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PHXCC2012 – Death of Kirk, ‘Mythology’ Of Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Galaxy Quest + more [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

The Star Trek highlight of Phoenix Comicon on Saturday was William Shatner who delighted the packed crowd with stories from his life along with some of his insights into his career path, the nature of fandom, the mythology of Star Trek, how his Star Trek novels are actually autobiographical, and more. He even showed how he pranks stewardesses by reenacting his famous Twilight Zone episode. See below for highlights, quotes, photos and the full video.

All Access: Star Trek Universe Shows Update And TOS Movies Finally Going 4K HDR

All Access Star Trek - A Podcast
All Access Star Trek - A Podcast
All Access: Star Trek Universe Shows Update And TOS Movies Finally Going 4K HDR

Tony and Laurie return after a 4th of July hiatus for the 47th episode of All Access Star Trek, and they catch up on all the news on the Star Trek Universe TV shows, including a preview of the Lower Decks and Prodigy panels at Comic-Con@Home, an update on Strange New Worlds from Anson Mount, clues in the latest Star Trek: Picard tie-in novel synopsis, and then even more Picard clues from John de Lancie. Also up for discussion is the status of Discovery production and whether or not the cast will be able to make it to the big Las Vegas Trek convention in August.  They round out new Star Trek show news with the observation that Michelle Yeoh keeps picking up new jobs and not working on that Section 31 show. They’re also excited about the news that Robert Wise’s Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is finally being remastered into 4K HDR for Paramount+, along with the first four Star Trek movies getting a 4K HDR release on Blu-ray. And Star Trek IV is headed back to theaters in August for a special two-day event. But wait, there’s more! They dive into more news: Simon Pegg is working on a Galaxy Quest TV show, Marina Sirtis thinks Michael Dorn’s Captain Worf show should be the next Trek series, LeVar Burton laments that Geordi never got the girl on TNG, and Ethan Phillips still wishes a deleted Neelix/Kes breakup scene had made it into Voyager. The pod wraps up with Dave Bautista’s proclamation that he would make a great Klingon, plus we indulge in some nostalgia for the Star Trek: The New Voyages short story collections from the ’70s. Links to news topics discussed in the pod: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ And ‘Prodigy’ Cast And Producers Headed To Comic-Con@Home Anson Mount Sends Message To “Old School” Fans As ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Begins Finale Shoot 2022 ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Novel Could Bridge The Gap Between Seasons 1 And 2 ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’: Michelle Yeoh Cast As Scian In Netflix Prequel Series [DEADLINE] Marina Sirtis Endorses Michael Dorn’s Captain Worf Pitch As Next Star Trek Series Star Trek’s Simon Pegg Working On ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Director’s Edition To Be Restored In 4K/HDR For Paramount+ Paramount Releasing Star Trek: TOS Movies 4K/UHD Blu-ray Set ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’ Returns To Theaters In August For 2 Nights; Tickets Available Now LeVar Burton Wanted Geordi To Get The Girl On ‘Star Trek: TNG,’ And Really Wants That ‘Jeopardy!’ Gig Ethan Phillips Laments ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Breakup Scene With Neelix And Kes Was Never Shown Additional mentions: The number 47 in Star Trek John de Lancie on Cameo 55-Year Mission Tour Las Vegas Convention Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary Laurie’s interview with Una McCormack Tony’s interview with Michael Dorn LeVar Burton’s wedding photo with TNG cast Marina Sirtis on Gates McFadden’s podcast The Delta Flyers podcast Trekbits:  Tony: Dave Bautista wants to be a Klingon in Star Trek Laurie: Star Trek: The New Voyages short story collection from 1976 Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments at, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

Review: Star Trek Continues’ Come Not Between the Dragons

The Star Trek Continues crew has come out with their sixth episode, Come Not Between the Dragons. STC as a production continues to battle it out with New Voyages for setting the bar on production quality, and this episode is no different in that respect. It’s a more intimate episode, with the action effectively only on board the Enterprise, which expresses the level of confidence that the writers are putting in their cast to carry the episodes rather than on extended SFX or away missions.

Bryan Fuller’s Top 5 Star Trek Episodes

As unusual as it is for the Internet, Trek fans seem to be reacting very positively to the news that former DS9 and Voyager writer Bryan Fuller will be the showrunner for the new series (which we’re just calling Star Trek: All Access for the time being). Bryan has 22 writing credits for Trek, which will probably get rewatched more in the next six months than they might otherwise. To help hone in which ones to rewatch (or at least which ones to start with!) we present our Top 5 Bryan Fuller episodes.

Honor Your Favorite Redshirt On Memorial Day With These Classics

Marking the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is a holiday in the United States for honoring those who died serving in the Armed Forces. We don’t know if Starfleet has any such celebration, but it probably needs one – Memory Alpha exhaustively details the many, many Starfleet crew who died in the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Centuries. But until we have an official Starfleet Memorial Day, we’d like to recommend the following five episodes to watch this weekend to honor the fallen Redshirts among us.