Don’t Miss Holiday Sales On Licensed Fan-Made Star Trek Products At TeePublic

The holiday season is officially upon us! Whether or not you have gotten into the spirit yet, you can still benefit from these awesome sales on officially licensed STAR TREK products made by fans from around the globe. TrekMovie’s own TeePublic store is the place to get $13 tee shirts and 35% off all kinds of merchandise from mugs to stickers to bags.

Here is a look at ongoing and upcoming deals not to miss:


  • November 25th – November 27th: Pre-Thanksgiving Sale
  • November 28th – December 1st: Black Friday Sale


  • December 2nd – December 6th: Cyber Week Sale
  • December 7th – December 14th: $13 Sitewide Sale
  • December 15th – December 18th: Last Sale of the Year!

Check out these new designs on stickers, mugs, bags, hoodies, and more: Giant Green Space Hand, RISA Retro 2, and A Red Angel at the TrekMovie TeePublic store!

A unique outlet for independent fan artists

Earlier this year, TrekMovie teamed up with TeePublic to advertise the new one-of-a-kind line of officially licensed products featuring fan-made art. Much like other websites that allow users to upload and sell their own designs, TeePublic allows anyone to submit Star Trek fan art to be sold on tee shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. But, there is one important distinction: TeePublic works with CBS to approve fan submissions to become officially licensed, removing the burdensome barrier of the typical licensing process that can prevent independent artists from selling their wares. In the program, artists get a cut of the profits, and we as fans benefit, too — we get access to hundreds of Star Trek designs made by the fans, for the fans.

New designs all the time in the TrekMovie TeePublic store. Check these out: Vulcan Hand Salute Sign, Star Trek Gay Pride, and Vulcan Retro.

New content in our store all the time!

As more and more fan art is approved by the powers that be, our store continues to grow! We’ve added a ton of new designs that are perfect for that special someone in your life. Or, hey, treat yourself!

Head on over to our TeePublic store to see everything.

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…but no “Go Climb A Rock” t-shirt. #heartbroken

I own that shirt!

I would buy that shirt above any other Trek-related item. And I’d want the “Go climb a rock” letters in the same font as in the movie! I already own the red flannel and jeans, so it’d be my new cosplay!

Sign me up for that one if it ever surfaces.

I’m a graphic designer by day. Maybe TrekMovie might want to tell me where I could submit a design to and maybe we can make this shirt happen!

There’s info on the TeePublic website about how to become a shirt designer.

Awesome. Thanks Matt!
Ps: LOVE the podcast!

For whomever is still following this thread: I just signed up with TeePublic as a designer and submitted a “Go climb a rock” shirt for review. If it gets approved by CBS, we’re in business!

Wish this site would also cover things like Trek alums being in new projects. Would have killed to see Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol, but found out far too late, and from a rival site.

They do from time to time, just not every project.

They used to do it more often in the olden days, but if I remember correctly some people grumbled on the message boards about this being a Trek site and why they are doing articles about other properties so they seemed to have lessened the frequency of these types of articles.

A little news roundup digest would be perfect for that.

He did a tv movie version in 1998, it’s excellent. The dvd is still out there, fyi, I pop it in every holiday season.

I’ve seen it and have the CD, but the chance to experience it live is so rare and unique, and I could have done it, had I known in time.
Ah well. Still, a news digest for stories like this would be a welcome addition to the site.

I found some items to buy as gifts for the family.

Most sellers at cons only have men’s sizes, or a very limited set of offerings in women’s or kids. This site offers long sleeve and short sleeve models for everyone.

We left our local comiccon last year with a fairly disappointed middle-grader who couldn’t find anything in their size.

I will say that I miss thinkgeek though.

I really have to say I saw a few shirts I think I’m going to buy. Thanks for posting.

Very interesting ! I will have to check these out !