Interview: Michelle Hurd And Todd Stashwick Talk ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Dreams And ‘Picard’ Memes


The third season of Star Trek: Picard was the big winner at the Saturn Awards this year. At the event, TrekMovie had a chance to talk to actors Michelle Hurd (Commander Raffi Musiker) and Todd Stashwick (who was nominated for his role as Captain Liam Shaw) about the series, and their possible futures in the potential Star Trek: Legacy spin-off.

Michelle Hurd talks Seven/Raffi in Legacy and AI characters in Trek

So you were on a different red carpet a couple of weeks ago and you said something to the effect of they’re going to do the Section 31 movie and then the Academy show and then they’re going to do the Legacy show. So, were you saying you know they’re going to Legacy next you are hoping they do Legacy next?

I’m hoping they’re going to do it. I’m trying to manifest it and just put it out there. Because I really feel like it’s something that has to happen. This can’t be the last time Raffi’s voice is spoken. I think everybody wants to see Jack Crusher and Seven of Nine and Raffi navigate the galaxy. I’ve been doing cons lately. I just came from a con and EVERYBODY asked me about Star Trek: Legacy. I just feel like we’re teed up. We’re ready to go, you know? Whenever I talk to Star Trek fans they are like, “When is Star Trek: Legacy happening?” I’m right there with you, manifesting. Write about it. Put it on social media because I would love to be there. There is no reason for us not to do it.

With Captain Seven and Raffi as first officer, will it be awkward? What is their Facebook relationship status at the end of Picard?

As always, it’s complicated. Maybe the two people aren’t on the same page. I’ll tell you this – Raffi loves Seven.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation (Paramount+)

Terry talked about how Legacy would be an opportunity to tell more stories with legacy actors and characters, like maybe with Worf and Alexander, but the show doesnt’ necessarily need to include legacy characters every episode…

What Terry said is a whole other possibility, if we did that. That’s a whole series right there. We can also do that without having every legacy person come in. It’s full and rich, ready to go.

As a SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee member, you just through a big thing with AI for the strike. Recently William Shatner said he was cool with a virtual version of himself in Star Trek, but only after he is gone. There are so many legacy Star Trek actors, what do you think of this idea of Star Trek using AI to bring back all these characters in the future?

What I love is that we now have codified in our contract for AI technology is there is consent, compensation, and pension and health contributions. So if they wanted to bring back people, perhaps people that have passed, they have to talk to the estate and living relatives and get permission and get compensation, so everybody wins, if you think about it. So you can bring those people alive and do all that kind of stuff, but you are doing it in a correct way and everyone is being paid for it. If you think about it, our industry is the only one that has actually put guardrails on AI technology.

Let’s say you got a call and Paramount said they just wanted to do an insert scene with Raffi and instead of flying you up to Toronto they are going to use AI for you and your voice, and of course, they would pay you x amount. Would you do that, are you okay with that personally?

Well, the thing that I love about that possibility is say that I was shooting something in New York or in California, and they go “Oh, we really want to do this AI-generated scene with you, but you don’t have to be here.” I now negotiate how much they have to pay me to do that. And I still get to be in that LA shooting whatever scene I’m doing right there. So ostensibly, I’m doing two jobs at the same time. I think that’s pretty good as long as they paid me what I negotiated and I get the consent of what they’re going to do with the character.

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Todd Stashwich on Trek fan love and bringing Shaw back for Legacy 

At Trek Talks you joked with Terry about coming back from the dead for Legacy. So, how are they going to bring you back from the dead?

Very carefully and thoughtfully. [laughs] I have no idea. And there is no brought back, yet. If they ever choose to do [Legacy] there will be very skilled writers who know how to do it.

What have you heard about the likelihood of Legacy happening?

It’s all speculation. It’s “Schrödinger’s Legacy,” right? There’s a future where it happens and there’s a future where it doesn’t happen. I swear I have been told nothing. I can only be hopeful because I would love to keep telling stories.

So, Terry has told you if it does happen, you are coming back in some fashion?

Oh yeah. Like I said, I’m “Spock dead.”

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw in “The Bounty” (Paramount+)

So you are nominated tonight for Picard which I believe is your first Saturn Awards nomination. How has being in Star Trek changed your life? 

Well, it’s a 50-plus-year-old franchise and it is going and going and going. To join that family with that fan family is a tidal wave of love. It’s unbelievable.

What’s next for you?

I am currently co-writing on a Skydance New Media Captain America/Black Panther game. And I’m a big D&D guy so I have a big Kickstarter coming up for a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired thing. So keep your eyes peeled, nerds.

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More from Todd and Michelle (and Terry Matalas) from post-show press room

Any favorite memes? Picard generated a few, certainly for Todd, …

Terry Matalas: He’s got his own memes.

Todd Stashwick: I have started a corporation, a meme corporation.

Michelle Hurd: I actually have a few, like from the first season with the bottle, but there’s a few.

Todd Stashwick: What’s ironic for me is I’m known for two memes from two different shows: Supernatural and Picard. And I’m saying “No” in both. From a “Yes, and…” guy from Chicago, it’s humbling.

Michelle Hurd: I will say while we were shooting, all of us in the cast we knew that when you guys saw this man that he was going to explode. Todd did such an amazing job as Shaw and I just have to give you that because that was something as a cast, we were all like, “You are killing it.”

Todd Stashwick: I was given a lot of room and amazing words. So that’s the recipe for success. It takes a team to build a character.

Sorry you lost out to Frakes, Todd. [For Best Supporting Actor Saturn Award]

Terry Matalas: The ongoing Frakes/Stashwich beef…    

Todd Stashwick: It’s vicious. It’s gotten worse. It’s going to be the next Feud on FX.

He didn’t even show up to rub it in your face…

Todd Stashwick: Oh he will. I’ll get my own meme sent back to me.

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Every actor wants work, but not every Trek fan just wants constant sub-standard Trek to be churned out. I really don’t see what a legacy show would add to the franchise at this point in the hands of “Nu-Trek” writers. I want fresh ideas, new stories, new cast. A legacy show would be a disaster IMO

I know you don’t want the Legacy show and that’s totally valid but I am curious if you could make a show what would the premise be?

I’ve made it very clear I want the Legacy show but I’m open to new or other ideas, but mostly if it’s post Nemesis and why I support SFA.

Well it would be an Enterprise show so I assume it would be pretty much what Enterprise shows have always been. Transporter accidents, time travel, spatial anomalies, and all that. Klingons/Romulans/Cardassians. With Seven as Captain obviously the Borg would be involved. The occasional familiar face thrown in. Just Star Trek doing Star Trek.

We get a lot of articles about a show that isn’t even in development. Kinda running out of things to say about it.

I was asking if they DIDN’T do a Seven/Enterprise show but wanted something else?

I’m personally open to what ever. If they do decide to do the Legacy show in a few years great. But if they have a totally different concept altogether and that gets a greenlight also great.

I just want more stories in this era.

Yep, so you did. I guess I was sleepy when I read that. Sorry. (Hate it when I post something and the replies have like… literally nothing to do with my comment lol)

Like you, I think we’ll get stories set in that era someday. I just have doubts they will come in the form of the Legacy show people have pictured in their minds.

No worries. And yeah we may not ever get Legacy obviously. But I’m the eternal optimist! 🙂

Now if I had it my way and this is just me spit balling I would do something radically different like a show set on a Federation colony in the Gamma Quadrant 30 years after the Dominion War or something . Really shake it up.

But we know that would never happen lol. Even if we don’t get the Legacy show it will probably be something a few years later on the Enterprise H or similar.

I really don’t see them going to far off the reservation, especially after seeing what they ultimately did with Picard in the end.

I would try doing a Trek Medical show or a show about Marines.

I always thought it would be cool if did a MACO show! 😎

We already had Space Above and Beyond

They need to do live action comedy.

People wont identify with a medical show that takes place in the future. It’s been done before and they have all failed.

Since most of those Legacy actors are in their 70’s they better act quick. LOL

I’m so sick of that old stuff. The old timers here just want the same old till the end of time. Bring in new people with no writing experience in sci-fi or Trek and let them play around with universe. It worked for Star Trek 2 after Roddenberry almost destroyed Trek with that horrible first movie of his.

I would love to see a show that just takes place on Earth or some other planet, No Starfleet ! What about a detective show, a crime drama. Imagine True Detective in the Star Trek universe. Make a show that will bring in new people that don’t watch Trek.

And more comedy wouldn’t hurt. Make a live action comedy. Use that short Trek Tribble episode as an example. Lower Decks is getting boring and needs to be replaced in my opinion.

Although the Legacy show would still be my first pick, it might be fun to do a Federation type legal show like NCIS in the 25th century.

I would like that idea as well. I’m pretty easy lol.

My issue is not with the premise, it is with the current crop of writers. I will watch and be thankful for any Star Trek as long as it is GOOD. I still think I must have been watching a different Picard season 3, all I saw was a dissapointing show about THE BORG yet again, only this time they are working with the changelings and something to do with Jack Crusher but I got bored waiting for that reveal and have erased it from my memory. It is 2024 and they are still writing about the Borg but not as good as they were doing it in 1990 or 1996 what is the point? A legacy show would be more fan service, except what fans want good previous stories recycled into substandard stories??? Who would have thought Enterprise could have given us the 4th season it did? Premise was all wrong but the quality of the show eventually became gold. They revisited things that had been done before in Star Trek but they did not just copy badly. In the right hands maybe a legacy show would be a good thing although I think the word “legacy” is a bit incompatible with what Trek is supposed to be about – going forward, but Trek is just not in the right hands at the moment. The only card they have left to play with Nu-Trek is to give us something original but good.

You’re right a lot of Kurtzman Trek is substandard and the shows can’t compete with the old shows.

I like Picard season 3 because it felt like something written for adults for a change and to see those group of people back again after 20 years. It felt very special but it had problems too.

And it still doesn’t hold a candle to all the old shows, but the only acceptable one for me. I have zero interest in anything else NuTrek is doing. I don’t even know if I’ll watch Discovery season 5 yet because I still haven’t finished season 4.

But we agree Trek is not in the right hands. It’s been a sordid mess since they turned the reboot movies into Marvel and it’s only been worse from there.

I won’t lie I was on the fence about watching season 5 of Discovery too. Yeah that show still has a ton of issues for me.

I don’t have the same level of problems with the other shows or Kelvin movies but they are there (except for Prodi…OK I’ll stop).

For me I do like where Kurtzman has taken the franchise overall. It doesn’t mean I like everything he’s done but it’s been more good than bad IMO.

Now for me, the Berman era will always be at the pinnacle of Star Trek for many reasons. But it also gave us a lot of stinkers too, Nemesis defining that in so many ways lol.

And the one thing I do like Kurtzman is doing is that he’s trying to have Trek reach different audiences which is good in some ways but bad in others. It’s nice to have shows like Lower Decks, Discovery and Prodigy that were meant to reach younger and non traditional Trek people for example. But I know the comedic stuff puts off some people with LDS, the melodrama sappy stuff with DIS (and just a bad show in general, sorry lol) and the show aimed at preteens with Prodigy. But it’s a noble strategy IMO. How much any of them are reaching these people who knows? But Star Trek needs to expand and attract different people.

Now I do think they probably went a little too far off the reservation when Discovery premiered and why we got shows like Picard and SNW., ie more comfort food again. But as stated Picard got a lot of grief too, but again mostly just not being a great show in general. SNW is as Berman Trek you can get lol. Not a single episode wouldn’t feel out of place in the 90s (well maybe the musical).

But even though there are still people out there who doesn’t love it like you and DMDM I do think many do because it is getting back to the Trek they know.

Personally I would like them to try and go back outside their comfort zone again and that may be the case with S31 and SFA. We’ll see but maybe they will just feel like old Trek as well.

And that’s what can’t be most fans just want the familiar and exactly why Legacy is still such a hot topic in the fandom. And that probably won’t go away until something similar to shows up.

Ok fair enough. I know you haven’t been happy with any of these shows in general and you wasn’t a big fan of Picard.

I personally enjoy them more than you do but I’ve also been critical of all of them (except Prodigy…I just really love that show lol).

All I can say is with the exception of Discovery they’ve all improved IMO. People were a little down on season 2 of SNW but I didn’t have huge problems with it outside of the massive canon issues (sigh) but as a show I really do enjoy it.

With Picard season 3 I also really enjoyed it even with it’s flaws. But to be fair about it after how big of a disappointment season 1 was for me and the massive sht show that was season 2, season 3 would’ve had to been horrible to really not like it lol. But I certainly get your issues including the Borg. And the reveal took waaay too long.

But yeah there is definitely a divide with these new shows in the fanbase. As critical as this board is at times, this is actually one of the more friendlier places lol. And at one time there was a big divide with the old shows too. I remember clear as day when there were articles about DS9 and VOY complaining they lost what made Star Trek great. Maybe because they all aged pretty well today and nostalgia is a powerful drug they don’t get criticized as they once did. It’s amazing how much love Enterprise gets these days lol.

But there were plenty of people complaining about them back in the day. I don’t know how people will see these shows in the next 20 years but I’m guessing they will be just as adored in time that just seems to be how it works.

But I’m not saying how you feel about them is invalid of course and I can certainly see why the Legacy show wouldn’t interest you.

But I appreciate the response, always! 🙂

…I saw was a disappointing show about THE BORG yet again, only this time they are working with the changelings and something to do with Jack Crusher but I got bored waiting for that reveal and have erased it from my memory.

Not only that, but it was what you said here overlaid on a near carbon copy of the story of Return of the Jedi for the final two eps. If that’s not unoriginal, I don’t know what is. A nice sendoff for the cast, and great acting performance camouflaged what was cluster-fu#k of bad storytelling, and derivative Star Wars plotting.

The one point I will disagree with you on is your blame of Kurtzman. That’s unfair, because he stepped away and let Matalas go for it — and so its his responsibility, not Kurtzman’s (in this case anyway).

We all gotta hope that Paramount doesn’t let MataLucas run a Trek show again.

You don’t get what you want Tiger, You get what you need.

Star Trek Academy
Section 31

Every actor wants work, but not every Trek fan just wants constant sub-standard Trek to be churned out. 

Agreed. Picard is a lesson on how this can go wrong — Spinner was shoehorned in for roles in both S2 and S3 that were less than convincing — all because they wanted to please the type of TNG fans who will be happy to see all the old cast playing these parts into their 80’s and 90’s, damn the rest of us.

Yes it would have been cooler if Spiner played a totally different kind of character.

Actually the show – on sir Patrick’s insistance- was not going to include what would have been a TNG reunion until riker and troi were added half way in s1

That last like 7 minutes.

“Every actor wants work, but not every Trek fan just wants constant sub-standard Trek to be churned out.”

Exactly this. Unless there’s a truly interesting idea for Legacy (and I haven’t heard one yet), I’m hoping this stays in the same category as Captain Sulu/Captain Worf (shows that actors want fans to lobby for but will never actually happen).

Also, Hurd has never said that Legacy was actually happening.

A new Trek concept I’d love to see is a Section 31 series, modeled after the classic “Mission: Impossible” TV series. I’m well aware of the Section 31 movie in production with Michelle Yeoh.

We’d have a small core of 5-7 agents, with a cool cloaked ship. Humans, a Vulcan, a Changeling, maybe a Romulan and Klingon. And every week they go on a new mission…

Find the Romulan spy among a group of Vulcan delegates.
Prevent the assassination of a Federation ambassador.
Steal a bio-weapon prototype.

And like the movie versions of M:I, sometimes the agents don’t get along with or trust each other, or they’re being used for ulterior purposes.

I’d much rather see this than yet another “hop on a starship and make contact with a species that’s never mentioned again” trope.

The beauty of this series is that they wouldn’t need to name-drop characters we all know for fan service, so the series would stand on its own and not need crossovers with other series or characters.

And no time travel or mirror universe crossovers. It’s been beaten to death in every series, so Trek needs to put it to rest already.

I understand what you are saying but the NuTrek producers seem to be trying to make multiple shows that appeal to multiple target markets. For those older legacy fans like me, we have SNW and with any luck Legacy. For those who want to see something new, innovative and targeted at other market niches, you have shows like Discovery S5, then S31 and apparently the SF Academy series. Add the animated shows and there seems to be something for everyone.

For fans who don’t like the legacy shows, hopefully one of the other multiple offerings will appeal to them. As for me, I will try to watch some of all of everything, simply because it is Star Trek. I will probably even go back to Netflix for a month, just to watch Prodigy once it comes out.

Exactly DeanH and I said something similar in my post. For old fans shows like Picard season 3 and SNW is a return of what they known for the last 50 years. They are popular because they all have the familiar elements fans have been wanting again since Enterprise ended in 2005.

Shows like Discovery, Section 31 and possibly SFA feels like a very different breed from those. It’s exactly why so many fans was against a S31 show and wanted the Pike show. History is now repeating itself with way more people interested in the Legacy show over SFA.

Now we didn’t know exactly what we would’ve got with S31 but everyone had the basic idea and it couldn’t remotely compete with a show that was meant to seek out new life and civilizations on the ship that started it all. And with S31 starring a character that was truly divisive in the fanbase itself made it an even harder climb. So they went with the more obvious choice.

The differences between a Legacy show and SFA isn’t nearly as vast since SFA is literally going back to the very ideals of what Star Trek is supposed to be; but it still can’t match another Enterprise going off into the unknown every week with another iconic character and in a time period more people are familiar with.

It’s completely understandable why so many fans will want that show. It doesn’t mean it will be better or even good but it will satisfy a lot of fans out there just the same.

And I think Paramount clearly knows that and why I do think we will ultimately get it. It may not be exactly what Matalas originally had in mind or with him at all but once Paramount gets its ducks in a row and have to see what’s next on the docket this idea will come around again.

Now I always have to put out the same disclaimer as I always do and the show may not ever happen and I am looking forward to those other projects; but Legacy is probably the the most obvious thing to do since having Picard come back to the franchise. Outside of just money and not having enough to make it right now, I can’t see what other reason they wouldn’t do it?

If the Legacy show ever happens I would like to have Shaw back in some form. He truly was a great character and just so much fun to watch.

Others mentioned a hologram version of him like Janeway being on the Enterprise and I wouldn’t say no to that!

Maybe one day it will dawn on the writers’ room not to kill off good characters.

But until then, no. Death is supposed to be final.

Yeah, what was MataLucas thinking.

Yeah true although I remember a lot of us was worried he would be killed off after the first episode lol. So it could’ve been worse.

And death is never final in Star Trek lol. Did you say this with a straight face?

The only permanent Death in Trek seems to be Shatner’s Kirk and even he was brought back in novels.

The other only other sci fi/fantasy franchises that brings more people back from the dead than Star Trek are Marvel, DC and Fast and the Furious. 😉


Only gamora is back in EG, GoTG v3 but it a version from an earlier timeline

I always joke Kirk has become the Uncle Ben of the franchise. It is kind of ironic both the biggest iconic character and one being famous for cheating death is the one they never brought back.

But yes he was still brought back to life as well just not in canon. And who knows maybe they will some day but I doubt it will be with Shatner himself at this point.

YEP another bugbearer of mine, IF we do get a legacy show then how many truly great legacy characters will we have to see sacriificed just because the writers have the power of life & death over any character they want to write about. BIG MISTAKE killing off characters like Ro Laren for substandard Trek.

Yeah it did suck to see Ro go

I’m a little surprised none of the main TNG characters died…hell they even brought one back lol.

Hologram Shaw would be perfect.

Obviously I agree lol. It would be to see him and Seven get into it.

That actually sounds like the rejected Hurley script for GENERATIONS, where Picard calls up holo-Kirk to pump him for info about the tholian web to get them out of some space-vortex jam, but Holo-Kirk is apparently very contentious.

Also reminded of, but less like Harry Mudd having the android dupe of his wife that he could make shut up on command.

LOL, that’s awesome.

Perhaps Matalas just doubles-down with making Star Trek even more like Star Wars in Legacy by having a Borg-Force Ghost Shaw providing Jack advice on how to use his powers several times per season, such as:

Borg-Force Ghost Shaw: “Jack, if you choose to face Boothby, you will do it alone. I cannot interfere.”



Wow that’s the first time I’m hearing about this. I had no idea.

And didn’t they want to do some holo Kirk idea in the first Kelvin movie as well? I think that was more of a recording though.

I never heard about the Kirk scene in the first reboot movie either. Was it supposed to be Shartner? If so he dodged a bullet there.

Yes it was going to be a way of including Shatner in the film without undoing his death. People really really wanted Shatner in the movie at the time and the writers were trying to come up with a more organic way, at least as a cameo.

But it sounded like they nixed the idea and Shatner said he wouldn’t be interested in doing just a cameo anyway so everyone moved on.

He was an interesting character who kept everybody on their toes and died a good death. I think I’d prefer they left it alone.

Fair enough!

Two actors I very much like but whose characters I couldn’t ever quite get used to. Shaw and Raffi just seemed to me like they’d been lifted from a 2020s show about bitter undercover cops with substance abuse problems and dropped into Star Trek. Although, even Picard himself seemed more of that world than of classic Trek, especially in the first two seasons. Seven too for that matter. Have another drink, you sad space cops.

Maybe for Raffi I would agree, but I could not feel more strongly opposite in an opinion regarding Shaw. He’s one of the best characters added in the Kurtzman era, and so then of course MataLucas had killed off.

I couldn’t stand the guy most of the time, but hey, mileage varies.

To be honest a lot of people hated Shaw in the beginning. That changed for many as the season went but obviously not for everyone.

Well, I’m glad for those fans, and for Stashwick in particular, who seems like a cool dude. But honestly, I wanted someone to push Shaw out the same airlock as Jellico (which is what happened later on the Cairo in my head canon, haha).


YES exactly this. The people writing Star Trek today seem to have just been grafted in after finishing an introduction to writing for TV in Hollywood for the 21st century course. The problem is, if Star Trek is written like a 20th or 21st century show then it is not Star Trek. Would we all be here 60 years after The Cage if the writing was not that bit different from most TV being churned out in Hollywood in the mid 1960s?

Yeah, I think for me it’s mostly down to the dialogue. Too many characters in today’s Trek sound like they’re from a series set in 2024, and they don’t do the old thing of explaining this by saying they’re a time traveler or obsessed with 21st century culture or whatever.

I’ve not watched the show, but judging from the many adverts on Pluto, the CBS series Ghosts looks to suffer from the same issue. What’s the point of having all these ghosts from different time periods and cultures and most of them talk like Chandler Bing?

Legacy is dead. It’s not happening. So the actors who want another paycheck, and the media who want clicks and social media activity on their sites, need to stop stringing along the poor subset of fans who want this to happen.

It was never alive. And “the media” is pretty much Tony and this site.

People going to laugh at you if it happens!

But it won’t happen. The best you’ll get is a one off TV movie. If it was up to me I would do a movie starring Wolf and Quark. It would be a romantic comedy.

Very true, I wish they would stop making up fake news for clicks.

This !

I agree with Terry that the 25th Century is present day trek. I would love to see Legacy but I’ve let go of any hope of it happening. I only watch post-nemesis 24th/25th century trek. I dislike the prequels.

However, I think S3 Picard is a great ending to the STU but I hope if not Legacy, then some show in that era will be greenlit someday…..hopefully with the right people. I think that if you are going to do Star Trek, then it should continue the stories where the other films and shows left off, like LDS and Prodigy.

I’ve said this many times and while I think there are a lot of people who specifically want the Seven show I do feel majority of people just want a continuation of Trek in the 25th century and will take it in any form.

Out of all the time periods the shows are in right now this one interest me the most. I wouldn’t even mind a 30-50 year time jump post Picard with new characters completely.

But I still feel confident we will eventually get the Legacy show but have to have patience.

My goodness, how boorish and condescending can we get with a new Trek showrunner with only one season under his belt tries to stipulate that the “Star Trek present day” timeframe that just happens to be the one from his particular season that he ran, when we have two other ongoing periods (SNW and DSC/Academy) centuries apart happening right now as well, with Yeoh’s movie potentially representing yet another period, and then the Kelvin alternate timeline as well.

Sorry, but MataLucas DOES NOT get to decide this. Dude needs to go make his Witch Mountain kiddie thing and stop talking like he is running all of Star Trek.

As long as it stays in the 24th or 25th century would make me happy too. I’m sick of prequels and most of them suck anyway. I haven’t watched the cartoons yet but at least they are going forward.

When you make bad prequels you get ridiculous stuff like Discovery and SNW.

SNW has some weird canon for sure but it’s still 20 times better than Discovery.

Not as bad but still borderline ridiculous at times. At least I can watch it I guess but it should be in another universe. And they all act like silly teenagers.

I really like April though.

Yeah April is pretty cool.

Agreed! I love the cast of SNW. They are terrific. But the writing isn’t good. The dialogue takes me out of the story every time.

To be fair, as an older fan, some of us have for years read books and comics on Pikes adventures. We filled in the gaps in our heads and it most likely, for some of us, didn’t look like what we got. And the writers of SNW has to compete with that while trying to fulfill the studios demands on what they think Star Trek is.

I will admit the dialogue does come off a little juvenile at times but I do think it’s intentional. They want to attract younger people I guess and make it feel more comfortable and grounded. But it can still sound a little more adult as well.

This has become a pet peeve of mine. Not a huge one or anything and I have the same issue with LDS but accept that’s a comedy, but it would be nice if they sounded like serious officers again on important missions and not like people who are just hanging out with their friends all the time.

Couldn’t stand Raffi in the first two seasons but loved her in season 3.

And I hope they bring Shaw back for Legacy too.

Man I love Stashwick, that guy rules! And I want to see him back as Shaw too. Bring that guy back from the dead! I mean if Spock, Data, Yar, Troi, Scotty, Neelix, McCoy, Tuvok, Kim, Boimler, O’Brien, Fratboy Kirk, Shaxs, Culber, Picard and Q can all come back, then so can he! 😎


Technically you left out Dax. Just saying.

Yeah I did! 🙂

Jadzia! 😥

When did Tuvok die? I can’t remember.

I like the idea of Shaw being a hologram on the Enterprise.

Tuvix! And Neelix died twice and was brought back both times. 🙄

They could make Shaw a hologram but they can also go full Picard and just put his consciousness in a Synth body. Like why not?

It’s Star Trek..and when you’re bridge crew you always come back!

Right Tuvix.

I never liked the Synth idea because it means any dead person can just be placed in a new body.

But you’re right nothing stops it either. Why aren’t there a million synths on Discovery right now? It’s the 32nd century.

I admit it is a really big sliding slope but they still created it, right?

And it’s Discovery, don’t apply logic or reason to it, you will just be disappointed. 😐

Yeah that is the issue with the Synth idea, it basically eliminates death to a degree. But let’s be honest it’s not the first in Star Trek. Transporters can basically eliminate death or make as many copies of you as they want but NO ONE wants to go there lol.

I think with Discovery they are so far in the future now it’s kind of crazy they haven’t just eliminated aging by that point. Or that people’s consciousness isn’t transferred into computers.

There should be at least a few more cyborgs walking around as well but we don’t see any. Maybe they were outlawed the same way genetic engineering was (thank you Borg;)), but would that includ every non Federation advanced world as well?

But it’s Star Trek, if you over think every nutty concept that happens on this show your brain would explode lol.

When did Troi die? I mean she it was referenced in the future that never happened that she died, but that does that count?

Would love to see Shaw/Stashwick back. Hey would be awesome as an instructor on the the Academy series — the perfect tough professor, but who really cares about the students…the backstory could be they have and old Starfleet cryo chamber with medical emergencies of officers from the past that were put on ice at the med-tech at the time could not save him…but now in the 31st Century they can.



If were running things I would switch Start fleet Academy to a streaming movie like Section 31. Then do a Legacy movie. Then whichever of Section 31, SFA and Legacy is the best recieced, make into a regular series.

Or we can just skip the middle man and just make Legacy a show! 😁

Actually not a bad idea. And they may make Legacy a movie anyway.

Good thinking, but “best received” is a relative Term to Trek fans these days. My take is even though Trek shows are doing less than half their 80s/90s/00s counterparts were doing, they still somehow cant keep the momentum up with quality writing. 10 episodes should be all killer and no filler but personally I am finding if 1 or 2 out of 10 episodes are great, that is like a great Trek season.
I do think more TV movie or genuine mini-series is the way to go now, write for 2 / 3 /4 hours max and you will either nail it or not, but dont keep us stringing on for 10 hours on the hope the last episode of the season is good. That is some late series X files thinking that is.

And people used to call me a hater! 😄

Nothing against Ms. Hurd, but performing in New York while someone puts your AI doppelgänger through its paces in Los Angeles isn’t working to acting two jobs at once. The latter is someone, or even a computer, using your likeness and making your acting choices for you. Not the same thing at all.

What’s with the haircut that makes you look like a pinhead?