Podcast: All Access Calculates The Perfect Analysis Of The Latest ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 160 - TrekMovie - review of Lower Decks "A Few Badgeys More"

[Lower Decks review starts at 18:55]

Anthony and Laurie start with the joyful news that Star Trek: Prodigy has been saved by Netflix (which they go into more detail about with the Shuttle Pod‘s Kayla on a crossover podcast). They talk about some buried-in-a-press-release fine print about the Section 31 movie and the Starfleet Academy show, what to expect at New York Comic Con this weekend, the “making-of” video about very Short Treks with Casper Kelly, new info about Quentin Tarantino’s writers room for his scrapped Star Trek movie, an auction of the collection of legendary Hollywood model maker Greg Jein, and some Star Trek games you should know about.

Then it’s time to talk Star Trek: Lower Decks. They review “A Few Badgeys More”—while they both miss T’Lyn, they loved this week’s guest stars, particularly Jeffrey Combs and Jack McBrayer, and are very much enjoying this season of the show.

They wrap up with some real-life space stuff—asteroid samples!—and LeVar Burton’s appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast.


BREAKING: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ To Relaunch On Netflix Including Upcoming Second Season

Emergency Podcast: All Access And The Shuttle Pod Celebrate Netflix Saving ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

The Making of ‘very Short Treks’ with Casper Kelly [YouTube]

Screenwriter Talks About Writers Room For Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ And His Passion For The Movie

Captain Kirk’s Hairpiece And Much More Iconic Star Trek Memorabilia Up For Auction This Weekend

‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Disc Release Gets Star Trek Online And Comic Book Pre-Order Bonus

Three Datas in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “We’ll Always Have Paris” [YouTube]


Anthony: OSIRIS-REx sample returned to Earth, revealed this week. Also this week, an asteroid passed between the Earth and Moon.

Laurie: LeVar Burton on WTF with Marc Maron

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I´m not a big Badgey fan so I´d be fine with him not returning. I do however love Agimus and Peanut Hamper so want them to be back someday. It could be that they are further along with casting and pre-production on Starfleet Academy and Section 31 than we know.

Thanks, great podcast.

Laurie, not sure if you’ll see this before NYCC, and I’m sure these questions are already on your notepad, but I’d be very interested to hear more from Mike McMahan about why he’s talking as of late like Lower Decks is on borrowed time. It may be just general concerns amid studio belt-tightening, but I’ve seen other people working on the show (Brandon Williams and Chris Murphy) talking online about how it needs support. Are they getting rumblings from corporate that LD is “on the bubble,” that it’s not getting the viewership it needs? Also, are they still hoping to get S5 out next year?

Anyways, great job as always.

Hi! Definitely hoping to get some info on this while I’m at NYCC, we’ll see how it goes. Glad you enjoyed the podcast (despite the sad SAG news).

It is what it is, labor negotiations like this often have stops and starts. Hopefully cooler heads prevail soon.

Fran Drescher is a moron, not to mention a hypocrite — that’s part of the problem. On the other side, the studios just assumed that they could force the WGA solutions on the actors, which is not going to work given the actors legitimately need different and more rigorous AI protection or actors as we know them could disappear within a few decades.

Musical Episodes…check, love that

Cartoon Crossover eps…check, love that

Tarantino’s Star Trek movie…oh no, that would not fit for Star Trek.


Badgey is totally bringing living construct energy in this episode.

I’m so happy for the staff of Prodigy. I’m eagerly awaiting its relaunch on Netflix. I can’t wait to see the crew of Voyager-A. Netflix has more subscribers than just trekkies, so I do see Prodigy being successful and reaching a wider audience on Netflix. I doubt young people know P+ exists. S3 will happen.

I don’t understand why SFA is necessary since we already have a live action YA show, SNW.

LDS episode was great. It is non stop fun and I have nothing else to add.


I think a lot of kids do have P+ for the Nickelodeon content.

FYI – over on Collider they just reported the The Starfleet Academy writers team is back together and that filming will start in 2024. Kurtzman also said the Section 31 movie is also still in development, and that he recently had discussions with Paramont on other new Trek series’

THANKS — I knew you guys would be on top of this. Awesome!

When Badgey ascended, I saw a bird shape that took him to a new plane. I wonder if that was supposed to represent The Great Bird of the Galaxy?

I think the different Badge colours for the Badgey personalities is a Discovery reference. Gold – command, silver – science & bronze -operations.