Podcast: All Access Star Trek Has A Q&A With John de Lancie

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 172 - TrekMovie - John de Lancie interview

[Interview with John de Lancie starts at 18:22]

Anthony and Laurie go through the latest news: Byron Allen’s company is interested in buying Paramount, Michelle Yeoh’s Section 31 co-stars have finally been announced, Dave Blass says the Picard spin-off is still not in the works, the TNG cast is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Saturns, Patrick Stewart stars in a new Super Bowl ad for Paramount Plus, Zoe Saldana thinks the Kelvin crew might get one last film together, and William Shatner’s new biographical documentary has a trailer.

After that, they chat with actor John de Lancie about FanFair, the company he and his son have to get digitally signed unique artwork to fans who can’t make it to conventions. He also talks about some of his early choices as he played Q in the Next Gen series premiere and beyond, his conversations with Gene Roddenberry about how often Q would be on the show, his surprise at finding out Q would die in Picard season 2, and that post-credits finale scene in Picard season 3.

They wrap up with John Larroquette playing a Klingon again on Night Court, and a fun thread about “Threshold” salamander sex from The Vagina Museum.


Paramount Global Stock Boosted by Byron Allen’s $30 Billion Buyout Overture [Variety]

Cast For ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ TV Movie Announced As Production Starts

‘Picard’ Production Designer Says ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Spin-off Is “Just A Nice Idea”

The Cast Of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ To Receive Special Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award

Watch Patrick Stewart Lead The Paramount+ Team In New Super Bowl Commercial

Zoe Saldana Says Paramount Still Wants To Bring Back Kelvin Cast For “One Last” Star Trek Movie

Watch Trailer For ‘William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill’ Documentary Coming In March

FanFair Signatures

Romeo and Juliet

Terra Nova (play)

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

I, Q w/ Peter David

Curtis Institute of Music

Darmok & Jalad” by Nick DiBerardino

Star Trek The Cruise


Anthony: John Larroquette Plays A Klingon Again For ‘Night Court’ / Calls himself “Maltz”

Laurie: Vagina Museum on Threshold Day [Twitter/X]

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The fellow over on the SciTrek, YouTube channel, keep insisting that Star Trek legacy is in the works. And that the only reason it’s not been downstairs was because Paramount was trying to find funding before the announce anything. What’s your take on that? He made like three videos, insisting that he’s correct, regardless of what the actors and the studios are saying currently.

Nope. And let’s not give that kind of stuff anymore oxygen

Yep, and there are plenty of YouTubers who insist the world is flat, and the 2020 election was rigged. They’re all wrong.

Wow… John De Lancie looks so… Innocent in that middle pic. Not used to that hahahaha!

Ha! I pulled it from his Twitter feed, figuring I’d pick a photo he already liked.

As always great podcast and wonderful interview with De Lancie. As I’ve said before, I like that you give the guests room to have their say.

Laurie I had no idea you were a Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman fan. I loved watching those growing up in the 70’s. Of all the TV to big screen spin-off’s we’ve had over the years I’ve often wondered why we’ve never had a big screen version of Col. Steve Austin et al. Maybe one day….although it might be the Six Billion Dollar Man now….lol.

Hi Scott. I think they’ve tried a few times and couldn’t pull it off. There was a Bionic Woman show a couple of years ago (maybe more) that wasn’t very good. I’m definitely more of a Bionic Woman fan than Six Million Dollar Man… I thought her stories were more interesting because Oscar would only call her for really weird assignments: a haunted house, a rodeo, a beauty pageant, etc. But I did love all the crossovers. And the fembot episodes! I love that Oscar Goldman was on both shows! He was the anchor. I’m still jealous Tony might come face-to-face with the bionic duo at the Saturns.

Oh, and those shows are FILLED with Star Trek guest stars.

Hi Laurie. I see what you mean about Jamie Sommers secret assignments. I also thought that Lindsay Wagner was a terrific actress who as I recall did a lot of highly acclaimed TV movie work. Yes I recall the Bionic Woman TV show from a few years ago which had a British lead. Reminded me in style of La Femme Nikita from the late 1990’s.

Now I think of it I seem to recall rumours of a Six Million Dollar Man movie starring Mark Wahlberg, or was it Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m very confused. lol.

Yeah, I think I heard those rumors too. I think that’s bad casting, though… there’s nothing novel or exciting about watching either of those guys being physically strong, right? And that Bionic Woman reboot was too much about fighting, as I recall. I think Jaime was so intriguing because we also saw so much of her everyday life. And her friendship with Oscar… perfection! I love that relationship.

Well said.