SDCC18: QMx Previews ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Figure And Phaser, And More

QMx is well known for their excellent line of figures, badges, and prop replicas. Their entire breadth of current Star Trek wares was on display at Comic-Con. Mixed in where a few new goodies.

The wide array of QMx 1:6 scale figures

Discovery prototypes

First up we have two prototypes. QMx made it clear that these are prototypes only. They were produced to gauge consumer interest, so there is no release date or price set.

Captain Georgiou

QMx showed off a prototype of a 1:6 scale Captain Georgiou.

Captain Georgiou 1:6 figure

Discovery phaser pistol

QMx showed off a prototype phaser pistol, this is a basic replica without lights and sound. If released, it would cost about the same as the standard QMx Kelvin-universe phasers ($59.95). QMx are also concerned that the phaser may have the same issues with regulations of replica weapons, the orange tip requirement, that have indefinitely delayed the McFarlane Discovery phaser.

Prototype Discovery phaser


Star Trek Beyond phaser

The Star Trek Beyond phaser variant was at the QMx booth last year as well. It is a basic replica without lights and sound. Like the Discovery prototypes above, there is no price and no release date, it’s on display to gauge consumer interest. If released it would cost about the same standard QMx Kelvin-universe phasers ($59.95) that were previously released.

Prototype Beyond phaser

Coming soon to retail shelves

On display were also a few new products that are finalized and will be made available soon.

Master Series Worf

This new Worf figure features him in the uniform first introduced in First Contact and used in later seasons of DS9.

It will be in next the Star Trek Mission Crate by Loot Crate and then made available separately sometime afterward for an SRP of $24.95

Worf coming soon to Mission Crate

TOS Scotty

QMx confirmed that the next 1:6 figure to be released will be Scotty. A Scotty prototype was shown off earlier this year at ToyFaire. He’s finally ready to beam aboard later this year. Pricing will be in line with the other 1:6 TOS figures.

The Scotty 1:6 figure is next for release.

TrekMovie at SDCC

SDCC is just getting started. We have more news from preview night coming, plus coverage of all the exciting Star Trek-related events and panels.

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Stay tuned for more Star Trek merchandise and more news from San Diego Comic-Con, and a bit of The Orville news too.

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I have absolutely no interest in the Beyond phaser. I don’t feel that any of those JJ-verse props, including tricorder and communicator, were well designed at all.

Agreed, I’d like to see better quality /more TOS Movie era props if anything.

the only 3 things i saw there i want and like is the dsc phaser the beyond phaser and the capt georgiou figue

jj verse props look a thousand times better then the tos ones and the dsc ones look a billion times better then the tos ones

Can’t believe that ridiculous rule about orange tips on the toys. To show that they’re toys. Seems to be easier to get a real weapon in the US than a toy of a made-up laser gun from a fictional TV show

Yep, at least sell it with an orange removable attachment and a silver attachment for adults to replace it with :)

Good idea!

I’ve a vague recollection of getting a Kelvin phaser back around 2009 for a costume, and it wasn’t orange. Is this a recent thing in the US (as obviously what we get in Europe is laregly imported from the US), or was that effected by the emitter flipping between red and blue?

This goes back to 2001. When I got an Enterprise Phase Pistol it had a fluorescent orange emitter.

I think I read in the thread on McFarlanes phaser that the law says you aren’t permitted to sell a separate piece.

The regulation is due in part to protecting children from having the toy mistaken for a real weapon. While I realize this is a toy ray gun, someone may misinterpret it on the fly in a heated moment.

If there’s a heated moment I can’t imagine an orange tip being spotted over the silhouette of a “gun”

If you point anything “gun-like” at anyone. Someone will fly off the handle. But this is silly. Its never been a problem before. And in most states you can purchase replica firearm bb/pellet pistols over the counter at 18 years of age. Just don’t wave it around in public, threaten someone, or use it in the commission of a crime. This is a sci-fi prop/model. It should be a problem. This is silly.

Sorry, my auto-correct. “Shouldn’t be a problem…”

They should orange tip the real ones instead

Orange tip anyone with war weapons.

There is already an orange-tip one and he’s a disaster :)

Ha, nice…

Maybe if americans didn’t shoot each other up like morons all the time.

I don’t buy it either. Like I commented. In my area, in New England states. Most “replica firearm BB/pellet pistols” are sold over the counter. The only stipulation of being 18 years old. So I can see why there would be a problem in most areas. Since its a “sci-fi prop replica/model.” It has nothing to do with firearms in any way shape or form….

Pennywise is attacking Georgiou! Beep beep!!

Never cared for all the phaser incarnations from all the Trek movies, TNG, etc…
The only cool phasers IMO were TOS and Discovery. I really want that Discovery phaser.

The phasers from ST:TMP had a nice design to them; very sleek and futuristic.

Any replica acrudiment’s should be made the proper weight with

(naturally) the correct feel. Anything else is really pathetic 🤬 how

difficult could it be to add customized laser for added effect 🤔

I always wonder why Star Trek didn’t connect with Hot Toys…

The likenesses on those QMX TOS figures are really, really good. Even the uniforms look nice and don’t have that haggard look of the Megos. Too bad the asking price is so exorbitant.

Unlike other “Anti-prop collectors” who are on a budget. I myself was look forward to both the ST:Beyond Phaser and Discovery phaser. Especially when all the pre-orders for the McFarlane Toys Discovery replica evaporated. I how they are all produced. Definitely want both in my collection. Along with my Qmx 2009 st phaser.

…As for “Firearms replica laws”. I can’t see where that’s a problem. In my state, and the surrounding New England area. Most “BB/Pellet pistol-Firearm replicas” are sold over the counter. With the only stipulation of being over the age of 18. So I can’t see what the problem would be since there “sci-fi prop replicas” and have nothing to do with firearms at all !?!

Seams to be some Anti-JJ Abramsverse/ ST: Kelvin Timeline trolls .I DON’T think there’s anything wrong with these prop replicas. Matter of fact, Any Low cost Trek props are better than extremely high priced Trek props…Or none at all….