‘Star Trek: Picard’ Cast Member Confirms They Will Not Be Back For Season 3

Star Trek: Picard season two wraps up on Thursday, and it has been announced that the third and final season (which has already been filmed) will bring back the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which members of the original Picard cast will carry on into season three is an open question. The only confirmed returning actors so far are Michelle Hurd (Raffi) and Jeri Ryan (Seven). Now one of the remaining cast members has revealed they won’t be back.

UPDATE: More ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Cast Members Confirm They Are Not Coming Back For Season 3

Alison Pill says goodbye

Alison Pill has appeared in every single episode of Star Trek: Picard so far, playing cybernetics expert Dr. Agnes Jurati. But in an interview promoting her new film All My Puny Sorrows, Pill told MovieWeb she won’t be back for season three:

I know that season three will be the end. I wasn’t a part of season three, so I don’t have much to say about it in terms of spoilers. I will get to watch along with everybody else.

Jurati went through a lot in season one, including being mind-controlled by a rogue Romulan to kill her boyfriend. She eventually helped resurrect Jean-Luc Picard in a new android body.

Alison Pill as Jurati with Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in the series premiere

But in season two, things stepped up a level. For most of the season, Agnes has been dealing with slow-moving assimilation into becoming a Borg Queen. In the ninth episode, we saw her achieve a new balance as a different kind of Queen and leave Earth on La Sirena, so it isn’t entirely surprising Pill is exiting the series, especially with so many joining the cast for season three.

Allison Pill as Borg Jurati in episode 209

It hasn’t been revealed if Pill will or will not return for the season two finale, which arrives on Thursday.

There is no word yet on if Isa Briones, Evan Evagora, or Santiago Cabrera will be joining Ryan and Hurd in season three of Picard.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada, it airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel on streams on Crave on Thursdays. Picard is also available on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video around the world.

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Man, I wish the title had said “Warning: Picard Final S2 Ep Spoiler.” :-(

What spoiler are you talking about? Alison Pill’s character literally flew off into the sunset in the previous episode, so it is no spoiler that she is gone from the show.

I am through ep 8, watching 9 tomorrow night.

Whoops — I guess I did it to myself, didn’t I? LOL

OK, I retract my remark above.

They could’ve found a way to bring her back I guess but I assumed they were making it clear her character was leaving for good. I think we’ll see her one last time in the finale though to wrap up the Borg stuff we got in the first episode.

Nobody made you click on that.

Maybe the Borg 😜

Not surprised! I been saying since the last episode it looks like her time will be done after this season. I wonder if any else will be leaving? We know Seven and Raffi will be in season 3 but I won’t be too shocked others are leaving to make more room for the TNG cast.

Elnor seems like a character that may not come back. Looking back at season 1 & 2 they never quite found a way to include him in the story (there’s only so much use for a sword-wielding warrier monk). Or they bring him back but he get’s about as much screen time as he got in season 2.

Looks like we were both right. ;)

But without her, who will be coerced by the bad guys to do bad things and betray the good guys, resulting in no lasting consequences?!

Barclay maybe? (just kidding, I’m sure Dwight Schulz has something better to do.)

I find it amusing that two seasons in a row, Jurati has committed crimes without any consequence. We root for her, but she literally gets away with murder each season!

Lol Data says hi

Should help season 3 be better than what we have been presented so far in seasons 1 and 2. Pains me to admit it but “Picard” has been some of the worst ST ever produced… except for everything “Discovery”.

Sadly agreed. It’s the worst show on my list for two seasons running now. Discovery is my second worst.

I agree. At least, under all that cringe melodrama Discovery is a Star Trek show. I don’t know what the hell Picard is.

This seems to be a diminishing perception, which is good. Such superlatives as “worst ever produced” are repetitive and oddly lacking in nuance for a Trekkie. The level of vitriol directed at everything Discovery-related, regardless of its current quality… it’s illogical. And tiresome.

No nuance needed when something is this bad… and boy is it bad, Trekke or not. lt is my opinion and is expressed as such so again no, nuance or apology needed (as long as such expression remains civil) just an agreement that we do not agree on the matter. Glad you like it tough!

It’s not a superlative, or even an exaggeration. Lord knows I had my complaints about Voyager and Enterprise but they were always at least competently produced television. This stuff is not. I’ve seen better characterization and tighter plotting on fanfic boards, and that is not meant to be a compliment to fanfic.

More than likely i could see Rios stay in the past, cause Santiago Cabrera is currently appearing in season 2 of The Flight Attendant playing Kaley Cuocos characters new partner as i saw him in the trailer, i think it was filmed at same time Picard Season 3 was filmed

Yeah, I don’t think Rios, Elnor and Soji will be returning for season 3. The latter 2 characters I don’t care about but I’ve grown fond of Rios(and his multiple holograms)

For that matter, Elnor and Soji weren’t really even in season 2. PICARD is a show that keeps discarding its cast members.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Picard season 3 isn’t close to an 8th run for TNG.

I would be quite happy with that though, so long as it’s better than the horrible ending it had in Nemesis. I never imagined there would be a chance to fix that.

Isa Briones at least got a little bit of screen time even if it was a new role (Kore?). Except for last week’s short stint as a hologram Evan Evagora has basically been gone from the show since they got to the 21st century (“basically” because of those two “blink-and-you-miss-it” cameos).

Irritating, they have a really good actress and character, yet the WEAK writers and producers played it safe by shoehorning the TNG cast in for nostalgia and too paper over their poor writing and plot development. I expect Rios and a few others to go the same way. Will we see them in their own series? I really hope so.

Very annoying. All the characters showed a lot of potential in season 1 and the opening of season 2. It’s sad to that wasted is season 2 and then thrown away completely. Star Trek desperately needs new (good!) characters, not the same old ones done to death. The franchise is never going to survive if they keep recycling things.

You capslocking the word weak Looks Like a trump Tweet.

There is nothing wrong with caps-locking a word for emphasis. It’s a common practice that predates Trump tweets by centuries. Plus, if it were a Trump tweet it would be hate-fueled, incoherent and written at a second-grade level, with no truth to it whatsoever, and it would be aimed at ignorant cult members too stupid and desperate to realize they are ignorant cult members.

Its Just … What word is capslocked.

Don’t mince words LD, tell us what you REALLY think…

You know, I use that “don’t mince words…” line all the time, and no one gets it. Probably solidifying my nerd-ness. ;)


Same emphasis, and same rage, yes.

I expected the season finale’s cliffhanger to be back on the Stargazer and the Borg queen to be Jurati with their story line continuing in season 3. Guess S3 will be a separate story then?

Their was a rumour a while back Picard is searching for his son in season 3. No clue if it’s true or not.

If that’s true, then, they’re really hit rock bottom.

Their was a rumour a while back Picard is searching for his son in season 3. No clue if it’s true or not.”

Picard has a son? The only Picard “son” I know of is that Jason Vigo guy, who isn’t Picard’s son.

Oh sheesh. Is Picard’s baby mama also working on terraforming lol

OMG OMG OMG Still processing my emotions OMG Next you’re going to tell me Hologram Elrod won’t be back OMG

I really, really appreciate that the name wasn’t stated in the headline. Peeking into the article was on me, but it’s nice that you didn’t spoil it.

Yeah, not really a spoiler. Just confirming something they’ve been telegraphing for awhile now.

She’s really been what the hot drama is about this season – And I liked every scene she was in. Her character went out with bang, not a whimper. A complete turnaround from last season, and hard to top. She should be appreciated for that.

Yes, she was the best thing about the season, by a wide margin indeed.

I never really liked Jurati, but Alison Pill played her magnificently!

Jurati and Rios were the only two characters that felt ‘real’ to me in Season 2. Very watchable actors. Both good ‘eye’ actors. And very interesting to watch. They really brightened the scenes they were often in in an otherwise lacklustre and highly variable season.

Totally agree. Rios and Jurati made me laugh and look forward to the next episode.

I had been wondering if her Borg Queen was going to be a character in season 3. Particularly given she was (or so it would appear at least) in the first episode on the Stargazer.

Jurati is the new and different Borg Queen that shows up in season 2 episode 1, right? She’ll be back for the finale. That’s a big matzo ball hanging out there.

A gramma question from a non native english speaker.

Why is it “they will Not be Back in season 3”

When it is only about one person?

I was just going to ask the same. The whole day I understood that the WHOLE (!) cast isn’t part of season 3. I’ve re-read again and now I understand it’s about Jurati. That’s a very misleading headline.
What I still don’t understand: why give away such infos one or two days before the season finale? Why not wait AFTER the episode? It felt like a big spoiler.
The same goes to the TNG-crew returning in season 3 and Kirk appearing in SNW season 2.
PIC season 2 hasn’t ended and SNW hasn’t even started, yet we are talking about Pic season 3 and SNW season 2. That’s not a good sign of having faith of the h…ehm faith in the shows.

You’ll have to ask Alison Pill why she spilled the beans on not coming back for season 3 before season 2 was over. Normally, she should probably have waited at least another week with that info.

Kirk being in SNW season 2 had kind of leaked via photos taken during location shooting. So they got ahead of the speculation and announced it officially.

Fans have speculated that the TNG crew in Picard season 3 was announced now because season 2 isn’t received too well and they wanted to drum up some excitement. It’s also possible that they wanted to get ahead of any leaks. I mean it is surprising that they kept this secret all through production of season 3.

“they” can be used in the singular for lots of reasons. It can be used, in this case, when you’re trying to not use a pronoun to hide gender. It can be used when someone is non-binary and does not use he/she pronouns (although I don’t think Allison Pill is non-binary? Not sure.) And “they” can be used as singular just in normal conversation – we just don’t realize it.

Because Trek Movie is trying to make the headline not be a spoiler, so they deliberately didn’t use the departing actor’s gender. If you clicked on the article, THEN you knew who it was, but if you only saw the headline but didn’t click on it, then you still wouldn’t know which actor was leaving.

Did they retcon that she was mind-controlled? I haven’t watched season 2. There was no indiciation in s1 that she was under any kind of compulsion.

Yes, in the first episode of Season 2, Jurati said she was exonerated for murdering Maddox because of “alien mind meld influence” or words to that effect.

I guess Vulcan’s can insert long-term control with a mind meld? Feel like the kind of thing that would have come up before.

I mean the writers wouldn’t just arbitrarily make up something random to cover a plot hole…

It’s sort of alluded to in Star Trek VI when Spock forced mind melded with Valaris and forced her to reveal the Starfleet traitors.

I don’t recall any long-term mind meld control in Star Trek VI. Spock extracted the information real-time with Valaris in that movie, after which there wasn’t any lingering control as far as I can tell. The scene is very similar to the one with Sarek and Kirk in Star Trek III.

Allison Pill is an outstanding actress, may she live long and prosper, and have a wonderful and prolific career.

She did an amazingly skillful job channeling two characters simultaneously. A tremendously talented actress, I’ll miss her next season.

Agree. She was the easily the best thing about the season 1 & 2 for me. No contest.

Fully agreed. This may not have been a bad sendoff to the character — a cyberneticist becoming Borgified — but yes, she added a lot to the cast.

Despite the rambling, muddled plot, Alison Pill was one of the standout actors for me this season. I remember her vaguely from a few things before, but I have a new respect. Her well-played/placed humor saved a lot of otherwise bungled scenes, imo. Very talented.

She was great in The Newsroom on HBO

I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the reg cast besides Stewart, and maybe Jeri Ryan and Orla Brady, get the boot.

I’m assuming season three is going to be a total reset of events, rendering season 2 irrelevant, with the season’s initial plots points happening off-screen during the “break”, and explained hastily through exposition in episode one. Just like season two was a total reset with all the important plot points happening off screen during the break and explained in the first episode, which rendered season 1 irrelevant and ultimately inconsequential.

This is a great show guys.

I suspect Q ext it’s outside the variance of timelines so he is still dying.

The showrunnners clearly had no idea how to use most (or any) of S1 characters on S2 anyway, so that’s hardly surprising. Seven’s only function was to be saved by Borg Queen. Raffi was used to generate a car chase scene and a couple of pointless story detours. Elnor himself spends the season in the fridge on La Sirena and it seems everyone forgot that his body is now headed towards the Delta Quadrant… Soji was kinda there and was used to illustrate how bad 2024 Soong really is. Then she walked barefoot and with no money into LA, where you’re sent to a Sanctuary under the slightest pretense. Rios is… in the background with not much to do, but make us wondering if he’ll return to 25c. Q, whose return was so highly promoted, got around 25 minutes of screen time (tops). The only characters who do anything this season is Picard and Jurati and maybe the not-Laris.

It’s really sąd, because none of these actors do bad job, and it’s be great to see their potential used. It’s as if the actors were contracted to do S2, but no-one stopped to think how to weave them into the story.

That really is a problem with “plot first” storytelling. Matalas wanted to do a time travel story, Goldsman wanted to do psychological trauma with Picard, and the producers wanted a Borg story. So we get this word smash of a plot grafted together, it’s obvious Matalas only cared about Picard, Q, Soong, and Guinan, and the actual supporting cast just kind of got shoved in wherever because at no point was developing them an actual priority. And it results in mostly unsatisfying viewing saved by some strong acting.

I assume you are talking about plot-driven as opposed to character-driven storytelling. I think that this is less of a problem with “plot first” and more of a problem with too many cooks in the kitchen and incredibly poor planning.

You mention all the competing writers/producers who wanted to tell their own story, and then the frankenplot that was devised to accommodate each of them. A psychological trauma story for Picard is not at odds with a Borg storyline.

A show like Picard needs (and needed) to know the ending FIRST. The writers needed to know how the story would be resolved at the end of the 10 episodes, and then write towards that ending. Without that, it’s just a bunch of scenes where characters do things, the episode ends, and the characters do more things until they finally have to write a resolution in the last one or two episodes.

A show with smaller stakes may have been able to accommodate a more character-driven show. In this case, we got the worst of both worlds.

Elnor himself spends the season in the fridge on La Sirena and it seems everyone forgot that his body is now headed towards the Delta Quadrant

This made me laugh out loud. I guess Raffi got over him, and everyone else had already forgotten, writers included. Perhaps a borgified zombie Elnor will show up in the last episode.

Pairing the characters off in small teams for much of the season may have been a result of Covid-19. There was always a risk that production could be shut down if anybody caught Covid. If they were all working together it would completely shut down the show. But by separating into small groups, hopefully it would only have halted one story thread, not the whole show.

Discovery also had a lot of A, B and even C plots during season 3 and (relatively) few scenes where the whole gang got together.

As I have said in previous posts, whoever here gets to a convention next ask the producers the tough questions instead of sucking up to them??


If Rios stays back, he will be a Starfleet captain who does not return to his ship mid-battle because he found love. If so, Picard should try to persuade him by using his line to Kirk in Generations: “You’re a Starfleet officer. You have a duty!”

Or the writers will find some convenient excuse, like a technical malfunction causing him to be left behind.

That’s a very good point. Wish all the utterly non-critical gushers on other forums would look beyond the surface gloss and visual toys to the utterly atrocious and non-sensical writing underneath. A Starfleet Captain would indeed not abandon his command just for lurve. Amazed Picard didn’t Pictalk some sense into him about having duties to live up to.

Frankly. I’m cool if none of them return. I didn’t think ST Picard could of gotten any worse. They managed to hit another all time low. My prediction is that Season 3 will be even worse. No TNG reunion is going to fix this mess.

I LIKE the cast. In fact, I want a post-TNG series featuring this group in some fashion. But PIC could have been so much better. Sigh…

I’m not really going to miss Jurati. She and Raffi were the worst written characters this season. Raffi was a little bit better, but they both spent a ridiculous amount of time just whining. They did such great writing with Rios and Seven, it just looks like there wasn’t anything left for them.

Evan posted on his insta he won’t be back either

I think the new startrek started off as good as the original and picard is far better then discovery ..Watch if the snw is true to Roddenberry dream it will have an affect no other series since the progenitor. I love Picards action snd character

If you want 100% Roddenberry’s dream, stick with Star Trek: The Cage
TOS had NBC influence
TNG, DS9, Voy & Ent had Paramount influence

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! Don’t read if you haven’t seen episode 10

Seriously, I’m warnin ya….

I’m shocked she’s not in season 3. The way it ended, it seems like there has to be a link to the “anomaly” and the next season. Since the Hippy Borg are now protecting that anomaly, shouldn’t Alison Pill be reprising he new role?

Now to me it’s clear that Santiago Cabrera isn’t in season 3, but Pill? That almost makes no sense. Plus, I think she’s a darned good actress, I’d like to see her flesh out the role of the Hippy Borg queen.

It’s kind of amusing to read the takes here but they’re not wrong. Picard was really a “carrot” to entice people to the CBS online platform. It’s had its moments. I’d say it’s better than average, but not by much. I found both seasons enjoyable but not “must see TV” and the further carrots they’ve dropped just show somewhat how disjointed everything is. That being said I loved some of the long-term character expansion/closure in S2 as well as some characters local to Picard. I just hope S3 isn’t an NG nostalgia trip, even as satisfying as that might be.