Terry Matalas Teases ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Villain, Confirms TNG Cast Will Be Together

It’s been a week since our last update on season three of Star Trek: Picard and showrunner Terry Matalas is still out there dropping more clues for what is to come. We also have some tidbits from Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton.

A new villain

Terry Matalas answered a fan’s question regarding the villain for season three and he revealed it will be a new character portrayed by a well-known actor who he had always wanted to work with.

Earlier this year TrekMovie spoke to Matalas about season three, where he teased a bit more about this bad guy:

[Season three is] incredibly different from the two seasons before it and features quite possibly, one of the all-time great Star Trek villain performances we’ve seen to date.

Matalas has also confirmed that the season will be seeing a lot of starship action, and in that same interview he revealed:

In season three, you’ll find nods to the more nautical, cat and mouse submarine-movie elements of those early Trek films, as well.

UPDATE: Not Jeffrey Combs or other Trek actor

A name that has been suggested is perennial Star Trek actor Jeffrey Combs, but in follow-ups to this article on Twitter, Matalas has confirmed it is someone else playing the Villain. Someone new to Trek.

Not just a TNG reunion

We have previously reported on comments from Sir Patrick Stewart talking about how season three will be bringing in his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars. An interview from last month we didn’t report on has a bit more from the series star about the roles the returning characters will play (via EW):

We will meet them, but it’s not a reassembling at all. It’s not just a reunion. Everybody has a function, and that’s really all I’m allowed to say, because what’s coming up in season 3 I think is very exciting. And, of course, a lot of it will involve the way that the characters we’ve known for so long have evolved.

And with all the talk about different characters in different roles in different episodes, Matalas did confirm (via a The Office meme) there will be at least one scene with all the TNG stars (Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner) back together:

LeVar at work on season three today

On Thursday afternoon LeVar Burton tweeted out a picture of himself on the Warner Brothers lot revealing he was doing ADR (additional dialog recording) for Picard. Earlier this month Gates McFadden shared she had wrapped up her ADR for multiple episodes.

ICYMI: Season 3 cast announcement

The third season of Picard has already been filmed and features the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

There is no word yet on when the third season of Star Trek: Picard will debut.

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“Someone we’ve seen a million times before”. Could it be the return of Jeffrey Combs?

I’m relieved he made it clear it wasn’t Brent Spiner!! Not that I have anything particularly against Spiner, just that it would be far too much.

I would really like a return and resolution for Lore. I imagine some hotshot lawyer trying to make a name for himself saying that Lore, like Data, was entitled to rights and was just deactivated without due process. Lore either escapes while on trial or actually beats the case against him and goes on to cause shenanigans.

me too!

that’s exactly who I thought of as well

Maybe Agimus the evil computer has returned??????

Oh wait, he did say it was a new villain though.

Maybe the Agimus the evil computer has a twin whose looking to exact revenge on the Federation and to free his brother at Daystrum Institute????

Weyoun 9? That would technically be a new character.

He said someone who has never been on Trek before.

Sir Ian McKellen… you read it here first.

I’ve been expecting Sir Ian to make an appearance in Picard ever since we got the first announcements.

In fact I have been surprised he hasn’t appeared so far.

So, I agree that he’s the mostly likely antagonist.

That would be tremendous!

WOW, good call!

Yeah, Sir Ian McKellen makes a lot of sense, given his long friendship with Patrick Stewart.

Evil villian Earl, the Grey, from the planet Hot?

Fladnag The Yerg, scourge of the Alpha Quadrant, with a technology so advanced it seems like magic.

O’tengam the Crimson Avenger, of Mutus III

He was Patrick Stewart’s date to the Season 1 premiere in London and Patrick commented that he said he wouldn’t mind working with him in Picard.


Man, I wanted Blessed on TNG in the worst way. Thought he would have made a great Falstaff type in opposition to Stewart’s dour Henry IV, in a battle over how Wesley’s future would play out.

Another one that I keep thinking should have faced off against Patrick Stewart as Picard long ago.

Based on the friendship between Stewart and McKellan, I think it’s the most likely.

I want to be more excited for next season, I really do. Having the entire TNG cast back together is something I been dreaming about (but never thought we would get it) for years.

I want it to be great and special. But I wanted the same for the first two seasons of Picard and I can say as strongly as possible I didn’t get it. Hopefully third time will be the charm but I sadly still remain skeptical it’s not going to end up being a half baked convoluted mess as the first two seasons.

But if they give us another Enterprise, maybe I can overlook it this time. ;D

I’ve not had an issue with the first two seasons. Was it top tier, no, but it was servicable. Season three just seems to be shaping up as fan service to me….and, yeah, I’ll be watching. Setting the expectation bar low, I guess.

It’s great Phil you ended up loving season 2 more than I did given how much you hated Q even being on the show. I was just the opposite and ironically it looks like you got more out of it than I did lol. I will say I actually did like Q on the show. John De Lancie brought his A game as usual and felt like the same ole Q, just older. But yeah HOW they used him, ugh. But I digress.I DID love the last scene between him and Picard though just like I liked the last scenes of Data and Picard in season one.

Maybe this show should just have episodes of legacy characters dying and saying goodbye to Picard. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the show so far! Hopefully we’ll both be proven wrong about season 3.

I actually loved S1, but S2 was just awful in my opinion.

This is close to my reaction. I wouldn’t say S2 was awful, but it was middling.

I personally thought John De Lancie Q was great in Picard but criminally underused. I kind of got the impression that they were trying to save as much money as possible on season 2 so that it could be used to supplement the budget for season 3 so I’m still optimistic for the final set of episodes. I must admit I also really liked the final scene between Picard and Q and I was also a little bit relieved. With all the talk of this being a different Q than we’d previously seen I was concerned that they were going to ruin the character but I thought he came out of the season pretty well.

Yep agreed! I always loved seeing Q and he was one of the few highlights for me for this season, but he did feel pretty wasted overall. I mean a story about a Q facing death sounds like a fantastic idea to explore; too bad we never got it this season. Q basically says he’s dying, make a few generic words about facing death and supposedly just snap his fingers to die in the final episode. That was as imaginative they could be on it I guess. But I also agree, they didn’t ‘ruin’ Q either. But he was still Q throughout the season, just not used in the best way.

And yes this season certainly felt like they were keeping the budget down as low as possible. I mean the best example to me was the flashback scene between Elnor and Raffi. They are using it to go over some star ship protocols but why are they not on an actual Starfleet ship but the La Sirena?? It felt obvious they didn’t (or couldn’t) build a new set and used that one because it was around.

I just really hated this season in so many ways. It’s just a shame because it had the potential to be one of the best seasons, but they did so little with it IMO.

The frustrating thing is they could have told that story in 45 minutes on TNG and told it well. They had 10 hours to fill on Picard and still couldn’t tell it. I think a big issue on modern trek is that they want to preserve the mystery until the last moment and it’s proving detrimental to the stories they want to tell. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were blowing our minds with great twists but they’re not, the internet is pretty much working everything out within 1-2 episodes.

Also true. Many kept saying this could’ve just been a 2 part episode. Once you take out all the filler and focus on the meat of the story there is just not a lot there.

It’s disappointing for many reasons because, per usual, fans expectations went way beyond what we got. Others were saying they expected this to be a 10 episode version of All Good Things or even a Year of Hell. I mean when you are looking for something like those, then you are immensely disappointed lol.

And for me, I just thought we were going to get a very twisty time travel story because that’s exactly what Matalas did on 12 Monkeys. Every season got more nuts than the last. They were jumping back between the future and past all the time. They were jumping to a different year nearly every episode; sometimes multiple years in one episode. Characters were living in different timelines. We saw future versions of characters interacting with their past selves, etc. And you just didn’t know what was coming next. Every time they thought they completed their mission, it only took them down another rabbit hole. It was just FUN!

That’s what I thought we were getting. A really layered time travel story. Star Trek has never had anything more than a movie or a 2 part time travel story before, so one that went on an entire season they could do SO MUCH with that. Instead, they hopped to 2024 and just basically ran around looking for people. It was so pedestrian. And even that would’ve been fine if there was at least more going on, but there wasn’t. So much of it was nonsensical and even the big mystery just felt like a shrug. All of this was so Picard’s great Aunt can discover a new organism on Europa and spent two lines explaining how that will supposedly save the future.

This season just sucked!

I suspect season 2 will be better viewing as a binge watch. There was nuance in the Stewart/deLancie and Pill/Wersching that I suspect will flow better without weekly inturruptions, and Orla Brady was worth the price of admission this season.

We know deLancie is back for season three. Considering it was implied he was at the end of his existance at the end of last season….so how that plays out remains tobe seen.

Stay tuned…..

Do we really know De Lancie will be back next season? It seems to be conflicting reports on that. And if so, why did he basically ‘die’ at the end of this season? It would take all the impact out of that last speech with Picard, but we’ll see I guess.

As for rewatching the season to see if it flows better, I’m going to have to take someone else’s word, I certainly won’t be doing it any time soon lol. That’s another thing, I thought with Picard only being ten episodes a season I would rewatch the show over and over again in time. Instead, I have no desire to rewatch any season so far. I did rewatch season one in my grand rewatch last year and yeah didn’t make me like it any better so not sure this season will either.

I loved the idea that Q was to be in season 2 but having now seen the season I wish he wasn’t. That was a terrible send off for the character. John DeLancie AND Q deserved so much better. And no explanation for why he is all of a sudden dying or why he lost his powers but gailed them back just in time to send everyone home. IMO it would have been cooler if Wesley sent everyone home.

Also agree. They set up the character to die but did absolutely nothing with it.

I strongly suspect season 3 will be LDX type of fan service as well more than anything else.

Also wondering how they are going to use Spiner. Data is gone. Will they suddenly reactivate B-4? And aged B-4? I really hope it’s not Lore or another Soong. That’s just lazy and tired.

From which season onwards TNG has really nailed it? I guess most people would agreed with number 3 here! Soooooo… who knows 😉 💁🏻‍♂️💪🏼

Feeling very much the same way.

Maybe, I’ll take our teen’s advice and wait until the end of the season so I can adjust my expectations before watching.

Smart teen you have there…

Honestly after seeing what SNW is brining, I’m not sure I can get excited for any other show anymore with the exception of Prodigy. Those 2 shows are Trek to me now.

I’m enjoying SNW, but I actually still like LDS and PRO more. But it’s only been a few episodes, so that can change in time. But I am enjoying all three shows. It’s PIC and DIS I can sadly do without.

Bill Shatner?


Shattner as a bad guy? I believe the guy said the bad guy has never been in Trek so that rules him out and that would cause mass confusion if he showed up playing a “Bad Guy”.

Just give him a mustache, he’ll be fine.

Oh, you saw his Stalin-esque turn on seaQuest DSV? (if not, try to imagine Putin undone by love for his son. Yeah, it IS a reach-and-a-half, but Shat’s stache definitely screamed Stalin to me.)

More seriously, if you can find Shatner’s early film THE INTRUDER (aka SHAME, aka I HATE YOUR GUTS), you will see a wonderful example of the man’s talent fully on display, and in the proper context. He gets to do pretty much everything we ever see him do, but it is fully in support of the manipulative whiney little racist hatemongering filth he plays.

Supposedly it is just about the only movie Roger Corman ever directed that didn’t make money, and is also supposed to be Corman’s favorite movie. We saw it again a few weeks ago and, B-movie or not, it still feels honest and real.

They shot it in a place that was not exactly welcoming to integration and if the stories are true, the last vestiges of the production — sneaking a needed establishing shot or two, after the town realized this wasn’t a pro=segregation flick and told them to vacate — pretty much got ‘escorted’ out, with a feeling not unlike the opening of MISSISSIPPI BURNING and the true-life events that inspired that film. Must have been terrifying to be surrounded by all that (not terrifying like it was for some residents, but even so) … some amazing talent involved, including some great fantasy writers who appear in small parts.

I still think the villain should be Sela.

TNG’s least interesting Romulan? No thanks.

Tom Hanks. Or Chief O’Brian has turned heel.

I said Hanks too as a wild card. He has said many times that he would love to do Trek and this could be good for him. Shoot some scenes like DeLancie did. It’s not committing to an entire movie and it this point in his career he might be thinking if I ever get into a Trek show or movie this might be it.

Im sure everyone knows Hanks was wanted for and wanted to be in First Contact but he was directing his 60s pop movie. might be him? would make alot of sense

Arnold might be a possible as well. They developed a story for him on VOYAGER that The Rock wound up doing, so he was interested. His recent (last decade or so) vocal support for doing the right thing might also suggest his willingness to appear in a series that is probably pushing like-minded values, even if they are often sloppy and/or inept with their execution.

The season 3 bad guy? Maybe the scripts? (Sorry, season 2 was hot garbage and I really hope they get it together and don’t repeat the amateur-level bad storytelling and cringe-worthy plots that were D-grade TV at best.) Fingers crossed. But season 2 was the only season of Trek I can only bare to watch once. It was just painful. Prodigy, Strange New Worlds and Disco were great. This show face planted. Again, I hope season 3 is better but we are stuck with season 2 forever. :(

Could not get through season 2. There must have been some serious behind the scenes drama for them to basically abandon the premise of the show for and make the next go round basically TNG, season 8.

Sadly agreed with everything you said about season 2. I think its the only season of Trek I never want to see again. Even awful seasons like season 1 of TNG or Season 3 of TOS has a few solid episodes. Everything in season 2 of Picard fall apart after episode 2.

I see a lot of comments similar to yours around STP, both seasons 1 & 2. Many of us who are old enough to have watched TNG in real time and TOS in reruns (I am in my 50’s) I believe are predisposed to NOT liking this new show, only because we desperately want to relive TNG & TOS! But I guarantee you will warm up to Picard when it is no longer in real time, and I have the highest hopes about season 3, because this is EXACTLY what we are all yearning for, in my opinion. To have Jean-Luc Picard in the captain’s chair, Riker sitting next to him, with Worf at Tactical, Sirtis on Picard’s left, and somehow Spiner at the helm (playing a relative perhaps of Data), and perhaps Will Crusher front left next to Spiner, and Geordi and Dr. Crusher on the bridge of the Enterprise, locked in negotiation and then battle with any enemy ship, would be so incredible! But mostly I want to know what they have all been doing since the Nemesis, and understand. We know what Riker and Troi have been doing but not the rest, except for comic canon. The teaser of Picard and Riker side by side with phasers in their hands was pretty incredible also. Anyway, if you don’t end up enjoying season 3, regardless of the plot and writing, I would suggest you are in the same boat as most of us, again yearning for the days of TNG…I hope you do enjoy it, but regardless, we all need to realize we will NEVER see these folks together again in any meaningful Star Trek show, and with the huge budget season 3 is sure to have, like seasons 1 & 2, and having a lifelong TNG & TOS fan since childhood as the showrunner (Matalas), we are very, very fortunate!

Ha! Yes, the villain of Season 3….the writing staff! I didn’t even watch the last two episodes of season 2, it became so ridiculous. Totally agree with you, Luke.

Wow. While I didn’t think the show was good by any means I felt the last few episodes salvaged a tiny bit of the rest of the season. I think their attempt was laudable and it was easily the best live action season of Trek yet. Which isn’t saying much. It’s like walking in 5 inch deep sewage is better than being dipped up to your waist.

I wish I had your willpower Danpaine. :(

Season 1 was way worse, imho. Season 2 at least had some fun bits. But in the end, S2 added up to pretty much nothing. Another mediocre season. Low expectations for S3, given it’s the same showrunner as S2.

“Someone you’ve seen a million times before.”

Samuel L. Jackson.

Mayhem or Flo from the insurance commercials, or Lilly from the ATT spots.

Flo! Ha, thanks for the laugh.

Is he a Trek fan? Didn’t think of him but again the Star War cross over might cause confusion. Why is Mace WIndo in this show?

I would love for the villain to be played by Vincent D’Onofrio. I loved him as Detective Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and he was phenomenal as the Kingpin on Daredevil. I think he would be a fantastic fit for the new Star Trek villain. Robert Downey Jr would be cool to see as a Star Trek villain too.

He could add a lot of depth and pathos and flamboyance to the part and probably make this villain the most memorable in Trek history. As a matter of fact, that’s kind of what Terry Matalas has been hinting at in his Tweets, that this villain will definitely steal the show. If I had to choose only one though for the role, which that’s very hard to do, then I would have to choose Robert Downey Jr just because I know his performance would be epic and truly unforgettable. If it turns out I’m right and one of these actors is our new Picard villain, I will be thrilled with whoever Terry Matalas chooses.

God, I can’t wait for next winter to get here already 🙂!!!!! Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

Seconded. …. Vincent D’Onofrio would be absolutley amazing… RDJ would be way too expensive i would think..

Not really. The budget for Picard is, like, $150 million for 1 season. I know Sir Patrick gets a million an episode. So that’s $10 million for him.

RDJ would only cost another $10 or $15 million because when he got around to doing Endgame, his price tag was at $25 million. And if Terry Matalas is right and they are striving to make something really epic, then price doesn’t make a difference, especially when it comes down to someone that’s the type of calibur actor that Robert Downey Jr is. Plus, Robert Downey Jr may owe Paramount a favor because they air that new Perry Mason that he produces on Paramount+. So if they asked him to guest Star on Star Trek, he would probably do it, especially if it was a juicy role for him.

Also, I’m glad you liked my suggestion about Vincent D’Onofrio possibly being the villain also. Truly either one of these actors would be a phenomenal addition to the Star Trek Universe and I’d be thrilled with whomever. Live long and prosper, Bernhard 🖖.

The only aspect that might make Downey a possibility is the matter of unfinished business. He was supposed to be in INSURRECTION — I think playing Gregg Henry’s part of Ruafo’s guy who does a ‘Weps’ by changing sides after hearing a Picard speech — but at that point he was not insurable. If trek is on his bucket list, I could see that. But when I hear that it is somebody you’ve seen a million times, I usually think character actor, not star.Thererfore I’d hope against hope for somebody in the vein of Keith David, or even MIchael Biehn.

We’ll see 🙂. I think it’s a star, though. That’s why Terry Matalas said we’ve seen him a million times before. Keith David and Michael Biehn are more character actors.

Whoever is playing the villain, it has to be an actor who can chew up the scenery, whose performance will outshine everyone else’s on the show. To me, that screams star. That’s why I said Robert Downey Jr or Vincent D’Onofrio because they can really chew the scenery.

Sir Ian McKellen would be great too. The only factor that prevents him from possibly doing it is COVID. Because he’s 80-something years old and he would have to fly in from England and then quarantine and if you recall they had that outbreak of COVID while filming season 3 of Picard last year? So that might definitely rule out Sir Ian McKellen.

But whomever is playing this villain, it has to be someone whose performance will be remembered for many years to come and that’s another reason why I think it’s a star. Like back in the day when Ricardo Montalban first played Khan is Space Seed.

His performance was phenomenal! It’s what everybody talked about, even after TOS was cancelled. Everybody remembered Khan. That’s why we got TWOK because Nicholas Meyer loved Khan and wanted to work with Ricardo Montalban.

This is why I think we’re gonna be getting a star to play the villain in Picard season 3. It’s been a long time since we had a big star play a truly memorable villain in Star Trek so that’s why I’ve got my fingers crossed 🤞. Live long and prosper, kmart 🖖.

All of six years, since Idris Elba played Balthazar in BEYOND. (Which shows that A-list casting isn’t always enough; whoever it is, I hope he’s not slathered in prosthetics.)

I remember Idris Elba and he played Krall in Beyond, didn’t he? I remember he was a Starfleet Captain but I don’t remember his human name. Don’t think that I was trying to slight anybody but we have not had a really good villain in a Trek film since First Contact and the introduction of the Borg Queen. I like the JJ films but the villains don’t really stand out in them.

I thought Nero,who was supposed to have all this drama and pathos to him, just felt flat. They didn’t really explore him at all and that was probably because JJ also had to tell Captain Kirk’s story, Spock’s story, Uhura’s story, Captain Pike’s story, the destruction of Vulcan etc etc. all in that 2009 Star Trek reboot movie. Then Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan in Into Darkness and I didn’t like that at all. I thought Benedict did as a good of a job that he could with what he had.

And Idris Elba? I love Idris Elba but Beyond is just a terrible movie to me. It tried too hard to be like an episode of TOS and they should’ve been more focused on making Beyond feel like a Star Trek movie. It’s so bad that there’s not even a novelization for it.

And there are novelizations for ALL of the Star Trek films, except Beyond. It’s just my opinion, though. There are a lot of Trekkies that love Beyond, just because it does feel nostalgic. I am not one and I have been a Trekkie since 1991.

All the villains since Insurrection just feel hokey to me. It’s only the movie villains that feel this way to me because I love Gul Dukat and Weyoun on DS9, Silik on ENT, and Captain Ransom on VOY. I still watch the movies but the villains just feel weak to me, post-First Contact. All that could change with this new villain in Picard season 3, though.

We’ll see 🤞🙂. That’s the point I was trying to make. Live long and prosper, The River Temarc 🖖.

I don’t think BEYOND’s quality determined whether or not there would be a novelization, Johnny. It’s not like they offered it to a bunch of hacks who all turned it down because they couldn’t bring themselves to novelize it. The fact that it was the 50th anniversary clearly didn’t matter to anybody since they did precious little to cash in on that aspect either.

(not that it matters, but for all its faults and that seemingly endless act 3 microgravity goofiness, BEYOND is the only TREK movie that really worked for me on first viewing since TFF, and it definitely the only one I liked since then — though I admit TUC and even FC have grown on me some over the rewatches.)

I’m right with you about the DS9 villains being good and Ransom as well, though I’ve only seen about 50 VOYAGERS all the way through.

Now, now, take it easy 🙂. I’m glad 🙂 you liked Beyond, kmart. Like I said, it just didn’t feel like an anniversary movie should to me. Now, First Contact was a hell of an anniversary movie and so was The Voyage Home.

But Beyond just didn’t do it for me. The only thing I liked about Beyond was Jaylah. My biggest problem with Beyond is the Enterprise getting destroyed again. Why do you need to destroy the Enterprise?

Can’t you move the plot along without destroying the Enterprise? But my beef with Beyond is my beef 🙂, not anybody else’s. I actually love all of the TOS movies myself and that’s because Captain Kirk is my favorite Captain. Generations, I can take it or leave it.

To me, that’s a very dark movie and I don’t care for how Captain Kirk died. First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis, the 2009 reboot, I all love. Into Darkness, I can take it or leave it. I own all 12 Star Trek movies but Beyond I’m unsure if I will ever own it.

As for the novelization, Alan Dean Foster did the first two novelizations for JJ’s films, maybe you can find him on Twitter and ask him why he didn’t do a Beyond adaptation? Simon and Schuster did do 2 trilogies for the 50th anniversary (one for TOS and one for TNG.) and IDW did a 5 issue comic event called Manifest Destiny that was set in the Kelvin Universe. So they had some stuff specifically for the 50th anniversary. I have quite a few single novels in my collection right now for TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT that all have the Starfleet Delta on the back of them and say Star Trek 50th Anniversary.

Beyond is the only thing they didn’t cover. It just looks odd, is all. I mean there’s 12 novelizations for all 12 films. So what happened to number 13?

What is Simon and Schuster superstitious 🙂? Are they waiting to publish Beyond until the 14th Star Trek film comes out and then they can print two for one 😄? It’s just strange and doesn’t make sense to me. But they did celebrate the 50th anniversary.

What they didn’t celebrate was Enterprise’s 20th anniversary and why they didn’t, I have no clue. That’s a shame to me. That’s more of a shame to me than Beyond’s novelization not being published. Live long and prosper, kmart🖖.

Foster and his wife have been in extremely poor health for quite awhile now, which is why he was making a justifiable amount of noise over the royalty checks on his STAR WARS work disappearing after Disney bought up LucasFilm. I’m imagining he would have been very happy to get another check for writing BEYOND, so that again makes it seem like a corporate call to not go ahead with it. Or maybe somebody at the studio was trying to find a way to do the novel through Titan instead of PocketS&S, since that is how they have been doing the non-fic TREK stuff, and it didn’t pan out for whatever reason.

I’ve asked this question before, but I don’t recall if I ever got a decent answer, here or on other sites. Why is it that Titan can publish books full of images that nobody else can get away with? There are very strict rules and lots of expenses associated with image reproduction on movies, which is why you rarely see a book with images from multiple studios unless the book can hide behind some vague loophole about being educational.

In the case of Craig Barron’s great THE INVISIBLE ART, he was able to finagle releases in some cases because he had relationships with the studios as the owner of Matte World, but he also had to pay a ton of royalties for others (before the book even came out, he told me that any money he would have gotten for the book all went to paying licensing fees.)

But even back before that time, Titan was able to do a MAKING OF FIRST CONTACT book, and I think it even had VFX shots in it. Titan had no affiliation like the S&S/Paramount connection, and I couldn’t get anybody to explain it back then either.

2015’s RETURN TO TOMORROW, even though it was about TMP, a movie made in 79, couldn’t get any images okayed for its use unless they agreed to let Paramount make grievous edits to the manuscript, and rather gutsily they did w/o pics entirely rather than dilute the work.

The only answer I’ve ever heard that sounds even remotely credible is that as a UK company, Titan is exempt from all the domestic rules. But if so, then why can they sell the stuff over here?

Good questions, kmart, but I have no answers for you, just speculation. Any time a book or a comic book or action figures are made for Star Trek, the company making the stuff needs to get a license from Paramount (ViacomCBS). If they don’t get the license, then they cannot make the product that they want to make. I assume that Titan must have a license from Paramount because these are the guys who print the Star Trek: Explorer magazine.

But maybe Titan’s license only covers stuff like non-fiction Star Trek books to be printed overseas because, in America, Simon and Schuster handles the rest. As for Titan releasing their stuff in America, it’s non-fiction Star Trek, not the novels, so that’s probably why they can sell it here. Titan’s not really stepping on anybody’s toes, you know. I do know that Titan published a Star Trek trilogy back in 2016-2017 called Prometheus.

I’m assuming that when Titan did this trilogy that they had Simon & Schuster’s permission because that trilogy was touted as being connected to Star Trek’s 50th anniversary celebration and it was written by two German guys. That’s why I think Titan’s license is really just for overseas stuff. But that stuff is getting over here and that may just be a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Either that or Titan is laughing in the face of Simon & Schuster 😄.

As for Beyond, there is a non-fiction book out there for it published by Titan but there’s no fiction novelization for it. Titan doesn’t do the novelizations, that’s always been Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster. But they didn’t do one for Beyond. It could’ve been a corporate call because, at the time Beyond came out in 2016, Paramount(ViacomCBS) still owned Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster.

So you’d think that they’d want to promote their movie but apparently not. It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially since it was the 50th anniversary too. As for Alan Dean Foster, yes, I do know about him and his wife and him asking Disney for his royalties. I mean do you blame him?

There’s no union for writers. They’re basically considered independent contractors so they have to take care of themselves and him and his wife are both up there in age so they probably need the money for medical bills. So if Alan Dean Foster is hurting for money, then once again that brings up the question: why didn’t he do a novelization for Beyond then? Now there’s two reasons as to why he might not’ve written Beyond.

The first is that he wrote a Kelvin Timeline novel way back in 2009, 2010 and Pocket Books/ Simon and Schuster shelved that book for 10 years. They just released it back in 2019 or 2020. I don’t have it yet so I can’t tell you when it was released exactly. Or because he’s Alan Dean Foster, he might’ve felt that Beyond was sub-par to his standards.

It’s probably more the first reason than the second but we’ll probably never know for sure. But I am pretty sure that he didn’t appreciate Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster shelving his Star Trek novel for no good reason. Hopefully, some of what I have said has been helpful to you, kmart. Sorry 😐 I can’t give you an exact answer to your question. Live long and prosper, kmart 🖖.

I did just look up Foster yesterday and found he published a rather pricey book about his career dealing with filmmakers and it sounds very informative and like a lot of fun (apparently he is the guy who gave them the idea to play DUCK DODGERS ahead of the original STAR WARS at select theaters in 1977), and that he finally did reach some kind of accommodation with Disney, so the latter is good news.

Hopefully he got millions. He deserves it

Yes, seconded 🙂👍! Live long and prosper, flaming photon torpedo of truth 🖖.

I’m glad for that Mr.Foster reached an accomodation with Disney, I had not heard about that. Thanks 👍 for telling me 🙂. That book that he published about his career would probably be a very interesting read. I would love to know what he contributed to the first Alien movie, which I’m assuming he must’ve contributed something because he did write the novelization for it and the sequel Aliens.

I’m not sure if he did Alien 3, though. I had that book when I was a teenager,nearly 30 years ago now, but I can’t remember if he wrote it or not. As for Duck Dodgers being before Star Wars, I did not know Star Wars had a cartoon short before it. I wasn’t born until ’79 so I didn’t get to experience the wonder of seeing Star Wars on the big screen when it first came out.

I did see the Special Edition releases in the ’90s but it’s not the same I know that 🙂. Thanks for the update 👍, kmart, and live long and prosper 🖖.

Enterprise was a failed series that most fans gave up on, so I’m personally fine with no celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. It’s a Star Trek series that I try to forget.

Take it easy, One Lion 🙂! I happen to know that Enterprise has it’s fair share of fans, like all the Trek shows. You shouldn’t presume to speak for the fandom by saying that Enterprise was a mistake and should just be forgotten. I am a Trekkie and have been one since 1991.

I support ALL of Star Trek, the good and the bad. I try to find some good even in the bad. Yes, there are terrible episodes of Enterprise but then again what show doesn’t have it’s bad episodes, especially in a franchise that’s been around for 56 years. Was Enterprise a great series?

I’m not gonna say it was but I like T’Pol a lot. I think she was a great character. I love some of the reactions she gave being around humans, they were classic! Dr.Phlox was a good character and so wasn’t Captain Archer.

And the ship, Enterprise (which was the Enterprise’s Mama because the NX-01 started it all.), was very beautiful, just like the NCC-1701 💖. The show is set at the very beginning of Starfleet so they’re not the polished, rules and regulations officers we see in TOS and beyond and I’ve come to understand that about Enterprise. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, just like Discovery and Picard aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But there are fans who like Enterprise and I am one of those fans.

Now I accept that you don’t like it, One Lion, but please don’t presume to speak for the rest of the fandom by saying that most of the fandom hates Enterprise. There’s enough divisivness in the country, we shouldn’t have it in a franchise that touts peace and IDIC as its main concepts. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

“please don’t presume to speak for the rest of the fandom by saying that most of the fandom hates Enterprise.”

Seriously? WTF, dude? Not only did I never say that, I also didn’t claim to speak for all fans? Give me a break!

It was a failed series, because it was cancelled, and it was cancelled because less viewers watched it every successive season versus the seasons before — so that provides both objective and quantitative evidence that more and more fans kept giving up on it over time to the point where it was a failed series business-wise. So failed series = fact. (also, unlike TOS, there was never any campaign to bring it back or make movies based on it, so it never continued after being cancelled).

You don’t have to like it, and I am not speaking for you or any other fans here, so you should take it easy. I am simply presenting facts.

By all means, you or anyone is free to “feel” that Enterprise is not a failed series. That doesn’t change the fact, supported by ratings data and the cancellation, that it was in fact a a failed series.

It is what it is. Don’t shoot the messenger.

You wanna quote? Here’s a direct quote for you from you – “Enterprise was a failed series that most fans gave up on”. And that is from earlier today. By saying “most”, it appears as though you are attempting to speak for others. You’re attempting to quantify ratings loss from the early-’00s in the year 2022.

I know Enterprise was a failed show, I never said it wasn’t. You’re attempting to start another argument with me, just like you tried to over the Picard show the other day. You have no idea how people feel about Enterprise today or who likes it and who doesn’t. Comparing Enterprise to the way it was received 20 years ago is wrong.

Have you ever heard the phrase “cult classic” before? DS9’s popularity has grown. So has Voyager’s and Voyager was almost a failed series itself until Seven of Nine saved it. You wanna talk ratings loss, look at season 2 and 3 of Voyager then.

They’re ratings dropped too, just like Enterprise’s did and they were on the verge of cancellation themselves until the arrival of Seven of Nine saved them and I read that in the book The Fifty Year Mission vol. 2. But Voyager’s popularity has increased over time thanks in part to streaming. So how do you know that Enterprise’s hasn’t? I don’t presume to speak for others.

I speak only for myself and I like Enterprise. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. I have the right to like what I want in this world. I’m not “shooting any messenger”.

You’re just trying to pick a fight with me because I like a Star Trek show that you see as garbage and that’s your problem, not mine. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

Dude, with all due respect, it’s you who are trying to pick a fight, and I have just stated a few facts. By Season 4, most fans had bailed on the series, hence the viewership was so small that it was no long a financially viable show. And of course I am talking about most fans at that time in the early 2000’s when it was doing very poorly with more fans dropping it every year — that’s what lead to the cancellation…like, duh? It’s immaterial that the series may be liked more now, because was a failed series back then — fans bailed and it was cancelled…fact!

And here is what I said in that short post of mine:

“I’m personally fine with no celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. It’s a Star Trek series that I try to forget.”

I say “I” here twice…you will note that I never once said “we,” as in all fans. So you are misrepresenting that I am claiming that I am speaking for all fans.

I don’t get why you are trying to make this into some big argument? It’s totally fine if you don’t feel it’s a failed series, and I am not speaking for all fans by any stretch of the imagination.

I will make this very clear — anyone can have any opinion about Enterprise that they want, and I do not claim to speak for all fans.

Also, I don’t know what you are referencing in our Picard discussion. I thought it was a polite and good exchange of opinions from both of us? Weird?

You know what I’m through with this conversation. I quoted you from your own message and your gonna sit there and say you never said that. I’m through, I don’t need to play games, like you do. I don’t need you to point facts out that I already know since I’ve been following Star Trek since the ’90s.

I don’t need you to clarify what I already know about Enterprise. On the Picard show conversation, we only had a good conversation about the Picard show after I ceded that season 2 had it’s share of faults to it. Before that, you wanted to jump on me because I didn’t agree with you about it’s budget. That’s why I prefaced my reply with “I am not going to have a war of words with you”.

And it wasn’t just low ratings that did in Enterprise. It was also the fact that UPN was in the process of being sold off and turned into the CW and the CW did not feel that Enterprise would be a good fit on their schedule. And how about the political climate at the time? It was after 9/11 and it was a dark time in our country and Enterprise could not find her footing at that time. I know the gist of everything that went on with that show, just like I do with ALL Star Trek shows and movies.

You can backtrack your words all you want. Your reply is on here. So go read it for yourself 🖖👋.

I’m comfortable with what I said, how I said it and how accurate it was.

Have a good day!

Yes Beyond was like a forgettable two parter on the big screen (like Insurrection) with near ‘Gold Key’ elements, in contrast to the epic ‘star trek movie’ feel of the previous 2 films where the stakes were very high for the crew, earth and star trek canon. in Beyond it was really just the crew (who aren’t ‘really’ the classic crew but alt universe versions) and some far away outpost we’ve never heard of before (under threat from a villain whose motivations dont make any sense). At least Bob Orcis version sounded legit like a ‘star trek movie’ with the fate of the timeline at stake and the return of Shatner Kirk which would’ve been a huge event in the canon.

Regarding the lack of a Beyond novel I feel its two reasons, First the aforementioned Orci ST3 being cancelled fairly late on may have disrupted any novel preparations, not given ADF or whoever enough time to do it (maybe they’d even started adapting the Orci version by the time the plug was pulled). And second by the time Beyond came out tie in novels were perhaps considered by the studio to be a thing of the past , or at least an unimportant novelty – especially a direct adapation of the movie. ive noticed some movie tie in novels now tend to be based around the movie exploring before the events of the film. Its similar with comic adaptations – neither Beyond or Into Darkness got adaptations of the actual film but there were prequel ‘Countdowns’ to the films (and in ID’s case direct follow ups ‘Khan’ and ‘After Darkness’)

I know about the Countdown comics, flaming photon torpedo of truth. I have the 2009 Countdown but not the one for Into Darkness. I also assume that when you mention novels exploring events surrounding or before the films, you’re talking about Marvel’s books and DC’s The Batman prequel novel, right? I know about those too. I am a big comic book/graphic novel fan. Your reasoning as to why there wasn’t a Beyond novelization is sound. But I will tell you why I think it’s wrong, okay? Because I believe the reason is that Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster shelved a separate Kelvin novel that Alan Dean Foster wrote for them for 10 years without any good reason for shelving it. It was just released back in 2019 or 2020, I believe, along with David Mack’s Kelvin Timeline novel. Originally, there were 5 novels that were supposed to be set in the Kelvin Timeline way back in 2010 and you might be able to still find their names on Star Trek.com, if you’re interested in knowing what was to be. I read about them when they were first supposed to come out that’s the only reason why I know about them. Anyways, Pocket Books shelved those Kelvin Timeline novels for 10 years and, of the 5, only 2 got printed, the ones by David Mack and Alan Dean Foster. So Mr Foster might’ve been a little bit bitter about his book being shelved permanently because he would’ve been writing Beyond in 2015 so it would’ve looked like, at that time, that there was no hope for his Kelvin Timeline novel to ever be released. As for novelizations going the wayside, I have to say that I disagree there. I think this depends more on who the publisher is then anything else. I’m a fan of the Halloween franchise and horror movies are even harder to get novelizations for then Star Trek. And yet the last two Halloween movies, Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, both have novelizations to them published by Titan Books, with Halloween Ends coming in the fall. Pocket Books could’ve done a Beyond novelization, if they really wanted to. They could’ve had it come out like a month or two after the movie. But they just chose not to do one and I believe that has more to do with the situation with Alan Dean Foster than any publishing schedule. I guarantee you, watch, when Star Trek 14 opens in theaters next December, there will be a novelization for it, especially since it’s going to be the first Star Trek film released in 8 years. And then that’s gonna be weird to look at on a bookshelf, right? There’s novelizations for all 12 feature films, except Beyond, and then here comes Star Trek 14 with it’s novelization. It’s just gonna look weird and I think it speaks more as to how Beyond was as a movie than anything else. Because you don’t need Alan Dean Foster to write Beyond, give it to David Mack or Dayton Ward or Una McCormack. Any of the Star Trek writers would do a novelization of Beyond justice. Instead, Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster did nothing. It’s mind-boggling! I do agree with you, flaming photon torpedo of truth, about how there were some “Gold Key” elements in Beyond. I also felt that they shouldn’t have needed to destroy the Enterprise again, though. That was only meant to be used as a shocking moment in The Search For Spock. It was meant to emphasize the heaviness of the moment that Captain Kirk and crew found themselves in. But ever since Picard said ” there’s more letters in the alphabet”, everybody wants to destroy the Enterprise now. Can’t they move the plot along without destroying the Enterprise? And that right there is one of my main problems with Beyond. But I didn’t like Into Darkness either. When I left the theater, I felt like somebody had just stolen $15 dollars from me because what I just saw played out like a reverse Wrath Of Khan and I felt ripped off. That turned me off from going to see Star Trek movies in the theaters. Granted Beyond didn’t help to change my mind. So I wound up watching it on Blu Ray. And it felt like an episode of TOS, Kirk facing a rogue Starfleet Captain. I can see that when I watch TOS. When I go to see the movies, I want the stakes to feel epic, like galactic proportions are at stake. But this is just me and this is just how I feel, a lot of people love these movies and that’s great, I’m happy for them. I’m just not one of them. I loved the 2009 reboot but not everything that followed it and I… Read more »

RDJ got paid 8% in backend profits for Endgame, he made far in excess of $20-25 million for what amounted to only 34 minutes screen time and much of that was cgi. Most reports I’ve seen indicate Picard budgets for about $8-9 million per episode, it’s probably a bit more than that for season 3 but even without the expense of bringing back the entire TNG cast for what’s expected to be an effects heavy season it’s extremely unlikely to the point of being inconceivable to even consider RDJ for any sort of role in a Star Trek TV series at this point in his career. That’s not to say he wouldn’t be good in it but it just does not seem remotely possible.

It’s called hope 🙂, dude. Have a little. He finagled those back profits from Marvel because he had been playing Tony Stark for 10 years and he knew that Infinity War and Endgame were his swan song. His actual price tag is 25 million.

I’ve been following Robert Downey Jr since I was a teenager in the ’90s. Anytime there’s news about him, I read it. I am very into pop culture as well as Star Trek, Marvel, DC, horror movies, WWE etc etc. Star Trek is and always will be my first love, though ❤️.

I don’t work because I have Huntington’s Disease so I have interests to occupy my mind and time. My wife does a good job at keeping my interests focused on her but I tell her everybody needs a hobby 😂. As for Picard, I’d like to see where you saw this budget report about it so that I can see it for myself. Because, for the overall season, it’s $150 million dollars, not $8 or $9 million.

When Picard was announced, I read a report that stated that all 3 seasons of Picard were gonna cost ViacomCBS/Paramount $350 million and that the Picard show itself was supposed to be more expensive than Game Of Thrones. They spent $10 million a scene just to de-age Brent Spiner when he was playing Data in the first season, that’s a lot of money. Those articles are on Trekmovie and Comic Book.com, which is owned by Paramount so any Star Trek news they break on Comic Book.com is legit.

Sir Patrick got a pay raise in the second season up to a million an episode. Originally, in the first season, he was only making $750,000 but he went and renegotiated his contract after the first season ended. So if they only had a budget of $8 or $9 million, then they are waaaay over their budget 🙂. I try to be a pretty informed guy about the things I love.

I also like to investigate things for myself and make sure that I have all of the facts. That comes with being a 42 year old man and not being a kid. Also, as I mentioned above, Robert Downey Jr’s an executive producer on that new Perry Mason show. He was trying for many years to get that show made.

He shipped it around to all the different networks. Originally, HBO was supposed to be picking it up but then they decided not to for some reason. Paramount+ was the only one who gave the show a chance. If Paramount were to call him up and ask him for a favor, I’m sure Robert Downey Jr would make some concessions and it would give him a second chance to be in Star Trek.

Plus, he really likes a role that he could sink his teeth into and if this villain is that good, like Khan good, then that might definitely pique his interest. Live long and prosper, Corinthian 7🖖.

I have extreme doubts that S2 of Picard cost $150M to make like S1 did. Watch the eps — S2 was obviously much less expensive to make then S1 — and it shows. Plus S1 costs included all of the sunk costs for the series creation.

I would guess that S2 was done for $60M at most.

All that being said, it sounds like S3 is much more ambitious, so probably well above $100M, if not $150M.

S2 was obviously a half-assed Trek filler season and a cost-cutting COVID season…and it shows.

I’m not getting in a war of words with you. The article is here on Trekmovie that said that the Picard show was gonna cost $350 million across 3 seasons. Now season 2 does look cost cutting so maybe that’s why they’re capable of hiring a big time star to come play the villain in season 3, I don’t know? But all anybody thinks of is special effects when they think of a budget for a Star Trek show.

Did you forget that they have actors to pay to star in this show? Sur Patrick Stewart alone gets a $1 million an episode now. That’s $10 million just for him for the whole season. There’s no telling how much it cost them to get John De Lancie, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and Whoopi Goldberg back again.

What do you think they take pay cuts just because they’re gonna be in a Star Trek show? Then they have to pay the director’s too. Lea Thompson and Jonathan Frakes are not cheap. There’s more to making a show then just special effects and “cheap looking sets”.

That’s why TOS was way over their budget all the time and that was the ’60s. I’m not gonna sit here and argue semantics about stuff I know that I’ve read and seen with my own two eyes. It was also noted in the same article that I’m talking about that the Picard show was going to be “more expensive than Game Of Thrones” and I believe that was the headline used on here for Trekmovie’s article. You can go look it up and then see with your own eyes what I already read years ago.

Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

No war hear, my friend, just a fun fan discussion (no “Loony Doons” here…lol). So if it’s $350M for the entire 3-year run, and S1 and S3 are where the majority of that budget was/will be spent, then S2 is the cost-cutting “filler season” between the two “big seasons.” And again, just in watching S1 eps versus S2 eps, you can easily tell that S2 was done on the cheap and that S1 was done with near movie production values, sets, etc. And sure, Stewart get’s his $10 mil, and the other actors probably $10 mil in total together, but that $20 mil I think was probably 1/3 of the budget for S2…my opinion. Now I could be a tad low on this, but I think there is no way that S2 cost north of $100 mil…if it did, then the entire team should be fired for mismanagement of the production budget.

I am unsure of the costs for season 2. Yes, season 1 looked more theatrical but that was for 2 reasons. The first one was Michael Chabon’s story was larger in scale compared to this season. And the second reason is it had to look theatrical because TNG had been off the air for 25 years when Picard season 1 came out and it had been 15 years at that time since Nemesis was on the big screen so they had to go big.

But you’ve gotta remember too when they shot season 2 of Picard, it was during a high point in the COVID era so they were limited with they could do because of that. They had to look out for Sir Patrick. The guy’s 81 years old. All the older Trek actors are limited now with they could do too because of COVID.

They did the best they could in spite of the circumstances. I watched The Ready Room on Paramount+, the episode with John De Lancie and when he was shooting his scene with Brent Spiner in that diner, unless they were shooting, everybody had to be wearing masks. Can you imagine how difficult that must’ve been for them? Also, as far as the budget goes, they built a brand new starship this season and that must’ve costed a pretty penny too.

They built brand new sets. The sets for the Confederacy Earth have got to be expensive. They designed all those skulls in Picard’s study by hand. I don’t know how much exactly everything costed but I know it couldn’t have been that cheap.

And then they had to pay Akiva Goldsman and Terry Matalas too and they’re not cheap. All those CGI starships in the first and last episode had to be made. There were a ton of them and all different kinds. Plus, that gigantic Borg ship and that spatial anomaly had to really ramp up the cost as well.

All that stuff adds up – fast! The only ones who know the exact numbers are Paramount’s number crunchers and that’s not us 🙂. But I think this season was well into the $100 million range. The story was so so but the quality of everything else was great.

Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

“They did the best they could in spite of the circumstances.”

On this point, we will have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, S2 of Picard was the worst season on Star Trek since the final season of Enterprise, so I think they could have done a lot better. And I really liked S1, unlike a sizable number of fans — I thought S1 was brilliant, in fact.

I liked season 1 myself, I thought it was pretty good. I also liked the last season of Enterprise 🙂. The reason why I liked Enterprise’s last season is because I know now that they were setting up the Romulan War and I”ve really wanted to see that for a long time now. Outside of the first season, I never got a chance to watch Enterprise.

But I’ve been rewatching it a lot the past couple of years and I’ve grown to appreciate it more. But I can’t say the same for Picard season 2. I’m not a fan. I’m just being conscientious of the difficulties they had while making this season.

To me, this season felt too much like a mash-up of Star Trek IV and First Contact. I thought Q was totally underutilized on the show. I was expecting him to play a much bigger part then he did and I think his story got cut down because of the stuff with Dr.Jurati and the Borg Queen. The stuff with Spiner’s Soong character was mind-boggling as well.

It’s like they’re trying to make the Picard and Soong families closely connected just because Jean-Luc Picard and Data served together on the Enterprise and I don’t understand that. So I do understand what you’re saying and where your complaints come from, One Lion. I didn’t like this season of Picard myself and it really left me scratching my head from all of the conundrums that were in it. I also know Akiva Goldsman is really to blame for how bad this season was because Terry Matalas had left to write season 3.

So hope springs eternal for next year, right 🙂? Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

I’ve only done a cursory search on Google and the first few things that came up said $8- million an episode. I don’t know how accurate that is but I could say the same about the trekmovie article you mentioned. What I would say is that Picard looks a lot cheaper than Discovery. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a lower per episode budget because the production costs are obviously higher in California than they are in Ontario.

It’s just my opinion though and it’s not an expert one either. From what you’ve said you clearly know more about RDJ than me so maybe you’re right and he might be interested. My gut just tells me otherwise that’s all. I get the impression now that he’s in a position where he can basically write his own cheques just to make vanity projects so even if he did have a desire to do Star Trek I still don’t believe that it would be financially viable. Remember we’re talking about the same studio that couldn’t afford to have both Pine and Hemsworth in their tentpole movie and has just cast a CW actor to play James T. Kirk.

Like you say though hope is a good thing and why shouldn’t you wish to see him cast. My comments are just debating the practicalities of it but my intent is certainly not to discourage your hope. Thanks also for sharing your struggles with Huntington’s disease. I’m glad that you’ve got plenty to keep your mind occupied and that there is so much new Star Trek coming out for you to enjoy. 🖖

Thank you, Corinthian7, for your kind remarks about my medical condition, Huntington’s Disease. Yeah, I agree with you about the per episode cost of Picard season 2. I don’t really know how much it was but it did look cheap 🙂 and that’s why they’re able to get a star to play the villain in season 3. They’re also saving money by reusing the same ship sets for next season too so that gave them extra money leftover as well.

I know it’s a long shot for Robert Downey Jr to be on Picard next year. I just think it would be great if he was. Just like I mentioned Vincent D’Onofrio as well and he’s another actor whom I think would play a great villain in Star Trek. For now, it’s just all speculation.

But I will say this, whoever is playing the villain next year on Picard has to be a really big star because they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep it a secret if it wasn’t. Yes, I’m excited myself that Star Trek is in a new Golden Age. I got to experience the first one in the ’90s when I was a teenager and now, 31 years later, when I’m 42, it’s come around again. It’s fantastic to see 💖!

I just wish they would publish more books now for Star Trek than what they do 🙂. Live long and prosper, Corinthian7🖖.

There were a very limited amount of new sets needed for S2, plus less visual effects for a typical Trek streaming season, so I think the S2 cost per ep of card was way less than the $8 to $9 M that the S1 eps costs. And frankly, it shows.

Read my above reply, One Lion, and live long and prosper 🖖.

Johnny, read my reply above please. My point stands.

One Lion, please read my above reply and my point stands. We are at an impasse and I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then 🙂. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

No worries, Johnny. IDIC. The answer is probably that the cost is between our opinions on the budget spent for S2.

Ha, ha, ha 😄! IDIC to you as well, friend 😊. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

Watch DeOnofrio in Godfather of Harlem, probably my favourite character he portrayed. Top actor.

Thank you, I love him too. He is a top-notch actor. He was fantastic in Full Metal Jacket, Mystic Pizza, The Cell, and The Salton Sea too. He took it to a whole ‘nother level when he played Detective Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent and the Kingpin on Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Hawkeye.

I will look up Godfather of Harlem because I haven’t seen it before. Hopefully, it’s streaming on one of the apps that I have because I’d like to check it out🤞. Vincent D’Onofrio is one of my all time favorite actors and that’s why I think it would be cool to see him go up against Jean-Luc Picard and crew next year. He would definitely bring a very cerebral aspect to the next season of Picard, that’s for sure, if he was cast as the villain.

Live long and prosper, Paul Segrue, and thanks for the recommendation👍.

Last time matalas said “you’re not ready” was when he was talking about Beverly. I hope there’s no connection.

Dude can’t keep a secret. This is getting a little old.

He’s excited. Can’t blame him for that.

its called marketing :-)

It doesn’t come across like it’s part of an organized marketing effort. It comes across like the dude likes to tweet a lot, and can’t help himself but to let secrets slip. Of course if that accidentally markets the next season it’s a plus, but I don’t think it’s something organized with the P+ marketing staff which is which is what it seems like you are suggesting?

And this goes back to the middle of S2 of Picard, when he kept doing this during the middle of that season — which I think detracted from S2 and was unfair to the S2 team and actors. Sure, S2 was pretty crappy, but all of his tweets about S3 during S2 came across as rather self-serving, like the producers knew S2 was bad, and had already moved on themselves and wanted us fans to give them a “get out of jail free card” for some really bad Star Trek. I don’t admire that type of behavior from the team leading a Trek series, but maybe that’s just me?

My opinions.

I think he’s just doing it out of damage control because he knew season 2 was getting pounded on by the fans and wanted to keep their hopes up about season 3. So yes, Matalas obviously knows season 2 was a dumpster fire because the guy has said way more about season 3 than when season 2 was running lol. I don’t think any of it is a big deal though. They are still promoting the show as a whole. And did anyone stop watching season 2 because he made a few tweets about season 3?

And it was clearly the studio that put out the teaser promoting the TNG cast return on First Contact day. So from that point on, they probably gave him free reign to post whatever he wanted about season 3 as long as there are no spoilers of course.

And to be fair, this is the first time in Star Trek history they even shot seasons back to back, so it makes things easier to promote earlier when it’s already done.

Fair points. I still think the dude can’t help himself but to drop stuff on twitter at a whim. LOL

Yes, also true lol.

This is increasingly sounding like “These are the voyages…”

All I can say is Thank God for SNW.

Guys, don’t screw it up.

Rowan Atkinson.

Just so long as it’s not ‘KHHAAAAANNNN’!! ;)

I hope it’s the Iconians

Looking forward to season three, but somewhat disappointed to learn it has a villain.

Yes! We need good antagonists, not “villians”.

There was a time when an announcement like this would’ve made me really excited. Now all I can think is “let’s get it over with.”

Exactly. Let’s get it over with. This creative team should be judged by its work. Season 2 was a dumpster fire of cringeworthy bad TV. I LOVE Star Trek. Love Disco. Love Prodigy. Super LOVE Strange New Worlds. But Picard Season 2 was just absurdly bad TV. So sad that they took a massive production budget, a great cast and flushed all that potential down the toilet. It was just dumb. So many pointless plot points that didn’t make sense and were not even paid off. How are they still employed? It was just something you’d expect from bad fan fiction.

So is the villain speaces10-C?

I love LeVar Burton. That’s all.

“[Season three is] incredibly different from the two seasons before it”

in the sense that the fans will like it?

haha. well said :)

I would like for it to mean it is different the way s3 TNG differed from the two previous seasons, but I doubt that is the case, since s3 was being written and shot practically at the same time (I still maintain that tng s3 is as good as that series could ever possibly get, and that was BECAUSE there wasn’t any time for people to rewrite the scripts into mediocrity.

Its not his son is it. I mean actual Picard’s son not robot Picard. Doubt it though would be too much like Nemesis.

Sigourney Weaver?

Mark Hamill.?

Brian Cox?

Anthony Hopkins?

Liam Neeson? (‘a million times’ in the west?)

Guy Pearce?

Brian Cranston?

Alfred Molina.?

Kevin Bacon?

Hugo Weaving?

I’m going out on a limb here, but I tend to think it will be another British stage actor roughly as old as Stewart.

Beyond that, though, Bryan Cranston isn’t a bad guess. Maybe Harrison Ford (likely too expensive, alas) or Richard Dean Anderson (not great at playing villains, though)?

I believe Ford is currently about to film a Yellowstone prequel series with Helen Mirren.

Yeh everyone seems convinced it will be McKellan which could very well be, but maybe too obvious? idk

Some potential guesses

– Ian McKellen
– Judy Dench
– Oscar Isaacs
– Al Pacino
– Helen Mirren
– Olivia Coleman

Pacino – ‘say hello to my little friend!’ (pulls out WNMHGB phaser rifle)

How did you leave out Corey Feldman on your list?

Armus has finally escaped the planet and seeks out all those who knew Tasha Yar.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan crosses over the from alternate timeline and steals the mothballed Genesis technology, with the aid of an alternate timeline Noonian Soong.


Friend Kirk!

James Hong?

That’s my guess!

That’s the best guess. He is, I believe, the most credited actor. He has been in everything.

That would be legendary.

I hear people saying McKellan and that is a good call. They are like best friends and know each other from X-Men, but I am going to throw out a wild card and actually it might be not even allowed as big iconic stars from other similar franchises might have some clause in their contracts that bars them from appearing in the other franchise, but I am going to throw out the name Mark Hamil. They did those GrubHub commercials a few years back and I remember seeing an interview where Hamil said he would love to do Star Trek, but I would be willing to bet there is a stipulation that says he can not appear in Star Trek out of causing confusion in the franchises but who knows. But if they make him look different and change him up who knows. Another name I know has always wanted to appear is Tom Hanks.

I think people are getting carried away with the big star struck names…this is star trek, matlas is talking it up as the best thing ever, we know where this is going…

Someone we’ve seen a million times before? That eliminates everybody but just one person: That gal who places “Flo” in those Progressive Insurance commercials.

Or maybe her biker friend.

It’d be fun if it was Tom Hanks. He’s a big Trekkie & was almost in Star Trek First Contact

Just don’t suck.