August 2008

Last Chance For Personalized Videotaped Shatner Signing

Way back in January TrekMovie reported that William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, had hooked up with, who offer personalized videotaped memorabilia signings. The event had sold out (twice) and they have now expanded it to allow for more signings, but the deadline to sign up for your autographed item and personalized taped message from Shatner is midnight Tuesday (Pacific).

VegasCon 08: Two Spocks Talk Trek – Reveal New Details

On Sunday Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, the headliners for the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, really brought the house down. Appearing both individually and together, they entertained the crowd with stories as well as providing insights (and some spoilers) about the new Star Trek movie. Full details and pictures below.

Watch ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ with Leonard Nimoy [UPDATED]

At1:30 PM (Pacific) Cryptic Studios held their ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ event at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. Leonard Nimoy helped them unveil this exciting new massive multiplayer Star Trek game. The presentation lived up to its name and revealed much about the new game, we have video, details and new screenshots below.

VegasCon 08: New Star Trek Movie Posters With Four New Cast Images [Hi Res UPDATE]

Just like they did last year, Paramount has chosen Creation’s official Star Trek convention to give fans a new poster for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Actually they are giving fans eight posters; the four that were given out at Comic Con and four new ones in the same style but with the rest of the main crew from the film. TrekMovie has a first look below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy 5, Terminator 4, Batman 3, Transformers 2, Avatar 1 + Heroes, BSG, Fringe + more

All Trekkies eyes may be on Las Vegas, but the rest of the world of sci-fi continues to move on and this week we have lots of news on Cameron’s Avatar, the Governator on Terminator 4, Star Wars in 3D, and more, including new trailers and pics. With the fall TV season looming we have lots of news on new and returning genre including some previews, so lets get started.

First Details Emerge On New Star Trek Online + New In Game Images

Tomorrow Cryptic Studios holds their "Star Trek Online Revealed" panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (with a little help from Leonard Nimoy), but some details of this new MMORPG have already emerged. Cryptic’s Chief Creative Officer gave a pre-show interview to the AP that provided some details, plus CBS showed a few new screenshots at their Products presentation on Friday.

VegasCon 08: New Official Star Trek Fan Club Announced

Today at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, CBS announced that a new official Star Trek fan club will be launched by the end of the year. Details are sketchy for now, but CBS promised more details to come next month and have launched a new website to gather fan input on this new venture. In related news, Dan Madsen, who ran the previous fan club, is involved in a new fan venture that is partnering with

VegasCon 08: Thursday Report with Sirtis & Spiner, Roddenberry, Lee Whitney, Forbes + more

Thursday at Creation's official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas had a good mix of series regulars like TNG's Brent Spiner and Marina Sirts, to fan favorite guest stars like Grace Lee Whitney, Michelle Forbes and Majel Roddenberry. TrekMovie has a report on all the star appearances plus lots of photos below.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.07.08

This week, the Watch brings tons of happenings for Patrick Stewart, including reviews of Hamlet. We also have reviews of Chris Pine in Bottle Shock, Eric Bana talking cars, a new movie for Simon Pegg, Adam Nimoy talking about his dad, Jolene Blalock talking about Starship Troopers, plus Whoopi back on Broadway, and more!

VegasCon 08: deLancie, Curtis, Crosby & More Guest Stars Kick Off The Con

The official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas kicked off Wednesday with a gaggle of guest stars spanning the Trek series, including John deLancie, Robin Curtis and Denise Crosby. They all delighted mostly filled main auditorium with insights, jokes, and at times some serious discussions about their times on Star Trek.

Great Links: Star Trek v Star Wars + Lots of Spock

The Great Links took a week off to decompress after Comic Con, but its back with lots of Trek going on out there in the world. This week two themes have been emerging on the web, a couple of new skirmishes in the ongoing battle of Star Trek vs. Star Wars (where TrekMovie’s ‘Foolerprise’ makes a surprise cameo). Plus Mr. Spock has been making the rounds from Sex Symbol, to art, to a real life equivalent. Pics, vids and more below,

VegasCon 08: TrekMovie Arrives + Preview Of Event

The Creation official Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton kicks off this morning and is on the scene and ready to go. This week we will be bringing you wall to wall coverage of the event and beyond with multiple reporters on the scene. See below for some of the highlights we can expect to be reporting on. For this week, what happens in Vegas will definitely not be staying in Vegas.

TrekInk: First Look At Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD

A complete collection of Star Trek comics all in one small package, readily available and inexpensively–is it possible? The answer coming from Graphic Imaging Technology this Fall is a big yes, with a DVD-ROM with scans of every Trek comic book released from 1967 to 2002 in an easily browsable archive. TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at Star Trek The Complete Comic Book Collection.

Library Computer: Review + Author Interview + Exclusive Excerpt From “Myriad Universe: Echoes and Refractions” – Part 3

This week, the Library Computer concludes its look at the six ‘what if?’ tales of alternate history featured in the two new ‘Myriad Universes’ anthologies with a genuine ‘technology unchained’ tale that alters the entire fabric of the Star Trek universe in Chris Roberson’s Brave New World. We have a review, author interview and exclusive excerpt.

Review: Star Trek Remastered Season Two DVD Set

The second season of Star Trek is arguably the best season of the franchise. With classics like "Mirror, Mirror," "Amok Time," "Journey to Babel," "Trouble With Tribbles," and "The Doomsday Machine," Season Two has everything from humor, to character development, to ship on ship action. Although many are waiting to see the digitally remastered episodes on Blu-ray, the standard def. set arrives next week and is very tempting.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers, Evil Dead, Wolfman, Venom, Indy, Robocop, BSG, Dr. Who, Heroes + more

The Summer movie season is winding down and it is now time to think about future blockbusters. We got news on Transformers 2, the new Robocop, Venom spin-off, a possible Indy 5 and much more. Plus photos and vids from tons of movies including Friday 13th, the new Harry Potter, and Terminator 4. Plus TV news from Dollhouse, Heroes, Knight Rider, Doctor Who, Battlestar and many more.

FanMade: New Intrepid Episode + Updates from Phase II, Hidden Frontier, Farragut + more

While the world waits for Paramount to make some more Star Trek (and there is a long wait) the fans continue to ‘roll their own.’ This FanMade column brings news on a new release from a European fan film, Starship Intrepid. Plus we have news and production updates from Phase 2 and Hidden Frontier, along with a new preview from the Farragut team. All that and new audio drama releases too.

Science Friday: Eclipse 2008 Edition

This week Science Friday serves up some hot science news including a total solar eclipse happening today, a high-powered microscope for only $10, a lake discovered on Saturn’s moon Titan, NASA ‘tasting’ water on Mars, Virgin Galactic’s space tourism program, and our gadget of the week: “World’s First Practical Jetpack”!