Podcast: All Access Tries To Explain What The Heck Is Happening On ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 111 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 22:39]

Tony and Laurie start with the news that all of the TOS and TNG movies have been removed from Paramount+, then round up the latest tweets from Star Trek: Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas and tell listeners how to enter a drawing to win the Picard season 2 Blu-ray or DVD set. They talk about William Shatner’s new book and his estrangement from Leonard Nimoy, and check out reactions to last week’s Lower Decks episodes from DS9 vets Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, and Cirroc Lofton (and clear up the mystery of Quark’s teeth). They look ahead to Lower Decks‘ future and Mike McMahan’s interest in working some of the Enterprise cast into the show. After that, they take on the hefty task of reviewing Lower Decks‘ wackadoo new episode “A Mathematically Perfect Redemption.” They wrap up with the Doctor Who movie that could’ve been directed by Leonard Nimoy and a way to celebrate Star Trek Christmas year-round.


All 10 TOS And TNG Era Star Trek Movies Have Exited Paramount+ USA (Again)

Terry Matalas Drops More ‘Star Trek: Picard’ S3 Hints, Says “Safety Not Guaranteed” For TNG Characters

Podcast: All Access Talks To Showrunner Terry Matalas About ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Chelah Horsdal tweets about a Star Trek fan thinking she’s delusional

Captain Rachel Garrett

Review: Binge ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 On Blu-ray (And Enjoy That Gag Reel)

See Jean-Luc And Seven In Action In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Picard – Stargazer’ #2

Watch: William Shatner Still “Devastated” Over How Things Ended With Leonard Nimoy

DS9’s Nana Visitor And Armin Shimerman Talk Emotional ‘Lower Decks’ Moments (And Quark’s Teeth)

Watch: Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, And ‘Lower Decks’ Cast Celebrate The Return To ‘Deep Space Nine’

Mike McMahan Trying To Figure Out How To Do ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Cameos On ‘Lower Decks’

Twitter reaction: Boimler as Future Guy / Terry Matalas endorses

‘Next Generation’ Cast To Reunite On Stage At New York Comic-Con For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Panel

Love, Death & Robots


Tony: Leonard Nimoy Almost Directed Doctor Who Movie – Plan Nixed For His Star Trek Connection

Laurie: Making the most of your USS Enterprise tree-topper and  Review: Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Star Trek Ornaments Are The Perfect Fit For The Holidays In 2020

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“Is this a good Lower Decks episode?”

Peanut Hamper is a lower decker, albeit a rogue one. Expanding the focus of the show builds a richer canvas for storytelling.

Every show has such an episode, but normally only when the show tryed to save some money :D

I look forward to listening to you both ENGAGE in conversation regarding Star Trek. I love your news and reviews.

I found this conversation ENGAGE-ing! I’m on the fence about this episode. I wanted more of our main characters, but I’m glad they’re trying something different.

For Picard season 3, I just have to go in with high hopes and low expectations. Matalas has given us a lot of talk now and it’s time for him to back it up. This comments section is a pretty good way to engage with the podcast.

Just getting into this cast! What a odd episode. Not sure we needed peanut hamper elisode. Worth it for J.g. hertzler and jeffery combs cameo though. Love the opening sequence for this episode. Cant wait for more Trek oh and more all access episodes talking about it. ENGAGE

I find this podcast very ENGAGEing. Listen to Tony and Laurie ENGAGE in conversation about Star Trek is a weekly ENGAGEment for me….Engage!

I have most of the movies on blu-ray, but I still find it annoying that they keep taking them down from P+. If I want to watch a Trek movie on a TV that doesn’t have a blu-ray player hooked up, I’m SOL now. I’ve given up on the P+ app, and I just have it as an Amazon channel now. It works much better.

Usually, I love Lower Decks, but this week’s episode was very disappointing. Other than that; I love your podcast and “ENGAGE”

This is currently my fav LDS ep of the entire series. We need more creativity and cool stories like this and less of the middle school level comedy with canon force fits.

Some of this seasons eps such as the first two and this one have shown me that lower decks is a show I can really get into when they get away from the fan pandering BS and Simpsons-level comedy.

This has been a much better season than the first two so far. Keep it up, Mike M!

Well, I like to hear engage more than let’s fly, that’s for sure. In any case, keep up the good work, I like listening to your podcast on my walks.

I’m with Tony and Laurie about Paramount+. If Disney can buy out the existing rights to their IP, why can’t Paramount? And they REALLY need to fix the user interface. It is SO frustrating to use. I mean, they have Netflix and other streamers to emulate, just do that!

Oh, and Boimler as Future Guy is perfect.

Anyway, ENGAGE!

I am not in the USA but… ENGAGE anyway 😉

I just realized how “Avatar’s” plot could have been SO much better …

Not to mention the dialogue…

Great podcast episode, as usual. I’m wondering if Peanut Hamper is still ENGAGEd to be married. Maybe next season we’ll find out. Live long etc.

Just had a thought about Picard season 3 after listening to the podcast.

What if Worf does die (or appears to have) and he goes to Sto’Vo’Kor. There he is meet by Jadzia (Terry Farrell) and K’Ehleyr (Suzie Plakson). That would be awesome! ENGAGE!

And the two aged in the afterlife? I can’t see them ever confirming that Stovokor actually exists. Maybe they would do it like Barge of the Dead, and leave it as ambiguous as to whether it is really the afterlife or just a hallucination, but it would be kind of lame to bring Terry Farrell back as a hallucination.

Loved seeing Peanut Hamper Again. #Engage

You guys are so right. I really wish P+ would engage in negotiations to bring all the Trek films under one roof again…