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TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Mission’s End #5

McCoy is still missing. Kirk is injured. Bugs have attacked bugs. There’s some weird quadraphasic readings. Oh, and Ambassador Cassady is in charge,  where does that leave the Enterprise crew? This week IDW brings an end to their five issue Mission’s End series which tells the story of the final days of Kirk and crew’s five year mission. We wrap it up with our review of the final two issues (and the series as a whole) below.

TrekInk: Mission’s End #3 Review + Previews of Alien Spotlight: Romulans & Spock Reflections #1

McCoy and Chekov have been captured by giant millipedes, Kirk and Spock are trying to find out why the spider creatures are acting so strangely, and the Federation is insisting that things get sorted out quickly for a new member. Find out more in our review of the new third issue of the "Star Trek Mission’s End" comic. We also have previews of next week’s "Alien Spotlight: Romulans" and July’s "Spock Reflections"

TrekInk: Klingons Alien Spotlight Review + May Star Trek Comics Preview

Kang is back. And he’s going to show us why you should share. Of course, his idea of sharing is telling stories where a whole lot of people die pretty horrible deaths. Are those stories any good though? You will find out in our review of the brand new IDW comic, "Alien Spotlight: Klingons." We also have a preview of comics coming up in May, including some exclusive first looks at covers.

TrekInk: Review of Missions End #2 + Previews of Klingons Spotlight & ST:II Adaptation

The IDW Star Trek comics are coming faster these days. Today the second issue of the "Mission’s End" series comes out and it is full of politics and intrigue, set at the end of the TOS five year mission. Below we have a review of "Missions End" #2. Plus we have previews of the "Alien Spotlight" Klingons issue coming out next week, and the Star Trek II adaptation coming this summer.

TrekInk: Review – Crew #2 + Preview Missions End #2 + News On Post-ST09 Comic

In addition to the final issue of "Star Trek: Countdown (see review), IDW also released the second issue of John Byrne’s pre-TOS series "Crew" focusing on the enigmatic "The Cage" character ‘Number One.’ We have a review of that plus a preview of next week’s IDW Trek comic and details on the first comic set after the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

TrekInk: Reviews of Mission’s End #1 & Last Generation #5 + iPhone Countdown Contest

In addition to the Tribbles comic (see review), IDW released two other books last week, with one series coming to an end with "Star Trek" The Last Generation" # 5, and a new series just starting off with "Mission’s End" #1.  See below for reviews of both. Plus we have a special contest giving away all four issues of "Star Trek Countdown for the iPhone/iTouch.

TrekInk: Review – Star Trek Countdown #3 – Reveals Big Backstory Points For Star Trek Movie [UPDATED]

The countdown to the Star Trek movie continues with the third issue of the prequel comic "Star Trek Countdown." And wow, but is this issue just chock full of major back-story for the film and some surprise guests as well. Find out how it all works out in our review below [SPOILERS]. Plus we have news on how you can get Countdown (and other IDW Trek comics) on iTunes. [UPDATE: Countdown teaser trailer + follow-up announced]

TrekInk: Early Review – Star Trek: Countdown #2

The first issue of "Star Trek: Countdown” showed us a surprising new friendship between Nero and Spock and finished with the shocker of a new Captain of the USS Enterprise, along with lots of tension between  Romulans, Vulcans and even the Remans. Issue two takes the next step in showing the events that lead up to the new Star Trek movie. Find out how that is all working out in our early review below. (SPOILERS)

Early Review: Star Trek Countdown #1 – Prequel Comic To Star Trek Movie

The wait is (almost) over. The first issue of "Star Trek Countdown," the four-part Star Trek movie prequel series, hits comic book stores on Wednesday. Who is Nero? What is Spock’s agenda? What’s going to happen with that star? How exactly does the new movie tie into the TNG era? Well you came to the right place as TrekMovie has the first review of "Star Trek Countdown" Issue #1.

TrekInk: ST: The Last Generation #3 Review + Countdown #1 Update

The Chancellor is dead and the timeline is jumbled due to interference from the future. Will Picard and his motley band of resistance fighters figure out how to set things right? Learn more in our early review of the third ‘Myriad Universe’ issue of "Star Trek: The Last Generation." Plus TrekInk has an update and new (little) preview of "Countdown" the Star Trek movie prequel comic.

TrekInk: Cover Art For Final 2 Countdown Comics + Tribbles Alien Spotlight Preview

We are now just weeks away from the release of the first issue of "Star Trek Countdown," the official prequel comics for the upcoming Star Trek movie. Recently we showed you the covers for the first two issues and today artist David Messina posted the artwork for the final two issues. We also have an update on a comic all about tribbles! 

TrekInk: Review – Last Generation #1 & #2

Fresh off his role as an editor of the IDW Trek comics, Andrew Steven Harris returns to writing. This time he brings us the first “What if?” Star Trek comic, set at the end of the sixth feature film, “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country”. Does it stand up to scrutiny? And who exactly is the captain of the Silver Ghost?

TrekInk: Review – Mirror Images #4 & #5 + New TokyoPop Covers

TrekInk is back and catching up. Today we take a look at the final two issues IDW’s "Mirror Images" series. Of course we know how the Mirror stories end, but how do we get there? Who dies and who lives? Oh wait… we know that too. Still, in this case, it’s the journey, not the destination. Plus we have a look at new covers for upcoming TokyoPop Trek Mangas.

TrekInk: Preview Of “The Last Generation” Comic Mini-series

What small things will change the destinies of a man’s life, and what trials might people have to go through to show their mettle. Andrew Steven Harris’ new comic series "The Last Generation" will examine the plight of a group of survivors as they fight against the Klingon Empire. See below for our preview of the series including comments from the author and exclusive artwork.

TrekInk: Review – Byrne’s Assignment Earth #5 & Hollow Crown #1

Nixon… er… Nixons, Gary Seven, the Praetor, Koloth, cloaks, and Roberta Lincoln… what’s the common thread? John Byrne brings us the final issue of "Assignment: Earth" and the first issue of his new Romulans series, "The Hollow Crown." Will Gary and Roberta save the day? How is the crown hollow? Will John Byrne entertain and amuse us yet again?

TrekInk: Review Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD ROM

So, it’s here…the history of Star Trek on comic books, over 500 comics, all on one small five inch plastic and metal disc. Graphic Imaging Technology has just released Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection on DVD ROM.  The burning questions… how is it, what does it really entail, how easy is it to use, is it worth it? Oh… and… how cool is this!?

TrekInk: Review Assignment: Earth #4 + Previews of Upcoming Trek Comics

This week in the Ink we review the latest ‘Assignment Earth’ adventure. We finally meet Gary Seven’s bosses as he saves the world from imminent destruction… again. As usual, Isis and Roberta Lincoln contribute their help, and things are set to the right… Or are they? Plus there are some new preview images of upcoming comics to take a look at.

TrekInk: First Look At Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD

A complete collection of Star Trek comics all in one small package, readily available and inexpensively–is it possible? The answer coming from Graphic Imaging Technology this Fall is a big yes, with a DVD-ROM with scans of every Trek comic book released from 1967 to 2002 in an easily browsable archive. TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at Star Trek The Complete Comic Book Collection.

TrekInk: Review Of July Star Trek Comics

It has been while but TrekInk is back with reviews for the three IDW Trek comics from July. We have the return of Kor as the Enterprise continues to experiment, the origin story of the Mirror Kirk and Spock, and more of John Byrne’s take on the adventures of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. We got Klingons, cloaks, combat, assassination, supersoldiers, and so much more…

TrekInk: Review New Frontier #4 + Guide to TPB Collections + Manga Delay

This Trek Ink we take a look at the 4th issue of Peter David’s New Frontier comic series where it begins to hit its climax, opening everyone’s eyes as to what is going on, and setting up the explosive conclusion. We also have a guide to the IDW Trade Paperback collections and some news on the Tokyo Pop Manga that was supposed to come out this month.