Podcast: All Access Ponders Sir Patrick’s Star Trek Ideas, The Final ‘very Short Treks,’ And The New ‘Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 159 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks, Mariner and Quimp at a table with Riker from very Short Treks

[Lower Decks review starts at 33:58]

Anthony and Laurie start by talking about Paramount’s interest in “fine-tuning” scripts for the next Star Trek movie and getting it into pre-production. There is also a lot to cover from Patrick Stewart’s new memoir Making It So and media tour including his hopes to do another TNG movie with some interesting ideas for Picard himself. Stewart is also taking about how he had an alternate ending he’d suggested for Star Trek: Picard, his experiences with Tom Hardy on Nemesis, and more. Laurie also talks about seeing Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg kick off his book tour. Jonathan Frakes also has ideas for Riker’s role in a potential Star Trek: Legacy series. After highlighting some new Trek comics and DVD sets, they review the last of the very Short Treks episodes, “Watch, Don’t Run,” which they agree was a nice way to end this mixed series of animated promotional shorts.

Then it’s time to talk Star Trek: Lower Decks, starting with Mike McMahan’s comments that fans shouldn’t take a sixth season for granted as priorities and plans are constantly shifting. That launches them into a review of the latest Lower Decks episode, “Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place,” which takes us to Ferenginar. Laurie and Tony both liked it, but felt it wasn’t as strong as the rest of the season has been.

They wrap up with a nice detail on LA’s new Leonard Nimoy Theater and a flashback to a Captains’ Summit with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Whoopi Goldberg.


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Laurie: Captain’s Summit from 2008 with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg

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Great discussion! My thoughts:

How is Patrick Stewart able to talk about struck work?

Do you suppose the flammable velour uniforms had anything to do with the exploding tricorders?

I too was hoping for a more nuanced Rom appearance, but this episode would be a good soft reintroduction if he and Leeta were going to play a stronger future role.

Glad you enjoyed it. Tony & I were talking about the “struck work” thing afterwards… at the NY show, when he talked about Star Trek, he spoke specifically about his experiences as an actor and a human being vs. about the show itself. I think his interviews are a lot about this as well, or about scenes he wants to see, which don’t exist, so they are not struck work. For flammable velour uniforms, I suddenly had a vision of poor Pike on fire in “The Cage.”

Thank you for this great podcast, but frankly I’m quite exasperated with Sir Stewart. I understand that, as Tony mentioned, he’s an actor and wants to be challenged, but where he wants to take Picard is not IMO where Picard would go. It’s as if he doesn’t know the character he’s played for so long. We can see this in the Picard series, where he was more Stewart than Picard.

I really feel that he’s being self-centered in wanting to get back into the role. I don’t want to see yet another Picard story. It’s as if he constantly wants to put himself on a pedestal. Now this about him wanting his son playing Picard? Like that Admiral said in S1… Sheer effing hubris!

I told you I was exasperated.

I don’t think he really felt like his son was going to get the job… he’s just being a dad!

Silvereyes, people have always wanted to see a serious Captain Picard story, and they got it in Picard; that you don’t want to see it means little to anybody, since Picard was a success. As for being ‘self-centered’ Stewart has every right to play this character as many times as he wants to, same as Shatner.

Picard wasn’t a success until S3. The problem was it wasn’t Stewart playing Picard but Stewart playing Patrick Stewart. He wants to play himself, which has diminished his character and led to really really bad stories. S1/2 is all his ego and a
missed opportunity to bring the TNG back earlier.

Spot on, I fully agree.

Stewart has every right to play his character, but that doesn’t mean it’s not selfish of him to want to take the center seat yet again when his turn has clearly passed. My opinion above was clearly stated as my own, to those who have basic English language comprehension. I was careful not to speak for anyone else but myself, unlike yourself who seems to speak for everybody when saying that what I say means little to anybody. Have you asked them?

Stewart has been quoted as saying in the past that he wanted Picard to do less speeches and more fighting and f*cking. This is idiotic. Is that what you want? Was Picard known for this? He was terrible at fighting and awkward at best around women. What Stewart now states as what he would want to play as Picard, being fearful and not knowing what to do, goes against who Picard is. He had his chances in Picard and maybe you only read reviews that agree with you but we don’t have the same definition of success. Maybe you should get out more and educate yourself.

Oh now, Silvereyes, let’s be fair.
I am sure that Lefty has done extensive opinion polling that justifies his blanket assertion that he is speaking on behalf of the vast majority of viewers and fans.
And as for his statement that Stewart has the “right” to play Picard as long as he wants, well, I kinda agree — but not if that means Stewart is given total control to turn Picard into whatever the heck he wants. He plays the character, he does not own the character.

I’m taking your second sentence as sarcasm.


If we want to get technical about the statement that Stewart has the “right” to play Picard as long as he wants: Unless Paramount as the IP holder agrees to finance or license off a project featuring Picard, Stewart can probably only play him at home in front of his bedroom mirror.

Very good point, Diginon.

I do think that Picard can come back, but I’d want to explore the young Picard with a new actor. I think there is so much to mine in showing how this young hothead who gets stabbed through the heart became the same man who took over the Stargazer when the captain and first officer were killed, and managed to stay there for the next 22 years. There’s a whole career there that we know oh so little about.


I’m an audiobook fan too. I’m actually listening to Vol 1 of These are the Voyages. I love hearing the story of the making of Star Trek. It feels like a radio play with a massive cast. I got Stewart’s memoir in audiobook form so I can listen to him tell his story. If I read the book, I’ll hear his voice as I read it anyways.

I felt Terry’s ending for JL to be perfect. He’s back with his family, his crew, and he’s close to his son. Laris knew he wasn’t coming back.

Legacy needs to happen. I don’t watch SNW anymore and passing on SFA. I’ll stick around for Terry.

The very short trek, run don’t walk, worked because of Noel Wells. She was so much fun to watch and listen to. I loved the song. She seemed to be having a great time. Wells brought joy to it.

The LDS episode was sit-comy, but just so much fun to watch. Ferenginar was amazing. The animators on this show are fantastic! My favorite line was:
Rom: Just Nagus
Admiral: Nagus
Rom: Grand Nagus

I hope Mike gets to finish the series his way. It’s funny, honors the past, adds to canon, and something I can watch a thousand times.


You’re right about Laris. She knew! I would’ve loved to have seen her tell Jean-Luc that, she’s always so direct and I like that she could force him to be the same… would’ve strengthened the setup of him going off to find Beverly. And yes, I also loved that Graaaaaand Nagus joke.

When Frakes started doing the “talk-singing” thing that Shatner is known for, that’s what got me laughing out loud during that last Very Short Trek. I agree that this should have been the first episode in the series.