March 2011

Bruce Greenwood Cast In ABC Pilot “The River” + Trek Producers Have 5 Pilots In Production

It is pilot seasons in Hollywood, with actors all scrambling for roles. One Star Trek star who has nabbed a big one is Bruce Greenwood, aka Captain (now Admiral) Pike from Star Trek 2009 who has signed on to the ABC drama The River. He is the only star from the new movie lined up for the next TV season, but the Star Trek creative team have a few projects in the pipeline.  

Science Saturday: Laser Tractor Beam + Cancer Detector App + Missing Sunspots + Hi-Res Moon + Jetpack Skiing

Welcome to another edition of Science Saturday. This week: how to use a laser like a tractor beam to pull objects, detect cancer with a very Trek-like smartphone app, look inside the sun to find the missing sunspots, and see the most beautiful, hi-res photo mosaic of the moon ever created. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: jetpack skiing!

AUDIO: NASA Wakes Up Discovery Astronauts With Star Trek “Amok Time” Fight Music

Today the astronauts on Shuttle Discovery got a special bonus Star Trek wakeup call. We have previously reported that the original Star Trek theme was voted to be one of the final wakeup calls, but that wont be until next week, but this morning NASA sent up the fight song from Amok Time. Take a listen below.

William Shatner Honored With Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award + Could Charlie Sheen Save Shatner’s Sitcom?

William Shatner, Star Trek’s first Kirk, has been named as one of the 2011 recipients for the prestigious Canadian Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. More details on that below, plus some buzz on how Charlie Sheen’s media blitz meltdown could end up saving William Shatner’s sitcom from.

Rick Berman Talks Marlon Brando In Star Trek, The Future of Trek on TV & More

Star Trek’s former overlord Rick Berman has been taking some fan questions at the official site, opining on issues ranging from why no gays in Trek to actors almost cast (like Marlon Brando for Soran in Generations). Berman also gave his opinion about the future of the franchise. See below for excerpts and a breakdown.

Star Trek Merch Update: New Mondo “City” Poster Tomorrow + New DVD/Blu Packs + Robes In USA + ST Mag Goes Global + New Enterprise Model Axed

It is time for a quick update on some Star Trek stuff. First off Mondo has a cool new poster coming out tomorrow. Plus Paramount Home Video has a new Star Trek movie two-pack, The Kirk and Spock Bathrobes have come to the USA, Star Trek Magazine is going global, and the new Enterprise model has been canned. Get all the latest merch news below.