Watch: Two New Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spots – ‘Vendetta’ & ‘World’

There are two new USA TV spots for Star Trek Into Darkness, both of which have new bits of the movie and new bits of dialog. Watch them below with some caps and analysis (but beware of spoilers).



2 New TV Spots

Here are the two latest USA TV commercials for Star Trek Into Darkness.



TV Spots Analysis  (SPOILERS)


scroll down


The commercials contains a few new elements, here is a breakdown of what’s new.


23rd century Bar

Admiral Buzzkill blocks Kirk’s move

Pike gets a call


Pike: Emergency session…suit up Kirk

Spock sees something go boom on Qo’noS

Spock yells at a window


Kirk wears himself out on John Harrison-shaped punching bag

John Harrison gets menacing


Harrison: War is coming

Uhura talks to Spock


Uhura: Go get him!


UPDATE: Admiral Buzzkill GIF


More Trailers/TV Spots and Analysis

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Admiral Buzzkill, hahahahaha

Looks good!


don’t like the “feelgood” vicarious vengeance on terrorist plot… =(

Not first. But can’t wait to see this film. I had lowered my expectations but after reading some of the reviews I’m really excited again.

Um…both clips are the same.

Never mind.

Great to see Trek is becoming cool. Keep up the good work Bad Robot!

“Admiral Buzzkill blocks Kirks move”


I think the person Harrison beats the hell out of on the bridge of the Vengeance is Marcus, not Kirk.

I am excited. This looks good. Can’t wait!

Pretty intense! Release date can’t come soon enough! Mind you, STID still doesn’t have a classification here in Australia. Oh well, I guess they have 8 more days to sort that out. The advertised running time has gone up from 129 mins to 132 mins, so I guess there is some movement on that front.

The Spock Yell frame, if you read the reverse letter writing it says “Authorized Personel Only”

Cant wait just a few more weeks to see everything come togeather.
The 14th can not come soon enough.

By the way anyone else going to the Entertainment Weekly’s Capetown film feastival screening of Trek 09, Next Monday Night at the Egyptian Theatrein Hollywood? Nimoy will be doing a Q&A following the film.

Go on, say it, Admiral C*ckblock.

I meant to say earlier that STID trailer was shown on NZ’s TV2 during the screening of the fifth season of Fringe – between 10.45 and 11pm last night (30/4/13). That has been the first bit of advertising that I have seen, but I suspect there has been and will be more…it is starting to feel a bit more real…:)!

How long until we see someone using “Admiral Buzzkill” here? I’m giving it 16.5 hours.

The review of STID is in on digitalspy. They love it.

16) Very cool Anthony!
Keep me updated as well if you think you’ll have time for a tour of the Chinese on the 14th.

“Spock yells at a window”


“Admiral Buzzkill” heh…heh…yeah I’ve had bosses like that.

I think after all the second guessing and postulating on here we need to follow the long standing Marvel Comic tradition and create the Trek-No-Prize. For those who guessed correctly. There surely have to have been some posts on here that raised an Orci eyebrow or two.

I will give the first one to you Anthony, for keeping the secrets while knowing the answers. And lettting us know just enough to keep coming back day after day. And all the while not playing the AICN game of ” I know something you don’t know.”

I had never seen this

So far all the early UK reviews have been good with 4 stars from all e.g Guardian, Digital Spy, Den of Geek and so on…

Some reviewers attended a screening yesterday and posted lots of praise
e.g Empire’s

Helen O’Hara ‏@HelenLOHara 11h

Star Trek Into Darkness is massively fun, and *packed* with fan catnip. Cumberbatch fans are going to be very happy.


Adam ‏@adamrubins 13h

Star Trek: Into Darkness is EPIC. A joy from start to finish that stays faithful to the source material whilst thrilling new audiences
Retweeted by Cumbertrekky
Adam Adam ‏@adamrubins 13h

And welcome to Hollywood Benedict Cumberbatch. Steals the show and sets him on the path to greatness. A young Ian McKellen
Retweeted by Cumbertrekky

Love the Admiral Buzzkill GIF!

Whenever he’s put back in command of the Enterprise, he’s demoted to Captain Cockblock.

that gif is too funny xD

Just bought me a ticket for May 8th (Stuttgart) :-) *happy*

@porthoses bitch (22-23)

I just found this poster on ebay a few months ago. Probably my favorite TOS movie. Two of my favorite scenes are depicted right here in the poster.

(1) The punk getting Vulcan nerve pinched on the bus to everyone’s delight
(2) The cop giving Chekov a long, blank stare as if he doesn’t understand a word he’s saying

Also, the hint of the Whale Probe “antenna” flowing into the rainbow flag is a nice integration as well.

Spock wearing his Starfleet uniform is a little odd to me though. I’m pretty sure he never wore it throughout this entire film.

@30. Sir Sporkington

From memory, you are (almost) correct regarding Spock’s uniform. I think the only scene in which he wore it was at the court martial at the end of the movie.

Heh. Admiral C Block

C’mon Pike, really? I hate it when that happens.

So happy to see PIKE in both those videos—And a couple of photos too.

@30….I think if he wore the white robe with the headband in the poster it wouldnt have the same recognitio factor for the non-fan.

Excellent clips. The way Pike steps in between Kirk and the young lady is reminiscent of the scene we saw yesterday where Carol sits between Kirk and Spock.

Any idea of how things are going at the box office for STID?

Guess what Spock is yelling through the window ;)

@36. Star Trek Into Darmok

I know what we are supposed to guess – and that guess might even be correct… But at this point all we know is that the word contains a vowel being yelled which probably does not have an ‘oh’, ‘ee’ or ‘eh’ sound. But I could be over-analyzing mouth position. ..

Is it just me, or does Pike’s uniform look like Admiral Kirk’s uniform from TMP?

“Pikeblocked” You’ll hear this at Trek conventions this summer!

@37. gatetrek



tried to email this to the tipline but got a mailbox full response

new clip from movie posted in Yahoo article

#32. Mad Mann
“Heh. Admiral C Block…C’mon Pike, really?”


Love the reference to Pike as being Admiral Buzzkill!! ROFL!!

What is Spock yelling about?

Admiral Buzzkill.

Makes me wanna see this movie even more.

@ 37. ObsessiveStarTrekFan / 44. Cant Wait Fer ST:ID

It probably sounds like the word ” can’t ” but with an English accent less the apostrophe and T ;)

P.S. Does anyone remember like a year ago when boborci made a typo spelling the word “c0nfidence.”?

Kirk is in a bar, flirts with a girl – and then meets Pike. Deja-vu! ;-)


Finally getting a chance to watch these. That scene with Pike is hilarious and I’m calling him Admiral Buzzkill from now on.

Admiral Pike is now the person to blame for Kirk ending up (yet again) as some lonely, horny celebate who is “married” to the Enterprise by default…deja vu indeed…:(

(Closet) objectophilia rules again.