Stock Up For Colder Weather With The Latest Star Trek Apparel

Okay, we get it. Summer’s not even officially over, and here we are ringing in the winter gear! Well, too bad, because we can’t wait to bring on the pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and ceremonial turning off of the a/c. Welcome fall into your life with these long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies emblazoned with fan-created Star Trek art brought to you by TrekMovie and TeePublic.

Plus, now is a great time to stock up thanks to TeePublic’s site-wide sale, which ends Friday, September 18th.

Long-sleeve shirts

Party with Borgs long sleeve shirt Long sleeve shirt with Voyager that reads "There's coffee in that nebula"
Check out Party With Borgs, Coffee In That Nebula, USS Defiant, and Starfleet Patch.

And check out the full line of long sleeve tee shirts here.

Cozy Sweatshirts

Check out DJ Vulcano, Space… The Final Frontier, Enterprise Classic, and Romulan Republic.

And check out the full line of crewneck sweatshirts here.


Check out Obsidian Order, Voyager Far From Home, Space…, and Live Long and Prosper.

And check out the full line of hoodies here.

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I want more masks tho. Love the Enterprise Classic!

I definitely need an Enterprise Classic; now all I have to figure out if I want a tee, a tank, or a sweatshirt…

Get all three Corylea! It’s on me…


im in LA we have summer till november and to hell with leaves changing color… but wouldn’t mind a nice trek hoodie for when it gets down into the 50s at night

wait… no zip ups? ugh… we need zips in LA…

50s… poor you! I was in LA a few years ago. Everyday same temp, around 80… Sunny… Quite nice, but you California drivers!

fortunately i cycle everywhere… ditched my wrangler years ago. yes the 80 sunny days are quite lovely… but it’s desert and gets comfy at night and can get pretty chilled in wintertime at night. that’s why we need zipper hoodies… not cold enough for over the head. cali drivers are really no different than other city drivers. i’m from NY… have you driven in NYC? and florida drivers are all on meth. boston drivers try to run over anyone not white. portland drivers are stoned. seattle drivers drinking too much coffee. everyone’s nuts.

Haha… I don’t know how LA is setup as far as bike lanes go, but cycling in any major city is always a challenge. Some drivers get infuriated because you take up space that they believe should only be reserved to cars. I have had cars from the opposing lane literally charge me… It’s like you say, people are nuts. I have driven in all those cities you mention except Portland. NYC in Manhattan above 55th (at least on the East side) it’s more “relaxed”. Below that for some reason the taxi’s are crazy and honk at everything. There are more taxis on the road than cars. Florida east coast is absolutely maniacal. 6 or 8 lane highways, the on and off ramps are so close together that the GPS can’t keep up… But I go on the west coast. Super relaxed. Unfortunately a lot of older people who have their own special driving habits. I didn’t notice what you say in Boston, though I’m white… I thought it was a relatively “evolved” city, with Harvard, MIT, … In Cali my nasty experience was driving on the western part of Hollywood Boulevard, I was slowing down to turn into an entrance, when a blond with sunglasses in a Jeep honks at me. Like, relax, can’t you see I’m pulling in somewhere? Maybe I’m supposed to get out of your way because you look cool in your Jeep? So in general I found people impatient. Especially on the 1 just south of Carmel, People drive crazy fast and I’m just trying to not fall over the cliff… My brother once had an impatient driver wanting him to move aside, and gave him a nasty snear when he finally passed him. It was Clint Eastwood.

I designed a shirt on TeePublic through the Paramount license program. Does anybody know how I get it listed in the collection?

i would contact people who run this site and ask that… why don’t you share a link here i’d like to see it

I’ve noticed recently that the T-public search engine isn’t very good at pulling up Star Trek items.

I’m not sure if it’s a new issue. I used to be able to find pages and pages of choices, but now a search on “Star Trek ” only returns a few pages that are actually specific to the franchise.

It’s better when one chooses a particular series, but generally it will mix in generic star/space content and even stuff from other franchises.

It seems to be searching on the description of the image or key words rather than using key word fields that the artists would have populated to classify their work.