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All Access Star Trek podcast episode 125 - TrekMovie

Anthony and Laurie are back with the latest on all five current shows—Picard, Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, Discovery, and Prodigy—covering production updates, new interviews about upcoming seasons, and insights into episodes that have already aired. They talk about the Ben Sisko autobiography on the way, Paramount Plus’ affirmation that there’s still a Section 31 show in development, Michelle Yeoh’s increasing star power, and the possibilities of Enterprise characters finding their way into the new Trek shows, with some input on the idea from new interviews with Scott Bakula and John Billingsley. Sofia Boutella is talking about her interest in another Star Trek movie, and Nicolas Cage is talking about his interest in Star Trek itself! The podcasters wrap up with a Spock/Geordi team-up for a vaccination campaign and a Patrick Stewart/Jamie Oliver team-up for a tasty meal.


Alex Kurtzman And Patrick Stewart Suggest ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Might Continue Beyond Season 3

‘The Next Generation’ Crew Are Together Again For The Official ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Poster

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3: Stewart Talks Beverly’s “Thrilling” Surprise; Showrunner Teases Final Trailer

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3: See Worf In Action, Starfleet’s New Ship Voice Explained & Trailer Update

Anson Mount: ‘Lower Decks’ Crossover Isn’t Craziest Episode In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2

Mike McMahan Teases ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Wedding, Visit To Orion & More Peanut Hamper

‘Star Trek Lower Decks’ Nominated For Annie Award; ‘Discovery’ For NAACP And GLAAD Awards

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers On How Season 2 Is Very Different And Their Hopes For A Movie

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Creators Talk “Magical” Season 2 With “A Lot More” Legacy Characters

Star Trek’s Next ‘Autobiography’ Is Coming From Captain Benjamin Sisko

Paramount+ Affirms Section 31 Star Trek Show Still In Development As Michelle Yeoh Wins Golden Globe

Interview: John Billingsley On TREKtalks2 And How Phlox From ‘Enterprise’ Could Come Back To Star Trek

Interview: John Billingsley On The Joy Of Phlox, Sexuality on ‘Star Trek: Enterprise,’ And Why The Show Won’t Be Back

Scott Bakula Explains How ‘Enterprise’ Could Have Run 7 Seasons; Says He’s Open To Returning To Star Trek

Sofia Boutella Wants To Return For ‘Star Trek 4,’ Hopes To See Jaylah “Evolve”

Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Want To Be In Star Wars, Says He’s A Trekkie


Anthony: LeVar Burton Joins Leonard Nimoy Family For Star Trek-Themed COVID Vaccine Campaign In Los Angeles

Laurie: Sir Patrick Stewart makes chicken mole enchiladas with Jamie Oliver

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It’s very 17th century cringe worthy, but when Beverly was off to Starfleet Academy for season two, maybe it was because she was preggers with JL’s Naked Now love child? An on-ship abortion would have been messy?
Ya gotta suspend a helluva lot of disbelief to make it plausible, but if you’re looking for any sort of rationale…..

Jesus, dude, thanks so much for that vision.

Chronologically, that works nicely, but why on earth wouldn’t she tell him? Or Wesley? That means she left the kid with someone else entirely, too… so many issues there.

She just left the baby in a transporter buffer🤣

It wouldn’t be a good Trek musical episode without Vic Fontaine. Just sayin’.

Did he ever cover BABY BABY DON’T GET HOOKED ON ME? (SYMBIOSIS humor.)

Great discussion as always!

I’m very split on the idea of a Picard season 4 happening. Yes, it’s true, they announced it as their final adventure but then they are hinting we will see some of them back if there is a spin off so it’s not truly ‘final’ anyway if that’s the deal. In TUC, it was final. There was no more adventures with those guys after that. You saw a few in the next movie, but that was just to kill Kirk off. In this scenario, a few of these characters can still be around for years anyway.

For me, I’m open to whatever. If the season is actually good and people really take to them all being together again, it’s no doubt they will want another season to continue it. But I do think it’s probably best to do something new with new characters and maybe 1 or 2 legacy characters as a fixture and others show up every now and again. I still like the idea of either doing a Next Next generation show or a Seven led spinoff show (but I think she’s going to be there regardless). Still open to a Janeway show as well. But as long as we get another 25th century show in any form, I’m good! :)

Oh and on YouTube, a few people who says they seen season 3 already says season 2 is basically ignored. They say it ties up a few loose ends (guessing Laris) but you don’t have to watch season 1 or 2 at all to watch season 3. Thank Kahless! ;)

I think the powers that be a waiting to see reactions to Season 3 before they decide where to go from here. I don’t think they know exactly where to go from here, beyond keeping the thread of the 25th century open for more legacy Trek.

Streaming networks seem to be in a cautious phase these days. They promised virtually year-round content of all our favorite nerdy stuff, but there may be a limit to how much the market can handie.

Oh yeah fully agree. In fact I think that’s why Kurtzman and Stewart last week stated it could be another season because they just want to keep all their options on the table now. I agree with Anthony, overall I don’t think there will be a Picard fourth season, but if the ratings/views/whatever goes through the roof, people absolutely love it and begging them to do more, and Kurtzman DOES listen to fans, (hence SNW and Picard), then yeah they may do it obviously. Especially since most of the cast has already said they want to come back.

And I also think by making it public they may do another season, they wanted to test the waters and see how fans would react to the idea and it seems overwhelming positive. And a lot of them are still not big fans of the show, me included. I think everyone is just hoping season 3 will finally hit that sweet spot and bring back that TNG magic again.

But yes maybe they are re-accessing things overall. But same time no one anywhere seems remotely concerned about it and there is zero rumors ANYWHERE that there is some big change coming around the corner. I said this in another thread but if there was something like that happening it seem it would be leaked in a dozen places by now. People who hate the new shows and run tri-monthly articles/videos how Kurtzman is really really fired this time or Discovery will be cancelled for four straight seasons now would be running away with it but it’s completely quiet in that camp as well. It doesn’t seem to be on the radar on TM that some big shoe is about to drop and they clearly have sources who works on these shows too. So we’ll see, but until I hear that’s actually the case, I’m assuming it’s all still status quo.

If you asked me even a few months ago if I wanted a Picard season 4 it would’ve been a resounding nooooooo!

Now I’m open to it. But season 3 has to be good, I mean classic Trek good not just NuTrek good lol.

I’m shocked Stewart is even thinking of coming coming back? They must be throwing more money at him or blackmail. 😁

Maybe it’s both lol!

As I said, I’m with Anthony I’m not super convinced Stewart will really come back. But if they did make another season maybe it be a more reduced role.

And obviously with the entire TNG cast back, it’s a no-brainer to at least consider doing another IF the reception is really there after season 3. So fingers crossed and I’m very hopeful for the future now! :)

Oh one more thing, a few guys who has a Trek YouTube channel called The Popcast already watched the season and been dropping a lot of spoilers, not major but ones people have already kind of guess in places, one particular spoiler especially, but I’ll leave it at that. But they also confirmed we will DEFINITELY see new DS9 and VOY characters next season. Not just Seven or Worf, actually different characters from those shows. Since I know you’re a big Voyager fan, I thought you would like that! :)

This can be the best season of NuTrek yet. So please don’t $#&% it up this time people!

AWESOME!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

I’m OK if we only got the TNG guys back because they are my favorite characters in all of Star Trek but anyone from DS9 and VOY (wow that does save you time lol) is a double bonus.

I’m actually on a Trek Facebook group where we each create a question and have people talk about it. Just yesterday the question was do we think we’ll see other legacy characters outside of TNG. Every one thought yes but that’s great news!

I hope they don’t mess it up but it’s still no talent Kurtzman running it but been pretty happy lately. Don’t make me unhappy again Kurtzman…save that for the next season of Discovery. 🙄


And just keep doing what you’re doing bro. Don’t worry about the haters or trolls. 🖖

I said I what I needed and hopefully they finally got the message. Just leave me the fuck alone as promised! This is not my board, they can troll as much as they want here, have at it, I don’t remotely care. ALL I care about is they stop being creepy or stalkerish towards me and just leave me the fuck out of it. That’s all I ask. All I ever asked! Period.

I don’t believe for a second that anyone on Youtube has seen season 3…lol, and I’ve got a great investment in Camp Lejeune Mineral Water for you. Give me a break! lol

And mark my word, this is it for Picard. It’s not a market grower series, and so in this belt tightening period right now for the streaming series, it’s done — stick a fork in it.

IGNORE MY POSTS! Seriously how you ‘ignoring’ me if you are responding to my posts? You’re not ignoring me just because you clicked another handle just to respond to me. I don’t want to talk to you. Clearly you want to me lol How desperate is this??? We promise to IGNORE each other…that includes what we say lol. Seriously.

I don’t care about your desperate troll baiting. Just ignore my posts please. Thanks.

Oh and BTW,

“Parrot Analytics has noted that Discovery (and Picard to a lesser extent) have brought in a new and younger audience.”

So WTF are you talking about???? It’s second behind your precious Discovery as far as a “market grower” is concerned but for some odd reason you keep parroting it’s on it’s way out even though ironically it’s the only other show that listed as growing viewers. And a show that is two seasons younger than Discovery as well btw. Funny SNW and PRO isn’t mentioned at all, so maybe those shows are gone then? Right? No, let me guess you talked convention ‘friends’ and they all agreed those shows are in fact ‘market growers’ too even though no one has actually it, but their good. Well that’s a relief.

One Lion or whatever your name this month. this is why I stopped talking to you in the first place. I”m sick of your tired BS because this is all do here. And you can’t even troll bait your own BS correctly lol. You don’t want more TNG, everyone got the message bro, but you just come off as a troll. Everything about is so obvious and it’s a waste of time to try and a real honest conversation with you.. That’s all you are. You’re not here to talk about Star Trek man…you’re just hear to be right. And then bully everyone else who disagrees with you.

And people like you are soooo insufferable! I don’t care that you troll bait, but leave me the hell out of it and stop harassing me. I can’t believe I even bothered trying to treat you like a real person as long as I did. You’re a waste of space. and just leave me alone already because I don’t like you..

You’re just a bully, insecure and petty. And someone I wish I did not ever have to interact at all here, especially since they BANNED you four years ago.

Leave me alone! Can you do that PLEASE instead of these childish games?

Sorry TM, I got a bit off topic there lol. I had to let out some steam but I apologize (once again) for going off topic.I just wish you guys had an ignore button of some kind so I can avoid obvious troll baiters or people with their obvious agendas like this guy every other week here. I love this site and practically every one here, but yeah.

And I apologize for probably being too honest. Sorry it’s the best I can do right now. If you want to ban me over it, I understand. I probably need a break anyway lol.

Thanks as ever for the podcast. First time I’ve heard either of you talk as long or as passionately about Enterprise and it’s good to hear you’re both fans. I did a complete series rewatch during lockdown and for the most part I enjoyed it immensely. I’d like to see it come back in some form even if it’s legacy cameos on some of the current shows.

Yeah I love Enterprise too! :)

Also did a complete rewatch of it back in 2021 and love it more today.

Not holding my breath but want another season as well!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Enterprise fan. I love Trip and Phlox, I love some episodes, but the sexism has always bothered me, along with the decreased diversity in the main cast given the progress made by previous shows. I didn’t like their take on Vulcans, I loved their take on Andorians, but generally I found much of the show rather dull. I do think there’s room to bring some characters into new Trek, but it’s a show I have the least knowledge of and have watched the least. Just want to tell the truth!

I do agree on some of those things, especially the decreased diversity aspect. For some reason I always loved the Vulcan story line personally. And they did basically the same thing in the first Kelvin movie and Discovery IMO, just not as focused.

And I used to think the show was a little dull too…but Discovery season 4 has it well beat for me.

I never found the show that sexist. T’Pol’s uniform was stupid but it was no worse than Troi or Seven of Nine’s outfits. The decontamination chamber was also stupid, but that was pretty much phased out by the end of season 2. T’Pol and Hoshi were both strong characters though, who were two of the smartest people on the ship and grew a lot over the four seasons.

I never found the show that sexist…The decontamination chamber was also stupid, but that was pretty much phased out by the end of season 2.

So if you NEVER found the show that sexist, then you would have to believe that there was no motivating factor whatsoever from the showrunner and producers in these scenes to give male fans a great look at T’Pol’s obviously sexy body?

This is why I personally don’t like using words like NEVER, BTW. For me, the decontamination scenes are right up there with the most sexist moments in Star Trek.

I didn’t exactly find that sexist, since they were also showing off the mens’ mostly naked bodies. It was obviously motivated by sex, and it was one of the dumbest parts of early Enterprise, but I don’t think they were really treating the women any differently than the men there.

Well that’s certainly a rather convenient reason to show off that actresses obviously great looking body to male fans.

I’m not buying that, but I agree that it provides cover/an excuse.

Obviously they were showing off Blaock’s body to male fans. They were also showing off Trineer’s body to those fans who find that appealing. The decon chamber was all about sex appeal, but it wasn’t just the female characters who were part of that.

I think the primary reason was to show off Blalock’s body, but having Trinner’s body also shown provided them the excuse for that. My opinion.

Well, just found this quote from Blalock herself:

You can’t substitute t*** and a** for good storytelling. You can have both, but you can’t substitute one for the other, because the audience is not stupid. You can’t just throw in frivolous, uncharacteristic… well, bull and think it’s gonna help the ratings!

And there you have it!

Originally totally hated T’Pol now she’s my top 10 favorite character today. Also love Hoshi too

I thought she was a little standoffish in the beginning and I know that rubbed people the wrong way. But I knew it was always just her arc just like how Kira was suspicious of the Federation coming to help Bajor but she softened up by the third season. And I liked she and Kira challenged their captains because they just didn’t trust them in the beginning.

So I always liked T’Pol from the beginning and I hope we’ll see her again in the future (no pun intended ;)).

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Enterprise fan. I love Trip and Phlox, I love some episodes, but the sexism has always bothered me, along with the decreased diversity in the main cast given the progress made my previous shows. I didn’t like their take on Vulcans

Well said. In my opinion they kind of nearly ruined the Vulcans, first by the sexist “hot Vulcan” scenes with T’Pol, and then by making them in to condescending racists.

Yeah well, the Vulcans were always condescending racists, pretty much. When Spock is looking down his nose at humans, arguing with Kirk or McCoy for example, just replace the word “human” with any race of people here on Earth. “Oh yes, one of your Black emotions…”

Same with McCoy and Vulcans.

To this day, I never understood this idea that Vulcans were all progressive egalitarians who looked at everyone the same when that was never remotely the case. It certainly wasn’t the case in the 23rd century because Spock was literally treated like an outcast for being half human. How is that NOT racists lol. Here is a clip of Nimoy himself discussing it (when STID was opening). It’s only a minute long.


He makes it very clear, Spock was called a half-breed. He was an outcast. As I said to Laurie this was obviously a big part of Spock’s upbringing in the Kelvin movies. They weren’t considered an outcast because they were born out of wedlock, but because they were half human. And to add on to that, Spock was the only mixed species on the planet lol. Just one guy! Imagine if there were 100 Spocks, or a 1,000 or a million and so on? Then you would see the racism come out even stronger. We only saw him in two episodes with other Vulcans so it never really registered but as you mentioned other humans still picked on him. Yeah some in just good gesture but it still come off very racist today.

I’m black and I used to have a great aunt who was half white and half black. She grew up in Texas during segregation and her experience sounded just like Spock’s did. Kids picked on her too, called her half-breed and words that would get censored here and we know what they are. Her experience was definitely worse but how people looked at her was no different than racist Vulcan pricks looked at humans in the 22nd and 23rd century. The irony is no one would be called a half breed in America today, (well not openly lol), whereas centuries into the future Vulcans are still using that word and they already traveling the galaxy. Their meeting other aliens and still judging others for NOT being Vulcan. That’s racism. Trust me.

They were simply MORE racist in the 22nd century. A hundred years later, yeah less racists and now allies but still pretty racists. By the time you get to the 24th century, again, less so but there still examples on TNG and DS9 still showing Vulcans who still turned their noses up at humans and wanted to isolate themselves from them.

Of course it’s like our real life,not all of them, maybe not even most, but yeah they were definitely racist pricks and why I loved Enterprise. It finally showed them for who they really were. We just had only Spock on TOS and never really got to see real Vulcan culture so what do expect?

BTW, I really miss Leonard Nimoy. :(

I will grant you some of that attitude, but in Enterprise they really took it to an extreme that was unwarranted. Many fans have this opinion.

PS: It’s funny how some here complain about me responding to someone else on a topic they brought up, but then have no issue jumping in on this thread and essentially responding and refuting my post by responding to you…amusing hypocrisy. I don’t have an issue with it though because nobody owns a topic here and it’s immature to get all defensive and emotional about it.

at least Ent ret conned and showed that it was romulan plot to make vulcans so hostile and to stop starfleet and the Fed developing at that time.
they went back to surak’s teachings thanks to archer, t pol

The majority of Vulcans have always been jerks. Spock and Tuvok are both exceptions, but most Vulcans in the other shows are exactly like the ones in Enterprise.c

So the three Vulcan’s we know BY FAR the best, Spock, Tuvok and T’Pol (and I will throw in Sarek as well) — only one of these, on Enterprise, was a jerk and took the condescension and racism thing to much more negative heights. I mean, that’s my point — of those four Vulcans we really go to know, only the one on Enterprise exhibited what I am talking about. That’s validates my point here that Enterprise kind of F’d up their portrayal of Vulcans.

but we know now some of that was to do with the romulans

T’Pol was a jerk for part of season 1, but her character evolved pretty quickly. Tuvok was also a bit of a jerk in his days on Excelsior. We’ve seen plenty of jerk Vulcans outside of Enterprise. Solok immediately comes to mind, but most Vulcans are arrogant and look down on emotional species.

Yep Vulcans have always sucked. There are good ones but many are just doing a good job of pretending to be! They got some real issues. That’s why they turned themselves into robots in the first place.

I know it´ll never happen but I would love for T´Pol to be a guest on Strange New Worlds.

As long as you’re okay with the character being recast, make it so.

Same! But I heard she’s retired now part of a billionaire family so may not be in a rush to do it lol.

Nimoy was also retired and they got that guy back… but he probably didn’t have a billion dollars either. 😁

I’m not a ENT fan. I am thinking about rewatching it though. But, a President Archer series sounds intriguing. I do like Scott Bakula.

I’m thinking this is Picard’s final journey. But, they are passing the baton to the next next generation. I bet we will get a Titan series announcement soon.

That’s all I have this week.

I would love a President Archer series too actually! And I just want more 22nd century stories and you’re talking to someone who didn’t love Enterprise or prequels at one point.

I been saying a Picard sequel will most likely be a next next generation type show as well. That would certainly be my first choice. I would prefer it to be on the Enterprise F but I know that’s unrealistic if SNW is still running and of course Seven commands the Titan so it works out. ;)

I assume the next next generation would be Wesley, Soji, Kestra, Alexander, and Micah Burton’s character.

I don’t know about Wesley because Wil Wheaton said he’s not even in the third season…but these actors have been know to lie before. ;)

They may pull what they did in season 2 and have him show up in the last episode though.

I’m thinking this is Picard’s final journey. But, they are passing the baton to the next next generation. I bet we will get a Titan series announcement soon.

If it weren’t for the belt-tightening period in streaming right now I would agree with you on the Titan series. However, I no longer think they we do that given I don’t think they likely view the Picard follow-on as a market grower type of series.

I really want a Janeway show but this sounds great too! 👍

I think Matalas is leaning to something with some TNG characters as part of a new show too.

But we already have a Janeway show: Prodigy!

Just finally finished listening to the entire Podcast. Great job, Trekmovie — this is the best one you have done yet! Thanks

I’m getting excited for Picard now! A real TNG season! We should’ve got that instead of the dreary mess we did in the first two seasons.

I also want to know about the sequel spin off but I want it to be more like SNW and episodic. 🤌 This is the show I think people really want next. I know I do!

To be honest I hope whatever show comes next will be more like SNW and episodic based. Because as we seen with Discovery and Picard for six straight seasons now, these people can’t seem to write a decent serialized story to save their lives lol.

I’m hoping Picard season 3 will change that perception and so far based on what people who seen it has said, they have. I will remain skeptical until I seen it for myself but I really hope they’re right. Most people really seem excited about next month but everyone still seems cautious as they should be. I definitely want one too but I really just want more shows in the 25th century. And if people really love next season, that won’t be an issue at all IMO.


But the Prodigy guys knows how to actually write unlike the Discovery clowns s! So I would be good if they made another serial show.

If Picard season 3 is good then I would be okay with the spinoff being serialized. But episodic is just more fun like we see on Lower Decks and SNW. So I would still prefer that.

Before Discovery started I was one of the biggest proponents of having Star Trek serialized. A lot of us got use to having that format then and when it’s good, its REALLY good. And I also thought, wrongly, that we would have less filler. That turned to be the complete opposite lol. DIS and PIC both have so much of it. Not so that much in season 1 or 2 of Discovery. I had a lot of issues with those seasons but I will at least say the episodes all mostly felt like they were going somewhere even not going anywhere great.

But staring with first season of Picard and third season of Discovery, they both been tedious bores at times ever since. Dude, what does it say when I was happy to learn Discovery was getting LESS episodes next season lol. I’m sorry this show is just bad. Hopefully next season it will pick up but not holding my breath at all.

But even those shows were GOOD, I still think episodic just works better for a show like this because you can just do a lot of variety and just tell any story you want. I think a big reason why Lower Decks and SNW are crossing over because they are both episodic and so it’s easy to just have fun episode. That’s why they seem so popular in the fanbase. It’s also why we are probably getting a musical on SNW no one seems to want lol, but crossing my fingers it’ll be fun if it happens! ;)

As far as the next show, I really want more 25th century shows, period. They give me that in any form, then I will be happy. Matalas is right, this is the ‘present day’ of Trek right now. SNW lives in the past and Discovery lives in its future. But Picard, even with all it’s faults is the ‘now’ for the Trek franchise at the moment and I can’t wait to see how they continue that.

But end of the day, I think I can speak 100% for all fans when I say we all want two things: A. More Star Trek and B. Good Star Trek. Everything else is just about personal preference and taste.I don’t think anyone can argue with those too much, even for Trek fans lol.

Not even gonna lie. All I want from Trek right now is an update on things in the Gamma Quadrant. How are the Vorta? Are they well? Are they safe? I need to know! I’ll take it in whatever century they decide to give it to me in.