‘Picard’ Production Designer Says ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Spin-off Is “Just A Nice Idea”

We have another update from a veteran of Star Trek: Picard talking about a potential spin-off. Now production designer Dave Blass is weighing in, pouring a bit of reality on hopes for what has been dubbed “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Dave Blass talks Legacy

As we have been reporting since Picard wrapped up its third and final season last April, showrunner Terry Matalas has wanted to follow up the show with what he has called “Star Trek: Legacy,” which would carry on the story of Captain Seven of Nine of the USS Enterprise G and her crew of “next Next Generation” characters. Members of the cast including stars of Star Trek: The Next Generation who appeared in season 3 have enthusiastically endorsed the idea. Just last week we reported that actress Michelle Hurd (Commander Raffi Musiker) said “If the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.

In a new interview with Wap Factor Trek, Picard production designer weighs in, clarifying the current status:

“Quoting Paramount, Star Trek: Legacy isn’t a thing,” he states, “so it’s not in development and it’s not in any way moving forward. Until that changes, it’s just a cool idea. It’s like Phase II of Star Trek: The Original Series. That actually got greenlit and was moving forward, but Legacy is just a nice idea. It’s great that the fans like it and want it, and maybe it will happen at some point. But right now, it’s not remotely a thing. It’s not happening unless something massive happens. Paramount is deep into production on Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.”

Dave Blass on the recreated Enterprise-D set from Picard season 3

To be fair to Hurd’s more optimistic update, the actress did note that work on Legacy would follow the Section 31 TV movie (which started shooting this week) and Starfleet Academy (slated to start filming later this year). For his part, earlier this month Terry Matalas also made it clear that there was no development work being done for Legacy, noting “I wish!”

In the new interview with David Blass, the production designer did offer his hopes for Legacy, saying “I think everyone would love to see it happen.” When it comes to the logistics of such a thing, Blass pointed out that even if Paramount+ were to give the show a green light today, no production could take place until 2025, noting “Everything takes time and a lot of money.”

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

In an interview with TrekMovie late last year Blass talked about how he had put some thoughts into how he would approach things if Legacy were ever to happen. Regarding the set designs of the Enterprise-G, Blass said:

“I think we would keep the same style [as seen on Picard]. And I think we would be able to do things bigger, better, cooler. I appreciate what they what they do on the on the other [Star Trek] shows. I also look at something like The Mandalorian as a good touchstone because The Mandalorian looks like it belongs in the Star Wars universe. The technology is the same. Just because they have the “Volume” (AR Wall virtual set) and the technology to do big cool things, you don’t need to change what the look of it looks like. So I would do what we did in Picard in Legacy. It should look like Star Trek. It should look like what an evolution of what Star Trek: The Next Generation would look like. Going into it, knowing that budgets are going to be tight and we’re going to do things and make use of the technology in ways that would benefit the show. So if you have to go to a new planet, maybe that’s the best way to use the Volume AR wall and expand sets. Maybe our engine room is more of a classic, Next GenerationVoyager, First Contact engine room that is a physical set that’s got height and does something like that, not a virtual set.”

It’s worth checking out the full interview at Warp Factor Trek for more from Blass on designing for Star Trek: Picard.

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Can’t exactly say I’m surprised by how thoroughly this contradicts that Sci-Trek guy’s recent claim to the contrary.

Who is Sci Trek guy? And what was his claims?

A YouTuber. I don’t follow YouTube much, myself, but his recent claim that Legacy has been given the go-ahead, and will be announced over the summer for a 2025 premiere, made traction in some circles.


Oh he sounds like another Midnight Edge channel and just throws out BS. Got it. Thanks.

Stop listening to youtube. youtube is the number one source for misinformation on the internet. YouTubers are straight up lying to get views now. Just last week I deleted my youtube account out of disgust.

I work as a journalist, believe you me, I don’t need to be reminded about this stuff.

I only heard about this secondhand via TrekBBS.

Last week, I watched a YouTube video on bathroom tile grouting. It was spot on! No misinformation that I could see, and my bathroom looks great. If you’d like A34, I could send it to you. Also, I don’t think you need a YouTube account to watch, just a link, so not all hope is lost.

You just need to exercise proper critical thinking and judgment and that will keep you away from the trashy content.

Yeah I know that guy and he’s basically a low rent Midnight’s Edge (which oddly enough those guys have been pretty quiet lately).

Everything he says is BS. And I have commented on his channel multiple times calling it out. The thing that really bothers me about people like this isn’t the fact that he keeps getting fans hopes up about a non-existent project like Legacy is in the works, but that he clearly has an agenda against Kurtzman and the current Trek shows NOT named Picard season 3.

So he makes just as many videos with the usual nonsense how Kurtzman is on his way out, Discovery is getting cancelled (I mean like years ago), Paramount is going to reboot the entire franchise, blah, blah, blah. This stuff just irritates me and people do it again and again. The stuff he clearly doesn’t like he downgrades and pretend its all going away while the stuff he does like such as Legacy is secretly being set for a 5 season run on Amazon or something. And people do it here too, they know who they are. It’s just eye rolling. And of course he makes these videos because there is a deluded but active audience that believes this stuff or simply wants to believe it. But this guy knows NOTHING.

Best example. He made a video stating his ‘sources’ at Paramount made clear the Starfleet Academy show was dead in the water with executives not convinced there is an audience for it and passed. Three days after that video they announced the show. A day after that, you guessed it, he made a video citing how his ‘trusted sources’ wasn’t informed of the ‘last minute decision’ that they decided to go with the show after all. And many people still believed him lol. You wonder how Trump voters believes everything that corrupt criminal and liar says, well, here’s your example.

Sometimes I really hate the internet.

Never heard of him, but there are a lot of people online who just make things up and pretend they have sources.

My favorite is the Nerdrotic guy who claimed Kurtzman was fired because he had a reliable source that told him so. He road that wave to huge success on YouTube. It works!

Isn’t he the same guy that claimed Picard was cancelled before it aired?

Yes I saw that too. Apparently he has contacts at Paramount and blah, blah, blah… Even went on to say that a deal had already been signed off on. Either for a Legacy movie or the origin Star Trek movie… He’s been blabbing on Stargate too but just a few days ago had to post a video that apparently it fell through (the Stargate deal). Yeah right…

Let’s not give any more oxygen to unsubstantiated rumors.

At this point it is probably safe to assume that Legacy, or whatever it might end up being titled, will depend on Paramount’s new owners. I was reading that Byron Allen’s Media Group has made an offer for Paramount Global. I wouldn’t expect much until the dust settles.

Even if this pans out…(from the article)

Per the report, Allen plans to sell the Paramount film studio, which has produced top movies from “Top Gun: Maverick” and the “Mission Impossible” franchise to the recent breakout thriller “Smile” and kid-friendly “Paw Patrol.”

He would also sell real estate and some other intellectual property but retain the TV channels and Paramount+ streaming service. He would plan to run them on a more cost-efficient basis, Bloomberg noted.


This does not say, “Investment in IPs” to me.

I agree it doesn’t and is concerning about the future of Star Trek.

If he’s just going to sell the studio and hollow out the brand and the streaming service so that it’s basically “The New CW” 2.0, I’d just as soon he sold Star Trek to someone who might invest in it. (Which may actually be the endgame)

Allen’s plan just sounds like more vulture capitalism.

I think if he can prove he can finance it, this will get done because he’s offered 50% above share price, and that’s too much to pass up.

I hope that wherever Star Trek lands, it ends up in the hands of someone that knows what it is and understands the audience it generally appeals to.

I’m hoping the upshot is, Allen can keep the linear assets but spins off content production, whether streaming or movies, to a party like Skydance, who then can do distribution deals as needed. Licensing Star Trek to Netflix just makes so much sense, especially if there are related theatrical movies that Netflix could help develop interest for.

This deal isn’t going anywhere.

Trek exists to make money. It’s not a charity.

“The New CW” 2.0 – I mean, isn’t that basically what this Academy show is going to be?

Since you have no clue what you’re talking about I’m going to say No.

I’m ok with only one or two Trek shows a year. That whole trek all year long thing was never going to last forever.

At this point it is probably safe to assume that Legacy, or whatever it might end up being titled, will depend on Paramount’s new owners.

No, the point is that it won’t be titled anything because it’s not something that was ever in the works. And if/when new owners come in, the last thing they’ll do would be to greenlight a show with exorbitant cast paychecks. Quite the opposite–they’d be looking to CUT costs.

Yeah, I was just being optimistic and going with the “what if” sentiment of the article. I don’t believe for a moment that anyone in charge is taking “Legacy” seriously. The very name suggests it would be too expensive to produce with all of the “Legacy” paychecks that would be involved, and no studio wants to just throw money at a vanity project without a sure return on the investment.

Who would be exorbitant in a Legacy? Jeri Ryan is by far the most famous, and Bosch on Amazon and Dark Winds on AMC was able to afford her. She’s no Harrison Ford in Yellowstone. Any of the other actors, if they want too much, can be easily recast.

I think Ryan can ask a lot more for returning as Seven, than a guest spot on another show. Sure, she’s not the biggest star in the world, but returning actors to franchises they’ve played a memorable part in have bargaining power. And good for them. If familiarity has value to the studios and fans, the actors paychecks should reflect that.

She can probably also demand a premium if she is the lead of the show instead of (just) a series regular.

I think Allen would have all the “linear” assets while selling streaming series and movie production (to Skydance?) He would keep Paramount+ but without premium content, what’s the point? Might as well dump that and keep Pluto going. That’s the low-cost Paramount service.

Skydance would make Star Trek series and movies (hopefully more coherent, under single control) and license the series to Netflix. Why not take advantage of that 260M subscriber base? Nice way to drum up interest in the theatrical movies.

I think Amazon would be a good home for the franchise. CEO is a big Trek Fan and they would have the money to spend on talent.

They own Stargate and have done absolutely nothing with it, so I don’t know how much ‘they have money’ counts.

They could do some nifty product placement within the show. Starfleet could have a ship called The Amazon that delivers self-sealing stem bolts to other Federation ships. Same-day delivery if within a sector of the Galaxy.

We’d find out the Ferengi were behind it once they started raising their rates every time one turns his back on the business for two seconds.

Which is a shame since Stargate is my second favorite sci-fi franchise.

Bezos is a real Star Trek Fan. However, the less changes the better. I really hope these higher ops moves don’t affect continuity more than what we already have experienced.

Bezos is not the CEO, he’s on the board but he’s not running operations or making any of those kinds of decisions

I agree. All I am saying is that I hope there are no changes. Star Trek is moving forward nicely. However, if Amazon decides to take over, could be “ok.” 🤞

I am not an Amazon fan. However Bezos being a big fan, I just hope is a good home for the franchise, if that is the direction they decide to take.

I personally have no luck finding good/interesting shows or movies in their streaming service. Except one show, The Expanse, which by the way was not originally created by Amazon.

The last season created by them was OK. But cannot come compare with the first two seasons. Very unfortunate they haven’t approved new seasons. Same luck, like Stargate.

My hope is that Star Trek is way too big for anyone to shelve it. Almost 6 decades of loyalty by fans and producers.

Definitely not. They’ve done nothing with Stargate. I’m positive they’d do nothing with Trek either.

Stargate doesn’t have the same cultural impact though.

I know some of you guys are fans, but I’ve never really cared about it.

I’m getting the feeling Amazon is disgruntled with streaming in general and big franchises like Lord of the Rings in particular. They seem to be pivoting to ad-supported sports and content for the sports audience. Reacher, Road House etc. Star Trek wouldn’t be a good fit.

The better approach is: make Star Trek series and license them to Netflix, who can show them to 260M subscribers, and whip up excitement for the theatrical movies. This makes so much sense, I can’t imagine them not doing this.

Maybe if they had made a good Lord of the Rings show they might have had better numbers.

(said with slight sarcasm, it wasn’t THAT bad, given what they had (or rather didn’t have) to work with.

Someday I think Discovery will land on Netflix in America and it will be new to a lot of people. It will be like Suits where people start talking about an old show again like it’s new.

People use to hate TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT the they first came out. I don’t put much weight on what trek fans think.

Which is funny because I used to remind people of that every time fans claimed Discovery was getting special hatred. Noo, it was getting the same hatred as those got, so stop sounding triggered over it.

And guess what Picard got the same hatred to. And to a (small) extent LDS. The only shows that got complete love out of the gate was SNW and PRO IMO. And yes people don’t like those either but it was never divisive.

Yeah Paramount is just too broke, I think everyone got that message by now.

It doesn’t mean it can’t happen eventually unless they just stop making more Star Trek in the future. But Paramount right now probably don’t think Trek is viable enough to make more than 2-3 shows at the moment. It probably does OK for P+ but it’s not Taylor Sheridan shows either which probably brings in much bigger views. They already made 6 shows of his and I read there are another 3 more in the works. That’s 9 shows the guy will have for P+. If NuTrek was performing that well we would have that many shows too including Legacy.

But we have to face reality Trek is just not big enough to make more shows with or Paramount just doesn’t think it’s worth making more. Either way the outlook doesn’t look too great past SFA right now. 😥

Broke for corporations really mean not making gazillions. Impossible they are loosing money.

I don’t mean broke broke, I just mean they have to be more strategic on what they greenlight.

The Taylor Sheridan shows are a good example. They cost way more than the Star Trek shows but they all seem to be a sure bet of getting a bigger audience so they keep making more regardless of cost.

With Star Trek they have a guaranteed audience but probably a much smaller one. And since two shows got cancelled there is probably a thought not to make too many of them anymore or just cost too much for what they pull in.

If Star Trek had the audience like the Yellowstone shows then we would probably have the Legacy show, SNW, Discovery on for a few more seasons and the Academy show.

But that’s probably just too much money for what they pull in and probably keeping the stuff that will cost them less money to make.

It’s probably the same issue with another Trek movie. They have the money to make one but it’s not a sure bet anymore so they just keep delaying it or changing up ideas because they are too worried it will bomb.

I really think this show is moving forward. It has it all to be a hit.

It’s not.

It is not moving forward. We keep being told it is just an idea hyped by a few folks involved with Picard.

For a while Mulgrew was talking up a Janeway series. Doesn’t mean it was actually happening. Eventually we all kind of forgot about it.

Yeah Paramount is just too broke, I think everyone got that message by now.

Yet evidently they are moving forward with Starfleet Academy, a show which has generated modest excitement at best.

I’m guessing the Academy show will be far less cheaper with new and younger actors. There won’t be a Patrick Stewart or Jeri Ryan starring on that show.

They obviously can’t afford to do both of them either. If this was Disney+ or Netflix, both could get made.

Why would it have Patrick Stewart? It is called Legacy, not Picard, Season 4. I can see Jonathan Frakes, but not Stewart. Besides, isn’t Stewart talking about making another movie?

It wouldn’t. Just throwing out an example. Academy will be all new actors although I guess Tilly may be in it.

While I’m sure Stewart hasn’t thrown away Kurtzman’s phone number, it looks like the news about a new Picard movie was misreported.


It’s hard to know when / if they would pop a new series in the slate, but if they bypass this idea in favor of another one, it show’s they are in fact, inept. As with SNW, it was product tested and fans are now asking for it. SNW has become the flagship show of the brand. The more they try to bring in a mass audience, they need to just realize that’s riskier, they should just go for the fanbase. Don’t buy into the idea that they Aren’t attracting new fans.. they are. It’s just not translating to a bigger demographic, and I don’t see how it ever will. To me, the idea of pushing Trek to a wider audience has been tested and hasn’t worked. Keep it the niche product it is, and just focus on keeping the fan base it has happy and at the table. Less shows, more quality.

Agree with all of this. Yes the shows get some new fans but not on a massive or a younger level and that’s probably why there is a down turn in the number of shows being made. It’s no longer the 90s and now Trek is behind a pay wall. It’s not going to attract a large number of new people when the brand has always been more ;niche’ overall. They ran into that very problem with the Kelvin movies.

I get they want the IP to grow and expand to, sorry, the next generation of Trek fans. I want that too. But it’s been six years and 5 shows since Discovery and there are still people out there that has never heard of them, especially under a certain age. I don’t know what it is, but Trek just seems to attract mostly older people no matter how much they try with things like the Kelvin movies, Lower Decks, Prodigy, etc.

And while I support SFA, I don’t think it’s going to really move the needle on that level. It’s probably just going to be mostly people from sites like this watching it. I hope to be proven wrong but I wasn’t with Prodigy.

Not everybody wants a legacy show…..

Not everyone wanted Discovery either and we still got that. 🙄

I was fine with Discovery until I watched a few episodes ;)


I was disgruntled with it even pre-airing, but then my gruntlitude hit new levels once I saw some shows.

This must be my month for new words. In addition to gruntiltude, I also came up with ‘aclench’ — which I think might be a poetic way of describing musculature in the nether regions.

And that’s ok.

Some people are in the mood for a show with new characters in a new setting. I bring this up for folks who keep saying no one asked for “fill in the blank”.

This is what I’ve been saying for months, each time people have complained about a lack of updates about LEGACY. You can’t have updates about a show that isn’t even on the table and never was.

Exactly. And it’s time to drop the topic now…it’s getting tiresome.

I don’t expect it to go away. Folks can chatter away about what they think people “really” want all day, but for the majority of fans, nothing really exists until they see a trailer for it.

Right now, it is not a priority for them. Yes, it is a good idea and lots of people want it, judging from the petition. But their priority is SNW and Lower Decks. The news shows that they will have their priority is the Academy series and the TV movie. I think that if The Section 31 movie proves to be a hit, then they will look into other TV movies. And I firmly believe that the “Legacy” idea will come to fruition as just that. A TV movie. They have cancelled Discovery and got rid of Prodigy, so they are definitely cutting huge costs. I do not think the SMW will go 7 seasons. I think they will wrap it at 5 like they did with Discovery. Short series and TV movies will probably the way they will go and having only 1 or 2 series in production at a time.

it’s not in development and it’s not in any way moving forward

Yep. My recommendation is that we all drop this now and move onto to tracking and getting excited about the Academy, S31 Movie, final DSC Season and upcoming SNW S3.

Too much time is being spent by fans and Trek web sites pontificating on a series that is obviously never going to happen.

The fact that those four Star Trek productions are coming makes me even wish more for a Legacy show.


That guy is so insufferable.🙄

MY recommendation is we keep fighting for the Legacy show as long as it takes. That’s what Star Trek fandom does over and over again.

Don’t listen to some guy who say to move on just because he doesn’t want it.

And I don’t really care about any of those except SNW. The rest is just a big shrug.

No thanks

Not following?

I’ll pass

Cool! 🖖

Exactly. What is insufferable are the hangers on who keep dangling this Legacy series BS and everyone’s face when it’s obviously not going to happen.

Feel free. It will fall on deaf ears, though. This just isn’t in the cards and never was.

Do people not read my posts lol. I made it completely clear I don’t think it’s happening. I have said over and over, Paramount doesn’t have the money or probably doesn’t have the motivation to make more than 2 or 3 Trek shows a year because they don’t produce enough. I been saying this for months now. I spelled this out in my OP here. Read it please.

But that doesn’t mean it will never happen either lol. Those are two different things. There are people who still pining for more JJ verse movies and the last one happened 8 years ago lol.

I know, because Paramount keeps trolling and saying it will happen gives them hope. But they haven’t, right? And maybe it will or maybe it won’t. No one really knows until they make it, but there it is

Same for any future Trek show. So as long as they make more shows then fans should keep pressing for the ones want to see. Picard season 3 ended ten months ago, it doesn’t have to get picked up tomorrow. 😉

Exactly! What is insufferable is fans who keep dragging us on when it’s obviously dead.

Neither was SNW…until it was. This is such an odd argument on a Star Trek board out of all places.

Two words: Bjo Trimble.

Be sure and keep everyone posted on how charging the castle goes….good luck.

You mean posting and campaigning what Star Trek you want to see on the Internet? That’s only been happening since the invention of the Internet lol.

Fans have convinced TPTB of things constantly from making the Klingons look like Klingons again after the Orcs, making post Nemesis shows, to getting SNW. That’s kinda of what fans do.

I know how cynical you are with literally everything but not everyone is you.

They never looked like orcs, they looked like Klingons with shaved heads.

Lol, just awesome! :-))

Phil I love you man but this is ridiculous lol. First off, I think people only go to this board for Star Trek info, but the Legacy show is discussed everywhere daily. Go to Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, any social media it’s discussed constantly JUST like SNW was discussed constantly.

Again, I agree, I don’t think a show is happening anytime soon, but that’s not the same thing as never happening. So to try and say people shouldn’t be talking about it is ridiculous. A. It’s discussed all the time online and it’s not going away. TM is a tiny board. And B. I was the one saying I don’t think SNW would ever get the greenlight….until it did. Again, people can try and rewrite history but that show was never on the docket until fans pushed for it.

Maybe this won’t happen, but it’s a message board. That won’t change either. Until Paramount said they won’t or can’t make it, people will push for it. That’s how fandom for 50+ years now.

It’s hilarious man. It’s what, like 20 people on this site regularly on a good day and who sound like they are all over 50 and has never been on social media before. 😂

It’s talked about everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m part of a big Trek private group on Facebook, over 100 members and we talk about it at least a few times a month.And it doesn’t mean everyone wants it or think it will it happen either. But we still talk about it because we’re Star Trek fans and we like to discuss the possibilities either way. Yeah the nerve of Star Trek fans talking about things we like to see in Star Trek. What has gotten over us? 🙄

I was part of a Voyager season 8 speculation group for years and I’m pretty certain that’s not going to happen either. 😂😥

But certain ‘people’ here who just never wanted this show and now literally trying to censor others from just discussing it. It’s laughable and eye rolling. And gatekeeping as well. And they wonder why people don’t like them? It’s not hard to figure out why.

Maybe do THIS instead: If you don’t want to listen to people taking on about even the possibility of this show ..then those people should simply S-T-O-P clicking on any articles relating to it. They can instead discuss for the thousandth time about another movie that is really really going to happen this year instead. That’s been working wonders for eight years now. Talk about delusional lol.

And telling people to stop talking about something only does the opposite. It’s funny how people never get this online.

Also notice he didn’t ‘recommend’ anyone to be excited about Lower Decks or Prodigy? Gee I wonder why? Are those not Star Trek shows that also have new episodes coming out soon? Why leave those out?

Especially when both of those shows are easily twice as popular as Discovery is here! 😂

Maybe guy should STOP telling people what they should be ‘rooting’ for since it’s only the stuff he happens to like lol. Eye rolling beyond belief.

Maybe we can all just agree different fans like different things and be adults about it.

You would think. But here we are.

Some just aren’t willing to do that

Considering the situation over at Paramount right now, and the general tightening of belts, I suspect this lovely new modern age of Trek is rapidly coming to an end. I certainly hope not, but… eeh, it’s in the air.

It’s certainly not going to be the next Berman era. I t will probably go a few more years but I don’t think that long the way things are going.

Star Trek is a valuable enough IP. It will go somewhere. It survived UPN, it can survive whatever fate Paramount Plus has coming.

It’s always been a chaotic business.

There is no actual pause here. It’s a fan made up situation. This is going to to end up being like the Berman era on steroids

Picard Season 3 ended just as Paramount+ greenlit two new Star Trek projects and Season 3 of SNW, which was then followed by corporate upheaval and spending cuts. So I don’t think the opportunity was ever really there to green light yet another project, and there probably won’t be that opportunity for years. Keep in mind all of the “Legacy” creators and actors are based in LA and are expensive even WITH the special tax dispensation they were awarded for Picard. I could also see producers being skeptical with the setup or premise of Legacy, a show specifically geared toward fans rather than reaching a broader audience.

Nobody wants to hear someone making sense here like that… lol

Haven’t you heard — Paramount is broke and they can’t afford Legacy…lol

there are a lot of balls up in the air right now with the paramount sale….and i think future ST movies and tv shows not already in production are pending that deal to get done. when that sale is done and the future of paramount + is determined i would assume the new owner would want some layup wins in tv and movies w/ their existing IPs, ie ST. so STL could be an easy win under new ownership. i’d be happy with Terry Matalas as showrunner for any kind of ST show, whether it be STL, or something else. we never got to see the post ST6 pre TNG era, and that would be fun to explore. but i do not imagine they would do more then 2 live action shows at once. it always struck me odd the news of starfleet academy was during the big lovefest of PIC season 3. it was like they were trying to take the air out of the excitement over that show because it didn’t fit into their plans. i’m still holding out hope starfleet academy is canceled or at least retooled to not be in the DSC era.

After seeing S3 of Picard, I’m dubious that we need an extension of that. How about just keeping the best elements: Terry Matalas, who can handle a full serialized season (a unique talent in Star Trek now); Seven; and Worf.

Build something new around those elements. Let’s visit post-Dominion-War Cardassia.

To be fair, it’s a *very* nice idea.

Is it though? Are you that desperate to see the adventures of Sidney LaForge and co? Or is it just because you want that extra dose of nostalgia/legacy characters whilst adding absolutely nothing to the franchise?

Nobody is expecting Sidney to be the star of any proposed spin offs. And you know it. Stop trolling.

My point is why are people so excited about “Legacy”? Is it just because of Captain Seven and the promise of legacy of characters showing up? So basically just more nostalgia?

If a Captain Seven show with guest stars doesn’t appeal to you, fine. If that’s you’re point, then say that. But other people feel differently. Liking nostalgia isn’t a crime.

You’re so cartoonish its impossible to take you seriously. You’re beefing with a tv show that doesn’t even exist.

It’s not wrong to like nostalgia, that’s all Trek is these days. What is wrong is dismissing a show doing something NEW (Starfleet Academy) and demanding Trek be safe, predictable and narrow like Legacy instead.

I will say people who don’t like the idea of SFA probably has to do more about it being a Discovery spin off or just hate the idea of a teen focused show. And those are valid reasons not to like it.

I think people have no problem of wanting new characters, but it’s the premise itself that seems to put people off.

But FYI, DS9 literally had the same problem when it was announced and hated the space station idea (“But Star Trek is about boldly going!!!!!”). But people eventually came around because it was good. But that also took a loooong time for some too. If this show is good, people will get over it.

I’ve given up on Legacy. For me, S3 Picard was the coda for the STU. I’ll finish Prodigy and LDS, (Jack Quaid and Eugene Cordero are too hilarious to give up) but the rest is Star Trek in name only.

Agreed. I am also an old-ish scientist.

I am happy to cancel Paramount + for now. I own Picard Season 3 on Blu Ray, so I can just re-watch that and other Star Trek on Pluto. Also, Prodigy is on Netflix. I’m good.

I’m pretty much in the same boat. If it wasn’t for so much else I watch on P+ – the Sheridan productions, old Twilight Zones, a good film library, I would drop it too. I just watched TOS’ ‘Omega Glory’ on Pluto last night, that channel does Trek justice.

I feel the way you do although I really do like SNW too. But it’s nowhere near the level of what Picard season 3 was for me. I love the animated shows too, especially LDS, but it will never be as great as a post Nemesis live action show.

But for now both LDS and Prodigy are my go to shows and the most important to me.

I appreciate Dave’s truthfulness, but I am bummed about this news. I do not want a Section 31 movie, Starfleet Academy show, or Disco S5. I am looking forward to new Prodigy and Lower Decks. I am kind of “meh” about SNW S3.

I really just wanted that Legacy show with Captain 7 of 9 and Jack Crusher on the Enterprise-G.

BTW: I would have LOVED a practical engineering set similar to Voyager/First Contact! Dave Blass really teased that on us tech-heads! I have my Playmates Engineering set in my office and and really sad we won’t get to see a new one like this! The SNW engineering set looks awful.

I’ll gladly watch a Captain 7 of 9 show, but only if Wesley picks up his half-brother to go have adventures off camera. Sorry but he was just annoying in Picard S3.

The engine rooms in the shows have always been my favorite sets. TMP engine room was my favorite, followed by Voyager’s. It would be nice to see those sets return to the new shows.

I wouldn’t be surprised any future Trek series that takes place in the early 25th immediately following PIC S3 will be animated instead of live-action and probably a spinoff of Lower Decks and not PIC, with a crew on a Starfleet ship that isn’t on the Enterprise-G.

I, like some others here believe Secret Hideout hit its apex with PIC S3. DSC ceased to exist for me back in S2, I’m having trouble warming to LDS, and SNW, while decent,, threw canon (and the prime timeline) to the dogs and already or will recast the entire TOS crew, which to me is not necessary. PRO is very good Trek, imo, and I’ll keep following that on Netflix. Sec. 31 looks mildly interesting, Academy not at all, and it doesn’t look like a Legacy production is in the cards, at least for now. So, not too enthused about the future of our favorite franchise at the moment. Hoping that will change.

I feel you brother…I feel you!

Hopefully something will change but I think Paramount only has so much money for Star Trek these days. I think a Legacy show would be way more popular than the CW Academy show most fans don’t seem to be begging for but it’s probably Kurtzmans baby that he’s been trying to get going since 2018.

And it’s probably cheaper to make too. 😐

So Paramount is deep into production on things that fans have very loudly said that they have no interest in. Yet the concept that fans are clamoring for is ignored…

Just shows how tone deaf Hollywood is at times.

There was a time no one was asking for a French captain 100 years after the original series. Don’t read too much into gatekeeping online chatter.

Oh remember the TNG protest. 🪧

I’m old enough to remember TNG getting booed at conventions.

You guys don’t speak for the fans.

It’s remarkable how Paramount manages this franchise. They cannot get a new movie done since 2016. If they start working on one now, 2026 may be a realistic release date. They develop an academy show in the Discovery time line that nobody asked for. They had great buzz with the next Next Generation, but that remains an idea. Every streamer would take that show as long as the price tag stays reasonable. Paramount is leaving money on the table left and right. But gee… I wonder why it isn’t doing so well right now.

They develop an academy show in the Discovery time line that nobody asked for.”

“Who asked for Andor?”

No one specifically asked for TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise either.

That line is getting so old. Folks minds are too closed. I’m all for nostalgia based projects, but they have to create some new characters from time to time.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it. But it looks to me like they’re not exactly picking up on the opportunities they are given. It’s hard to create buzz and attention. For the movies and for Legacy they have buzz and attention. And they just sit on it. You think the Academy show has potential? Fine do it and make it awesome. But passing up on a timely movie or a show that is already asked for is a wasted opportunity. And for a company that has been struggling, I find this astonishing.

There’s also budget issues. I love legacy characters to pieces, but they carry a heavier price tag. There’s a reason Berman couldn’t get Nimoy back.

That’s ultimately part of the problem, the cost. Matalas said how thin the budget for season 3 was because they had to pay all the legacy actors to be there.

Another reason why Legacy wouldn’t have them all back. But it still would be a costly show. I really want Legacy but I’m realist too. If they just can’t afford to do it, they can’t do it. Yeah it sucks but nothing we can do. And Paramount is hurting.

That’s the thing. This hypothetical Legacy show can’t bring back all of the TNG cast again. It almost certainly can’t bring back Stewart, the biggest name in the cast. The selling point gets a bit muddy without the full set.

Or they just do a Seven/Raffi/Jack show…. and I’d watch but basically that’s Star Trek: Picard minus Picard.

Probably best to let it drop. It will only frustrate people more.

All I want is Seven! 😁

I wanted her own spin off show the second she showed in the Picard trailer. A lot of fans in fact.

Anyone else who shows up would just be a bonus.

And I think for Matalas the only people who are guaranteed to be in the show are the people who warped out on the Enterprise G with Seven and Raffi. So I’m not sure why people keep thinking it would be another TNG show?

Again Matalas stated multiple times the spin off would be about the next next generation. I don’t know how many times he said it. He made it clear the show isn’t about Picard and Data, but about the generation after them who we saw on the Titan. Seven is literally the only legacy character confirmed for the show (and a non-TNG character at that). That’s why she was Captain of the Enterpise and not Worf or Riker. I don’t think Geordi will be the Chief Engineer or Crusher the doctor on the ship lol. I’m pretty sure everyone who wants the show understands that.

Again, just frustrating to have these same discussions over and over again. And if people don’t like that idea either, that’s fine but at least understand the argument. It was never meant to bring back the TNG cast.

But, if you’re a fan of his, look how fast Taylor Sheridan’s productions are produced on P+. 1883, 1923, Tulsa King, Special Ops: Lioness, Bass Reeves, the Willie Nelson documentary, etc. All made by him, all put out by P+. THAT’S where the money is going. And rightfully so, imo. I’ve enjoyed almost all of the above more than Kurtzman and Co. have given us. Anyone who thinks Trek is the priority of P+ is dreaming, in my view.

You’re probably right as ST is sci-fi and sci-fi is a niche. That’s even true for the movies where so many other franchises outnumber ST. They probably face the challenge to produce a mass-appealing movie and not look cheap. That’s probably a tall order.

In regard to TV/Legacy, nobody is expecting all expensive stars to show up. Jeri Ryan is probably asking for a good chunk (as she should). Michelle Hurd can probably not ask for as much. Her character wouldn’t be that vital to the show. The rest should be happy to join the show for (almost) free.

This is a lot content that people watch, produced in a cost effective fashion. Sci-fi costs a ton, particularly so if it’s FX heavy. I generally enjoyed the Kelvin era movies, and acknowledge that they could have scrubbed a lot of the FX without it effecting the final product. If they had bought those productions in for 120MM instead of ticking 200MM, we’d of had more Trek movies by now.

If they made Beyond for $120 million and not the ridiculous $180 million we probably would’ve got another movie back in 2019 or 2020 the latest.

But they were trying to compete with Marvel, a franchise that most teenagers have no interest in and it bit them in the butt by the end.

Now since that bombed it stagnated the movies for 8 years now without a single movie since and still no telling when another will actually get made.

Now they are probably trying to make a much cheaper one with that prequel one or whatever but they don’t seem confident any ideas they had will make a profit or they would’ve made one by now.

Marvel has made 12 freaking movies since 2016 lol. That’s ridiculous on one level but that shows real confidence in their brand. Even if their movies are doing poorly now, every one thinks they can still make billion dollar movies if they are good. Everyone seems really excited about Deadpool 3.

Trek can’t even muster half that and why it’s a better idea to just stick to streaming movies for awhile instead of wasting serious money.l they don’t have.

Exactly my friend!

That’s what I said here too and for some reason it was completely ignored. 😂🙄

It’s not that Paramount don’t have the money to make more Trek shows they probably just don’t see them as valuable like the Sheridan shows and where the money is going now. You now have six Sheridan shows on that site and the first one just premiered a few years ago. And I read he already has three more shows in the works.

If Star Trek was performing like those shows then we would have the Legacy show and probably a few more in development besides SFA.

Right now the ONLY shows that are currently active are Lower Decks and SNW. That’s pretty low considering how many shows were around just two years ago. S 31 is now a movie but my guess because Paramount just didn’t want another show since it too was supposed to be one.

Trek is simply no longer the leading franchise on that site anymore and that’s the real issue among others.

Nobody wants Star Trek: the last of the summer wine. Aka legacy old folks home

Nobody wants Legacy characters. But also Nobody wants something new and unfamiliar like Star Trek Academy.

Apparently Mr Nobody just sits around wanting all day and speaking for everyone.

I asked for Academy. 5 years ago. I also asked for a S31 show back when they showed up on DS9.

I asked !

I’m nobody

Everyone wants Legacy. No one wants Section 31 or Academy.

Sure kid. Next time come up with an original comment post.

Neither of those sentences is remotely true. You speak only for yourself. You are not the barometer of fandom.

Who “wanted” Star Wars Andor?

People ‘want’ legacy characters, nostalgia, fan service, easter eggs and references, and not much else, that’s why Picard S3 was so popular, because that’s all it offered.

Thankfully, there are still some writers and show-runners who like to actually push a franchise forward and give us NEW characters and NEW settings without relying on the easy crutch of nostalgia like Matalas did.


You just keep telling yourself that….

I’ll only speak for myself and I definitely want Legacy! 😎

Don’t care about S 31 or Academy but will stay open minded to both.

“But right now, it’s not remotely a thing. It’s not happening unless something massive happens. Paramount is deep into production on Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.””

This is more or less what I expected. With the budget cuts that were announced before the strike(s), they only have so much money they can spend. S31 was greenlit before Picard S3 started airing IIRC, and I THINK Academy was greenlit some time during PIC S3. The idea of Legacy didn’t become a thing until Last Generation premiered. Once S31 is done, then MAYBE we’ll hear something about Legacy.

Exactly. That’s the problem. So I get it. Don’t like it lol but it is what it is…for now. 😉

We won’t get Legacy because Starfleet Academy is going to flop hard. I detect little enthusiasm for it.

As for The Chronicles of Space Hitler, I can think of nothing less Star Trek than that. I expect this will fail too.

Make something about exploration, and include some actual science and believability.

But we don’t know how well Academy or the S 31 movie will do. Yes I do agree, both are divisive but that doesn’t mean even the people who don’t like the idea won’t watch them. ;)

I think the S 31 will get eyeballs because it’s a 2 hour streaming movie and if you already have Paramount+ to keep up with your TOS or Voyager rewatches you will probably turn it on just out of curiosity. With the Academy show, it will get eyeballs in the beginning at least. But if it does end up being a teen version of Discovery with antsy teens and lots of melodrama, it could drop off quickly. But we’ll have to see first.

But I remember people predicting Lower Decks was going to crash and burn quickly just based on its premise alone and it’s now entering its fifth season and as popular as ever. Just sayin!

You do realize that faster than light travel is pure fiction, and a quantum entanglement transporter is a murder machine. Right?

Seriously Phil….

Sorry my ignorance who is Space Hitler?

That’s just stupid. You put into production things that people don’t really care for and the ones they do want you are not even considering? Then you cancel them because of low viewership. If they want something that people will watch maybe they should listen to what people want.

Nothing that was stated surprised me in the least and yet I’m still 100% confident we will get the Legacy show! :)

Now, per usual I have to paraphrase this by saying that I don’t see it happening for at least several years given everything lol. But I have taken a very zen like approach to the whole thing at this point and feel that things need to find its rhythm with the future of Trek in general. And that means we have wait to see what happens with the other shows in the next year or two. For people who want this tomorrow, yeah that’s not going to happen obviously, but it would be ridiculous to say given Trek’s crazy history it won’t happen at all either.

Now, AGAIN, yes it may not ever happen, obviously. But this is my take, if fans don’t keep pounding the pavement, shouting to the roof tops (or just typing online about it lol) or making clear how much they really want this to happen, then it won’t happen. ;)

So just have to keep up the fight and see how things sort themselves out in the next year or so! Maybe it won’t happen with Matalas himself but we can keep his dream alive!

And I have to stress, per usual, I am looking forward to the Academy show too. It’s not an either/or situation with me. I’ll happily take both!

“Now, AGAIN, yes it may not ever happen, obviously. But this is my take, if fans don’t keep pounding the pavement, shouting to the roof tops (or just typing online about it lol) or making clear how much they really want this to happen, then it won’t happen.”

Wow, sound advice! 😎🖖

LOL, thanks!

Again I have to state that everyone could be right and a show will never happen. But with that attitude TOS wouldn’t have come back after nearly being cancelled the first season. And I alwasy said Kurtzman listens to the fans. Its why we have SNW today lol. Again people can try and rewrite history, but SNW was never in the cards until after Discovery season 2 aired and fans pleaded for it. So yeah. But this why message boards are frustrating at times and why I’m writing less on them these days including here.

But yes, Paramount is in a different place right now and scaling back on a lot of things, Star Trek included. So that has to be taken into account.

But it doesn’t mean it will stay that way in the future either. Everything is always up and down in this franchise.

Hurd is an actor – actors want to work and sometimes ask fans to help them get work [see: Captain Sulu, Captain Worf].

So, until she’s cast in something, I doubt she knows anything about future productions.

I’d trust the word of folks behind the scenes, who all say there is no Legacy.

Is there anybody here that wants Starfleet Academy? I know I don’t. Here, you have fans clamoring for Legacy. They already have a great concept and Terry Matsalas as showrunner and they’re going on with Academy? Why do that? Is this Kurtzmann’s idea and that’s why he wants it done, so he gets a bigger cut and doesn’t have to share the royalties or whatever?

I just think Legacy is a no-brainer. What’s the difference between that and Strange New Worlds?

I’ve got 0 interest in the Academy idea. I want Legacy.

Might be fun if they stay positive. No cliques, cabals or rogue students. I want idealists facing adversity, with lots of interpersonal stories and sex please. Not really interested in Section 31 either. I’ve more than enough dystopian Trek to last a lifetime, thank you.

“Is there anybody here that wants Starfleet Academy?”

Several of us keep saying yes, over and over again, but apparently folks have selective hearing.

Yeah I agree with this lol. I’m pretty sure I’ve said about 50 times I want the Academy show. I’m sure I seen other posts stating the same thing since it’s been announced. Or maybe I’m just dreaming those.

Man, we fans can sure get entitled (especially after a whole season of fan service). .

There is no Legacy. And nobody here has seen Starfleet Academy, so we don’t know whether it will be good.

As has been mentioned here by others, there have been all sorts of shows where, hearing the concept, I had zero interest — then when I finally watched them, I was hooked (ex Andor, Watchmen).

Indeed I’ll take Star Trek Legacy over any other new show

Picture Karnak holding the envelope up to his turban.”Deny, never gonna happen, would be nice but….Exciting news! Star Trek “Legacy” announced and it will be named Legacy.” Karnak opens the envelope… “What is getting really old?

Who is Karnak?

Carnac the magnificent. Old Johnny Carson bit.


Know the show but never seen it.

Star Trek is expensive to make.
Once PIC S3 was successful?
The actors’ representation (most likely) would try to capitalize on that.
The BTS creatives would be recruited to work on other productions.
IMO, PIC S3 worked because we knew it was most likely the final time we would see them all.
After that? It would have been hard to maintain the momentum.
You can only milk nostalgia for so long.
Don’t get me wrong. I’d LOVE to see Legacy or a similar show produced as a series or a mini-series.
While I’m thinking about it?
I’d pay $25-$50 monthly for a Trek + streaming service, provided we got weekly new episodes or content.
It’d never happen, though. We all would whine and nitpick about it while we spent more than $25.00 a month on Doritos and soda…

Just remember, The Internet told us at one point that Discovery was going to be shelved BEFORE it was supposed to air.

Yeah, just a cool idea that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE WANTS!!!

Personally I’d much rather see LEGACY than either Section 31 OR Starfleet Academy and I think it would be a much smarter move especially if they’re tied to Discovery.