SDCC18: First Wave Of 2018 Star Trek Mego Figures Revealed

Last week Mego Toys announced their line of retro and new figures coming in 2018, exclusively at Target. Today at San Diego Comic-Con, they revealed the first wave due in stores later this year.

The first wave includes four 8-inch Star Trek figures, with two being new figures which were not part of the original line from the 70s, along with a new box set with two variants of figures released in the 70s.


A longtime oversight will be addressed, as Sulu was not part of the original 1970’s Mego line. The figure comes equipped with a Mego-style (i.e. blue) phaser, communicator, and tricorder. The 8-inch cloth figure is priced at $19.99.

They weren’t taking the figures out of the packaging at SDCC, but Mego provided us with some images of the figures without their boxes.


Pavel Chekov will also be making his Mego debut, and comes with a phaser, communicator, and tricorder. The figure is also priced at $19.99.

Here is official pic of Chekov figure.

Mirror Universe box set

Mego is also taking us to the land of agonizers and goatees. The Mirror Universe box set will feature MU versions of Kirk and Spock based on the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror”. Both come equipped with phaser, communicator, and a dagger. This two-pack of 8-inch figures is priced at $29.99.

And here is what Kirk and Spock look like outside the box.

The Gorn and Romulan Commander

Teased on the back of the packaging but not part of the first wave of figures, and not shown at SDCC, are the expected upcoming figures of the Gorn and the Romulan Commander played by Mark Lenard in the classic TOS episode “Balance of Terror.”

Coming this summer

The new line of Mego figures will be sold exclusively at Target stores. The first wave will be released in August.  A second wave of figures are expected later in 2018, with a third wave to follow.

TrekMovie at SDCC

Our SDCC coverage is just getting started. To see what is in store, check out our guide for Star Trek merchandise SDCC exclusives, complete Trek-related events/panel guide, and Top 10 list of top 10 things we are hoping to see at Comic-Con.

Stay tune for more Star Trek merchandise and more news from San Diego Comic-Con, and a bit of The Orville news too.

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Hmm… Sulu and Chekov and a proper looking Gorn werent part of the original Mego releases, but they were part of the Diamond Select/emcetoys rereleases around 2007. I have the Sulu and Gorn, Kirk, and a few others.
It does look like, if this prototype is followed, that the Sulu heads are different.

@Paul Faulkner — it’s funny, when I saw the Sulu action figure, I just assumed he was part of the original release — and I had them all. But you’re right … he wasn’t, and neither was Chekhov. Man nothing puts an actor in their place like being left out of the merchandising. It’s pretty progressive considering for the most part Uhura was a glorified operator, and a black one at that. I have to wonder how many parents denied their kids the Uhura doll because of her gender and color in those days.

I can’t help but wonder if Sulu shouldn’t come with a samurai sword too.

A fencing foil would be more appropriate

Wait a second! That’s just a regular Spock with a goatee painted on!!!

and a mirror universe uniform.

It would seem like they just need an expansion pack, especially for Kirk. But it’s more money to sell the whole action figure. Heck, Kirk could have a whole wardrobe. Ripped shirt, 2 green tunic designs, dress uniform, gym outfit, etc.

I was really hoping they might throw in something unexpected and new. Branch out to other treks.

They have — this post didn’t show it. I got an email saying they’d be including characters from Married with Children, Facts of Life, Charlie’s Angels, Cheers, Action Jackson, Brady Bunch, as well as superheroes never having been in MEGO form — like Harley Quinn and General Zod.

Well, they look as crappy as the ones from 70s. The uniform collars look ridiculous, Chekov looks like Scotty, Sulu has incorrect rank stripes and why the equipment comes in turquoise is beyond me.

I wonder if it was done intentionally this time to match the others.

@GQMF — of course that’s why. Nostalgia is king these days, and 70s kitsch is in.

Yeah, these are dreadful. I had the MEGO ones as a kid and even then I pretty much knew they sucked.

@Caesar — that’s a bit harsh. I had GI Joe, 6 million dollar man, and Space 1999 action figures, and the Mego ones were as good or better than those. These are meant as nostalgia pieces, and the build at the time looked as good or better than the competition. We may have wanted better as kids, but as far as I know we had nothing else better to compare and contrast that expectation with at the time.

@Cody — the color of the weapons was one of the most disappointing aspects of these for me as a kid. It never made any sense, almost as little sense as how the play set matched nothing about the actual bridge set. Interestingly the plastic parts of the play set were also the same color blue. Maybe Mego had a deal on blue plastic. Looking back, I wonder why I didn’t paint them all black. But you’re right about Chekov — they should have given him the first season Beatles mopcut.

I mean, it was a cheap toy from the 70s. By now it’s a stylistic thing to keep them the same, but maybe even in the 70s they were making their own take on the characters. They do look ridiculous, but so do the Funko Pop toys and they’re awesome

These are meant to be stylized toys, like the 70s versions. Kids actually played with these things. On the other hand, the figures today are mostly computer scanned miniatures trying to be an exact copy. These things are really “toys” rather than little copies. They have their own style, whereas a copy scanned by company A is largely the same as one by company B… and so on…

I love Mego, but the sculpt on Chekov is terrible. Looks nothing like Walter. :( Let’s hope they do better w/ the Romulan Commander.

They Better be coming out with a Mirror universe Uhura and Moreau. With Abs!!! Yummy!!!

It’s kind of frustrating that they are starting with variants instead of letting those of us who broke their toys when they were kids and then missed buying the Diamond Select collection because of limited availability and fast rising prices to start a base collection of the original crew. I have a scotty and a Kahn. I guess now I’ll have a Sulu but it would be nice to have Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Checkov as well.

They’re nice, but you can only get them via Target online. The unfortunate problem with that is that the toy pirates wipe out the inventory the minute they go live. Then turn around and hawk em on eBay for 3 to 5 times the price. So no one really has a fair shot at getting any of them for the price that Target is advertising……. nice…..

They are now in Target stores now. Got my Sulu and Chekov last night…

So, I just picked up two of the Chekov Mego figurines at my local target store and though they are consecutive in numbers, one of he Chevo’s does not have his tricorder. And yes, the package is factory sealed. So weird.