 1 and 2. Still remember buying the used rental tape for First Contact without the poster since they wouldn’t let that go. Or taping insurrection from the pay per view service it first appeared on before the cassette came out. I also taped the movie edit of dark frontier.

As much as we have it SO good today when it comes to just access, sometimes I do miss those old days. Renting or buying a VHS tape felt special. I remember going to Blockbuster after school when they marked down their First Contact cassettes for purchase and I nabbed the last one. Man I could not tell you how happy I felt that day lol.

I remember I used to record the shows on my VCR but I would stop it to edit out all the commercials so I can get a ‘quality’ experience later! I used to tape all the two-part episodes together as well. ;D

Haha when I was a kid I used to tape a few TOS episodes on my Dad’s audio reel to reel tape recorder and I wondered when they would ever invent an affordable video recorder for consumers. When VHS and Beta was first introduced, it felt like a miracle haha.

Pretty amazing that in less than 50 years after I was recording reel to reel audio-only from 79 hrs of available TOS, I can now access more than 800 hours of Star Trek using VOD via streaming – and watch it on a flat panel like the one Mr. Flint had in Requiem for Methuselah. (How will they ever make a CRT so thin??)

LOL the things us fans used to do to have these shows and films; especially at a time when buying these things outright was very cost prohibited. I remember a younger fan on Reddit a year ago ask why is binging so popular today when back then you could’ve still watched all the shows and movies on VHS or DVD, not realizing just how much it would cost just to rent one tape of DVD.

It could cost literally hundreds of dollars even in the 90s to try to watch every episode and movie and that was just to rent. And depending on the country, even more expensive. Buying was just insane. I remember one poster saying she had to order the TOS tapes from other countries back in Ireland because it just wasn’t on in her area IIRC and 2 episodes per tape were around US$8 a piece when you included shipping and handling.

Today, it’s around US$5-15 tops for a month for the entire library depending on what sites you have pretty much worldwide. And you have the entire thing in your pocket. No hauling dozens of tapes in a room. ;)

No, if you wanted to see the shows in the 90’s it was actually quite easy. Just record all the reruns. Then you had all of them. With commercials but you could just skip them. Sure, you were at the whims of whatever was rerun. But it wasn’t that hard to cacth Trek then.

IF you lived in America that is. The shows weren’t seen in every country like it is today. It was mostly in North America and Europe.

And yes I said I would tape the show without the commercials lol. But it was still very different time compared today.

I have a close friend with every TNG episode on VHS with commercials from the 90s. He won’t get rid of the tapes because of the commercials. That’s a lot of boxes.

LOL that’s funny. Do they still even have their VCR?? It would be fun to see a lot of those commercials today.

Yeah, I had a friend who did that too. But he has been trying to unload them for 20 years. He recorded all the MST3K episodes too!

Have you watched the Star Trek documentary on the Smithsonian documentary channel on Paramount+? It is quite good. One of the fun tidbits I learned from it is that the TOS sets were disassembled and sent to the UCLA theater department where they were repurposed for years-worth of students building sets for plays out of them. They speculate that there may still be pieces of the TOS sets being used as random pieces of plywood there.

You know, I haven’t yet! I see it on Paramount+ and tell myself I plan to watch it but never do. But since you recommend it, I’ll try and give it a watch this week now after I watch the next Prodigy episode. Keep it Star Trek themed. ;) Thanks for the recommendation!

They’re also all available in my DVD collection!

Same, but streaming is just so convenient!

Not to me.

Best to worst: II, III, VI, FC, IV, 09, ID, TMP, GEN, BEY, V, NEM, INS


agreed, no.

Nemesis basically never even opened, it was dead on arrival and never even left space dock. The final space battle is cool but not enough to lift the film from its abyss of mediocrity. It had to play against the second film of Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, oops.

Nemesis came out a week earlier, and didn’t even finish No.1 at the box office that week, losing to Maid in Manhattan.




Insurrection is actually quite underrated. Might Feel kikda slow compared to First Contact, but it is indeed a nice standalone story, Even though it feels more like a TV double episode

I think Nemesis gets a bad wrap. IMHO the reason for the lower than hoped for box office has more to do with outside forces more so than the movie itself. As a TNG movie, I find it has quite a lot going for it. Was it perfect? No. Was it flawed, yes it had some flaws. But then, so did WoK. And that movie worked well in spite of the errors. Nemesis was the first time I, as a viewer, empathized with the data character some. It also was a really good finale for the group. It was the final episode they never got. And it worked. And yes, that 3rd act was really something.

I would say I like Insurrection a lot more today. It has grown on me, but it’s still on the lower end of the spectrum on my list overall. I also don’t hate any of the movies, but there are certainly quite a few bad ones too.

For me:



TUC, TWOK, FC, Nem, Bey, XI, TVH, Gen, ID, Ins, SFS, TFF, TMP

I’m not sure about “best”, but my favorite to least favorite looks something like this:

Star Trek – The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
(tied for 1st through 4th place)

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek: Generations
(tied for 6th and 7th place)

Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek: Nemesis
(tied for 9th and 10th place, which sounds low, but I do still enjoy everything to this point)

Star Trek [2009]
Star Trek Into Darkness
(tied for 11th and 12th place; these are the only ones I really dislike at all)

I never saw Star Trek Beyond since I didn’t merely dislike but outright hated its two immediate predecessors so much, but I’ll rectify that eventually in the name of completeness, and because I consistently read / hear from other fans that it’s the best of the Kelvin movies. I enjoy all the “Prime” timeline movies, albeit it to varying degreees. The ranking here is somewhat flexible, and on a different day the titles from fifth place to tenth place might shuffle around a bit, but the original four movies from TMP to TVH and the first two Kelvin timeline movies are pretty much locked where they are.

I never saw Star Trek Beyond since I didn’t merely dislike but outright hated its two immediate predecessors so much,

You should give it a shot. It really is in many ways the closest in tone to TOS.

Oh, I indeed intend to; that’s what I meant by “I’ll rectify that eventually in the name of completeness”. I do fully expect to enjoy it more than its predecessors. I doubt it’ll salvage the entire “series” for me given that I’ll still loathe two thirds of it, but I do want to have seen every production in the franchise at least once.


The biggest reason why I put NEM at the bottom is as follows. I don’t mind watching The Final Frontier, whereas I have a hard time watching Nemesis.

Opinions, can, and will, vary.

There really isn’t a wrong answer, either. Just individual opinions.

Yay! I love everyone sharing their favorite Trek movies in order:


TWOK, First Contact, TSFS, TVH, Generations, TUC, Beyond, 09, TMP, Into Darkness, TFF, Ins. (I won’t even put Nemesis on this list since it’s so bad.)


But NEM and V could be reversed, depending on my mood. Both are neck-and-neck for being worst.

Since it seems we are doing this…


for me this is the layout
best to worst fc,tuc,nem,gen,ins,twok,tsfs,tmp,tff,tvh and all time worst 09,id,bey
and for the series best to worst dsc,pic,lds,pro,ent,ds9/voy,tng,tas,tos
and once snw comes out the best to worst will be this

Nice, though I’ll likely skip Generations.

I skip the JJ films, I pretend they don’t exist. Into Darkness is the most vile film in the franchise IMO.

Agreed. Into Darkness was absolutely terrible.

The first half of Into Darkness is damned good, in my opinion. As soon as Cumberbatch announces he is Khan, it starts to go off the rails, and the ending is atrocious. I’d still rather watch it than V or Nemesis, no hesitation about that at all.

I will be honest, STID was the most entertaining of the Kelvin movies for me, at least it used to be. I rewatched all of them this year and wow it has REALLY slowed down for me. The last hour is looooong. I agree with you though, I still rather watch it than movies like Nemesis and TFF but its a badly written movie as those. It’s just much better made at least, certainly when compared to TFF lol.

I think I can agree to that. That movie really fell apart once it was known he was Khan.

That said, while it was easily the worst of the three KU flicks…. Their goal was the proper goal. Kirk needed to EARN the chair. They just went about it in a bad way. This reflects Secret Hideout today. The idea of different genres is sound. They have just approached it in a terrible way.

All thirteen are worth watching.

That’s the spirit!

Wish I had your enthusiasm. I will watch all the films from time to time but the only one I skip is TVH. I just find it really hard to watch without facepalming every 10 minutes.

My least favorites are Final Frontier and Motion Picture, but their is still a lot of good in both of them. Motion Picture is a beautiful movie with some great visuals. Final Frontier has a lot of funny scenes and some good character moments, even if the overall plot is dumb. I think Voyage Home is a bit overrated, but I find it to be a lot of fun, and it has some of the most quotable moments in the movies.

I think that way about TFF. It’s a bad concept badly executed but it did have it’s moments where the three showed their bond. Which I really liked.

…but with Paramount+ still offering a Stone Aged UX, if you manage to click around and actually find the Star Trek hub, it’s still only the shows.

They seem to have fixed that lately. I was having the same problem too, but the last week or so you type in Star Trek everything comes up. I noticed it at least since Prodigy started.

Sure, but the only dedicated hub you can click to is for the shows. By now they should get their act together and have some franchise hubs to reinforce why people should stick with their service.

They can start with Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, NCIS, CSI and Spongebob, and then eventually claw back the rights to things like South Park, Jack Ryan, Transformers and Garfield.

Oh you’re definitely speaking to the choir on that lol. I been whining about that here for months now. Yeah, it really bothers me there is a dedicated link for the Star Trek shows but for some reason doesn’t include the movies or the ONE documentary they have. Why is everything simply not together? Compare that to what you see on Disney+ or HBO Max where all their franchises have their own special sections or hubs is sad. For awhile, they did have all the Trek stuff at least listed in one area when the 55th anniversary arrived. That was up for a few weeks before it was gone again. And yes why not have hubs for MI, Transformers, Indiana Jones etc? Highlight your biggest brands like the others.

Paramount+ is definitely improving but its still waaaaay behind in many ways when compared to the big boys.

Has anyone else noticed the terrible sound mixing on TOS on Paramount+? You can barely hear Shatner’s voiceover on the opening credits in most episodes. This was never a problem on Netflix or AppleTV; it’s unique to Paramount+. You’d think the owners would take better care of their signature franchise.

THANK YOU! I thought I was going nuts, never hearing that voiceover at the proper sound level.

No, it was a problem on Netflix. It’s buried in the mix, which is awful because it’s so iconic and it loses all power when you can’t even hear it!

It seems to be a problem especially if you’re listening in stereo (rather than a surround sound system)

I have TOS on BD so it’s never been a problem for me.

On Blu-ray it’s fine. CBS messed up the digital copies they give to streaming companies.

Perhaps so. I’ve never streamed anything I already own on BD.

Still waiting on the Director’s Edition of Khan, Paramount+. You already have that one in the can.

I’m thinking they may want to have a version of every movie, episode, and short on Paramount+ for the bulletpoint checklist appeal and its value as a selling point, but keep certain versions of certain productions available only on disc, as sort of an exclusive reward for those people who still buy physical editions. The DE of Khan could be one such thing. They might even do it eventually with the upcoming DE of TMP, despite it rolling out initially as a P+ exclusive – it might debut streaming on P+, have a brief period there as the latest P+ exclusive to attract new customers, then get a disc release for those who want it, and finally be dropped from P+ and remain available exclusively on disc. I don’t pretend to know that’s what they’ll do, but I could see them doing that.

Has the extended edition of TNG‘s “The Measure of a Man” ever been offered for streaming or download anywhere, or has it only ever been available on disc? I’m not sure, but as far as I know it’s been disc-only since it first came out with the TNG S2 Blu-ray set nearly a decade ago (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long already). I believe the DE of The Undiscovered Country has been streamed, though…

Oh my, I may just have had an inkling, the ultimate inkling. I’ve recently watched tons of astrophysics documentaries. The Big Bang Theory relies on the concept of the redshift being a result of universal expansion. It further relies on the existence of dark matter to explain a stronger gravity than expected and dark energy to compensate for the higher expansion rate of the universe.

But that expansion theory is based on the perception of the redshift in light from far away galaxies. Let’s take that expansion out of the equation.

What if the universe is indeed static and the redshift is caused by looking through uncountable layers of dark matter. The further a galaxy is remote from our position, the more its light waves are polarized by dark matter and shifted towards the infrared spectrum.

Over small distances that dark matter is virtually invisible but over such long distances, there is loads of that dark matter to gaze upon and that causes the redshift!

Dark matter is basically otherwise inexplicable gravity. If I’m correct, we can see it in the redshift. It isn’t inconceivable, invisible at all. It’s no longer in the dark but it is red! Hence we could call it RED MATTER!

And what does it do? It is utterly condensed gravity. If you were able to isolate it from its natural state even very small dosages could be sufficient to cause a massive gravitational singularity. Something like a black hole…

If any of that is true, ST09 would actually make a lot of sense. And not just that…

If there is no big bang but a static universe, the cosmic microwave background (CMB) may actually be a gaze upon the two-dimensional holographic projection matrix of the universe, a giant holodeck. And that holographic universe would explain inconsistencies between general relativity and quantum mechanics.

The Red Matter in its natural state surrounds us, binds us together… it may also be an “explanation” for something like the Force or even the Mycelium Network.

Now that’s interesting.

Something like how Warp drive in Trek speculation predates Alcubierre’s theory by three decades.

Would love to have Dr Erin Macdonald look at this one.

Maybe significant to some. Not to me. I have them all on BD. No need to rely on streaming. And it’s actually way easier to just pop the disc in the player and hit “play” than go through the hassle of casting to the TV. But hey, if that makes you youngsters happy, I get it.

This is not really aimed at people like us (although I don’t own any of the films today although I used to from TMP through First Contact).

You have to remember not everyone who watches Star Trek are A. hardcore fans or B. old fans. There could be many people who are watching the new shows for the first time like Picard, Discovery, Prodigy etc may not have ever seen a single film. Now they are there for them to watch as well and to get into. Paramount knows the hardcore has most of these films already, but its for the NEXT generation of fans as well.

And there are a lot of people who just want to watch a movie once and move on. That’s why streaming is a great option for people like this. They can now sample shows and movies they probably would never think to do otherwise. The reality is for most, buying movies and shows really do nothing but take up space after they watched the first time. I had tons of DVDs until I realized I wasn’t watching them lol. I bought them with the idea I would rewatch them of course but that just doesn’t really happen outside a few of them.

Wondering when those movies are available outside the US

My rankings based on personal enjoyment weighted with overall movie quality:

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
2. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
3. Star Trek: First Contact
4. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
5. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
6. Star Trek: Generations
7. Star Trek: TMP (remastered)
8. Star Trek [2009]
9. Star Trek Beyond
10.Star Trek: Insurrection
11.Star Trek Into Darkness
12.Star Trek: Nemesis
13.Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Why can’t I add Short Treks to My List at Paramount Plus?