Podcast: The Shuttle Pod Crew Reveals Their Picks For Most Anticipated Star Trek In 2022

The Shuttle Pod crew is back after a brief winter hiatus and ready to ring in 2022. It can’t be understated just how much Star Trek is happening this year. With up to 51 new episodes of Trek on TV, documentaries, video games, comics, and much more, it’s certainly a big time for Trekkies. The full TrekMovie gang already went over some of the most anticipated items for the year, and Brian, Jared, and Kayla use this as a springboard to take a bit of a deeper dive into what we are looking forward to and why.

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Lots of good stuff coming up!

At the end of the show, Brian called out for ideas for future episodes. I did have an idea after hearing the discussion about the Shuttle Pod crew’s misgivings about serialization in modern era Trek TV shows and comparisons to other shows (BSG, The Orville, 24). I think a fun Shuttle Pod episode would be for each crew member to pick one recent non-Trek TV series or franchise and compare it to current-day Star Trek — and call out what they think the other franchise does better (on any dimension). The Walking Dead, The Mandalorian, The Expanse, Game of Thrones, and many other series would provide interesting comparisons. 

I like this idea.
I think modern Trek has not succeeded with serialization. Maybe it’s the production system or maybe just the writing staffs, but something is not working. And there are certainly shows out there doing it better and I would be interested in hearing perspectives on how Trek could improve.

On the other hand, the “old school” approach which Lower Decks is using, seems to still be working like gangbusters (in my opinion), so I have hope for SNW. Prodigy is still undecided, but I agree with Kayla that the episodes are too short for really providing great episodes – having them be 1 hour each or a series of two-parters (which they have kind of done, occasionally, in this first season – but could do more of, more purposefully) would probably help a lot.

Part of the discussion could also be around what Star Trek does better than the other franchises. I am actually a fan of all the current series. I think DISCO has improved its serialization execution each season, and I’m hoping Picard will take a big leap in season 2.


You guys could talk about a potential crossover.


Podcast production question. How do you not get some sort of copyright infringement for using Jerry Goldsmith’s themes? Just curious. Love your music selections.

Great to have you all back and I really enjoyed the podcast. I loved Brian’s suggestion to try and get the team behind the 4K version of STTMP on a future podcast. That would be a treat. Perhaps you could extend that to writers, composers and other production personnel working on shows past and present.

I also always hoped you would do a deep dive into Enterprise as I’d love to hear your views on it. I did a complete rewatch in the early months of the pandemic and enjoyed it quite a bit. Shame it ended as a soon and in the manner it did.

What scares me the most about Strange New Worlds is that it is a fan-driven enterprise, not production-wise, but existence-wise. What makes any great story, or anything done in the human experience, is the creators desire to pull something from the depth of his or her soul, from that eternal well of creativity, passion, personal experience, meaning and desire. SNW is coming to us because, well, the fans wanted it… older TREK fans–which smacks of something derivative, uncreative, fan service-based, and being done for the wrong reasons.

Secondly, I’m concerned because, at least with a long-term story arc, the new TREK production team(s)–who have already shown a lack of being, well, great writers–have had to come up with only one original storyline a season; now they have to come up with 10 to 15 original stories. I see difficulty pulling that off–especially having to navigate around a 1000 or so TREK stories already told. Example: the previews of the second season of PICARD, has presented one long story arc–an arc clearly reminiscent of both VOYAGER and DS9 story arcs combined–already looks way too familiar. Can you imagine what SNW is going to look like with multiple episodic stories a season? The problem of being too derivative will present itself in many episodes.

Lastly, at least long story arcs give the shows a contemporary look and feel to them. Dragging up a format from the past as if this is the problem with contemporary TREK series in the first place, is assigning blame in the wrong direction. The problem is the writing… not the format.

I wish everyone involved with SNW a lot of luck, but I’m concerned.  I do hope they can pull it off though. Good fortune to them all!