Analysis: Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Guest Stars Most Likely To Appear In ‘Picard’ Season 3

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Picard season 3!

Star Trek: Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas has been having fun talking about the upcoming reunion of the Next Generation cast. During a recent appearance on the Inglorious Treksperts podcast, he dropped another little tidbit indicating the core Enterprise-D crew members might not be the only familiar faces we’ll be seeing:

And funny enough, there are moments that are–because there are some people who come back from Star Trek in this season that aren’t just the Next Gen cast. There’s one character who is in Next Gen who I was like, “I really want this character to come back.” And when they did, that was weirdly more thrilling than everything else in totality.

Enough for a list of possibilities? Absolutely. Below you will find my top four candidates, then a list of other possibilities that intrigued the TrekMovie team, a few we just miss, and then some I personally hope are not on the return list—not because I dislike them, but because their stories have run their course.

Our top picks: characters with unfinished stories

Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes)

Michelle Forbes as Ro Laren in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Viewers weren’t the only ones who wanted more Ro Laren; the original plan for Deep Space Nine was to have her as the station’s first officer under Benjamin Sisko. Forbes passed on the role, and we got the great Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor in her place), so that all worked out nicely, but it still left us curious about where Ro might have ended up.

The last time we saw her (comics and books notwithstanding), she’d left Starfleet to join the Maquis, telling Riker, “It’s been a long time since I really felt like I belonged somewhere” and asking him to apologize to Picard for her.

She’d be a nice choice for a return, especially considering she has specific personal relationships with several of the main characters: Picard, Riker (wink wink), Geordi, and Guinan.

Lt. Commander Shelby (Elizabeth Dennehy)

Elizabeth Dennehy as Lt. Commander Shelby in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Shelby was a challenging foil for Riker in TNG’s classic two-parter (and agonizing cliffhanger) “Best of Both Worlds,” and left a lasting impression.

Perceptions of the character have changed a lot over the years, as actress Elizabeth Dennehy will attest. Fans at conventions would tell her “Oh, you were such a bitch, I hated you.” She said they’d tell her that even though she realized she made the right decisions, they didn’t like the way she spoke to the Enterprise crew and almost resented her for being as smart and as correct as she was. But she says these days, she gets nothing but “mad respect.”

While Lower Decks let us know she made captain a while back—and of course she did!—we don’t know much else about what happened to her after she went off to lead the task force rebuilding the fleet after the events at Wolf 359. Plus, Matalas said the fallout from the Dominion War plays a big role in the upcoming season, and Shelby served in Starfleet during the war, so she likely has some stories to tell.

Mirasta Yale (Carolyn Seymour)

Carolyn Seymour as Mirasta Yale on Star Trek: The Next Generation

“I have been prepared for the realities of space since I was nine years old, and sitting in a planetarium.”

I relate! This is what Mirasta Yale told Captain Picard at the end of the episode “First Contact,” when despite her best efforts and fervent wishes, her planet was still not ready to accept the existence of people from other worlds and their warp program was discontinued. Yale left with the Enterprise, but we never found out what happened to her since that fateful, life-changing day, or how long she was on the ship. Her character epitomizes what Star Trek is about as a franchise, and would tie in nicely with  TNG reunion and a look toward an optimistic future.

Dr. Kate Pulaski (Diana Muldaur)

Diana Muldaur as Dr. Kate Pulaski in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Being thrilled to get Dr. Crusher back in season 3 of The Next Generation didn’t make us miss Dr. Pulaski any less. She was smart, resourceful, and formidable, and when season 2 was over, she disappeared as quickly as she’d arrived at the beginning. She could be head of Starfleet Medical by now, or retired, having her own (transporter-free) adventures… and it would be great to see her back with the old gang. And who wouldn’t want to see her compare notes on Jean-Luc Picard with Beverly Crusher?

Other options: Whatever happened to…?

Captain Jellico (Ronny Cox)

Ronny Cox as Captain Edward Jellico in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Fans are still arguing over the merits of Captain Edward Jellico—the man who bossed Riker around and finally got Troi into a regulation uniform. Some think he was too hardcore, others think he was just what Starfleet needed to fight the Cardassians, so where did he land, in the end?

Molly O’Brien (Hana Hatae)

Hana Hatae as Molly O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Terry told the Treksperts he couldn’t get Miles O’Brien into season 3, and it makes sense that wherever Miles is, Keiko is too. But Molly’s all grown up now, and wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out what she’s decided to do with her life? If there’s going to be any torch-passing—and we know that Geordi will have grown daughters on Picard—then Molly could easily be part of that.

Amanda Rogers (Oliva D’Abo)

Q with Amanda Rogers (Oliva D'Abo) in Star Trek: The Next Generation

She was only in one episode, but Amanda Rogers was a character of great significance. She was a Q, born on Earth. Her parents had disguised themselves as Humans and then were executed by the Q Continuum, so she was adopted and raised by Human parents. Q came to find out the extent of her powers, and eventually convinced her to embrace them, so off she went… but not before asking Dr. Crusher if she could come back and see her someday. Maybe that day has finally come.

Thomas Riker (Jonathan Frakes)

Jonathan Frakes as Thomas Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation

He started his journey on TNG before making his way to DS9, and last we heard, Riker’s transporter-created double was in a Cardassian labor camp after stealing the Defiant. But he’s a resourceful guy just like the original, so surely his story didn’t end there. Kira promised to rescue him, and both Jonathan Frakes and DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr had planned to have him return, so why not now?

A few more, just for fun

Matalas indicated there could be more than one former TNG guest star showing up on Picard, so here are a few others that would be nice to see:

Vash (Jennifer Hetrick)

Jennifer Hetrick as Vash in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Picard’s lover, Q’s partner-in-mischief, now Quark’s partner-in-crime… gotta wonder what messes she’s gotten herself into.

Moriarty (Daniel Davis)

Daniel Davis as Hologram Moriarty in Star Trek: The Next Generation

A sentient hologram who predates The Doctor from Voyager, Moriarty certainly could’ve acquired a mobile emitter by now.

Simon Tarses (Spencer Garrett)

Spencer Garrett as Simon Tarses in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Poor scared Simon Tarses. Here’s hoping he’s been forgiven by Starfleet for concealing his heritage and has moved on to bigger and better things.

Roga Danar (Jeff McCarthy)

Jeff McCarthy as Roga Danar on Star Trek: The Next Generation

We left him at a particularly tense moment in Angosian history, determined to avoid violence but not sure he could. How’d it all turn out?

Robin Lefler (Ashley Judd)

Ashley Judd as Robin Lefler in Star Trek: The Next Generation

She charmed Wesley Crusher, she charmed viewers, and no doubt she’s come up with even more Lefler’s Laws since “The Game.”

Mot (Ken Thorley)

Ken Thorley as Mot on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Does Picard’s android body need haircuts anymore?  He’s not the only one aboard whatever ship they’re going to be on, so let’s make sure they have a good barber on hand. We know Mot opened an Emporium in Stardust City on Freecloud, but that could be a franchise, leaving him free to rejoin his former crew.

Alyssa  Ogawa (Patti Yasutake)

Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa on Star Trek: The Next Generation

We haven’t seen her since Star Trek: First Contact, but she was always a favorite.

Please, not these: characters whose stories have run their course

Dr. Leah Brahms (Susan Gibney)

Susan Gibney as Leah Brahms on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Some fans think she’ll turn up as Geordi’s wife on Picard, but given the whole basis of their relationship AND the fact that she’s already married, I think this would be a bit icky.

Lt. Barclay (Dwight Schultz)

Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay on Star Trek: The Next Generation

There are Barclay fans and Barclay detractors, but either way, we did get some follow-through on his story when the character moved over to Voyager and helped bring the ship home. I’d be happy to hear that he’s still thriving, but for the most part, his story has been told.


Still a little mad I can’t include Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) on this list since he was killed off in Picard season 1. (No, I’m not over it.) How about a flashback?

Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Let us know in the comments who you’d most like to see, and make your guesses for which TNG guest star you think Terry Matalas was talking about.

Cameos from Deep Space Nine and Voyager also coming

Terry Matalas has also hinted that Picard season 3 could include cameos from DS9 and Voyager, so we’ll be coming up with ideas for those next. Stay tuned!

Listen to Matalas on Inglorious Treksperts

It’s worth listening to the entire episode of the podcast for more insights into season 3 and beyond with Matalas. It’s a great conversation across the board.

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Frankly? Most of these would (in my opinion, obviously) be awful to revisit, and very few of them strike me as being at the level where the showrunners would be excited to get them back.

Of those listed, my money’d be on Ro or Lefler as having sufficient impact and – most crucially – are played by actors of sufficient stature for it to be open to question whether they’d want to return.

A third I’d add to that list, even though his story was sort-of concluded on DS9, would be Tony Todd as Kurn.

And if Thomas Riker is a viable option, then Sito Jaxa too? Although Shannon Fill isn’t an actor anymore, which means there’d be a question as to whether she’d want to.

I hate how Kurn’s story ended and would like to see a better resolution, but it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Kurn doesn’t know he’s Kurn anymore, though. He wanted Worf to kill him, but instead they erased his memories and told him he was someone else. (I never bought that storyline, it seemed like a load of hogwash to me, but undoing it now is too complicated.)

I think Ro and Thomas Riker both died in the Dominion War. It would be a cop-out if among all the dead Maquis that we were told about, the only survivor or two are the ones we already knew.

I think Barclay is most likely. After him, then Leah Brahms.

Well, Thomas was in a Cardassian prison, and the Cardassians had agreed not to sentence him to death, so he might have survived the destruction of the Maquis. Or the Dominion might have just killed a lot of Cardassian prisoners.

Barclay… I don’t think so. Dwight Schulz … I don’t See him in Nu Trek. Too right Wing.

A real pity that we’re casting roles based on political views of the actors.

Who said that they are? In fact, I very much doubt that’s the case.

“I think Ro and Thomas Riker both died in the Dominion War.”

And Dr. Pulaski fell down an elevator shaft.

As soon as the Dominion moved into the Alpha Quadrant, you know damn well Riker was executed. Sorry for this simple fact.

>Frankly? Most of these would (in my opinion, obviously) be awful to revisit, and very few of them strike me as being at the level where the showrunners would be excited to get them back.

You’re on your own with that opinion

The most important name is obviously missing on your list: Sela (Denise Crosby)…

Ideally, as the main villain of the season. The Romulan Queen.

Denise Crosby said she’s not in Season 3.

And Andrew Garfield said he wasn’t in No Way Home. And Liam Neeson said he wasn’t in Obi-Wan Kenobi…

Yeah even Frakes was caught lying about being in season 3 like a few days before the announcement from an interview he gave for this site lol. So yeah, you just never know these days. Actors have NDAs for a reason. I do believe Crosby when she says she’s not in it, but you can’t rule anyone out anymore even if they constantly tell you they are not in it.


The difference however is that Denise Crosby didn’t even know season 3 had filmed when asked about it in a recent interview.

Time will tell, I guess. Either she was playing dumb as to not spoil it, or she’s not in it.

This is from the TrekMovie interview about a mont ago.

You must have heard the news that they’re bringing your TNG co-stars back for the next season of Picard?
I did hear that, yes. Because people keep asking me if they’re going to have Sela back. But there are no plans for that. Certainly, if they ask, I’ll definitely do it, but I’ve never been asked.
Unfortunately, the season has been shot and that is the last season. 
Oh, okay. Well then, that ship has sailed. I don’t really follow it, though. I have never seen Picard. I don’t watch much of it, to be honest.

That’s sounds pretty conclusive. If you are going to tell a white lie if you are in it, then her approach here with this interview is way to complex — lies upon lies…so I think we can count her out then.

That’s unfortunate.

Please, just no.

Denise Crosby just did not have the gravitas to play a villain. Sela was a mistake from the get go.


I don’t really understand why people seem to think divorce doesn’t exist in the 24th/25th Century. We know Dr. Pulaski was divorced at least twice. Why couldn’t Leah Brahms?


In at least some non-canon novels her husband was killed, leaving her free to remarry.

The whole story line was creepy with her and very incel.

The only thing creepier than the premise of their relationship is the failure of some to recognize the creepiness of the relationship. This is a Trek hill I will die on :)

I can’t see it happening. It’s been reported that Levar Burton was very happy with the backstory that was developed for La Forge in season 3 and he’s been quite vocal in his criticism of of how romance was handled for the character historically. It therefore seems more likely to me that Geordi married and had a family with a new character or at least one that wasn’t tied to a storyline the actor disliked.

Yeah, Leah Brahms would be my choice given that she was Geordi’s wife in the anti-time timeline.

Please please please don’t bring them up for no reason. If the story of S3 is finally going into a direction that can be called good, I’d love some cameos, esp. from DS9. But don’t repeat this outa nowhere Wesley Crusher-Moment. Steps: 1) Think, 2) write smart story, 3) think again and let it check by some experts 4) bring in characters that fit the smart story. Not: 1) Bring in as many old characters as possible 2) think of semi-dramatic ways to make their personality weird or to let them die 3) write some story and CGI around that.

Let’s see what can come up with then.

*Love* this what-if, thought-experiment, thank you Laurie! I was delighted to see Mirasta Yale on the list, always wondered what became of her. Any and all of thise on your list would be a joy!

But, no Outrageous Okuna?! 😜

Klim Dokachin? Let’s see if you can id this deep dive, Laurie! 🖖

Wasn’t he the Zakdorn who lost that Vulcan ship?

That character I recall from Unification, right?

Yep. Riker kept butchering his name lol

You know I seem to recall from an interview that Lower Decks had to be careful with Okuna because he was going to appear somewhere else too…

I think it’s almost certainly Barclay. I have to think Terry Matalas, like many Trek fans our age back in the heyday of TNG, really loved and identified with Barclay as the socially awkward daydreamer. If we hadn’t been told that Colm Meaney and Denise Crosby don’t appear in Season 3, I would have assumed one of those two. But otherwise, Barclay is the only character that’s big enough to be worth a revisit in a TNG farewell season, he was by far their most significant reoccurring character beyond Q. Not even O’Brien had as many episodes.

I would love to see Dr. Pulaski, but she was incredibly unpopular in an unpopular season. I doubt the actress would be interested in returning either.

I’m certain Michelle Forbes has zero interest in returning to Star Trek, but it would be fun. I’m not sure it would be successful either because her character had no chemistry with the cast before she left.

Jellico would be an awesome revisit, but again not important.

As for the rest, I doubt Matalas would be this excited bringing them back.

I would be shocked if it wasn’t Dwight Shultz.

Agreed. Who else could it be? Well, I hope season 3 is entertaining.

Barclay paved the way for Tilly as well.

I think it’s doubtful given how Schultz has gone full MAGA.

Wow, that’s unfortunate he embraced that.

Did not know that. Wow.

Guess the ‘howling mad’ part of Murdoch came to the fore. That’s depressing.

But keep in mind, Hollywood will only ever not hire someone, or fire them as the case may be, if it hurts their bottom line. As long as a person isn’t an active embarrassment to the company, they’ll use them.

Ah shoot, I didn’t know that. That probably ends that possibility.

I’ve always thought that TNG “Ethics” would have been the script to bring Pulaski back (despite how good Carolyn Kava was in the role of Crusher’s antagonist). One of the season two episodes even said Pulaski had experience in nervous system regeneration (specifically, Geordi’s optic nerve).

Personally, I couldn’t stand him and he took up valuable plot time every time he was on screen. Then again, I’m older than you. Cheers.

Demeaning Dwight Schultz … or any performer … or any person … merely because he has Republican viewpoints isn’t being considerate, isn’t being acceptive of the worth of persons, and isn’t something that fits in the concept of “infinite diversity in infinite combinations.” It’s not a requirement that a person must be a liberal Democrat to be a Star Trek fan, or to work on Star Trek productions. We’re close to a 50-50 split in the U.S. among Republican supporters and Democrat supporters. It’s an okay and not unfortunate thing to be a conservative Republican Star Trek fan, and it’s okay and not an unfortunate thing to be a liberal Democratic Star Trek fan. For the record, I’ve been in a comic con convention room a few years ago where the notably left-leaning Marina Sirtis said she would work with Dwight in a heartbeat (which is why she took the “Voyager” guest appearances) and that she genuinely really likes him.

DS9 would’ve been a good place to bring back Shelby, what with the war and her being a tactical officer and all that. Kinda odd that they didn’t.

I wish Mirasta Yale had been a semi-regular on TNG. Following her progress would’ve been nice.

Mirasta Yale? “Most likely?” I mean… it’d be cool, yes. But she hardly is a good fit for a “most likely” list. Neither are several of the others.


We already have Kirk coming back in SNW.

The real Kirk


Kirk has been dead for, like, 30 years by the Picard season 3.

time is the fire in which we burn

Ro would be a good fit for the Fenris Rangers now that the Marquis are largely pining for the fjords. And I’m not sure we can 100% count out Hugh – his death would be one of the easier ones to technobabble away due to nanoprobes and such.

Yar’s sister should be one of those Rangers, always thought she was a character they could have rehabilitated. In fact, I had in mind a sort of privateer version of 24thcen trek during DS9 where you’d see some familiar faces turn up on Dukat’s captured BoP, like her and Danar. Pretty sure she hasn’t acted for a long while now, and imagine she may have had those artificial boulders removed too, so have no idea if she’d be recognizable.

Slow news day?

Trekmovie does speculation/theory articles all the time. And they are fun to discuss, hence why they make them.

True, but some of these suggestions are silly.

This is preferable to an update from Simon Peggs second cousins housekeeper on the status of Trek 14….

LOL, this!!!

Or me commenting on such an article that the movie is fully on. ;-)

No one is making entire ‘news’ articles about what fans think though. But Pegg has had about a dozen articles over the last five freaking years stating over and over with the same message ‘Yeah, it’s really happening soon this time’. His credibility holds the same weight of a used car salesman even if he’s actually right this time.

I think it’s better to just post articles when the director or Paramount themselves gives an update about the movie. I noticed Trekcore has stopped posting quotes from the actors about it for years now because it’s just become absolute fluff at this point.

Agreed. BTW, I was making fun of myself…hope you got that joke? ;-)

I did lol! And I don’t have a problem with it even if you were serious of course, it’s more about every quote an actor gives as ‘news’. I’m not even getting on Pegg’s case, he’s just answering a question obviously but he’s been answering it nearly the same way for 5 years now lol. This thread feels much more substantive at this point.

But yes hopefully he is right this time.

I got it…. :-)

Whaaaahaha screaming!

Yet you took the time to not only read it, but to post about it? ;-)

My money is on Ro or Shelby. Probably the last chance they will ever get to play their characters again.

…But this is Picard. That means I don’t want to have any of them there because they would probably be marked for a gruesome death that ultimately has no impact on the overall plot.

Apart from Hugh, has that happened with any returning characters? Q died, but it wasn’t gruesome, and it was important to the plot. Guinan, Riker, Troi, and Seven have all been fine so far. Are there any returning characters I’m missing?

Interesting List!

Shelby is a yes for me. I’ve always thought she would be in charge of a fleet of ships designed for battle against the Borg. I loved her in Best of Both Worlds.

Thomas Riker is a yes as well. Did he ever get out of that Cardassian jail?

Ro Laren is ok but I could do without her.

Yes to Pulaski. I liked her better than Crusher. I’m also a fan of S2.

Martok should be in it. He’s one of my favorite Klingons. I loved him in DS9. He could be retired and chasing Targs somewhere.

I predict Denise Crosby showing up. She’s going to be a surprise.

I’m also a Pulaski fan and would love to see her back. I think TNG missed a trick in not making her a recurring character across S3-7.

Okay, the Dominion War was a bloodbath. So I’d wager that Jelico didn’t survive the war. Ro Laren was probably collateral damage, as well. Morarity was probably destroyed when the E-D was destroyed.

Nah, Moriarty was just in a little box in Picard’s Ready Room or somewhere. The crew (and Spot) survived the crash, I think the memory chips would, too.

Given Jellico’s personality, probably killed by his own crew.

And I figured they would’ve sent Moriarty to the Daystrom Institute for study.

Star Trek: The Fragged Generation

Oh, Thomas Riker likely didn’t survive the Dominion going all genocidal on the Cardissians. More collateral damage…

Matalas — if I’m not mistaken — has said that the main antagonist for the season would be an actor who’s never been in Trek, but I’m not sure he said that the character they played would be new. I can absolutely imagine it being, like, Ian McKellan as Moriarty.

I would be thrilled to see Ro, Pulaski, Shelby, or Jellico. If it’s Mot, Matalas will feel my side-eye from half a continent away.

I think it is possible we’ll see Mot and Nurse Agawa, but I don’t think either rises to the level of the “big surprise” that this is being made out to be. They would just be easter eggs. I think it needs to be someone who had more of an impact on TNG, like Barclay, Pulaski, or Ro. Possibly Lore.

I’m okay with Dr. Who being the villian…

I just thought of somebody else I’d love to see: Dr. Selar, who was somebody I always hoped would show up more.

I’m personally fine with whoever shows up although Pulaski would be last on that list but would even be fine with her. But Ro does seem to be a big favorite to return here and other places. Her name has popped up quite a few times in the last week. Would love to see Shelby too. One of those weird situations because she was so popular after her stint on BOBW and I read the producers planned to bring her back but never did. Outside of the brief cameo on LDS, it would be great to see where she’s at today.

I see a lot of fans are predicting Leah Brahms will be back and married to Geordi since we do know he’ll have a family in third season. Fingers crossed!

I would’ve said Barclay could be also be a big possibility but as the article stated his story does seem like it was over after Voyager. And according to Reddit the actor has gone all MAGA crazy and would probably be considered too divisive now. But I would like to see the character back if he does turn up.

Haven’t seen much love for Chief O’Brian anywhere. I understand Colm Meaney isn’t hurting for work, though.

I think people see him more of a DS9 character these days and probably why no one suggested him. I’m more than sure when Trekmovie do their DS9/VOY list he’ll be at the top of it. And who would not want to see the most important officer in Starfleet history???? Not a true Star Trek fan, that’s for sure!

Great actor. Would love to see him show up in one of these shows if they could give him something useful to do.

Ro Laren should have taken the Rios-Part from the beginning of the entire Series as La Sirena’s / Freighters Captain.
It would have been a nice twist seeing Picard and Ro in reversed roles after her betrayal.

Good thought, Michelle Forbes is very good. I could have seen her in Rio’s role.

I’d like to see: Admiral Shelby

I second that emotion.

Ro and Shelby would be 2 of my favorites to see in season 3. I’d especially like to know what happened to Ro following the Dominion’s destruction of the Maquis. Even though Pulaski is my least favorite Star Trek doctor, a cameo from Diana Muldaur would be fun.

Surprised that Dr. Selar didn’t make this list.

Sonya Gomez, too, but her appearance on Lower Decks militates against that.

On the “longshot” list: Sariel Rager.

I agree that Ro Laren would top my wishlist. One of TNG’s best characters.

When they started Picard I was really hoping for Vash & I think that would be the neatest way to keep our intrepid Captain a bit younger than his years.

I’m going out on a limb and say none of these folks are in S3.

Leffler is game

Hey, you guys left Admiral Nechayev off of your list but included Jellico, what’s up with that? And Leah Brahms could too be married to Geordi. When she told Geordi that she was married in TNG that was in the 2360s’, it’s now 2401. It’s been almost 40 years in the Star Trek timeline since “Galaxy’s Child” so there’s a BIG chance that Leah might not have stayed married that whole time.

It’s also quite possible, with Geordi being stationed at Utopia Planitia post -Nemesis, that he might’ve ran into Dr.Brahms and the sparks might’ve flyed between them this time. Who knows? If Dr.Brahms is not Geordi’s wife though, then my next guess would be Sonya Gomez, whom you also left off of your list. And you left off Sela but that’s okay because, if Denise Crosby does return in Picard season 3, I don’t think she’ll return as Sela.

She’ll return as Tasha Yar somehow. Since this is a farewell to TNG, it would only be complete if Tasha Yar was included in it someway. Just like I believe Wesley will show up again in the finale to have one more onscreen moment with, basically, his adopted father, Jean-Luc Picard, I believe Tasha will show up as well, I just don’t know how. Terry Matalas said that “anyone can return in Star Trek” so that’s why I think Tasha will be returning somehow.

Even if it’s only as a hologram, it’ll still be an appearance. Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

Leah Brahms died in the attack on Mars.

Phil, I think you may be mistaken? Perhaps in a comic or novel I am not familiar with, but not in on-screen canon in any Kurtzman-Trek ep that I am familiar with (including that Short Trek ep).

Anyway, assuming she did not die and is “in play” still, I would love to see her in PIC S3 as Geordi’s wife. And in regarding characters that only were around for a season or less, like Pulaski and Yar, I don’t really have any interest in seeing those kind of failed characters again.

Nope. I’m assuming they’re (mostly) all dead. It’s just taking a bit of time to speculate on how they departed.

So would you agree it’s likely, but not conclusive given it wasn’t showing on screen, nor was the character’s death referred to? I mean she could’ve been on vacation or on a business trip to earth on that day, so who knows for sure, right?

And if it was in a novel or comic, I have no doubt that she still might very well show up if Kurtzman and company want her in the story regardless of any new policy on the canon of those media. They’re always going to take those media less seriously than what’s on screen In terms of allowing for storytelling flexibility in the live action series’.

Where did it say this, Phil? Was it in the Picard novel, The Last Best Hope? It was never mentioned on-screen. But, if it’s in that novel, then it’s canon because, as per ViacomCBS/Paramount, all novels and comic books published after April 2019 are to be considered canon going forward and that Picard novel came out in early-2020. And if it is in that novel, then I apologize for not knowing 🙂.

I haven’t gotten around to reading that book yet so I didn’t know she died. But that’s fine because I posted in an earlier article on here that I thought that Geordi might’ve wound up with Sonya Gomez anyways and that’s looking like a stronger possibility now than Leah Brahms at this point. Live long and prosper, Phil 🖖.


Laurie, I guess if there’s a groundswell of fans that really wanna see her one final time, i’m not opposed to a cameo in one ep. I just always found her character and her acting performance kind of bland and boring on TNG. Just my opinion though.

Personally I’d like to see an Admiral Shelby, and then have some drama with her giving orders to Riker that he doesn’t agree with.

Great article, by the way, thank you!

Ro Laren for sure. She was one of the best characters in TNG. She seemed to actually grow up during the show while the others remained stagnant. Her realizing that Picard’s preaching, declarations of absolute righteousness and bad analogies weren’t worth her loyalty in Preemptive Strike was one of the few highlights of that series. It was totally surprising, one of the rare times in TNG!She’s probably the only character that wouldn’t have been surprised to learn of the loss of the Ent-D to a 50 year old BOP, Picard using droids programmed to act as slaves to build an evacuation fleet on his watch and the total destruction of said fleet, and him ditching friends, etc. Her coming back would maybe be worth watching. Not as good as the a restored Borg collective coming to farm robo-Picard as the singularity and key to them ditching the need for organic life for innovation with everyone trying to save him, but maybe good?
Second place – Lt. Commander Shelby. She was in the best of TNG saving Starfleet from Locutus/Picard after he destroyed half the starfleet. She just felt commander in training and wanted the centre seat. Why they didn’t use her for the spin off Voyager is beyond me.
And on that note… what if Voyager had been Shelby as the Captain and Ro Laren as the Maquis Captain??? Would that have forced some good writing?

I’d personally want Thomas Riker and Ro Laren to return somehow but I don’t get why Dwight Schultz couldn’t return. There is always room for more Barclay. Maybe he became captain. I think there might be a bit of bias here in terms of the actor and his politics but that should be kept separate from the role he is playing or played.

Also I find the character of Vash really grating and hopefully it isn’t her that is returning. I mean all she did was to try to keep Picard on his toes for no reason at all and their chemistry never seemed genuine to me.

It always seemed clear that Vash was created to satisfy Patrick Stewart’s desire for Picard to be something else than Picard.

The writers did their best to come up with a credible character that shared some interests (archeology) and pushed him out of his comfort zone, but I always found it a bit cringey.

My hope is for Ro and maybe even Nurse Ogawa. Leffler is off the table- Ashley Judd was hurt pretty badly right around the time they were filming (broken leg). But I wouldn’t be upset with her or Vash. Dr Pulaski would be my second pic, I never thought she got enough love. But Barclay’s story is pretty much wrapped up and with Dwight Shultz mostly doing voice roles now (and MAGA podcasts) I’d say it’s possible but highly unlikely. I saw someone mention Admiral Nechayev- she was always a favorite too!

I’m surprised they are still flogging this dead horse. It seems to be universally panned.

For me it doesn’t makes sense to have characters back with unfinished stories, because the show is not about them. Most of these would take up too much time to resolve with a guest spot. Barclay actually makes the most sense, because his character is simple and he’s easy to fit in (for laughs). Ogawa would also make sense on this list.

Characters that I would love to see (and make sense to me) are: Sela (c’mon, Denise has to be in it), Admiral Nechayev, Guinan (probably a cameo in the finale), maybe Sonya Gomez, and actually Majel Barrett as the computer. They can easily reuse previously recorded computer responses.

And as a bonus: The O’Briens, if they can get Colm to agree.

Totally agree about Nechayev, although I must admit that despite her many appearances, I had forgotten about this character until I read the comments.

Haven’t they already finished filming and said Meaney and Crosby are not in it?

They have finished filming. Didn’t know they said that though.

O Brien no brainer…

edit: responded in the wrong place

Barclay should definitely be there.

And also a EMH played by Robert Picardo!

What, no David Warner as Gul Madred?

Seems an obvious choice considering:

1) Well-known and well-regarded actor with considerable stature
2) Had incredibly electrifying on-screen chemistry with Patrick Stewart in a memorable TNG 2-parter
3) Has a connection to both Picard and the post-Dominion war Cardassia
4) Has unfinished business/things left unsaid with Picard

Bring back Olivia d’Abo. She could play a dabo girl.

Y’all know Ro Laren and Thomas Riker were killed during the Dominion War right?

I’ll throw in that Jelico was, as well, and maybe Robin Leffler. Barclay finally snapped, and jumped into a warp core, somewhere.

Unbelievable that Obrien isn’t on this list! In my opinion he’s a must

My guess is he will be on the DS9 list when they release that one. He started on TNG obviously but it’s DS9 where he really became a main character and most fans identify him from.

Sure but I could bet he’s the most seen guest character in tng

.. And even though he’s a guest star he was the transporter chef of the Enterprise which is a quiet high position!

I would be over the moon if they brought back Ashley Judd.

If Star Trek Picard is the last hurrah of the TNG crew, I hope we get at least a glimpse of their Mirror Universe counterparts. Worf and Tuvok aside, TNG and VOY are the only Trek shows * that never visited the Mirror Universe.

*SNW is still new and it could find a way to circumvent canon.

When did Tuvok go to the Mirror Universe?

Edit: Never mind, it just came to me lol.

Heh. It’s funny how Mirror Tuvok is technically the first Voyager character to appear on screen.

Yeah it’s why I didn’t remember him at first lol. He shows up early in one scene but then we never saw him again…ever. I would’ve loved if we saw him in later episodes. But it was such a thrill to even see him there at the time!

No no no no. No. We’ve spent way too much time in the Mirror Universe.
Mirror Universe’s being the multi-verses that they are, let’s do something different. Klingons would be great space hippies, right?

No, lol.

I couldn’t say that the Mirror Universe is overdone or anything like that. It just may feel that way because we last saw it a few years ago. In truth, we’ve seen it less in the last five years than we did during the run of DS9 in the ’90s.

I think that for the TNG crew it would be earned.

Do I think it’s likely? Not really. Specially not after the Confederation timeline. I wish it was, though.

Miles Edward Obrien

I can hear this line.

Capt. Maxwell (Bob Gunton) or Admiral Pressman (Terry O’Quinn)?

Though having said that, I think it’d be weird to have Maxwell without O’Brien.

You should call this list “Most Likely To Not Appear”.

Interesting list. It’s 2022 so whomever it is will likely be a woman but there’s still a chance a man could return in the role of an antagonist


The character I most want to see is Nick Locarno

Ehhh, so season 3 of Picard is a melancholy trip down memory lane.