More from Orci, Kurtzman and Quinto On New Star Trek Images + New Sulu Image

In addition to speaking to TrekMovie (see interview), Star Trek writers Orci and Kurtzman also talked to UGO and to Yahoo about the new Star Trek movie and the new photos (plus Yahoo has a new image of John Cho as Sulu). Plus there is a new interview with the new Spock (Quinto), and he too talks about the number one subject of the week.  

Exclusive: Orci and Kurtzman Talk To TrekMovie About USS Kelvin (and Kirk’s shirt) + New Kelvin Image

After Paramount released all the new photos from the Star Trek movie, TrekMovie had a chance to speak exclusively to Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about the USS Kelvin image (the exclusive image for TrekMovie). The pair give us a bit of background on this new ship, plus there is a new image of the ship just made available. Oh and they also also talk about that black shirt Kirk is always wearing!

Orci & Kurtzman: Star Trek Very True To Canon – Even Books

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have a lot of things going on right now with their new show Fringe, the new movie Eagle Eye (opening next weekend), the next Transformers movie and a little thing called Trek. The pair talk about all of it in a new interview with Crave, and regarding Trek, they make some interesting comments about canon.

Orci & Kurtzman: We Were Called To Duty For Star Trek

This Sunday, Star Trek writers and exec. producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be the guests on Life After Film School on the Fox Movie channel, a show where Hollywood big shots like Bob and Alex talk to real film school students. Fox has released a clip of the show, where the pair talk about what it was like taking on Star Trek and all of that canon. 

Comic Con 08: Abrams Team Talk Trek At Fringe Panel

4 out of 5 of the ‘Supreme Court’ behind the Star Trek movie hit the stage tonight at Comic Con, but they were there to promote their mysterious new show for Fox, Fringe. However, Star Trek could not be denied and it came up a few times during the panel discussion, with updates and post-production, thoughts on George Takei and who is the best villain Khan or the Borg. Details and video below

Kurtzman Answers The Question – What Is Up With Nero’s Ear?

Last week in our first article about the new Star Trek posters which revealed characters for the first time, TrekMovie.com asked "what is up with Nero’s (Eric Bana’s) ears?" Today our friends at UGO point us to a new interview with Star Trek co-writer and exec producer Alex Kurtzman, where they ask him that question. [SPOILERS]

TrekMovie Guide To Comic Con 2008

On Thursday of this week tens of thousands will descend on San Diego California for the ultimate nerd-gasm that is Comic Con. Although there is no big panel for the new Star Trek film, TrekMovie is still going to report on all the other Trek happenings at the Paramount booth and with the other Trek licensee booths, Trek panels and with the various Trek celebrities who will be there. Today we have a full Trekkie guide to Comic Con 2008.

Orci & Kurtzman: No Gay Characters in Star Trek

More news coming out of the Fox’s Fringe TCA event yesterday. The gay-themed After Elton blog spoke to the co-writers and executive producers of the new Star Trek feature about the possibility of a gay character. The pair said it was it was discussed, but wasn’t specifically addressed either way in the film and they were open to bringing a gay character into a sequel.

10 Things Mission: Impossible: III Can Teach Us About JJ Abrams Star Trek

We still have to wait until the Summer of 2009 to see the new Star Trek movie and Trekdom continues to sort through the few tidbits and comments from the film makers to try and figure out what we have in store. But there is actually a big statement from JJ Abrams and his team that is already out there — the summer 2006 film Mission: Impossible: III.

Abrams and Orci Talk Trek

IGN has two separate interviews of interest to Trekkies today: one with Star Trek director JJ Abrams and one with co-writer Roberto Orci. Abrams spoke about why he chose to direct the film and how he thinks it will make Trek ‘relevant’ again. Orci talked about how the origin story in Star Trek is one you haven’t seen before and that they put their all into it and ‘didn’t save anything for later.’

Grand Slam XVI: Behind the scenes Star Trek photos from Roberto Orci

The TrekMovie.com sponsored Grand Slam XVI: Q&A with Bob Orci has just started (Alex couldn’t make it due to a last minute thing). Bob sent over three exclusive fun little pictures from behind the scenes of the new Star Trek movie (with maybe a little spoiler). This article is timed so you folks in TrekMovie.com land can see a bit of what they are seeing in Burbank at the same time.

Announcing: TrekMovie.com Orci and Kurtzman Q&A At Grand Slam + Ticket Give-away [UPDATED: Available Globally]

TrekMovie.com is headed to beautiful downtown Burbank next month for the Creation Grand Slam Convention. The event is chock full of Trek and sci-fi celebs (including Spocks, Quinto and Nimoy). And today Creation and TrekMovie.com are announcing the addition of a TrekMovie.com Q&A with the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. We also have a pair of ‘Gold’ tickets to give away.

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Trek, Transformers…Indy 4? [UPDATE: O&K Writing Superman Sequel?]

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are hot stuff these days. They have multiple big projects in the works from Transformers 2 to Eagle Eye to Fringe to a little thing called Star Trek. Which is why Entertainment Weekly’s new exclusive interview titled: “‘Star Trek’ Scribes: What Indiana Jones Means To Us” is a bit of a ‘WTF?’ But it turns out the pair are also huge Indy fans (as is TrekMovie.com…so deal with it). Kurtzman has even taught his two year-old son the Raiders theme.

Orci Chats With Fans on Canon, Marketing and More

Yesterday we reported on JJ Abrams comments to the USA Today, which (as it so often does) kicked up a lot of comments from a lot of fans (500+ and still going). Luckily Star Trek co-writer and exec producer Roberto Orci dropped in to TrekMovie.com and answered many of the questions and took some more. Orci talked about mainstream v fan appeal, canon, publicity photos and more. For those that don’t dive into the comments, there are some excerpts below in easy to ready format.

More Fan Q&A With Roberto Orci

EXCLUSIVE: Last Friday director/producer J.J. Abrams and many of his cast and crew on new Star Trek film dropped by TrekMovie.com from the set of the film to take questions from the fans. However, after the dust settled, Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci kept the discussion going over the weekend answering more fan questions in the TrekMovie.com talkback. The writer revealed more tidbits about the script and the writing process and more. For those that don’t haunt the discussion threads we have put this bonus chat into an easy to read Q&A format.

Interview – Orci Answers Questions About New Star Trek Trailer

EXCLUSIVE: The first teaser trailer for Star Trek (showing now with Clovefield) may be the biggest thing to hit Trek in years and has sparked quite a bit of interest and even some controversy. TrekMovie.com has conducted a ‘post game interview’ with Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci to help sort it all out. Orci talks about JFK, Nimoy, Earth vs. space construction, the new Trek ‘Supreme Court,’ and more….read below.

Star Trek Stars Honored At Spike Scream Awards – Airs Tonight

Spike TV, which is still the cable home of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, honored Star Trek at their Annual Scream awards held over the weekend in Los Angeles. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and George Takei were all on hand to receive a special award in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban was not in attendance, but Shatner solicited a “Khaaaaan” scream from the audience in his honor.

Interview – Orci Talks Casting, Characters, Canon…and Kirks

In the first part of the TrekMovie.com exclusive interview with Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci we learned the scribe is a true Trek fan right down to his USS Enterprise phone and phaser collection. In the second part presented below Orci talks in more detail about the 2008 feature film including a status report on casting, more detail on their approach to canon, discussing what characters we may see in this film (and the next), how the film will appeal Trekkies and non Trekkies….oh and a little bit on that Shatner guy too.

New Trek Team Bringing Sci-Fi Back To Fox

Tonight brings news of another big Hollywood deal for the members of the Trek team – this time a new sci-fi show for Fox. The trades are reporting that Star Trek director J.J. Abrams, along with co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and executive producer Bryan Burk, have sold a paranormal drama series called Fringe to Fox. The quartet will each have executive producer credits and there is a search on for a showrunner. The show is described as a mix of The X-Files and Altered States with (according to Abrams) "a slight Twilight Zone vibe." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fringe was born and written between Star Trek production meetings.

Interview – Roberto Orci On Why He Is A Trekkie & Making Trek Big Again

Regular visitors to this site know that Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci isn’t just another A-List Hollywood writer, but is also a geeky sci-fi fan like rest of us. To find out just how big a geek he is Bob was kind enough to take some time out and talk Trek in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie.com. In the first part (of two) of our interview the screenwriter talks about his history as a Trek fan, his views of all the Trek series as well as his favorite books and episodes. He also discusses his insights into what has made the franchise endure and how that is influencing the approach to re-invigorating the franchise.

Abrams Back To ABC – Orci & Kurtzman Back To Transformers

Although Star Trek is currently their focus, the new Star Trek team are still in high demand. First up is director J.J. Abrams who has sold his first network show as part of his Warner Brothers TV deal. According to the Hollywood Reporter ABC has bought a pilot for a one-hour dramedy to be executive produced (along with Abrams and Bryan Burk) by Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under, Grey’s Anatomy). The show, titled Boundaries, centers on a failing cable access shrink who rediscovers her true purpose when she is forced to take a job as a mobile notary. If it gets a series commitment it will be Abrams fifth show for ABC (after Alias, Lost, What About Brian and Six Degrees).

Orci Ready To Engage Trek Fans

I had a chance to talk to Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci at an evening event during Comic Con. For the most part we just chatted informally just like any two Trekkies, but I did ask him about some fans’ questions regarding how the new film will fit into Trek’s canon. Orci admitted that in the case of his (and writing partner Alex Kurtzman’s) recent film Transformers –  they did make some significant changes in the universe, but that that film was translating a cartoon to a live action film. However, he also made it clear that any changes to Star Trek would be much more carefully considered. Orci (emphatically) said: We are ready to engage any fans…lovingly…over the plot of Star Trek.