Podcast: All Access Rounds Up Star Trek News, Previews ‘Lower Decks’ Season 4 With Director Barry Kelly

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 154 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks season 4 preview

Anthony and Laurie catch up on all the news from August, including Paramount’s plans for Star Trek Day and some Trek celebrity plans for picket line counterprogramming. Much of the news covers updates on Star Trek: Prodigy, like Aaron Waltke’s update on season 2 (and hopes for season 3) and the latest fan campaign efforts, like the aerial banner. The podcasters also discuss Strange New Worlds ratings, comments from the showrunners on season 3, and the Gorn, of course.

The featured topic for the podcast is a preview of Lower Decks season 4, which premieres next week. They play Tony’s interview with supervising director Barry Kelly, who explains how adding T’Lyn makes the show “10% funnier,” and describes the excitement around the creative process. The podcasters pore through the trailers and previews and offer thoughts on what has them most excited about the upcoming season, which they’re both looking forward to.

They close things out with their bits of the week: Tony hopes an effort to get Leonard Nimoy on a US postal stamp pays off, and Laurie reports on her odd discussions with ChatGPT about Jewish characters in Star Trek.


Star Trek Day 2023 To Feature Streaming Special And ‘Lower Decks’ Theater Screenings

First Season Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ To Be Broadcast On CBS Network This Fall [from 2020]

Trek Celebrities Invite Fans To Join Them On The Picket Line For ‘United We Trek’ On Star Trek Day

Star Trek Actors Join Writers On Trek-Themed Picket Lines In LA And NYC [from May]

Hollywood’s working class turns to nonprofit funds to make ends meet during the strike [AP]

How New Paramount+ Strategy To “Super-Serve” Key Audiences And Franchises Could Impact Star Trek

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Talk Janeway/Chakotay, Season 2 Legacy Connections, And Season 3 Hopes

Save ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Banner Flies Above Hollywood; EP Says Fan Campaign Is Making A Difference

Interview: Aaron Waltke On How Voyager’s Doctor Shakes Things Up In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2

Disney+ Not Going Forward With ‘Nautilus’ UK Series As Part Of Cost-Cutting Content Removal [Deadline]

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Continues To Rank In The Streaming Top 10

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Showrunners Talk Season 3, Gorn, Scotty, And More TOS Characters

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Effects Supervisor J. Alan Scott On Reimagining The Gorn

See Captain Pike Embark On An Exploration Adventure Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Scorpius Run’ #1

Armin Shimerman And Terry Farrell Join The ‘Delta Flyers’ Podcast For ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Rewatch

Terry Farrell Joins ‘To Boldly Go’ Road Trip Documentary Visiting Star Trek Locations

‘Star Trek Online: Incursion’ To Feature Garrett Wang As Captain Harry Kim And A ‘Prodigy’ Connection

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Cast Talks About The Big Change For Season 4

First Images From First Two Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Reveal Iconic Visits

Prepare For Season 4 Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ With New Trailer And Official Poster

Early Review: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Levels Up But Keeps The Laughs


Tony: California Congressman Urges U.S. Postal Service To Honor Leonard Nimoy With Commemorative Stamp

Laurie: ChatGPT

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There’s been a Leonard Nimoy Theater in New York since 2002, for the record.

Maybe the ChatGPT was confused by all the names in the Sisko family.

Wonderful episode! I love all the news and Laurie’s sense of humor and laugh.
If we get to a prolonged Star Trek drought, will you have to start reviewing old ST episodes? Maybe ones across multiple shows that have a common theme?

That seems more like the kind of thing that The Shuttle Pod does.

I am hoping the strike will be long over by then and we can do more interviews, but we also like to have big topics to discuss and we’re open to other ideas, too.

How about a recap of all of the movie projects that have been announced or rumored since 2016 and what the likelihood is of any of them getting produced?

The risk with bringing in more legacy characters is that the ones already on the show get less to do. They could have a big cast on DS9 but they had more than double the amount of episodes.

The difference between this drought is that at least now we know we’ll get more eventually. Two shows next year (Disco and probably Prodigy) and then wait until at least sometime mid 2025 for SNW and Section 31

I had planned to rewatch Lower Decks in preparation for season 4 but they´ve removed season 3 from Prime here in Sweden and either it´s not available on youtube here or I can´t find it.

I agree… I really want these characters to get MORE to do. We still haven’t gotten an Ortegas episode and there are already recurring characters galore. I also want more episodes where everyone is a part of the story!

Great show Laurie and Tony.

Question: did Barry Kelly mention if any VO work for Lower Decks Season 5 had been done? I’m a bit fuzzy on SAG-AFTRA’s strike rules; per their own website, TV and New Media (streaming) animation is NOT struck work, but I’m not sure if that only applies to strictly voice actors.

We didn’t talk about voice work, but like with the writers, the voice actors’ work falls under the TAG contract, not the SAG-AFTRA contract.


Great Podcast!

I’m looking forward to LDS. I miss the post-nemesis world and need some good laughs in the next months.

What I love about Mike McMahan, the Hagemann Brothers, and Terry Matalas is their depth of knowledge and love for the franchise. I trust them as storytellers. I know wherever they take us, it will be compelling, funny, and interesting, but continue the Star Trek universe in an unique way.

I recently started Enterprise Incidents. Before I listen to an episode, I watch TOS episode in original effects, I prefer the old effects, and then listen to the analysis. It’s a great podcast that is making me think about TOS in a whole new light. I signed up for Delta Flyers so I can do the same for Voy/DS9. Plus, I’ve had a yearning for classic trek storytelling. I miss that Era. Still hoping for Legacy.

Even though a trek drought is coming, I hope you two continue the podcast. I would listen to you two discuss your favorite brand of ketchup. You’re awesome!

Thanks so much! We will definitely continue the podcast, although it’ll be easier to take a week off here and there when our lives demand it. I’m with you on Enterprise Incidents & Delta Flyers for sure. My favorite Enterprise Incidents episodes are the ones with Ralph Senensky; that guy remembers everything! He’s amazing.

We survived through the drought of TREK caused by the pandemic production shutdown so we will survive this. We will come up with topics and do interviews.

And you know I do have a lot of things to say about ketchup. You see that’s only the start. The key is what you mix it with.

And I hate ketchup, so it would sorta be like talking about the Gorn.