Interview: Jeri Ryan On Taking Seven From Borg To Bi Captain Of The Enterprise To ‘Star Trek: Legacy’

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This year, Jeri Ryan received her fifth Saturn Award nomination for playing Seven of Nine in two different Star Trek series. She won in 2001 for Voyager and then again this year for the third and final season of Picard, which ended by setting her up as captain of the newly christened USS Enterprise-G. TrekMovie spoke to Ryan before and after her Saturn win about the character’s arc and asked if she is ready to lead the much-discussed Star Trek: Legacy spin-off.   

Along with yours, Star Trek has 15 total nominations tonight. Do you feel that Picard and Star Trek are having a moment and getting some of the recognition that the franchise deserved back in the ‘90s?

I think it’s definitely getting a little more mainstream notice, which is cool. I think I think genre TV and films as a whole, I think are more mainstream now than I think they used to be.

Your fellow nominee Jonathan Frakes has said he did his best Star Trek work in season 3 of Picard. Do you feel you did your best work as Seven in season 3 or in all 3 seasons of Picard?

I think it was some of my best work as this character because we had some of the best writing as this character. I’ve been so lucky. She’s had such an arc over the years, starting out not even human 20-something years ago, and to end up as the captain of the Enterprise was pretty big character growth.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Next Generation”(Paramount+)

Speaking of being captain of the Enterprise, I did speak to Terry [Matalas] and I know Legacy isn’t real yet, but if it happens, are you ready to lead a show as captain of the ship?

You know, I have learned one thing with this franchise, which is: never say never. So we’ll see.

If it were to happen, what would you like to see for the character?

I am not a writer, I have no illusions about being a writer. There are people like Terry and our amazing writing staff who do that very, very well. I trust this character to be in good hands with them. So I don’t have any story ideas to pitch. This is not a route that I would have ever imagined for her and I think it’s amazing.

But if Legacy happened, are you ready to go?


Jeri Ryan accepting the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress (Saturn Awards)


You also won a Saturn for playing Seven on Voyager, how does it feel to do it again over two decades later?

It’s a huge honor. It was such a rare gift to have this much growth and character arc. It’s pretty cool. I feel lucky. And congratulations to all the other nominees. I am in huge awe of their work.

Looking back to Voyager, how do you think [co-creator/executive producer] Jeri Taylor would feel about where Seven has gone and the rejuvenation of the character in Picard?

I think Jeri especially would be thrilled with Seven’s development. I know that she was a big champion for Seven from the beginning. I think that she would be thrilled that Seven is a bi captain and character. It is my understanding that is something she championed from the beginning as well. I think at the time the network felt that they weren’t ready for that yet. But I think she would be thrilled. I hope she would be.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

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I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but I don’t feel PICARD did right by Seven, and I’m not entirely sure why people keep praising her use on that show. In season one, she was great, but in season two she had a meandering plot with Rafi that went nowhere, and in season three she was far less interesting and important than the TNG crew. For me, Seven was a side character on PICARD after season one, not the Second Coming of Star Trek everyone makes her out to be. I actually think she was a much better character on VOYAGER. It’s a shame, too, because season one showed so much promise for her arc.

After season one? She wasn’t in the first half of season one. She was a supporting character throughout all three seasons. I agree with you about season 2 but I liked her in season 3, especially her interactions with the real and fake Tuvoks.

I liked her arc, having to serve under a Captain who didn’t give her the proper respect she deserved.

I agree, rooted in bigotry really based on his prejudices toward ex-Borg. Gutsy story for Captain and first officer.

Gutsy and brilliant IMO. I’ve never seen Seven bow down to anyone like that before. Not even Janeway.

I loved her S3 arc with a Captain that doesn’t trust her, but she rises to the occasion anyway. S2, well, no one had a great story arc, so that season is a complete throwaway for the entire cast in my book. S1 she was just a guest star in a couple eps, so I don’t think that really counts.

I love her as Captain of the Enterprise. I just don’t like the actual ship at all.

Yeah the ship blows. Agreed my friend.

Right? I get that Matalas likes the TOS movie ships and he wanted a return to that. And in a way I agree that ships like the Enterprise E were a bit too sleek looking for me. But this was such an over exaggerated design IMHO

Agreed, that ship does not live up that the name Enterprise whatsoever. There was word they almost named it the ‘Picard.’ Admittedly that may have been a bit cheesy, but I would have liked it better.

Actually that may have been a better idea and name it after Picard as a thank you for saving the galaxy once again and a nice way for the show to go out.

And we seen other ships named after Starfleet officers.

Just 2 thoughts. I may be wrong on this cause I am not military but I think IRL ships are christened after famous officers only after the die. But could be totally wrong. The other thing I was thinking like just now is that although a USS Picard would be Epic, they might have felt it would demean Seven’s character in a way if her first command is still under the shadows of Picard. Even if he isn’t there.

I’d wager if they didn’t have the idea in the back of their heads for Legacy they would have done just that. After all Discovery has a USS Janeway and a Space Station Archer. but those are not the hero ships/stations of the series so its easier to get away with

She’s a bit meh in Picard, kinda just ‘there’. Lost all charisma.

I think it might have felt that way at first because Seven was totally bowing down to Shaw’s authority, even when it comes to her own name! But when she got a whiff Picard and Riker were up to something and confronted them I was like, there’s Seven!!!

In season 1 she was difficult to recognize as even being Seven of Nine apart from her makeup and being played by Jeri Ryan. The character’s voice is so radically different from what it was on Voyager, and Ryan has said she had a full on panic attack over not being able to reconcile how much she had changed. What I do like about season 3 (and the season 2 premiere) is how the freer and more raw Seven has been melded with the unique and tightly controlled character from Voyager. They found a balance I could live with, but I still think it’s a shame to have lost so much of what made the character so memorable.

Interestingly I read about something similar happening to Gillian Anderson when she returned to X-files after so long. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to get back those original character beats.

And in both Ryan’s and Anderson’s case, they went on to play completely different characters in their careers. Jeri Ryan was playing a defense attorney on law and order and I don’t remember what in Boston Legal but prob something similar.

Absolutely, but with Ryan she’d come back to voice the character occasionally for video games. The main issue was that Seven in Picard was a radical departure from what she was like in Voyager. So she and Jonathan Frakes had to create the idea that she’s just pretending to fit in. Otherwise it was too hard for her to reconcile the change, which is totally understandable to me. It was so odd to take away that much of a character’s unique voice and replace it with something we’ve all seen before – cocky, damaged, vengeful soldier.

To me, the best writing for her character was in season 3. It was interesting for the first half of season 1, as others have said, but then it and the rest of the story crashed and burned. Season 2 was so bad, I didn’t even bother watching the last two episodes, and what I did watch was a tedious mess. Season 3 was her shining moment, imo.

Oh I agree I still think she was more amazing on Voyager without a doubt. But loves her on Picard as well although season 2 they did NOTHING with her…sigh.

And I think a lot of people want to see Seven be a leader. It is amazing where her arc has gone and I definitely want to see that continue personally.

Seven was such an interesting character on VOY. One minute she is every bit as logical and forthright as Tuvok. The next she could flip out as hard as B’lanna. It was played so well that her human and borg sides were at war.

shame she was stuck in that darn catsuit…

I don’t think a Saturn award is enough to push a Legacy series forward, but it’s certainly nice to see people recognized for a job well done.

I don’t think it is so much whether a Saturn could push them forward as much as it is the days of a Trek show all year around are over and P+ already has a full slate of upcoming projects.

Yes, that’s very true as well. Just nice to see Jeri get recognized, spin off or no spin off.

Totally agreed.

The fact that Picard ended production almost two years ago is a major obstacle.

Ya but due to the strikes that’s kind of a problem for everyone right now. I mean I know Picard ended way before that and maybe they took down the sets and stuff for S31 but who knows..

Seven in S3 of PIC IMO felt like the Seven from Voyager vs whatever we got in S1 and S2 i have done my best to try and forget exists. i’d love to see Janeway show up from time to time in Legacy if that ever gets greenlit, as a mentor

Especially that scene between Seven and Tuvok in PS3. THAT was the 7 of 9 we knew from Voyager.

I love Seven’s arc this season. She definitely earned that chair.

Absolutely agree on all points! 👍

“I think it was some of my best work as this character because we had some of the best writing as this character.” I agree. The writing was much improved this season.

Right, she basically said it herself. Glad she feels the same way about it I do.

Absolutely loved Seven in Picard, especially the last season where it was amazing to see her in command. Our girl did great!


Legacy characters. Gotta have legacy characters.

Honestly as a regular 7 is the only legacy character I care about returning. The others can guest star here and there.

Exactly. There is one Legacy character.

Yep. And that’s all we (or I should say I) need :)

I told you to stop talking to me because you’re past annoying. 🙄

Emily you’re happy to have Kirk on SNW which shouldn’t even be in the show and last time I checked was a legacy character. So stop being a hypocrite about it.

And as stated Seven is the only official legacy character we know will be on the show. Not sure why people think the cast of TNG/DS9/VOY would all have main roles. Matalas gave 20 interviews saying the show is about the next NEXT generation. He used those words specifically so get a grip please.

SNW is well made though, with good story-telling and good crew dynamics, so it gets somewhat of a pass.

Discovery is just a terrible show with a terrible cast of characters more interested in being diverse than being compelling, interesting or likeable.

And Picard S3 is literally just fan service, with nothing else to it.

So you admit to being a hypocrite? 🙄

A legacy character gets a pass because you happen to like the show they are on but want to chastise others for doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again?

I try to be as fair minded to everyone but people like you is why message boards sucks.

But you also lump LDS into the same fan service nostalgia critiques despite it being aggressively new and different to any other Trek show. Your criteria is always shifting even though you keep saying the same refrain, so it’s hard to take you seriously.

I am confident we will get Legacy in some fashion … my hope is a series … but I don’t think any future show/movie/miniseries announcements are coming until the S31 film is “in the can,” meaning all post-production is finished and they’re waiting to drop it. That way they can reevaluate costs/budgets. Kurtzman isn’t stupid … he knows fans want this. I’m sure if he were pulling the purse strings Mr. Matalas would already have an office, a writing staff, etc.

I am confident too my friend. They have to wait to see what happens with this other stuff first. Many believe we probably won’t hear anything until SFA gets on the air but I would love it to be after S31 airs. So I hope you’re right.

Kurtzman sees what an easy lay up this would be.

Yep me too but TBH given all the financial trouble at Paramount his might not be in his pay grade right now.

Sadly agree. And you know anytime I root for Kurtzman proves the Apocalypse is almost here. 😂😐

HAHAHAHAHA I remember all too well my friend!

To be honest I think it’s probably a bit too soon to expect to hear anything about ANY new project after S31 unless it’s another TV movie (which also could be possible). I think that really only exists because of Yeoh and kind of a special project.

I think I’d we hear anything about Legacy it will be after SFA starts or maybe the next show that gets cancelled.

But sure I would love for your theory to be right as well.

And I agree about Kurtzman I’m pretty sure if it was up to him it would be the next project going forward. But things are more iffy right now.

Why they are wasting time with the useless Academy show when so many people want the Legacy show is beyond me?

They seem to be a clueless lot over there.

To be fair about it we have to remember they been trying to get the Academy show off the ground since 2018. I read they had multiple pitches on it and it sounds like the idea evolved in time.

That’s the main issue, Paramount already decided this was a go before Picard season 3 even finished. People act like it’s a competition. No, they been working on one idea for a long time and there was never a plan for a Picard spin off. Everyone has made that clear.

And I think both the reception of Picard and the demand for a spin off just caught them off guard. I think they just thought people accepted Picard ended and just went on to the next thing. But Matalas planted a spin off idea in people’s heads and here we are lol.

And these shows probably cost $80-100 million a season. There is only so much money they have for Star Trek these days.

But that doesn’t mean that will always be the case either. Fans should keep pushing for it then anything is possible.

I didn’t know they been trying to make this show for that long.. I understand better now. Still a bad idea though haha.

I will always keep pushing for Legacy since it’s the only show I even care about.

All probably true, but they did go another way when people wanted the Pike show over S31. I was hoping that would happen again with SFA. Guess not. 😥

Yeah I actually thought that might happen but looks like SFA is coming regardless!

And of course we don’t know exactly what happened with S31 and we probably never will. But my speculation ONLY, but I think there was a much bigger divide over Section 31 than there is for the Academy show. And Section 31 may have been the more expensive show to produce. Again no proof of anything or that I even believe it, just throwing it out there.

But I think the biggest difference is besides SFA gestating so much longer that’s probably Kurtzmans baby. Remember he’s going to be a show runner on this one too. The only other show he’s been a show runner on was Discovery and that was out of circumstance.

And yeah it’s probably just cheaper as well.

So I don’t think it was ever going to be the Legacy show over SFA because that show has been on the books for so long.

But what comes AFTER that is the main question and why I have confidence Legacy could be next. Could I be wrong? Since I’m rarely right, sure. 😆

But I’m really hoping not to be this time lol.

In fact the concept of a Star Trek Academy goes back all the way to Star Trek 6. I believe one of the first pitches to that movie was to make it a Kirk and Spock in the Academy movie.

Yeah also true. They been trying with this idea for decades now.

But honestly never really liked it, but suspected one day it may happen and here we are.

Now I do like the idea they came up with and why it interests me more today. But maybe more people would like it if it was back in the 23rd or 25th century. Not for me personally but it would probably go over bigger for some of the doubters.

She was one of the great performers in Picard S3. The cast’s performances saved the space-opera mishmash, nonsensical story and gave us a great sendoff for TNG cast.


I liked the story plot of season 3 but it there was way to much fan service moments and pointless easter eggs for the sake of fan service especially on daystrom station they did not need to bring back all the tng main characters or they could have killed off a couple like Worf and beverly and troi and maybe even riker leaving only data and picard and la forge at the end
also card game at the end was again pointless and fan service

while I would love a series set on the ent-g with captain seven and her crew I don’t want it loaded with pointless fan service and Easter eggs each episode that really do not add to the plot
and I can’t wait for the section 31 movie still wish it could have been a 10 episode mini series but at least we get a movie and I can’t wait for the discovery seasons 4/5 spin off starfleet academy hopefully we get guest appearances of the burn ham and the other discovery crew maybe being a guest lecturer on a particular subject at the academy hear and there

Michelle, I don’t say this very often to people here (lol), but I agree 100% with every single thing you bring up here!

Hopefully that SFA show isn’t full of Spock/Chapel awful teenage like romances as I don’t think I can take anymore. Not much interested in that one at all really as it is probably aimed a a younger audience. At least it is not set in another friggin prequel timeline though so small positive.
I am looking forward to the S31 movie though and am glad it’s a movie and not a sequel. There are way too many Discovery spin off to be honest.

Seven has always been one of my favorite characters, in my top 10. Jeri Ryan has made her iconic and a well deserved win.

I truly hope the Legacy show happens and have faith it will. It’s the show most fans seem excited about and for good reason.

Everyone who wants it should continue to push for it. I certainly will.

Lol you don’t have to worry about that. Many fans constantly are, especially in places like Twitter.

Legacy is really the only thing I care about. I’ll watch S31 and SFA and stay open minded but most people definitely want Legacy over those two.

Obviously agree. And I’m looking forward to both of those. And I get it they were obviously the next things up and they could be great. I didn’t think anyone thought Picard season 3 would get the reception it did, certainly not after season 2 lol.

But I think if Legacy is the thing they announce next it would excite the fan base the same way when the Picard show was announced.

But we have to see where the franchise will be another year given everything. They may cut back on more shows in the future. But it doesn’t stop them from licensing the show for other streamers like Netflix or Amazon to make either.

But let’s hope we’re not still talking about it 8 years from now like the next Kelvin movie…or any movie for that matter. 🙄

LOL talk about something that will never happen. They turned these movie announcements into a complete joke. They announced the prequel movie a month ago already and still not a peep since. Unless they are making it for $80 million or something that will probably be DOA too like JJ verse currently is.

I am hoping Legacy will be the next show announced obviously, especially if something like SFA falls flat on its face since hardly anyone seems excited about it. I do hope it will be good though, but it’s currently just a big shrug to me right now.

I stopped caring about the films long ago. Been saying this for literally 5 years now and that Paramount has no idea what they want to do with them and probably because they are clearly afraid the next one will flop and just keep throwing mud at the walls. And 5 years later this still seems to be the case.

As far as SFA I think it will do fine as long as it’s good. If it gets the goodwill as shows like SNW, LDS and PRO have all gotten it will probably be a hit even if people don’t love the premise or setting. But yes if it’s good. If it’s not I don’t know but we’ll all be watching lol.

And that’s the thing if we want the Legacy show then people have to watch that show! I don’t believe if one fails then Paramount will just replace it with another one, not anymore. It’s obvious Star Trek is no longer the priority like it was in 2020 or we would have the Legacy show now or at least it being discussed.

Star Trek has to really produce and keep people excited. Now I am very sure the Legacy show has a much better chance of doing that than SFA since that already has a built in audience and a hungrier one obviously but here we are. But yeah if people truly want that show then we have to prove we are just hungry for more Trek in general because I think it’s easier to just give it less attention to the franchise now that they have bigger hits that probably drives up more subs then Star Trek ever did.

I don’t want to sound overly cynical but Legacy show or not I don’t want the shows to fall to the dreary wayside the movies are in now.

Agreed on all counts! 😀👍

Prodigy proved how quickly they are willing to shove anything to the side if it’s not performing well enough out of the gate.

If Academy sucks I don’t know how many people will care given everything. But you’re right everyone here will be watching anyway. I’m still watching Discovery and I don’t know why? 😂

I’ll give Academy about 3 or 4 episodes, then make my decision about sticking with it. I trudged through the first two seasons of DSC and that was a huge waste of time for me, I hate watching bad scripted television when there’s so much better out there. It’s a shame, because before that I would have never considered giving a Trek show an episode limit, but here we are. PRO and SNW were happy surprises, hopefully the Academy show will be, too.

Yep not really feeling Academy show at all. It just doesn’t appeal to me for so many reasons. Maybe if it at least took place in 25th century I can care a little more.

But I’ll definitely give it a real chance. I didn’t think I was going to love Prodigy and that ended up being awesome. So who knows? But Kurtzman himself is running it so that is already some serious red flags for me.

I was hoping maybe they do what they did with S31 when that show got killed off for SNW and SFA would be killed off for Legacy but didn’t happen.

the section 31 movie is not a theatrical movie but a made for streaming movie akin to a made for TV movie or a direct to video movie so it will not have to worry about a box-office take and things a normal trek movie does in the theaters

A lone voice of reason in between all the “Legacy is going to be big” over the top, wishful thinking posts. Lol – thank you!

It’s kind of sad that even when people involved with Trek at Paramount specifically tell us that Legacy is not in the cards, that so many fans still keep promoting it when we’ve got these other great offerings like the Academy series and Section 31 to look forward to. It’s doing a disservice to all the great people in the Kurtzman franchise who are working on those projects — fans need to be getting behind them and showing them the love they deserve.

Star Trek fans need to stop chasing windmills here. Time to grow up, accept things as they really are, and move on.

Sure and exactly why it’s happening at light speed because it’s probably just a basic TV movie budget and they can really market it for P+ which can always use more content.

To be honest that’s probably more ideal in the long term instead of trying to finance $100+ million movies that may earn just a little profit at the end of the day. Just make event TV movies with scales down budgets.

And they still could do something similar like what they did with Picard and Lower Decks and put it in a few theaters for a day and have the hardcore fans check it out that way. I would certainly go. But it would just be a promotion thing obviously.

I would definitely be down for a Legacy TV movie as well! 😎🖖

Lots of ideas out there.

So would I. I think that would be a great idea and do a TV movie. AND that could be a back door pilot type of thing and see how well that does without ordering a full season first. And if that goes over big then make it a show if its viable.

There are lots of ideas out there if P+ can’t make a lot of shows but still want to capitalize on the demand. That beats doing another over bloated theatrical movie half the base doesn’t even seem to care about anymore.

So something smaller and fan oriented they know will watch it would be a great middle ground.

Best of both worlds to me. 🙂

Agreed, at this point I could care less if we ever see a Trek film again, Especially if it’s going to feature the TOS crew again, in any incarnation. Let’s move on. Sec. 31, even though I wouldn’t have picked it and though not a theatrical film, will at least be a step in ‘some’ direction, forward.

Never cared much about the movies and been over JJ verse since Star Trek Into Dreckness came out 11 years ago.

And you can tell fans are over these movies because they just announced a NEW movie a month ago and no one cares. 😂😴

No one is talking about it at all. Probably because we been D.I.C.K.E.D around so much most just think it’s more trolling. And because it’s a PREQUEL! Get a clue Paramount most fans are sick of prequels already. At least make something going forward again.

Maybe the Legacy show won’t happen but the difference between that and another tired movie is fans are excited about the prospect of the show. That’s why it’s a no brainier to do. There is real momentum behind it. Especially on social media.

At least do a TV movie and see how that goes over. That would be much more smarter than making a $150 million movie that will probably just bomb just like the last one did.

I have no idea why they keep pushing more prequels either? Just more proof how out of touch Paramount is and why no one should hold their breath for another film.

It’s just amazing how inept these people have been.

Me and you both bro. You’re just telling a lot of the fanbase to stay home and wait for it to arrive on streaming. It’s hard to get fans excited for something they been saying they are sick of seeing for 20 years now. We don’t anymore origin stories. Been there done that.

I think you are well aware of my thoughts on this right now. I really wouldn’t mind seeing another Kelvin movie, but stop wasting everyone’s fcking time.

At this point it’s clear they don’t have the money, ideas, motivation, faith or all the above in making another one so move on. The director for that movie dropped out in 2022. It’s now 2024 for Kahless sake and still just as dead as ever. And yes no more TOS reboots. No more reboots of anything. Go forward with new ideas please.

And if that also means no Legacy show in order to do something TOTALLY NEW AND POST NEMESIS also fine. But I think something in the 25th century would be more ideal for most than the 32nd century which probably feels too disconnected for some people.

I’ll remain optimistic about Section 31 but it’s obvious for most fans it’s just a side thing for now.

Dunno if this is gonna happen IF we get a 25th century show, but moving forward is not the only reason I want one. I want them to somehow bring the Federation and StarFleet back to their former 24th century glory before the destruction of Romulus screwed everything up.

Yeah same. But that’s why the 25th century is so appealing and can do things the Picard show just touched upon.

Same. I think the Legacy show could really reenergize the Federation after everything that’s happened since the Romulan explosion and make the 25th century the new golden age of space exploration.

There is no more movies because fans voted with their wallets last time and stayed home. They stopped caring about them. Why they want to still make more is beyond me?

I don’t care about the Section 31 movie but they were smart enough to keep it low budget and on streaming. I don’t expect it to be good but I’ll watch it since I don’t pay for Paramount Plus but use my brother’s account.

I grew up with TOS, I don’t need anymore more of it either. Especially since the people making Star Trek today don’t seem to have a clue what made it special in the first place.

They turned those characters either into silly action stars or into a bad melodrama and comedic farce.

Very well put, Legacy. My thoughts exactly. They have absolutely NO clue about what made it special in the first place.

For me SNW is enough TOS. I really want to go forward again when it’s over and I really like that show. But we know what happens to everyone else in TOS. Just doesn’t excite me enough but I know it would for some old TOS who wants more nostalgia.

Agreed. Jeri Ryan deserves all the accolades. I’m hoping for a Legacy show primarily because of her and because other than SNW and S31 I want Trek to start moving forward again in the timeline.

Agreed with all of this. And while I think there is a huge part of the fanbase who what this specific project with Seven, I do think most would be just as happy with a general 25th century show as well, new characters as well.

I just want a 25th century show and open to any form it takes.

In the back of my head I was hoping for the 31 movie to be 25th century as well. But that was if we could get Bashir and Sloan back and neither were announced. Oh well.

Me too. Being in the 25th century would be more interesting to me. Oh and having Bashir back would be a great idea.

Sloan is already dead so don’t see him back unfortunately.

Oh, that’s too bad about William Sadler. I didn’t know :(.

But like imagine having Georgeou in the 25th century and she goes back to the Mirror Universe on a mission for *reasons*. There she finds that the Emire collapsed long ago and humanity is enslaved by the alliance. That alone might make the movie for me lol

No I just mean the character. Didn’t he die in his last appearance on the show? I’m sure he did.

I don’t care about the Space Nazis but that would be delicious.

Ohh… Ummm IIRC Sloan died near the very end when Bashir and O’Brien were in his mind trying to get the changeling cure. While they were in there, Sloan did one of those spy things where he released a deadly toxin into his system. Bashir and O’Brien made it out in time but when they woke up Sisko informed them that Sloan died a few minutes or seconds or whatever ago.

But here is the rub LOL. That happens in spy novels all the time. Faking one’s death. I don’t think it would be a canon retcon to get him back given the nature of S31!!!

Didn’t like where they took her character in Picard. The less said about that first season the better. I liked her in S3 well enough, but 🤷 she was better in Voyager

When we look at the big picture of the Trek universe I think Spock, Seven and Worf had the best developments and character arcs throughout. From where they started to where they ended up. Congrats to Jeri Ryan for the much deserved win and for taking this character so far.

Absolutely adores Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. Such a great actress and hope she continues in Legacy one day.

The headline says she’s bi, I thought she was a lesbian

Well in Voyager she was with Chakotay. I suppose you could make the argument that she hadn’t fully realized her own individualism yet back then and she later came to the realization?

Seven had a few male relationships on Voyager including Chakotay as Amirami mentioned. We also saw her trying to go on a date with a man (although it didn’t go well lol).

So Bi sounds right to me.

the one in ‘unimatrix 0’ was the longest lasting.

…and the blandest. Seven had more chemistry with her alcove than that guy.

The Chakotay romance was absolutely terrible in Endgame (Worf/Deanna and Ezri/Julia also get outsized finale attention but it’s nowhere nearly as forced and awkward as this), but mildly interesting in Human Error only because it was an insight into her private thinking.

The disastrous date in Someone to Watch Over Me and the Doctor’s unrequited love for her remain the best-realized explorations to do with her love life. The relationship with Raffi could have been so good, but it too comes out of nowhere and then is fumbled constantly in season 2.

‘it’s been a long road…..’

PIC S3 wasn’t exactly my cup of chai, but if Jeri Ryan’s happy, I’m happy.

It was a fun ride for Picard! Now, #startreklegacy, please. Ready for Capt. Seven and Rafi’s continuing adventures. PLEASE!!!

Preach! 😀👍

I honestly want to see the reaction of the young Starfleet officers to the situation. You just had a compromised Picard and his son hand them over the Borg, then have the Borg force them to blow up their commanding officers and friends, forced to take out other ships and the Earth spacedock only to find out Picard son gets a promotion, a compromised Picard gets a pass and Seven who is attached to a name honoring her time where she was forced to commit genocide promoted all on the fast track.
Oh and Shaw’s and Riker’s legacy mysteriously replaced.
Crazy set up, I see morale on the low and maybe explaining some of the upcoming burn and why the UFP just disintegrates.
Unlike most I love the Ent-G!! That’s the next gen Ent-A we should have got under Captain Saavik in the 90s!!! Love that ship, just lose the horrid horrid bridge.

Having a non-gay actor playing gay, a bit iffy these days. Sorry.