‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Showrunner Reveals More Details; Hypes Seven/Raffi Spin-off Idea

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard is shaping up to be a whole new direction for the series. The big news is that the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be for recurring throughout the season. Most of the original Picard cast will be exiting, with the exceptions of Jeri Ryan (Seven) and Michelle Hurd (Raffi), and much of the action will be set on a Starfleet ship.

Executive Producer Terry Matalas joined the series for season 2 as co-showrunner with Akiva Goldsman, however, with the final season being shot back-to-back with season 2 he soon found himself mostly focused on developing season 3 as the sole showrunner. He has described season 3 as a “proper sendoff” for the TNG crew featuring “more nautical, cat-and-mouse submarine movie elements of those early Trek films.” In the last few days, he has been revealing even more on social media about the upcoming season and even hyped the idea of a spin-off.

Season 3 jumps forward

Season 2 of Picard took place a year after the end of season 1, and Matalas has revealed on Twitter that the same will be true for season 3, with “slightly over a year” passing since the season 2 finale.

A fan also asked Matalas about what Jean-Luc is writing in the season 3 cast reveal trailer.

From the season 3 teaser

The showrunner revealed it was a note to Geordi La Forge.

Voyager/DS9 cameos hint

Matalas retweeted our last article about season 3 and jumped into the replies. His response of a knowing “maybe” gif to a fan asking about cameos from other Voyager or Deep Space Nine cast members appears telling.

About that “cool” new ship…

Earlier this month, we reported his revelation that the primary season 3 Starfleet ship isn’t the Stargazer. More recently, we showed off some behind-the-scenes looks at the sets being used for the featured ship, but its name has yet to be revealed. When asked about this, production designer Dave Blass assured a fan on Twitter that it does have a “cool name.”

Matalas also clarified that the original Prime Timeline version of La Sirena (last seen under the command of Seven for the Fenris Rangers in episode 1) is “still around” after the season 2 finale.

Hyping Seven/Raffi spin-off idea

The third season of Picard will be its last. One idea being floated around is a spin-off series with Jeri Ryan as Seven and Michelle Hurd as Raffi. Interestingly, Matalas has joined in on this speculation, retweeting some fans over the weekend. Here are a couple of tweets he amplified…

Speaking to SFX Magazine ahead of season 2, Matalas hinted at the idea of a Picard spin-off show:

What more is coming in that story? It’s definitely my favorite time period. To me, Star Trek: Picard is the present day of Star Trek. And what’s going on in that particular world is very important to me. So stay tuned, that’s what I’ll say.

TrekMovie asked Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan if they were interested in having their own Star Trek spin-off and they were more than enthusiastic. And after Matalas started hyping the idea over the weekend, TrekMovie posted the Hurd/Ryan quote on Twitter—and Matalas retweeted it.

Matalas even hinted it may be more, saying he was “not just supporting, [but] spearheading” the idea, so maybe this spinoff notion could eventually lead to something. Fan buzz behind the idea of giving Pike, Spock, and Number One their own show after season 2 of Discovery was a big factor in the launch of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, so it could happen again. Could Captain Seven follow in the footsteps of Captain Pike?

The second season ended with Seven getting a Starfleet field commission, putting her in command of Stargazer during the confrontation with the Borg Queen. Raffi began season 2 as a commander teaching at Starfleet Academy and was later assigned to the USS Excelsior ahead of the Borg Queen’s arrival. With a year between seasons, there are endless possibilities for where the pair might end up, and it seems plausible they are both still in Starfleet… and they did build a bunch of starship sets. Just saying.

Jeri Ryan as Seven in command of the Stargazer in the season 2 finale

There is no word yet on when the third season of Star Trek: Picard will debut.

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I want a Seven/Raffi show on La Sirena, or a similar ship. If they want to do Fenris Ranger missions, that’d be awesome. If they want to do something slightly different with the ship, that’d be cool, too. But I definitely want them on a civilian ship.

And no spin-off of Rios on La Sirena with his holograms? Truly a wasted opportunity. I know he stayed behind and Guinan said he died but that can easily be fixed with some clever writing.

How though? They killed him off in the past as well. Sure they can time travel and bring him back, but wouldn’t that now cause more of a mess since his life in the past affected the future? I would also point out bringing him back could now be a violation of the temporal prime directive, but of course letting him stay in the past was already a big violation (last season really sucked!).

Don’t get me wrong, I hated the kept him in the past too. I really wanted him to stay as Captain of the Stargazer (I really hated the La Sirena) but it looks like all of that is gone now.

We didn’t actually see him die or get real proof of what he did after Picard left (Teresa could have done the Mariposas alone and she already had a clinic by that name). Rios could have told Guinan to tell Picard that. Plus the timeline part didn’t make sense in season 2 already so doing a retcon isn’t that big a deal.

They could also just do a prequel before he met Picard.

Please, no more prequels. ;)

Sure anything is possible, but why bother to leave him in the past just to bring him back in some convoluted way later? Again, I wish they never went that route at all either. Even if they decided not to bring him back for season 3 they still could’ve brought him back at the end of season 2 and he’s just off doing his own thing somewhere else next season. Maybe took some time off from Starfleet to be with his girlfriend and her son or something.

But now that they went this direction, the chances of seeing him again seems slim. Rios seem to be the most popular new character and even I thought they were setting the guy up for a Stargazer spin off. But sadly he was wasted.

Sadly this is just another example of Secret Hideout not knowing what works and what doesn’t. Rios worked (given the right circumstance). If there was to be a spinoff it needed to be centered on him. But in their infinite wisdom they left him in the past and killed him. Seems it is never a bad bet on them making the wrong creative choice.

A Seven spin off show is a no-brainer at this point. People were suggesting it back in season one. I guess we’ll have to see if the ‘field promotion’ held and if she’s part of Starfleet in season three or not. I would be OK if she was Captain of the Stargazer but the idea seems a bit crazy lol. But this is how things are done in modern Trek. ;)

I say make it a spin off with her and Raffi, maybe bring in one or two TNG characters but more as a recurring role to replace Picard. Of course few fans will fight it if we get a full character back. Maybe Michael Dorn will finally get his Worf show. ;)

And it’s nice we can FINALLY get some DS9 characters returning. It’s ridiculous we still haven’t gotten one yet (I don’t count holodeck Odo in Prodigy) but have 3 shows in the 24th/25th century now. I don’t care who it is, anyone would be nice since I love them all. Same for Voyager although I really really want Janeway to show up on Picard and be a great reunion for Seven.

Picard season 2 was a disaster of a season IMO but hoping season 3 can be a huge improvement. Not holding my breath just yet, but per usual, they are saying the right things at least.

The degree to which I don’t want the new people touching DS9 cannot be quantified. Marketing forces compelled them to remix and dilute TOS (as an example) and as Trek’s ignored middle child, DS9 has the chance to simply exist as its own thing, ignored by the people who haven’t earned an ounce of trust in their handling of the property over the past 6-7 years. Just leave it alone. It’s beyond their intellectual and emotional capacities anyway.

I hear you, DS9 is my favorite show out of the franchise by a huge mile; which of course why I want to see the characters back. But yeah, seeing how badly they been handling a show like Picard would give anyone pause if they hated both seasons (and I haven’t been a fan, put it that way). But I also been one of the people who thought they been handing the legacy characters well IMO. Yeah I hate they killed off Hugh but overall I don’t have a lot of complaints of how they handled them.

And you know by the time this era of Star Trek is over, basically every legacy actor/character still alive will probably have made an appearance somewhere lol. It all seems pretty inevitable at this point; especially as they build out more and more shows for the next decade. The temptation is too great; hence the entire TNG cast back on Picard and Kirk showing up in season 2 of SNW. These guys just can’t help themselves.

Would you recast Rene as Odo? With makeup and a good impression it could be done, but it just wouldn’t be the same. And without Odo, is it worth revisitng DS9 as a whole? Aside from having to explain Sisko which is it’s own can of worms

Wow that’s a good question. I don’t know. Part of me wants to say it’s too soon, but we haven’t actually seen Odo in 20 years lol. Rene was that character to me so I would probably say ‘no’, at least for now.

But same time, these are characters, not any actor owns them. I was saying that when people were having melt downs over Peck playing Spock.

As for revisiting DS9, we’re just talking about bringing back some of the characters in the new shows like we seen Picard, Seven and Janeway show up in new entities; not reviving DS9 as a show. Those are two very different things.

Worf and O’Brien would seem to be obvious answers for DS9 characters coming in but if we’re talking, like, Jake Sisko, Kira, Bashir, and Quark, I really have to question “WHY?” beyond another dreadful “Easter Egg” or “callback” or fan service. That stuff is desperate, sweaty, and pathetic, and I don’t like feeling as though I’m watching the movie Galaxy Quest when I’m watching these P+ shows (SNW excepted — first two have been solid as a TOS reboot).

I get your point sort of, but this is how it works today, right? Shared universes are the in thing now and Star Trek has been one of the biggest for the last 30 years. They are going to capitalize on that. They already are obviously.

For me, I just accept EVERYTHING is coming back at some point. People were whining we should never see Q or the Borg back again and yet here they both are anyway. That’s just how it is. We have to remember this new era of Star Trek isn’t even 5 years old yet (starting with Discovery, not the JJ movies). And by this time next year, 35 legacy characters will have already shown up on these five shows. Let that sink in. And that’s just what we know of officially. Since we haven’t seen next seasons of Lower Decks or Prodigy yet it could be much more. And since they are hinting DS9 and more VOY characters will be on season 3 of Picard (which started this discussion), you’re fighting an uphill battle at this point my friend.

I mean a few years ago, I don’t think I would’ve ever imagined seeing Jeri Ryan playing Seven again and now people are pushing for her own spin off show including producers of these shows. If it sells, it sells.

So it’s all inevitable IMO. I even expect crossovers between the shows in time. I wouldn’t be shocked if they found a way for Riker or Worf to show up on SNW by season 3.

It’s inevitable to a degree. Deep Space Nine is like a middle child and maybe if fans stop clamoring for a revisit, they simply won’t go in that direction. The Voyager stuff makes sense to me because that was the #1 streaming Trek on Netflix before Paramount revoked the license and it seems like that show had more viewers/fans than DS9 ever did and has even picked up new ones in the gulf between Berman and JJ.

I wasn’t impressed with their vandalism of TNG and TOS by way of Discovery and I don’t see what they could scrape out of Deep Space Nine for their purposes that might be *interesting* and so I hope it’s just relegated to references like Quark’s franchises or Gul Dukat & Grand Nagus’ bleached skull or a book by Jake Sisko or something. People hope for these shows to be good, I hope for these shows to leave DS9 alone (unless they’re remastering it in HD).

What does being a ‘middle child’ have to do with it?? All that matters is it’s canon.

It doesn’t matter how much a show is watched, simply it’s placement in the universe. That’s all we’re talking about.

It just sounds like you don’t like the new shows much and therefore don’t want them to touch the classic shows. No offense but A. that boat has sailed and B. that’s more your issue and a pretty unrealistic one at that. It’s a shared universe. What do you expect? Especially since fans are calling for DS9 characters to appear. It’s the reason why we’re even discussing it now.

We’re going to have new Star Trek shows for probably the next decade and probably a few more 24th century shows with it. EVERY show since Discovery has only found more ways to include legacy characters, not less. That’s only going to ramp up as SNW is proving.

Look it’s very simple. If people want Star Trek to do it’s own thing, not be bogged down by canon and on and on; then you reboot it and put it in a new universe. I have been saying this longer than I care to admit at this point. I am very open to that idea because I feel if you want Star Trek to really start over and wipe the slate clean it’s the only way to really do it.

And yet no one seems to want to do that, not the fans or the production. And to be fair that was what the Kelvin universe basically did and we saw how popular that idea went down with the fanbase lol. But if you been watching Star Trek at least since TNG started, I guess I can understand.

But when you put it in the same 55+ year old prime universe and put new shows in the same eras as all the old shows that ran for years, again, what do you expect would happen?

I’m not totally disagreeing with you, but that’s really the only way realistically to do it at this point. If the Kelvin movies were more popular maybe they would’ve tried it again with the TV shows I guess or even put a show in that universe.

Well, part of me actually wants to see a Captain Sulu show with John Cho in the role and he could be playing the prime-timeline Sulu instead of the Kelvin timeline. He is about the right age and technically already played the role before (in a different universe). Although maybe they are not doing this as not to confuse the people watching.

I would endorse this idea. But again, my biggest issue with it comes from Secret Hideout making it.

Oh yeah would totally be into a Kelvin universe Sulu show! I think that would work fine. I also said in the past maybe they could even spin the character off to do his own movies; especially when the whole issue about doing another Kelvin movie came down to too much money with the cast. If you feel you can’t bring them all back then do a spin off of one or two characters. I think Sulu would be a great choice and can finally expand the character. I would be up for either.

I think you wouldn’t recast Odo: the drop becomes the ocean, and the ocean becomes the drop. Now that he has been in the Great Link for decades I’d say he wouldn’t really be the same Odo, or even maybe Odo is technically gone…. If they need to bring the Founders back into the story, I would think they could essentially bring in a new Changeling with the memories of Odo, and he would thusly be there, and not there at the same time.

I’m tending to lean that way too.

It isn’t up to you fortunately. “Intellectual and emotional capacities”? The arrogant gatekeeping here is suffocating.

Well, I’m a fan, I’m not rational and gatekeeping doesn’t apply in this context. I don’t want the people making the product to make a bad product — oh no!

Honestly, not interested in a Seven/Raffi show. I’m open to be proven wrong, but this writing staff has managed to make these people uninteresting. It’s more like a soap opera.

2 years ago I’d have been all for a Seven show. But once I saw how drastically the character was changed, my enthusiasm is reduced to my wanting the best for Jeri Ryan. Seven’s voice was altered so radically, she just talks like every other bland tough lady out there now. Anything interesting about her is all in the backstory Braga and co already did for her.

Seven/Raffi is okay. Go out on a limb, and still do a Rios show.
Cool name? USS Warpy McWarpface, anyone?

And how is that better than Boaty McBoatface?

Can you imagine what would come out of a fan contest to name a new ship?

As for a Seven/Raffi show, if there is an enthusiastic showrunner (Matalas?) with a vision to champion the show, it could be fine. Without it, leave the slot for another Trek concept.

Kurtzman seems to have hit on something essential with the idea that there needs to be a champion.

Lower Decks, Prodigy and SNW all has creator show runners who really wanted to make that particular Trek show. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but each has a coherent concept and it makes all the difference.

So it’s the older version of the characters doing the same thing we’ve seen in Trek before? Gee… How original.

How many sendoffs does this cast want? This will be their 3rd. Do they think they are an 80’s band?

And no. Not inerested in a Raffi-7 spinoff. If they were aboard the Los Serena with Rios then maybe. But Rios is the key to any spinoff. Without him, don’t think it’s worth doing.

Well no one in the cast was ever asking for a sendoff to begin with. Frakes would still be playing Riker 20 years later if they asked him to lol. But yeah, all good things…

And it’s about money man, we have talked about this many times. They want subscribers, think of how many more people will be watching this show knowing the entire cast is on it. This is probably what CBS and Kurtzman wanted on day one, just a revival of TNG altogether. But Stewart was initially against it. But It looks like they finally talked him into it and here we are.

But no one can be surprised by it. It just makes the most marketing and financial sense. TNG cast is still hugely popular. TNG is still a big behemoth in the franchise. I’m pretty convinced way more people still watch that show in reruns than they do any of the new shows. Either way, it still has a huge fan following today. That was proven after the way the internet blew up when it was announced Patrick Stewart was coming back. Imagine if it was the entire cast announced? But yeah, I am VERY worried now they will screw it up as they have for two seasons straight with Picard. Those are the two worst seasons of Star Trek ever produced for me.

Perhaps I miswrote. Should have said ‘how many sendoffs does this cast get’?

No worries!

“Seven/Raffi Spin-off”

No. And again, no. These two characters had zero chemistry and were the weakest aspect of Picard season two. I can’t imagine there are a ton of people clamoring for a Seven/Raffi spinoff.

For me, it’s more about a Seven spin off. I just accepted Raffi would be part of the package now. But I don’t really care if she came back. But you’re not wrong, they were wasted in season 2 of Picard, but you can’t blame that on the characters or actors. We seen how great Seven is when written by good writers. It’s why she is still so popular now. You have to blame that on the awful writers on the Picard show and frankly nearly all the characters were wasted in season 2.

I agree with you on this. I’m all for keeping Seven around. But Raffi is such a dull and overacted character.

No thanks. Raffi was a really annoying trope of a character and Seven went from a brilliant science expert in Voyager to a bitter vigilante in Picard S1 to a character with no real purpose in S2. I also didn’t think they had much in the way of chemistry and all their interactions seemed forced and not genuine.

So long as it’s a continuation of the early 25th-century era with further familiar faces, I’m in. I realize that makes me exactly the sort of consumer whose interests actively thwart franchises from moving forward into genuinely new territory, but 2364-2402 is my lifeblood the way 2265-2291 (I think?) is for TOS diehards. It is what it is.

Nothing wrong with that, because we’re fans. It’s why a Pike show even exists. Fans beggeed for it because it’s all based on nostalgia and wanting old characters again. Pike is at least unique since he never got a full on show but it’s basically a TOS prequel too. And I also want a continuation of the 25th century. I been wanting a 25th century show since Voyager went off the air. It sucks it took so long but that was only because it took so long for a new Star Trek show to even appear again.

And I’m 100% sure we will get another one. Obviously Picard is a big success for Paramount+ and everyone is begging for a spin off of some kind now that that show will be done soon. And they know it! ;)

If I could get a Captain Riker or Worf show on the Enterprise F I would take that in a heartbeat lol. I definitely would’ve took it over Discovery. And that is something new. It’s not a total retread, it’s old characters but in a new phase of their lives just like what we got with Picard.

A spin off with Seven as a Fenris Ranger and her adventures…YES PLEASE!!! It could work if Raffi is with her, as she definitely has skills and her character would be quite interesting if written well. To see both of them navigating their relationship up close and working together could also be quite touching, as well as an excellent opportunity for comic relief. But I would really love to see Elnor team up with Seven as his bad ass choose to live self, with Seven taking him under her wing. This could be quite effective, especially with her history with Icheb, and I saw that set up in season one when Elnor stayed behind on the cube and she helped rescue him. Seven would need a small crew, and they could be it. A series like that would have enormous potential, would be original and distinctive enough to really stand out. Jeri is just a fantastic actress, Evan is fun, and Hurd is no slouch either. Bring it on!

They need this show that all the crew addicted to bad time travel stories that make no sense (why didn’t they stop WW2? WW3??), antiscience technobabble (tacyhon anything anyone??), no colonization at all on the frontier, thousands of starship reinforcements and starbases everywhere to save the day, starships lasting 30 seconds in combat where ships just run at each other, massive non functional bridges where a person sits in front of a door yelling at his crew while unable to gather any info from the displays, preaching to aliens how amazing we are that we have nothing to learn and become us while the galaxy is so non threatening and free energy everywhere that even adults just spend all day playing in the holodeck or dating holo characters have a show, a chain of command where the commanders need their shrink next to them all the time and where Ensigns end up Ensigns forever while non Starfleet ends up commanding starships. Oh and all the political analogs that aren’t so hot (like Starfleet firing torpedoes at the Klingon homeworld is big bad George W Bush using drones despite them saving Ukraine from the Russians right now or having Picard build an evacuation fleet out of slaves of synths as an analog to…?!?!?) should end up on that show too. Thumbs up! Transfer to this show and not SNW, much appreciated!

Is it safe to assume that the cool ship name is the Enterprise ?

I think that much is a given, yes.

Unless it is the USS Jean-Luc Picard.

Unless it is the USS Jean-Luc Picard.

Or the USS James T. Kirk. I’m surprised that hasn’t turned up as a starship name on one of the new shows yet.

Ditto for the USS Jonathan Archer — not because of Archer’s Starfleet role but because of his time as POTUFP. There is, after all, a longstanding real-life Navy tradition of naming ships after former Presidents.

But I think a ship turning out be named “the Kirk” (for short) would a particularly nice easter egg.

For me, when the Defiant showed up on DS9 I thought the James Kirk would have been the better name for that ship. They could have kept referring to it as the JTK.

There was a USS Archer that appeared in the group on the map in Nemesis. And didn’t SNW just have a USS Archer?

And didn’t SNW just have a USS Archer?

Good if that’s the case. I haven’t seen SNW yet.

Disco’s ship building facility is called the Archer Yards or something like that too.

Well SOMETHING better be called Enterprise next season!

So is the Borg gonna make her bionic like she used to be so that if she has another fight with Dwayne Johnson she’ll be able to beat him with ease?

“Mr. Matalas, what are your thoughts on season 2 of Picard?”

“Season 3 is going to be awesome!”


Everybody seems to be ignoring season 2 at this point. Probably for the better I think.

We’ve got a few loose ends after Picard. What of the Emperor…Georgiou? We keep getting told there is a Section 31 show in the pipeline. Who’s to say she doesn’t end up in Picards timeline with Section 31 and meets up with Seven and Raff? Captain Seven, with her ranger ties and Commander Raff just being … Raff! would be a good team ying against Georgiou’s yang.

An all girl Star Trek lead. That would be another first!

Maybe – Giorgi’s Angles! :)

MU Gerogiou being the new Borg Queen. Now THAT I could’ve got behind. ;)

That would actually be interesting!
Like I’m not a big fan of the idea of a Seven/Raffi spin-off, like… honestly, Seven and Raffi sound more interesting in interviews and you’d think there’s a lot of character development, but we don’t see them do anything interesting on the show itself and we don’t even see the development, so a show focusing on them just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

But a Section 31 show with Georgiou, Seven, and Raffi? I think that could work really well! As you’ve said, Seven having experience as a ranger and Raffi not always playing by the rules, I think they could work well together, since they all have that in common – not playing by the rules and working in grey areas – but they differ when it comes to morality and values.

I’d be fine never seeing Raffi again.

Well… she’s not the best I agree. Her character hasn’t really come together in two seasons. It’s a shame because Michelle Hurd is a great actress.

Let’s see what Matalas does in terms of improving Raffi in season three’s writing.

The incoherence of Picard’s writing makes it difficult to say that any of the characters were unsalvagable.

Which is why so many of us have mixed feelings about the rest of the new characters being written out and dropped.

Well, if season 3 turns out to be a another flop, Matalas will have to take full responsibility no question. He gets away with it for season 2 because he handed it to Akiva to focus on season 3. One has to give Akiva a break because he must have been deeply immersed in creating SNW. Time will tell.

‘season 3 a “proper sendoff” for the TNG crew featuring “more nautical, cat-and-mouse submarine movie elements of those early Trek films.”

All Good Things… come to the Wrath of Khan

With the writers obsession with anything Kahn related, I would not be surprised. How many more Kahn references do we need? I swear that Space Seed and Wrath of Kahn is the only Star Trek that some of these writers have seen.

When in doubt of what to do.. go KHAAAAAAAN!

Raffi is an awful character (no offence to the actor, I blame the writing/casting), plus the chemistry between Raffi and Seven is non-existent IMO and feels super forced.

If they were going to do a spinoff with anyone from Picard, it should of been Rios and his Stargazer crew, going on new missions/adventures within the 25th Century, I’m so mad they left him in the 21st Century. We could of seen his new wife/son adjust to life 400 years later (and the tribulations that may bring), find out what the state of the galaxy is with the Klingons, Dominion etc. (I know we may hear about the Dominion in PIC S3, but I mean a more in-depth series), maybe even visit DS9 for an episode or two.

Imagine the SNW crew (minus the obvious pre-established names) on Rios’ ship instead? Even the Romulan lad, Elnor, could of joined his crew or we could of saw Elnor’s progression through the Academy for a season (Professor Miles O’Brien, anyone?) before he joins Rios on the Stargazer. In fact, there’s the title, Star Trek: Stargazer. BOOM! Done, fans are happy, all new characters, cool new 25th century ships that won’t break canon, possible meet up with the Lower Decks/TNG era crews. Perfect!

I would have preferred that far more than SNW and retreading TOS with Pike/Spock et al all over again. I mean, we just had all that with the Kelvin films between 2009-2016. I’m sick to death of the 23rd Century. Hell, if they love that era so much, what about following the crew of the Enterprise-B and exploring the lost years!? At least Discovery did the sensible thing and moved the show waaaay off into the future (which I much prefer and love seeing the new aesthetics of Starfleet).

Ah well, another missed opportunity for the Kurtzman era.

P.S. Paramount, call me ;)

To me the biggest problem with Raffi was it felt like they had no idea what to do with her. First she was someone with major issues who was living in a trailer pouting. Not bad. Something we haven’t seen in Trek. But they really didn’t do much with it. Then a year later suddenly she has turned completely around and was perfectly stable and teaching at the Academy. And oddly became much more boring. Obviously they had no idea what to do with her.

Totally! The entire new cast of PIC just felt like vague/one dimensional window dressing. They really had very little arcs (if any) and were just so easily discarded. Especially Rios, who they could of done soooo much more with.

It honestly feels with PIC, they were making it up as they went along, with very little planning for the 3 year arc. In fact, the first 2 seasons feel so disjoined in tone/premise, it felt like a complete reset.

This is either a lack or planning or too many cooks in the kitchen? Who knows, maybe it will be third time the charm, but for the new cast? I do feel bad that they were disposed of so frivolously.

It almost felt like the move from Picard season 1 to season 2 was a soft reboot. Just look at the totally different characters of Rafi and Rios. That was a little jarring.

I dont think a romantic couple should be commanding a starship, regardless of their orientation. TNG did a great episode called Lessons which clearly showed why this would be a HORRIBLE idea!

Sorry Terry, just my two cents worth.

I would much rather see Michelle Yeoh in a Section 31 series before seeing the Stargazer become a 25th century Love Boat! Haha I still remember that Patrick Stewart SNL TNG spoof… too funny!

Hmmmm, for a completely ridiculous and out of the box idea – perhaps a comedy with no life and death situations. That might work!

I have long felt a comedy (ex: the TNG crew) would be hilarious. Each of those actors could totally own comedic material.

Ex2: Patrick Stewart on “Fraiser”.

A comedy with those characters would work… If it were made and written by the right people. And so far that would be no one involved with Secret Hideout.

‘lessons’ had picard as superior officer worried about sending his partner into danger.
i don’t think this is the same.
and riker, troi and shelby, Calhoun did ok

I can see but chokatay needs to be involved

Not really.

I was less down on that relationship that most, but if it didn’t work out, no need to belabour it.

A Seven spin-off….maybe. A Seven/Raffi spin-off…..maybe not.

Totally, I’d be down seeing Seven re-joining Starfleet, commanding the Stargazer or at the least, becoming a member of Starfleet Intelligence etc. (NOT Section 31, as they were never meant to be officially Starfleet, regardless of the JJ/Kurtzman era writers desperately wanting it to be so).

Its amazing that Starfleet just sort of lets people command their ships. Just like… whoever… Kirk, Seven….. and the crew just follows their orders… like it’s all good.

Kelvin Kirk… yeah, a bit, you know, suspect. But the Kelvin Timeline is their own “special” thing, shall we say.

But, Seven? I feel she has proven herself worthy over the years, serving on Voyager, the proactive work she has done with the Fenris Rangers (even though, they sound rather Marquis-Lite).

Seven I can see, deserving command, BUT, I feel she still must go through some other official Starfleet channels before the promotion is made permanent. I doubt we will, due to the patchy nature of seeing things between seasons on PIC, but would love to see the promotion being made official in a ceremony or something at Starfleet Command, after much deliberation between the admiralty.

“Hypes Seven/Raffi Spin-off Idea”
Ah yes, more “Star Trek without Star Trek”. Says a lot about their competences. Sigh.

I would LOVE to see a Star Trek: Stargazer starring Captain Seven, Raffi, and Elnor.

Star Trek: Love Boat

Star Trek: Rescue Rangers

Just finished season 2 of Picard. Mind blowingly great show the ten eps played like a great movie. I didn’t think a 3rd season was likely, but a new show with a Starfleet Captain Seven Hansen, working along side the Borg in this new frontier. Yes please. A cameo or 2 from Stewart’s Piccard, helping her achieve full commision and if you can incorporate the Travelers story line…well it offers a whole new landscape. Would love to see DS9 folks crop up too. It is one of my favorites. Star Trek is so loved and people who work on the new love it too. That’s why it is magic and still works. Even JJ’s takes ont TOS, are masterfully done. I’m liking strange new worlds too.

Matalas delivered a very poor Season 2; why should we buy his hype for Season 3? Zero interest in a Seven / Raffi series.

I am hoping he had limited actual involvement in S2, with maybe Matalas work on the 25th Century bits (aka the only decent parts of the season).

Though, probably not and I am being overoptimistic that S3 might be better, either way, we will find out next year…

To each their own: I’m excited for season three because of the season 2 that Matalas delivered.

I‘d watch a Seven Show of they manage to make her a layered intelligent character again instead of this weird action Barbie. And Michelle Hurd is probably the worst Thing about The Picard Show, why would anyone want more her compeltely out of place dialogue? 🤨

I don’t know, if she’s just a bad actress or if it’s the material but pleas get rid of her.

meh, a Seven/Raffi Spin-off is not wanted…