Top 10 Star Trek Things We Want To See At San Diego Comic-Con 2018

We are now heavily in the midst of convention season, and the biggest of the big is happening this week upcoming week in San Diego. With Star Trek: Discovery in production on season 2, the announcement of a new era for Trek on TV, two Kelvin-verse movies in the works, and lots of new merchandise, we may be in for quite a newsy year at Comic-Con. There are things we know are coming, some things we are expecting and a few things we are just holding out hope for. Here is our definitive list of what we most want to learn at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 News And Previews

The biggest Star Trek event happening at Comic-Con this year is undoubtedly the Star Trek: Discovery panel being held in the famous Hall H on Friday at 1:30pm. With CBS booking the biggest room at SDCC, scheduling a post-panel press event and bringing much of the cast and executive producer and showrunner Alex Kurtzman, we are expecting they’ve got some exciting things to share about the second season if Discovery. Our bet is that we will get to see a trailer or some video preview or clip. There should also be some news and details about what is in store for next season, including a release date and maybe more casting revelations, like they did at WonderCon earlier this year and at SDCC last year. People are known to go to extremes to catch all the action in Hall H, but TrekMovie will make it easy with for you, so check back on Friday afternoon for our live coverage.

Sonequa Martin-Green, DSC’s lead, gives the Vulcan salute at SDCC 2017

2. News About Other Star Trek TV Shows

This year’s Comic-Con is also coming on the heels of the huge announcement that Star Trek is being expanded on television.  There are no confirmed details on exactly what shows CBS has in store, but rumors have been flying about, including one in which Patrick Stewart could reprise his role as Captain Picard. With CBS booking Hall H, maybe they are at SDCC to make more news beyond Discovery. Alex Kurtzman, who has been put in charge of the expansion of Star Trek on TV, will be there and we are hoping he will throw us some tidbits about his plans.

3. A Closer Look in the Star Trek: Discovery Gallery

Much like they did last year, Star Trek: Discovery is taking over the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery during Comic-Con. Last year, we got a ton of first looks at concept art and props and costumes for the Klingons and Starfleet used in Season 1 of Discovery before the show ever aired. This year, it’s the Mirror Universe that will be on display. For one thing, it will be awesome to get a closer look at some of the Season 1 Mirror Universe items, but we’re also hoping for some hints at what is in store for Season 2! There will also be a small shop loaded with some very cool items, including Comic-Con exclusives.

Star Trek: Discovery Gallery at SDCC 2017 shortly before opening

4. The Orville Season 2 News And Previews

It may not be Hall H, but our adopted show The Orville will be putting on a panel in Comic-Con’s third largest space, the Indigo Ballroom (Saturday at 4pm in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront). On the panel will be creator Seth McFarlane and others from the show including Star Trek alumnus and Orville executive producer Brannon Braga. We’re excited to see what is in store for the second season, which is well into production. The show is so clearly a love letter to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and we know of at least one Trek guest star for season two (Robert Picardo), but could there be more? Much like the Discovery panel, we expect to see a season 2 trailer or preview in addition to some news about what’s to come.

Seth MacFarlane at The Orville panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

5. What’s Next For Star Trek comics

This year IDW brought their Star Trek: Boldly Go series to a close, as well as John Byrne’s New Visions series. The second Discovery mini-series (Succession) is about to wrap up as well. IDW is hosting their “Big News” panel on Saturday at 1pm in Room 25ABC. There is a good chance that they will talk about their Star Trek line and might even have some news about upcoming Trek comics, perhaps even announcing the next Discovery tie-in. They may also have more to show us from the previously announced two mini-series launching over the next few months (Star Trek: The Next Generation Terra Incognita and an Animated Series/Transformers crossover).

Photo cover for Succession 4

6. A Look at the Full Star Trek Line from Mego

Famed 1970s toymakers Mego just announced their big return exclusively at Target, and Star Trek is among their featured brands. They will be announcing more details about the new toy lines, including what’s in store for their Trek line, at a Comic-Con panel this Friday at 1pm in Room 32AB. This panel is almost certain to have a good amount of news about the Star Trek toys, so we’re excited to hear what the panelists have to say. They will also be showing off some of the first wave of Mego figures at their booth.

We’re hoping to get a look at the full line of Star Trek toys from Mego, coming back exclusively at Target.

7. Update On Long-awaited Star Trek Toys from Diamond Select

We know Diamond Select is slated to show of their Comic-Con Exclusive Cloaked Romulan Bird of Prey toy this week, and we’re hoping they’ll also announce updates on a few long-awaited products, and maybe they’ll even announce some new ones. For three years we have been waiting for updated details and glimpses for three previously announced Star Trek toys from Diamond Select Toys: Star Trek: The Next Generation role play “Cobrahead” Phaser toy, an electronic U.S.S. Reliant ship from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and a Borg “select” figure diorama. We are hoping SDCC 2018 is when they are finally ready to show us what’s next for Trek and DST.

Diamond Select Star Trek: TNG Phaser toy shown at Toy Fair in 2015

8. Tidbits on Upcoming Star Trek Movies

There has been a lot buzz about the follow up to Star Trek Beyond, and another Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino that would follow that up, but these movies are still a long way off from theaters and it is certainly way too early for Paramount to be making a promotional push for Star Trek at SDCC. This year the only Paramount panel is one in Hall H for Bumblebee, which comes out in December, so they aren’t even doing anything for their 2019 movies like Top Gun. However, Trek hope springs eternal, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any surprise Kelvin-verse posters or other hints that might be laying around. Plus it’s possible that some cast or crew associated with the Trek films will be at SDCC promoting more current projects, but can end up talking Trek and revealing some news as well.

How cool would it be if Quentin Tarantino showed up and spilled the beans?

9. What Captain Kirk Signature Whiskey Tastes Like

In the category of “just plain cool and unique” Star Trek products comes the new James T. Kirk Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Silver Screen Bottling Co. The new bourbon will be featured at Comic-Con along with some other spirits that will make their debut. I like my whiskey well enough, and I’d like to imagine that James Kirk’s signature brew would have a mildly peaty, somehow smarmy taste. Plus they’d look great in my Think Geek Starfleet whiskey glasses!

Would Kirk approve of his new signature whiskey?

10. Star Trek Comic-Con Exclusives and Updates From Other Licensees

We’ll definitely be hitting the exhibit hall to look out for some recently announced Star Trek products like new Hallmark ornaments and new ship models from Eaglemoss. In addition, there are a good number of Star Trek themed Comic-Con exclusives this year that we are excited to get our hands on, including a Saru bust by Gentle Giant and some kind of phaser-controlled mood light rock from ThinkGeek (we have to see this one to understand it).

We’ll also be looking to get updates on plans from some of these licensees. One vendor we are particularly eager to drop by is McFarland Toys, who are known for making very high quality products and have announced a line of Star Trek toys and figures, but their first Discovery toy ended being put on hold. Maybe Comic-Con will be an opportunity to get an update on when to expect them on store shelves, if at all.

ThinkGeek’s Star Trek rock mood light… thing

The Exhaustive SDCC Schedule Still To Come

These are just some of the highlights at this year’s Comic-Con. If you’re looking for a reference material to help you plan your week, check back tomorrow for TrekMovie’s exhaustive guide to everything Star Trek at SDCC 2018.

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The rock light is actually a pretty neat idea. I’m assuming you point the “phaser” as it to turn it on, like Sulu does in “The Enemy Within” to heat a rock to stop them all freezing (and similarly repeated in other episodes).

@GQMF — yes!! That’s a great idea. Hopefully the light fades up as the phaser heats it up … maybe even with the (optional) sound.

I was looking at buying something like this anyway, so why not a Star Trek one!

Did Dr. Kayla Iacovino just call Captain Kirk smarmy? Wow. Just wow.

Depends on what the whiskey tastes like. Even money it’s caramel colored rubbing alcohol…

She was talking about his drink of choice.

No, she did not.

She could have said, “The taste of the Capt. Kirk Whiskey really reminds me of meat that is full of nitrates. Meat that is salted, dried and smoked from a pigs thigh/buttocks area.”

Stewart back as Picard is my favorite. Bring back Spiner too. The whole aging android thing was never an issue before. I think fans can deal with it. I always thought that countdown comic would have made a better movie than the 2009 movie it lead up to.

Bring Steward and Spiner back, please!
Data stated he would not age. An old Data/B4 could be explained as a gift from Q.

I’d also love to see Frakes and the Titan, even if just seen for a brief moment.

Please have a better team sitting in the writer’s room that DISCO had so far…

TNG has actually contradicted how Data ages on a couple occasions. In the episode “Inheritance” it’s mentioned that Data *does* have a program to simulate the human aging process.

Either way, holding thumbs on a new series with Picard and Data!!

No, Data does not age.

But why an old Data? They use software to deage actors. Lloyd Bridges,Patrick Stewart, Robert Redford, Carrie Fisher etc. I’m usually not a fan of this because it looks so horrific artificiale but wait, isn’t Data an artificiale lifeform? That disadvantage of fakeness would benefit in that certain case. But on the other hand – Data is dead, so NO WAY.

Kurt Russell in “Guardians 2” and Michael Douglas in “Ant Man and The Wasp” were very successfully de-aged.

It also cost millions.


Meh – as much as I’d like to see it, Spiner has stated he’s done with Data. So what’s the point? And even if they were to do it, both he and Stewart would probably take a back-seat to younger actors playing new characters (like they did with the original cast of Star Wars).

At this stage of his life, I think they would need some CGI to adjust Spinner’s look to be Data…that should not be a problem though if he is willing.

Please, please, no “Aging Chip”…LOL

How about a custom wrinkly old skin?

I think it’s time someone do a Patrick Stewart location watch! I know he lives in New York but maybe some diligent people can see if he’s making any flight or hotel plans to sunny San Diego sometimes this week?

It is summer after all and SoCal is always a nice place for a short holiday in the middle of the season.

Unless he’s sending in a video message?


He’s in the UK at the moment.

It’s only Monday :)

Well thats a start! He can leave anytime between now and Thursday back to America.

You can pay me to follow PS around NY if you want

I don’t want my name brought up after you’re arrested for stalking lol. But I appreciate the gesture.

Sorry not to be negative, but why are we always including the Orville on this site and others. Surely we should e focuses on trek. Why not a mention for Star Wars episode 9 in the top ten. This link with the Orville is doing my head in.

Exactly. It’s not Trek and should not be mentioned here at all.

If you’re going to be pedantic, this site shouldn’t cover anything but Trek movies. No shows, comics, etc. But you’re smart enough to know that such unneeded pedantry makes you look silly, right?

The Orville is imitation Trek. It’s Trek-adjacent. It’s of interest to a lot of Trek fans.

Also, the people running this site want to cover it, so they will.

Stop being pedantic. Stop whining about content that (a) you aren’t paying for and (b) you can skip over in the articles. If the existence of the Orville link is doing your head in, the problem is your head.

Thanks PaulB, I respectfully acknowledge your points, all I ask is that you do mine the same

Agreed. I don’t care if it is inspired by Trek. I isn’t Trek and I personally have no interest in it for that very reason.

So that means you wouldn’t want to see GALAXY QUEST coverage here either, just because your personal interest doesn’t extend to ‘inspired by trek’? You might as well say you don’t want convention coverage either, because cons themselves seem to evolved from sci-fi print affairs to what they are today because of Trek’s influence in the early and mid 70s.

I love both Orville and DSC, so to get all the latest news in one convenient place is a happy bonus :)

Their house, their rules. I for one enjoy The Orville coverage.

I like it too. I don’t really get the griping: if you aren’t interested, just skip over it, folks. Do we need the same complaints on every Orville story?

It’s a Trek-inspired show staffed with plenty of Trek alumni.

I don’t have a problem with the Orville coverage on this site, either. But this list was called “Top 10 Star Trek Things We Want To See At San Diego Comic-Con 2018”. Orville is not a Star Trek Thing.


“This link with the Orville is doing my head in.”

comment image

I don’t like The Orville (way too many sophomoric d*ck jokes for my taste) but I don’t hold a grudge against those who do or mind this site covering Orville now and then.

Love The Orville coverage. Keep on keepin’ on.

I love the Orville. No it’s not CBS but it feels TNG-ish which i’ve missed due to the TOS-only obsession over the past decade, the more the merrier!

It really bothers me when TrekMovie calls Orville “our adopted show” or “a love letter to TNG”. I know it’s their page and can do what they want but then how about taking about other sci fi shows like The Expanse or something else. After all, if you ask ant sci fi producer, they have all been inspired by Trek in one way or another. Orville is just cashing in on th whole TNG look and feel…minus the sophomoric humor. Rant done.

I guess because no one from former Trek shows works on The Expanse and it really does feel like the opposite of Star Trek where as Orville tries to follow Trek themes. Although oddly DIS does feel a bit like The Expanse at times lol.

I love the Expanse btw!

Naren Shankar is a writer and executive producer on The Expanse. He used to write for TNG, VOY and DS9.

Oh cool! I didn’t know that.

But does Expanse have as many Trek names attached to it? Also I’d almost consider Orville like Trek fandom cuz it’s so dang close to Trek and feels like a fanfiction

You won’t see them posting any articles about the sequel to Galaxy Quest.

How do you know? My guess is if they are fans of the first film they would post stuff about a sequel if one was made.

I just don’t get why it bothers people? If you don’t want to read the articles about Orville, just don’t read those articles. Problem solved.

Uh YA they would are you kidding me. You know how many people running this site consider Galaxy Quest a full-fledged Trek movie? Pretty sure I’ve heard that on a shuttle pod. [In the informal sense of course.]

The site is called “Trek Movie” and was originally made around the JJ movies. They shouldn’t be covering Disco at all if you want to be strict.

Thank you! This site shouldn’t be about ANYTHING other than the Kelvin movies if you’re going with that attitude. No idea why people get their panties in a bunch over things like this. It’s a small geek site with a tiny number of members, if enough of them want other news then I don’t see the problem of adding that. As I said before, its not like you are getting a lack of Trek news so what’s the problem? In fact TM seems to be the site that stays on top of every news and rumor that shows up and update things constantly. Be grateful for that. Less whining they dare post things about other shows.

They also used to do a weekly science post (Science Saturday?) and they cover other projects made by Trek actors (Unbelieveable!!!!! for example).

Ultimately, the site is just looking to get articles out almost daily so they can make money from ads (nothing wrong with that, it’s a free site). When Trek movie news is thin on the ground they have to cover something. A few years back they stopped posting anything for a couple of weeks without warning and I think they lost a bunch of disgruntled readers to Trek News. I’d rather skip some posts than have the site go under.

Exactly! And yes people seem to forget this site has to make money. Just talking Star Trek is slim news coverage. This isn’t the 90s when Trek was huge, now its a movie every 3-4 years and a streaming show with a limited number of episodes. Reality is there isn’t a lot of daily news to post about so you find other avenues Trek fans may be interested in.

And I think thats a great point that the site talks about projecs other Trek actors and writers are involved in, which is why you also get articles from movies like Unbelievable!!! which I personally believe is beneath everyone even appearing in that but hey work is work!

And yes I was here when the site seem like it just abandoned posting anything. This was when STID came out. It was never explained but it went weeks without hardly anything and people complained. Now this site is constantly spitting out any and every news update about Trek it can. Most other sites don’t post anything about the rumors dealing with the next Trek movie until days after this one if they do at all. There is a reason I come here first before any place else. And yet people still complain. Its amazing.


Re:“Trek Movie” and was originally made around the JJ movies

An easily provably false claim as anyone can see for themselves:

“Trek Movie” existed long before JJ even approved of a script. TrekMovie came into existence solely to promote TREK MOVIES in general.

Wasn’t there rumours of the movie back then?

Not sure why anything Orville should be included in an article titled “Top 10 Star Trek”. Granted it has some folks previously associated with Trek (so does the Expanse run by TNG writer Naren Shankar), but I wouldn’t ever tarnish TNGs name by associating it with a show run by the opportunistic Braga attempting a cheap grab onto disgruntled fans clamouring for a poor man’s nosalgisa trip (my opinion only of course and those same fans would cite DSC as an anethema). That being said, to try and be respectful to Orville fans, they have large enough numbers around here to generate enough clicks which is why it should have a different link or a different listing – it’s more respectful to Star Trek and the Orville as respective shows in their own right. In an ideal world there’d be a sister site such as run by someone like Brian Drew lol

Or maybe people just like the show? I like it and I don’t think its tarnishing TNG’s name.

I enjoy The Orvile, but it seems silly to include it in an article for “Top 10 Star Trek Things We Want To See At San Diego Comic-Con 2018.”

Will Trekmovie be a part of any separate Q&A sessions with the guests? Perhaps you can take some questions with you from this site to ask (although you probably will have most of them on your list already!!)

I’m waiting for news from Macfarlane Toys and Gentle Giant as well. Both companies had nice reveals back in February at Toy Fair. Will Gentle Giant do ships for the other shows or just Discovery? Will we still be getting the Discovery figures mentioned by Macfarlane Toys?

I hope there’s an option to choose which age whiskey one can purchase. 4-12 years is a large age gap in aging any alcohol.

I would personally want to see more coverage of DS9 25th Anniversary + the upcoming documentary

Somehow I feel like we’d be lucky to just get like a still frame from the set. Isn’t it frustrating that two years after Beyond and the supposedly greenlit Trek 4, we’re still just *hoping* for “tidbits”?? -_-

Which is why so many of us are happy we have a show again. Even if you don’t love DIS (and I’m on the fence about it) its nice we are getting constant Trek stories again and with it news. Waiting around every 3-4 years for one two hour film feels tedious waiting for scraps of info, in this case just getting an official word when the thing will even start.

With a show, as long as its on there is always something to look forward to. And if we do get more shows, its going to increase a lot more interest. Can’t wait!

Top 10 I want to see at SDCC not in order…

Hot cosplayers in Trek costumes.
New props for sale like a Tricorder to go with Phaser remote and communicator Bluetooth.
Mego figures “which I got” :0)
12″ QMX classic Trek figures
New ship Models “which I got” :0)
Announcement that Discovery is moving to regular TV channel
New Trek movie will be based on kelvin timeline and new director Ron Howard.
New Trek TV show coming to regular channel in 2019 Based on timeline after ST Nemesis.
Paramount lifts the bans on fans making online Trek movies
Paramount building a new Star Trek Experience in a hotel or theme park.