‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Terry Matalas Jumps To Marvel As Showrunner For New Vision Series

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard was a huge hit with fans and garnered showrunner Terry Matalas accolades and awards. Since the show wrapped up last year fans have been hoping Paramount+ would move forward on a follow-up series which Matalas has dubbed “Star Trek: Legacy,” however it now looks like the executive producer is going to be too busy, at least in the short term.

Matalas has Vision

According to an exclusive report in Variety, Terry Matalas has been tapped by Marvel Studios as executive producer and showrunner for a new untitled Disney+ series focused on the character Vision, the synthezoid played by Paul Bettany. The series follows the events of 2021’s WandaVision after Bettany returned to the role following 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War film. The new streaming series is targeting a 2026 release. It is unclear if Marvel is looking for a limited or ongoing series.

It appears that Matalas got the attention of Marvel Studio chief Kevin Feige with season 3 of Picard. Feige is an avowed Trek fan and he appeared with Matalas in a February episode of Inglorious Treksperts to talk about Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. During that podcast, Feige offered high praise for Matalas and his work on Picard. Matalas and Picard were also a big winner at the Saturn Awards in February, where Kevin Feige presented the cast of The Next Generation with a lifetime achievement award.

Terry Matalas accepting the award for Best Drama Series (Saturn Awards)

What of Legacy?

In the year since the season finale of Picard, Matalas has made it clear in several interviews and convention appearances that he hoped to return to the franchise and carry on the story in the 25th century. His “Star Trek: Legacy” concept would be set on board the USS Enterprise-G under the command of Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), as established in the Picard series finale. Matalas had envisioned that many members of the season 3 cast including Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher, as well as guest stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation, would return in regular or recurring roles. There would also be plenty of opportunities to bring in more legacy characters from other Trek series, especially Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Many actors, including Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Frakes, have spoken openly about their support of Matalas’ vision.

This idea has the support of many fans, including a petition with close to 65,000 signatures. This has the attention of those who are in charge of Star Trek, but recently Alex Kurtzman said he would love to greenlight Legacy but the decision was out of his hands. CBS CEO George Cheeks was also recently asked about Legacy, but didn’t offer any real assurances beyond talk of how Star Trek is “one of the most important franchises for Paramount Global, and Paramount+ specifically.”

Terry Matalas interview

Terry Matalas with the Next Generation cast on the Enterprise-D set for Picard (Photo: Dennys Ilic)

Of course, Paramount Global has been scaling back spending on streaming in the last few years, and we have already seen how this has impacted Star Trek with Discovery and Lower Decks ending with their fifth seasons this year and Prodigy removed from the platform last year, later revived on Netflix. Strange New Worlds has been renewed for a fourth season, becoming the new Star Trek anchor show for Paramount+. Paramount+ is also moving forward on the YA-focused Starfleet Academy series, with Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter just announced as the series lead.

Earlier this year Paramount+ wrapped production on the franchise’s first streaming movie event, Star Trek: Section 31, starring Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh. Paramount is reportedly looking for potential follow-up streaming Trek movies and it has been suggested that this format could be a start for Matalas’ “Legacy” concept. At the Saturn Awards in February, Matalas told TrekMovie he was open to that idea, but emphasized he was holding out hope for a series, saying:

Look, anything is possible. We certainly wouldn’t be “Oh no, we aren’t going to do a movie.” For me, I would just need this crew, I would need this cast, and as long as that was a possibility, we would figure something out, yeah. A series is obviously ideal because there’s so many stories to tell. And the 25th century in general in Star Trek is such a rich thing.

There is no indication that Matalas has an exclusive deal with Disney/Marvel so working on the new Vision series does not preclude him from also working on Star Trek, however, the new show will certainly be the focus of his time over the next couple of years. Perhaps during that time things will settle down with Paramount Global and they will start looking to move forward with another live-action Star Trek project and Legacy could be at the top of the list of potential next steps.

Terry Matalas at the 2024 Saturn Awards (Albert L. Ortega)

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He’s made it clear that nothing is development; the guy’s gotta work. And a Disney/Marvel show is a still bigger deal than any ST series, even with the hits The Mouse has taken recently.

Kind of funny that it’s a spin-off of Matt Shakman’s WandaVision, and Marvel Studios previously poached Shakman from Paramount for Fantastic Four when they were dragging their feet with his Star Trek film.

Lesson for Paramount: If you drag your feet, Marvel will take your people.

Feige’s well-known as a Trek fan. He knows what he’s doing.

Great observation.

I knew something was going to f]hit for Terry. Happy for him. I bet he’ll make this great.

Also there’s nothing to say he can’t do both. Smdh.

Yeah people run multiple shows all the time. If a Legacy show happens he can still run it just delegate the stuff more. At the very least he could be the executive producer.

It’s not going to happen. Move on.

Said the guy who also said we would never get a post Nemesis show or a Pike show lol.

Move Along Home Tiger. It ain’t happening.

When YOU say that it only gives me more hope. ;)

Keep chasing that white whale Ahab.

I will thanks. Bring on Legacy!!

Please go away now.


“Human madness is oftentimes a cunning and most feline thing. When you think it fled, it may have but become transfigured into some still subtler form.”

― Herman Melville

Excited for a Vision series.

He couldn’t wait around for Paramount forever, they would have moved into a follow-up series a lot sooner if they were interested.

I think they would if Paramount was in expansion mode. They’re not and haven’t been for some time. Legacy can still happen with Terry, but it’ll be awhile. That’s too bad. I’m not saying it will, either… It is certainly possible that it never does. Time will tell. They could also do it without Terry, but that would be a huge mistake.

If paramount green lights Legacy any time soon, there’s nothing to say he can’t sign on and still do Vision.

This is awesome news for Terry, this is a far bigger deal for him than another Star Trek show would be. I had a feeling he would end up at Marvel because of Feige, hopefully he finds huge success there! I think it’s safe to say that a Legacy show is certainly kaput, although he was kind enough to make it clear that it really wasn’t a thing they were moving on anyway. I’m okay with that, I don’t think Legacy had a great setup anyway so if they wanted to pursue a continuation, a new producer could easily carry the flame. A good candidate would be the S5 Discovery writer Eric Robbins who has an outstanding aptitiude for Star Trek TNG+ lore. There are many ways to move forward on a 25th century show in the future.

Sorry, but a Marvel show is probably even worse off than any Trek show could be. Marvel and superheroes in general are ancient history at this point, even I don’t watch the TV shows anymore. They had their 25 years of glory but that era is over for good… Trek on the other hand will always come back…

Marvel has a substantially larger fanbase and audience, this is bigger in that sense for sure. I don’t know if he’ll enjoy this as much as a Star Trek show, but he’s creatively brilliant and knows how to connect with fans unlike any other producer. More importantly, he knows how to get things done under incredibly difficult constraints, which is a super power in the world of Executive Producing.

I don’t think so. 95% of Marvel moviegoers are probably just random people temporarily infatuated by the hype. There certainly is a die-hard fanbase but it is not bigger than Trek’s.

But maybe that’s just my European perspective, where CBMs have never been that big and comics are generally regarded kids stuff not to be taken seriously. Maybe things in America are really different.

But I do believe that Space Opera in general is going to take the throne from CBMs shortly. The next ten years belong to Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, Dune, Avatar… The only way Marvel is able to cash in on this is giving us more GotG…

Iron Man rolled out in 2008, considering that the superhero box office only just started dropping off recently, the genre has legs. Godzilla x Kong has 560MM WW box office on a budget of 135-150MM, I suspect the suits at Marvel/Disney will be looking at how they can make movies that fall into that budget range.

This has been discussed here about Trek as well. Trek movies that are proposed at 120-150MM will likely get made, someday. If JJ is in the mix, and insisting on 200MM budgets, they won’t. Trek is a TV franchise first, Marvel is a movie franchise. It’s a different fanbase that tunes in weekly, as opposed to showing up in a theater every couple of years.

Biggest grossing MCU film: $2.8 billion.

Biggest grossing Star Trek film: $470 million.

I mean yeah. Again people want Trek to compete with the big boys but you’re not competing when you’re spending the same money as the big boys but can’t even get your movie series to half a billion. Marvel did that with Iron Man, their very first movie.

Marvel movies makes more money than Trek movies after a few weeks. That’s just embarrassing.

“There certainly is a die-hard fanbase but it is not bigger than Trek’s.”

Are you kidding me? It’s multiple times bigger than Star Trek. Go to any site online and it’s obvious how much bigger it is.

To be honest I feel Trek’s fanbase has gotten smaller in the last few decades. Part of it is obviously due to the aging factor and lots of older fans, especially if they were around during the TOS years are simply passing on

And I also think because the new shows is behind a pay wall that has stopped a lot of old fans from even watching because yeah a lot of them are older and stuck in their ways and they liked it when Star Trek was on TV and it was FREE dnagnabit!!!

But honestly beyond just the size of the MCU fanbase they are waaay younger which is the biggest thing it has going for it. Kind of like Trek in the 90s the overwhelming people watching it are in their 20s and 30s and of course most of them started watching as teenagers.

Very few people that are are watching any of these shows today. Most are over 40 easily. Many in their 50s and 60s.

Very few people in their 60s are MCU fans UNLESS they been comic book fans most of their lives.

As for more space opera shows and movies I agree it’s not going anywhere in general but I still feel that genre is more for older audiences are hardcore sci fi fans: where as CBM are just a much wider appeal. You don’t have to be a big sci fi geek to enjoy it although it’s very much a sci fi genre as it is fantasy and crosses over into both realms easily. But that’s its appeal.

This is precisely it, Star Trek fans are aging out way more than most of the Disney properties. Their primary mission going forward really needs to be about broadening appeal and finding new audiences, but doing it in a way that isn’t pandering and disingenous. And the thing is, I remember when Star Trek enchanted me when I was 11 years old in 1991. The 60’s TOS shows were hopelessly outdated and impenetrable to me at that age, but TNG captured a whole new generation of fans. I can see with those same eyes today, TNG is the old guard now and largely inaccessible with a modern non-nostalgic sensibility. I really would love to see a new generation of fans have that experience, somehow. But pulling that off is easier said than done, but Disney has a ton of great examples of how they are keeping MCU and Star Wars going strong generation after generation.


And of course Star Trek is desperately trying to appeal to younger audiences like with the Kelvin movies and Prodigy.

The Kelvin movies stalled after the third one and lost all the momentum it was at least starting long ago now. People under 20 shrug over those movies as they do for any Star Trek. And Prodigy got cancelled after its first season.

So hasn’t exactly worked out. People say younger people are watching Discovery but honestly I don’t see it at all. Yes maybe SOME I guess but the overwhelming majority are still us oldies if you read any sample of the Internet including here obviously. And it’s now cancelled too. SFA is supposedly for younger people and even teenagers and I hope it succeeds in grabbing them. But I feel just like the Kelvin movies and Prodigy it’s just going to be older fans watching it in the end.

But MCU is the opposite. It’s grabbing pre teens just as much as it is people in college. That’s the demographics every major franchise wants. And even with its stumbles lately no one doubts it will still make billion dollar movies in the future. Everyone is already proclaiming Deadpool 3 will be the biggest film of the summer if not the year and everyone I know plans to watch it lol.

MCU is still in an amazing place all said and done.

Congrats Terry! Well deserved. Paramount, you blew it big time not locking him in right away.

It’s not an exclusive deal. If Paramount ever decides to do the Adventures of Nepo Jack, Matalas is free to jump on….

At this point a streaming movie is the most likely venue for the Legacy concept if it is ever gonna happen. Lets see how things turn out.

Legacy was never even on the drawing board.

Nobody ever said it was on the drawing board. It was a thought of Matalas and fans love the idea. But not one person ever said it was on the drawing board. But there is definite interest with 65,000 people signing the letter. It is something that definitely been given the green light if Paramount wasn’t scaling back on their productions. Look what happened with SNW.

I think if they do a Legacy movie it will be a potential back door for a series. So I hope we get a movie at least.

I’m excited for this! I’ve been looking forward to the eventual Vision series since the end of WandaVision, so this is very exciting. Hopefully this doing well helps to encourage Paramount to give Star Trek: Legacy a go, whether that be as a series or movie.

Let’s be honest… Legacy is living in the past. The 90s are not going to come back and the future of Trek is now post-DSC 32nd century… First Academy and then hopefully a new Enterprise / Voyager show taking us beyond the Milky Way…

This season of Discovery is starting to feel allot like a 25th century show anyway, in all the best ways possible, almost like a new TNG. The 32nd Century concept is finally paying off with a fresh start in a universe deeply rooted in Star Trek lore thanks to surprisingly great writing this season.

Michael, you nailed it. They finally threaded the needle of doing trek in the “trek future” without abandoning trek. Because of all the temporal cold war stuff (in VOY and ENT), everything before the 31st century became inherently stale, but it took Discovery three seasons to figure out how to do the far future.

Agreed, this is by far my favorite season of Discovery if only because I finally feel at home here. And that goes way beyond the Progenitors troupe, it’s really the entire fabric of the show this season. The finally got it on the way out, which is unfortunate, but I don’t mind leaving on a positive note.

I mean yeah. The irony is it feels like a story that Legacy could’ve done if the show existed today. It has nothing but memberires of TNG, DS9 and VOY.

I don’t love this season as much as others but it’s been decent at least and I think they found the right formula that made fans happier with it.

Bollocks – 25th century Trek is the present within the timeline. 32nd century is too far out and really, really boring. Plus the aesthetic sucks Mugato horns. What a poor, poor take.

It’s funny because to me the 90s feels like it’s back bigger than ever.

This season of Discovery is basically just reliving story plots from the old shows.

SNW isn’t following 24th century canon obviously but it still feels like those shows in format and style and a big reason I think it’s so popular. I remember hearing you can’t even make a show in the 90s format ever again if Trek came back to TV and SNW proved that was false.

And LDS and PRO are basically just sequels to the older shows.

But yes we don’t have another live action show in that period right now. But yeah eventually one will come again even if it’s not Legacy because as shown above they know that’s what most fans wants.

And I think with LDS sad cancellation they will replace it with something else in time. Maybe another animated show.

It’s a better fit for him, anyway, since he used the last scene of PIC to try to MCU his way into a new series.

I’d say noting that Jack had quasi-superpowers is less of a reach than your comparison.

I wish the guy well. The wash/rinse/repeat Marvel Universe will put his talents to good use.


“What of Legacy?”

It was never a thing. Nothing has changed.

Idle speculation, and rampant fanboy fantasies. That’s what of Legacy.

Yeah. 65,000 fanboys, including Matalas. Your point being?

I watched The Last Generation again the other day. Even more idiotic and braindead than I remember. Nostalgia and fan service, and NOTHING else.

Picard Season 2 was bad, but Picard Season 3 was another kind of bad, an entire season with nary a new idea, the very antithesis of Star Trek. I wish Matalas well but hope he never comes back to Star Trek.

Sad day. I will be in Trek fandom hibernation until a high caliber individual or team replaces those who are in charge currently, and if that never occurs, so be it. Trek had a great run. I hope those who enjoy Trek as it is now continue to do so in the future. Live long and prosper.

Kurtzman’s jealousy knows no bounds. This, after Paramount have ok’ed another bloody reboot which 99% of the fanbase do not want in the SLIGHTEST? Same with the Discoverse Academy show. What a joke. The sooner Trek is sold the better. Can’t be any worse than what’s happening at present.

Okay, I’ll bite – why would Kurtzman care even slightly that Matalas signed a contract with Disney, let alone be consumed by jealousy over it? Are you guys drinking buddies?

What does Kurtzman’s “jealousy” have to do with any of this?

As much as in our heads we want to think he’s jealous, I don’t think Terry registers on his important-o-meter. He’s too busy cashing checks from Paramount and adding to his resume.

Still, the thought of him fuming at Terry’s success with the fan base is hilarious but most likely not true.


Come on, there’s a TON of jealousy in Hollywood. Would not surprise me if he (and his lacky, Akiva Goldsman) saw the overwhelming praise and buzz generated by PIC S3 compared to the crap they’ve come up with since 2017 and took offence. I’m probably wrong, though you have to admit, Kurtzman always looked strained when people kept bringing up Matalas/PIC S3/Legacy in interviews.

End of the day, Paramount’s loss. Matalas can go on to bigger and better things, while Trek fades into the abyss of reboots, prequels and poorly written dross.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but Matalas and his team were the last hope for anything resembling good Star Trek that didn’t look or sound like it was written by a 16 year old writing intern. That thought, you know what Trek needs? Terrible modern lingo and a rap video by Kid Cudi. Maybe if Paramount hadn’t given Kurtzman and co the keys to the kingdom, they’d have made better received content, in turn generating more money, meaning more shows. Alas, we are where we are.

Anyway, good luck and congrats, Matalas! At least you are free from this warp core breached starship of a franchise.

I think I see things largely as Braxton does in this instance, at least with respect to Kurtzman. Remember he was first man aboard, so he is ultimately responsible for all the failed hires and their decisions/actions, from Singer onwards. Given the revolving door of producers and showrunners early on, I’m amazed nobody above him decided to give him a shove — maybe they figured nobody knew how to do Trek, so why risk getting things worse? — especially after the two yell-y abusive runners got let go in s2. Honestly, I’m thinking the only reason there isn’t more creative turnover — like losing Paradise, who sounds like she is another lame call from what I read here — is because he’d rather keep crummy known commodities in place than risk more bad PR that might draw him some fresh negative attention from upstairs.

I do admit that a certain overenthusiastic giddiness colored my initial response to Ps3 — which is strange given I was never that enthused about TNG in the first place — but ultimately a couple good eps along with several other nice moments should not a ‘good season’ make. But we’re talking 21st Century Trek here, so maybe that is as good as it gets with the Kurtzman bunch.

You blew it, Paramount. You should have signed Matalas to a multi-year Trek development deal, and now he’s gone. You blew it big time.

It’s not exclusive with Disney. If Paramount (or whatever succeeds it) wants him to come in to showrun a project in the future, he’s free to do so.

Paramount’s loss, imo. Bummer.

I don’t believe that Star Trek Legacy will happen. And to be honest, I am no longer even excited or interested in a potential Legacy series. It’s not that I do not like Terry Matalas. I like him. And Season 3 of Picard was without question a much well-received and needed improvement from the previous two lackluster seasons, but it still had its issues and frankly I do not trust or have any confidence in Alex Kurtzman and any of the current and recent producers on Star Trek to make a series as good as the ones made under Executive Producer Rick Berman. I love all of the Star Trek series made up until 2005. But I believe that the true spiritual successor to Star Trek was the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. BSG was the series that Voyager should have been and Ronald D. Moore is the man who I very much want to see run the Star Trek franchise. Please Paramount, Bring Back Ron Moore! Terry is good, but Ronald D. Moore would be fantastic.

Agreed! I consider For All Mankind as the spiritual successor to Star Trek. Another show with Ron Moore. I honestly just want them to return to allegorical science fiction and believable characters.

I like RMB’s take.. that it is, in essence, the past to Trek’s future.

It is funny on how much praise RMB gave Picard season 3 that entire season just to go back hating the rest of it again lol.

In total agreement! Moore is the guy.

I would love to see Ron Moore return to Trek.

I would absolutely love if Ron Moore had some involvement with Star Trek today. And yes BSG is fantastic. I’ve seen it three times.

And For All Mankind is just on another level. I’m happy it got renewed and getting a spin off!

I don’t have an issue with modern Trek as you and others do and really enjoy most of it. But no it’s not nearly at the quality or level as Berman Trek is either, but I’m hoping someday it can get there.

Well at least Star Trek has the Dark Phoenix guy.

This is amazing news for Terry! Congratulations!!

That said (and yes maybe I’m being overly optimistic) I don’t know how this would kill a potential Legacy show?

A. As I have always said it’s probably YEARS away. It’s not going to happen next year. My guess is not until the Starfleet Academy show is running they will decide what is next.

B. The MCU shows aren’t like the Star Trek shows. Majority of them only gotten a season and generally 6-8 episodes. The only shows SO FAR that got a second season was Loki and the What if animated show and there have been 9 shows.

Now that said this could go for several seasons and of course I don’t want this show cancelled just so Terry will be available for Legacy lol.

But I don’t see this as proof that show will never happen. AND IT MAY NOT EVER HAPPEN but we really won’t know the future of anything for awhile.

But very happy for Terry and can’t wait for this show! 😀

It wouldn’t. Matalas Disney contract (apparently) isn’t exclusive, so he could also do one for Paramount/Sony/Apollo. And there are plenty of other capable showrunners out there.

Oh interesting! Thanks.

And yes even if he didn’t feel he could directly run another show, ANY show, if he’s doing too much he could hire others to run it and executive produce it. That’s literally what people like Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci did for years.

Good points.

Disney/Marvel is pulling back on their cinema releases. Global movie theatre attendance is down anywhere from 8 to 20 percent compared to pre-pandemic. That’s why we’re only getting one or two big franchise outings a year now.

With streaming, they don’t have to share revenue with distributors or exhibitors, they get revenue from product placement and advertising (on ad-supported tiers); they have a tighter loop on viewership numbers and stats, and the promotional outlay is cheaper, too – no global press junkets, maybe some talk show appearances at most.

Paramount+ in theory benefits from the same economic logic. The one difference is Paramount hasn’t spent the last 16 years building a multi-property movie franchise, so it doesn’t benefit from its three movies feeding into TV series.

Traditionally, it’s been the opposite direction, “seven seasons and a movie,” with TV shows leading into theatrical releases, as we saw with TOS and TNG.

However, the Paramount / UPN nonsense of the 90s / early 2000s fumbled that with DS9 and Enterprise – I’m not even sure how many people got to see those shows at the time, in order to build an audience. The fragmentation of audiences with cable/satellite is also a factor.

I’m curious as to why there were no plans to put Star Trek on terrestrial broadcast TV, given that Paramount owns CBS. Then again, CBS would probably only air a Trek show if it was a police procedural (Star Trek: NCIS:CSI:FBI:SVU)….

Don’t worry, we’ve got the Academy series to look forward too in an era were Discovery is ending

Good luck Terry, thanks for Picard series 3 a delight

May he never darken Star Trek again. Good riddance. 👍🏾

This is a missed opportunity for “Star Trek.”

People were genuinely excited about “Picard” season 3 in ways I haven’t seen it for “Strange New Worlds” and especially “Discovery.”

Hopefully, once he’s done with “Vision,” Paramount will be in a place to announce another “Trek” series, but I can’t see any excitement in “Starfleet Academy,” given that its basis is arguably the setting and tone for one of the worst “Trek” series in the franchise with “Discovery.”

If the quality of “Discovery” season 5 and the worldbuilding of the 32nd century, which is downright AWFUL and preposterous, is what we can look forward to with “Starfleet Academy,” then, yeah, I would have much preferred the direction Matalas would have brought in a “Legacy” series.

Disc also begat SNW…..

Klingon boy bands, Xenomorph Gorn and messing with Khan’s backstory for dumb reasons….

Congrats to Terry! ❤️

You gave me the best season of Star Trek in 20 years and I have no doubt you’re going to make a great Marvel show. You deserve it.

I really want the Legacy show but if it doesn’t happen no bother. I have enough episodes of Star Trek to watch at my hearts content. I just watched a few episodes of TOS and ENT last night.


That’s the response I have anytime someone tells me I should watch Discovery again.


Thank you for that. This was hilarious.

Good. I wish him a lot of luck. The good news is maybe this puts an end to any action towards doing a Lagacy series which I just hated as that would be just a retread and going backward.

Congrats to Terry on his new job.

Super brave on Matalas part to bring the real Borg back and confirm that Picard was compromised by the Borg the entire time. Between that and TOS “movitizing” Picard, it made the last season pretty good!Wish we had him working on Strange New Worlds, I feel that he really wanted to go back to when starships weren’t a dime a dozen and you couldn’t phone starfleet command for help. Really feels like the horrid writers on Picard S1 and S2 ended up on SNW where as the TOS writers ended up on Picard S3 which was totally backwards. They should stick to comedy on LDS and give us back the colors on the SNW bridge.
Really think he set something up with all the young in Starfleet having been basically abducted by the Borg and used to kill their own commanders/crews… it’s almost like you need a rebuild. And just think how it would feel to serve with someone who honors their time commuting genocide by being called “Seven of Nine”, I mean might as well have Picard go around wanting to be called Locutus that everyone remembers how him pushing aside the realization he was compromised in First Contact led to their assimilation. Would be amazing to explore the next generation having to deal with that

Actually, Picard season 3 was mostly written by the same writers who also wrote Picard season 2. You can look it up on IMDB or Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

This was great to hear! Yeah it’s not Legacy but Paramount has no money right now lol. I think the only Star Trek we’re going to get for the next few years is what’s been announced. So Terry can always come back to Trek in a few years if the studio hasn’t been sold for parts and Trek is now under the ownership of Tubi. 😂

And he’s probably getting way more money under Marvel than Star Trek just like Shakman who bounced the DOA JJ verse movie for Fantastic Four.

And tons more people will be seeing that show as well.




And don’t sell Tubi short. I can see them doing some great things with Star Trek. Maybe we get a dedicated Lower Decks channel too!


With Terry moving on, and sour (Chateau Picard) grapes Alex Kurtzman focused on making truly immature and terrible Star Trek, I don’t feel obliged to subscribe to Paramount+. It’s as simple as that. It’s not that this NuTrek is different and I can’t handle change. It’s that, aside from Terry’s team in Picard S3, Kurtzman Trek is terribly written, insults my intelligence, and makes the dialogue and plot of a Michael Bay movie or a public access TV show seem like Citizen Kane or the West Wing in comparison.

What do you REALLY think?

Thank you Terry Matalas, for providing us with the best Star Trek in a long time.

Well said, spot on.

He reminded us what Star Trek is supposed to be. He ended the silver age of Trek while introducing new characters and new opportunities to continue the Star Trek story in treks modern day.

I wish him luck at Disney +.

Agreed and I actually like most of the shows. But that season had been the pinnacle for me so far. 🙂

Thoughts a day after hearing this 1st, if the Vision series does well, can Trek even afford to bring Terry back? Right now, they can’t afford a bidding war against Disney for Terry’s services, and this is a business.. so and it just depends on what the production company would give Kurtzmann to go after him, when they’re back into expansion mode. 2nd. If Paramount sells, and a big overhaul comes in to play, Terry could be a dark horse candidate to take over Trek on TV/Streaming. Right now, I think we’re more likely to see a house cleaning happen before I see Terry brought back to lead a new or existing series under the current regime.

In all honesty we probably won’t hear about new projects and what they will be until after Paramount is sold. They probably feel they have enough Trek projects for the next few years now but would love to be proven wrong.

Aaaargh. It’s such a shame that they let him go. Well, Disney’s win. Big win. Rewatched PIC S3 recently and I like it even better than the first time. Really well done. All the best for Terry at the Mouse Company!

This is great for Matalas! Great for Vision! I hope the Marvel Disney experience will enhance his upcoming Star Trek project. I have a strong feeling he is on schedule to continue with more post-Berman era stories.

There are clear differences and major contrast on each Star Trek production depending where is made. Hollywood vs Toronto. I didn’t noticed until Picard. Especially the third season when they finally got a better script and all legacy characters.

I DO enjoy all the Star Trek shows, especially Strange New Worlds, but I can feel lower energy vibes watching Discovery and SNW. Is not only from the script and the acting. It goes deep into the soul of each episode.

The return of the STNG crew in addition of Picard being filmed/produced in Hollywood, injected magic, power, excitement, and that made Picard S3 very special.

Picard S3 is majestic. The music, visuals, sound/special effects, are superb. Even the simple little details, like the noise of the ship, is way superior. Cinematic. I truly enjoyed rewatching all these episodes. I discover new elements each time. The soundtrack is just wonderful. A masterpiece.

I admit, the nostalgia is present. I began watching STNG when I was in college. However, I can clearly see everyone, from Matalas down to the assistants of assistants, did their best in the final season.

This is why I really hope the next 25th century movie or series, will be produced in California. You can feel the weight of the veterans, well seasoned production staff giving their hearts and wisely choosing better resources for a heavier and bolder product.

Hope the great rating numbers, numerous nomination/awards, viewership approval, and popular demand outweighs the avarice response from the decision makers. Paramount+ never showed their (ST) rating numbers until Picard S3. At that time everyone was shocked when we learned Picard went to the Top 10 from all original US shows. Not to mention, over 29 nominations, 7 awards, and very high approval ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.

I know the executives are aiming to move all ST to Toronto. Their ideal ROI, which is great for them. I just wished we could watch all the successful elements from Hollywood in the upcoming (Toronto) productions. :D

Looks like they lost Matalas. So much for that Star Trek Legacy show.

We get Starfleet Academy instead. : (

Way to go, CBS. Brilliant move.

CBS – Losing their strongest talent to the competition. How disappointing.

What a friggin’ shame. Paramount let the only guy who has done Trek any justice in the last 20years slip through their fingers,



Optimism, everyone! I have a strong feeling he will be producing Legacy. I bet will be a movie.

Speaking of former Trek show-runners… what’s Michelle Paradise up to lately?(so I know what to avoid)

I called it months ago! I had a strong feeling Matalas would be hired by Feige for some MCU project. I posted this prediction on this site months ago. Paramount was dragging their feet with Legacy and let Matalas go. I also feel it had to do with a certain producer that felt overshadowed by Matalas’ accolades for Picard Season 3 and pushed Matalas out.

Anyway, my next prediction is that the Vision show will showcase something to do with the 1980s.

Who do you think was the producer?