STLV17 Supplemental: What Happened in Vegas

With a ton of coverage coming out of the convention, where is an easy to follow recap of this year’s STLV? Look no further than this Supplemental Edition of the Shuttle Pod podcast! We recap the highlights and go over what we learned for the first time last week in Las Vegas.


It’s been a full week since Trekkies left Las Vegas to return to the “real world” after five fun filled days packed with nothing but Trek. We’re talking, of course, of the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas that brings over 100 guest stars and thousands of fans to Sin City each year.

This year was a unique one. Just coming off the heels of last year’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, and with a brand new Star Trek TV show in the mix, it felt like the calm before the dawn of a new era of Star Trek conventions.

But even this year’s “calm” is relative. We had 5 full days of programming, many of which were jam packed. In particular, Wednesday was our Disco Day with four hour-long Star Trek: Discovery panels in a row in the main ballroom. We heard for the first time from several Discovery actors, writers, producers, designers, and more (and we even snagged interviews with a couple of Klingons and a pair of Starfleet boys).

Your team at STLV17!

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