May 2009

Star Trek Invades MTV Movie Awards + Pine (Jokes?) About Khan In Sequel [UPDATED]

The annual MTV Movie Awards was held tonight in LA, and even though the new Star Trek movie wont be eligible until next year, the film still made its presence known. Star Trek appeared in a couple of skits, Chris Pine presented an award, even JJ Abrams made a cameo (on keyboards!). Plus Zach Quinto showed up on the red carpet and Pine (joked?) about Khan in the sequel. [UPDATED: More video clips]

Sci-Fi Sunday (Movies): Alien, Buffy, Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, Ghosbusters 3 + much more

That Star Trek movie is doing well, so what franchises are next to get revived? Would you believe Alien and Buffy? In our weekend Genre movie news wrap-up we have details on those plus lots of news and previews for Transformers 2. There is also news on Ghostbusters 3, Iron Man 2 and even more previews, including Avatar, Toy Story 3, District 9 and much more.  

Game Review – Star Trek DAC (XBox 360)

It is common for big summer movies to have their own videogames, usually loosely following the storyline of the film, with maybe a few new perspectives thrown in. The new Star Trek film has a videogame, however Paramount has taken a different approach with "Star Trek DAC," which is a budget-priced arcade shooter ‘inspired’ by the Star Trek feature film. Find out if you should take a shot at DAC up in our review below.  

Sci-Fi Sunday (TV): Doctor Who, Chuck, Eureka, TSCC, Daisies, Torchwood, True Blood + more

As we did last week, we will for now on be splitting our weekend Sci-Fi news wrap ups into two articles (one for TV and one for movies). Even most TV seasons are over, we have lots of small screen news, including a new companion for The Doctor, definitive word for Sarah Connor, an update on the future of Chuck, previews of summer shows like Eureka and True Blood, TV Season DVD news and more.  

Kellogg’s Introduces Limited Edition Eggo Waffles With Star Trek Images

The Kellogg’s promotion for the Star Trek movie has been one of the longer running for the feature film with items starting to appear in stores in March and continuing to this summer. While the Kellogg’s website lists almost every product featuring ST09 images or offers, there have been a few surprises not listed, with the most recent being a limited series of Eggo waffles

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.30.09

After a break, CelebWatch is back and today brings you news on Colm Meaney getting a beat-down, Trek alumni say YES (and some saying NO) to the new SAG contract, one Trek alum receiving a Life Achievement Award, and a couple really weird videos featuring the two stars from the new Star Trek film. All this and more await you below!

ST09 Tidbits (Superman Edition): Winona As Jor-El? JJ For Next Superman? + more

When you saw Winona Ryder’s Amanda in the new Star Trek movie was your first thought about how much she reminded you of Jor-El from Superman The Movie? Well we have her thoughts on that, plus Kevin Smith talking about how Star Trek proves JJ Abrams is the man for the next Superman, plus a scientific look at Krypton Vulcan, and more.

Viacom Chairman: Star Trek ‘So Important’ For Paramount’s Future + Box Office Update

Even before Star Trek hit theaters, Viacom’s Paramount inked deals with the filmmakers to prepare a sequel. Today in a conference call with investors, Viacom chairman Philippe Dauman talked up the performance of Star Trek and noted that the Trek franchise (and others) will be a key part of Paramount’s future. Details on that below, plus the latest box office numbers.  

TrekInk: Exclusive Preview Of Spock Reflections + June Star Trek Comics Preview

After the success of the "Star Trek Countdown" comic, IDW is planning a follow-up with more Spock backstory leading up to the Star Trek movie with "Spock Reflections" coming in July. Today they have released more details and provided us with more exclusive preview art. Plus we previews of the June Star Trek comics, including an exclusive preview of a page from the Wrath of Khan adaptation.

Bob Orci Talks Star Trek & Star Wars + more new Trek/Wars links

For decades there has been much discussion and debate about Star Wars and Star Trek, and that has only increased with the new Star Trek movie and all the talk about bringing a little Star Wars into Star Trek. This has even risen to the level that has interviewed Star Trek co-writer. We have that plus some more new Trek/Wars links.

George Takei Speaks Out Against CA Supreme Court Ruling on Prop 8 [UPDATED]

Last September the original Sulu, George Takei wed his long-time partner Brad Altman (see TM story), but in November California voters amended the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Today the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, but also declared marriages completed before Prop 8 (like Takei’s) to be valid. However, Takei is still not happy about the ruling and has made a statement. [UPDATED: more Takei statements on video]

William Shatner Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel + New Shat/Trek Skit + Urban Talks To ShatnerVision

The new Star Trek movie is a success and so people are already thinking of sequels, and of course the subject of William Shatner is already being talked about in the media. And it should come as no surprise that this time Bill is again saying nice things and talking about how he wants to be in it. We have that plus a new Shatner/Star Trek sketch and a ShatnerVision interview with Karl Urban.

Star Trek Movie Inspiring YouTubers With Skits, Parodies, VBlogs & more

Over the last week or so many people have sent in links to new YouTube vblogs, skits and more about Star Trek that they made or just liked. So poking around YouTube it seems the new Star Trek movie has inspired dozens of self-made broadcasters. There are way too many so below we offer just a sampling to show how the new Star Trek is all the rage on the interwebs.   

Trek Tidbits: Church’s Jellyfish + JJ Talks Success + Bob & Alex Talk Sequel + Trek In Space + more

Star Trek is headed into is third weekend and yet it still makes news. First off we have a new image from Ryan Church of Spock’s ship. Also JJ is talking about how he thinks they made the film a success and Bob and Alex are talking (a little) about the sequel. Plus Star Trek is back in space, on the Jimmy Fallon show and even inspiring parenting advice and more.