July 2008

Paramount Finance Deal Falls Through – No Effect On Trek

This afternoon the Financial Times reported that a finance deal between Paramount and Deutsche Bank has fallen through. The FT report states that Paramount is seeking funds to partially finance “up to 30 films, including possible blockbusters such as the sequel to Transformers and a new version of Star Trek.” However a trusted studio source tells TrekMovie that this deal will not have an impact on the post-production of Star Trek.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Iron Man 2, Green Hornet, Max Payne, Heroes, Fringe, Prisoner, Caprica + more

This Sci-Fi Saturday is just bursting at the seems with tons of stuff on the soon to be released Dark Knight, plus status updates on the Green Hornet, Iron Man 2, Heavy Metal, Fanboys and more. Plus tons of new videos and clips including Max Payne. In TV news we have details on The Prisoner remake, the BSG prequel Caprica, Heroes, Fringe and so much more.

FanMade Update: Cawley Talks Phase II Production

In last week’s FanMade column, TrekMovie reported on the production of the latest episodes for Phase II (formerly New Voyages), but some things have changed and so producer/star James Cawley has given TrekMovie a new update on how the production went and what is next for this popular fan series. Plus he sent over some exclusive pictures from "Enemy: Starfleet".

Science Friday: Water In Space Edition

This week in Science Friday we have more news on just how much water there is in our solar system. And we meet the water bear — extreme solar system survivors. Plus we hear from Star Trek’s own Dr. Carolyn Porco speaking about the Cassini mission and learn the secrets to crazy alien technologies behind flying saucers. All this plus our gadget of the week: Seabreacher Submarine, and video of the week: visible magnetic fields.

Scott Bakula Joins New TNT Drama

Scott Bakula has joined the cast of the new TNT drama Men of a Certain Age, which will be his first time as a TV series regular since the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise in 2005. Bakula will play Terry, a handsome, intelligent but struggling-to-make-it actor, opposite Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street).

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.10.08

This week, the Watch has updates on Shatner’s Raw Nerve and news on his inclusion on an Emmy Award semi-finalist list. We also have Quinto revealing childhood secrets, details on Trek appearances at Comic-Con, one convention Robert Picardo will not be attending, Paul McGillion talking Trek, Nichelle Nichols narrating for the stars (the ones in space, that is), and much more!

Exclusive Interview: Robert Picardo On Jumping From Star Trek To Stargate

Robert Picardo spent seven years as the holographic Doctor on Star Trek Voyager. The part, which grew to be a breakout role on the show, is just one of many memorable roles for the veteran actor who will soon be seen as a regular on Stargate Atlantis which premieres its 5th season this week. In an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, Picardo talks about his roles on Voyager, Atlantis and more.  

Wheaton Talks More Trek + Added To Comic Con Book Panel

In May former TNG actor and professional geek Wil Wheaton blogged (here and on his site) about the state of Star Trek and the future with JJ Abrams. Some of Wheaton’s controversial views kicked off a lot of talk amongst fans. Now in a new interview with our friends at Geek Magazine, Wheaton talks about the controversy and the fan ‘backlash’.

Eddie Murphy Wanted To Be A Vulcan

It is fairly well known that at one point during the development of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, Paramount was considering including Eddie Murphy in the film. In an interview promoting his new movie Meet Dave (originally titled Starship Dave), Murphy talks about why he didn’t take the role in ST:IV and how he is a big Trek fan. (transcript and video link below)

Still No Plans For Paramount Trek Comic Con Panel

In the 10 days since Paramount announced they would not be doing any movie panels (including for Star Trek) at Comic-Con, the world of fandom has been going through the various stages of grief, and apparently some are still in the denial phase. Some websites are even questioning TrekMovie’s recent update on Comic Con. And G4 TV is running a new Comic Con Preview Show which is fueling the conspiracy theories. 

Library Computer: Review + Author Interview + Exclusive Excerpt From “Myriad Universe: Infinity’s Prism” – Part 3

This week, the Library Computer continues its look at the six ‘what if?’ tales of alternate history featured in the two new ‘Myriad Universes’ anthologies. Forget "Space Seed", and prepare to enter a universe where Khan reigns supreme as we look at James Swallow’s Seeds of Dissent, the third and final story in the "Infinity’s Prism" Anthology. Once again we have a review, author interview and exclusive excerpt.

Trek Eats: A Look at Trek-themed Eateries

News of the September closing of Star Trek: The Experience (and Quark’s Bar and Grill) at the Las Vegas Hilton is sad news for fans who enjoy mixing the reel of Star Trek with the real of restaurants. Quark’s, with its Trek name and themed food, was the biggest Star Trek restaurant ever, but there have been others. Today we take a look at some of these other Trek themed restaurants we have said goodbye to, and a few that still remain.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Batman, Superman, Terminator, Hornet, Hobbit, Lost, BSG, Prisoner, Altantis + more

Lots of new stuff in the world of sci-fi this week, including a debate on a future Robin for the Batman franchise, a possible (non Singer) Supes sequel, news on the 300 follow-up, Terminator 4, the Hobbit and more. Plus more trailers and images than you can handle. In TV news we got a Battlestar TV movie, Prisoner casting, Atlantis Season 5 details, Star Wars live action news and much more. so read on

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.03.08

This week, the Watch brings you new interviews with with Shatner & Stewart and Picardo & DeLancie, a chance to hang with Brent Spiner, John Cho on his favorite places to trek, articles on plays starring Denise Crosby and Rene Auberjonois, more work for Wil Wheaton, and much more! Plus Colm Meaney is on a stamp…how cool is that!