3 New Star Trek Commercials w/ Screencaps and Analysis

In the last week two new TV commercials have started airing in the US, and one in Germany, all of which are now available online. At this point most of what you see in commercials is from the theatrical trailers or previous TV spots, but there are some snippets of new stuff. View the new commercials below, with our usual caps and analysis.



TV Spot 6
This commercial started running earlier in the week. It has no tagline, and another rock n’ roll soundtrack. There are a few new bits (see caps & analysis section below)

[CLICK TO WATCH at Facebook] [also on official Star Trek site]

TV Spot "Fate of the World"
This commercial just started running and pushes the stakes of the new Star Trek. It is one of the better commercials so far. [see caps & analysis below for what is new]

German TV Spot
This 20 second spot gives you a sense of the dubbing but it almost entirely previously seen shots.  [see caps & analysis below for what is new]


Screencaps & analysis

Click images to enlarge

TV Spot 6

Kirk on Delta Vega
[highlight inviso-text for more: meeting Elder Spock for first time]

Kirk gets a running start to take a leap on board Narada

Spock briefs the crew

Kirk and Sulu fire on Narada drilling rig

Kirk running through bridge of Narada (phaser in hand)

TV Spot ‘Fate of the World’

Kirk warns Pike that crisis on Vulcan is a Romulan attack

Destruction on Planet Vulcan

German TV Spot

Kirk on Delta Vega (Scotty in background
[highlight inviso-text for more: saying goodbye to Elder Spock before beaming back to Enterprise]

More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme

(Video caps thanks to SalvorHardin00 and TNAlessandro)

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This movie is going to be great. I can’t wait!

nice trailers..


^^ They were fine ;)

please everyone, vote for star trek in this poll: http://www.nationalamusements.com/

(its on the bottom, left-hand side of the page)

Awesome commercials btw!

So did the cast watch the German dubbed version of the movie at the Berlin premiere?

Those were fun!

I just bought tickets for a Thursday 7 p.m. show. After reading about this movie on this site for years now, I finally have tickets.

TV spot #6 is badass! I can’t wait! These are all great!

Got my tickets for Thursday show at 7 p.m.! Woo hoo!

The “Fate of the World” one is AWESOME!!!! Best TV Spot so far, I’ll say, and LOTS of unseen material. Squee!

@5 – Star Trek is getting pummeled by Wolverine in that poll! I did place my vote for Trek (of course) though! :-)

#12 – There are only 1100 votes total so far. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. ;)

I’ve noticed the first set of commercials were attention getters while these latest ones are promoting the story itself a bit more.

Just re watched Star Trek Nemisis and it seems that what Picard’s clone set out to do is what Nero wants to have happen.
Also the Remis ship seems to be similar to the drilling rig.

Looks like The last Next Gen movie connects and is important after all.

Oh, no. Earth again? Come on! It’s not like we didn’t get that in the last movie.


The screencap that shows the destruction on Vulcan, if that planet is totally destroyed, this movie means that we are witnessing the beginnings of the 2ND EDITION of the Star Trek universe.

I haven’t been this excited for a movie since Revenge of the Sith!

I also have Tickets for a 7pm showing on 7th. Now that I have seen the new commercials I don’t think April can go by fast Enough!

@ 5
lol look at the site again:-D funny how things change so quickly ;-D

#17, yeah, it seems like if that’s true JJ’s trying to rewrite the Star Trek universe, which Im really not sure if Im cool with. Even with what happens in the countdown comics things change a lot, but that would be a bit much. Hopefully they find a way around it, though.

ANTHONY: there’s actually two ‘fate of the world’ variants both by SalvorHardin00 on YouTube…the 30 second version you posted and an almost 50 second variant…look in youtube search under “star trek tv spot” and select ‘today’ in the uploaded dropdown menu…there both in page 1 of search results

@18 Agreed. (And I loved Sith; have a pretty strong positive vibe off this really unusual new film, too)

@20 Whoa! What happened!?!? Up has 21% and everything else is at 0%??? that makes no sense…


I just checked out the 48 second spot. Its just TV Spot 6 slowed down. Unless there is different one. There were only two videos uploaded by SalvorHardin00 in the search listing you mentioned.

“So you Wanna Leave The Fate Of The World on the Kid’s Camaro?….That’s Cool”

17, 21 – I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the movie IS taking place in a new universe spawned by certain events. It was detailed by the writers extensively in an interview with Roberto Orci.

Nothing is being overwritten, and I believe the Alternate Universe is mentioned specifically in the movie.

These FX are going to kick ass on a whole new level!!!!!!

I’ve already got my ticket for the 7th of May

I like this clip! it’s exciting!

WoW!!! What a Turn-a-round. A couple of years ago
we were all scared to death this thing was gonna suck.
Now, we wait and salivate for the release. Already I know
I will see this movie over and over again, and impatiently
wait for the sequel…..

These look awesome. I already have my ticket for May 7th 7:00 pm. I’m itching to use it.

28. – It does not make sense. The episode “City on the Edge of Forever” and the movie – Star Trek: First Contact, tell a different concept. These scenarios involve going back in time to stop any alteration that would affect the future. Now, I understand Mr. Orci’s Quantum Mechanics theory. But, how is this movie different? Could this movie actually contradict the other movie and that episode? I need some answers. Can anyone help me on this one? Could the so called “red matter” has to do with this unique time travel scenario?

TV spot #6 is easily the best one. It’s exhilarating, edgy, and the music works perfectly with the action, unlike the Saliva ads that basically screamed, “Look at me! I’m Star Trek! But I’m not! Derr!” :D

Bring on May 8th!

#34– Just accept it as a movie and move on. Enjoy it, don’t try to fit it into any kind of reality.

Works for me.

The spot just aired during the NASCAR race. Also, it has appeared during the Star Wars marathon.

I saw a new commercial on the cartoon network?

16. I know! You’d think half the characters were FROM Earth or something. Wait a sec…

Wolverine is a chick flick! Gimme a break. LMAO

The TV spot I saw less than hour ago is completely different than the two you mentioned here; 2 maybe 3 scenes I had not seen before.

So Vulcan really gets destroyed? That freaking sucks! Not to mention that it’s going to really have a big difference in canon when this “new” trek canon universe is compared to the old canon.

Everything I have seen, Star Trek is everything I have imagined.

So Uhura likes Jack Daniels? That is not canon!!! By the 23rd century everyone’s tastebuds would have evolved to prefer either Kentucky bourbon or scotch, not that Tennessee whiskey. Yuk. Is that a marketing tie-in? It’s not going to work on me, I’m sticking to my single malts, thank you very much.


Yeah, Jack Daniels doesn’t seem sophisticated enough for Uhura. I figured she’d be more of a Southern Comfort kind of gal. :D

So does Kirk understand that he’s talking to an Spock from the future when he’s down on the planet surface? Anyone know?

I’m just wondering why I seam to be the only one that is shocked and angry that the planet of Vulcan is destroyed in this movie. Doesn’t anyone else find this the least bit upsetting?


My brother doesn’t know about this, but he told me several times that Vulcan’s destruction would piss him off something fierce if it actually happened. Needless to say, I’m not telling him anything until he sees the film.

#47 – When the stakes are higher, it makes for a more dramatic and entertaining movie. No one would care if Omicron Persei VIII got destroyed.

Yeeeah ..VULCAN getz obliterated… and were gonna get the BORG!! in Star TREK XII….. just watch…