June 2009

First Details On Star Trek Movie Blu-ray – including Features and Deleted Scenes

The first details for the Blu-ray edition of the 2009 Star Trek movie have come out of Europe, complete with a release date and list of special features (including deleted scenes). Although Paramount Home Entertainment will not officially confirm any details, TrekMovie and the Digital Bits have confirmed with sources that the reports are (for the most part) accurate. Details below.

Exclusive Interview: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman Talk Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen (and Trek Too)

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are being called the ‘boys of Summer’ for their involvement in this season’s Star Trek, The Proposal, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which opens tomorrow. TrekMovie check in with the pair to talk bout their Transformers follow-up (and to get a little update on what’s next for Star Trek).

Conventional Wisdom: TrekMovie Guide To Summer 2009 Conventions & Events

Summer 2009 is shaping up to be a great convention season for Star Trek fans. In addition to the official Star Trek conventions, there are a number of other events (both big and small) which are all about or include Star Trek. As we do each season, TrekMovie provides an easy guide and schedule to all the activities around the world.

Sci-Fi Monday: Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Special + More Genre Movie News

The biggest thing in genre movie news this week is the opening of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen coming in two days, we have all the latest on Orci & Kurtzman’s giant robot follow-up. Plus we updates on the next entries in the Ghostbusters, Indy, LOTR, Hellboy, Harry Potter, and Jurasic Park franchises, and much more. Plus more previews than you can handle, so dive in./p>

Exclusive Excerpt From Upcoming Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir

A generation ago a young upstart director had the temerity to shake things up in the Trek franchise, and result was the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, beginning a decade long relationship for Nicholas Meyer. This summer Meyer will recount his years with Trek in a new memoir, and TrekMovie has an exclusive excerpt, along with more Meyer summer 2009 news.

‘Star Trek’ Passes TMP To Become Most Attended Film In Franchise (Domestically)

The new Star Trek film is now in its seventh weekend and it still is in the top ten at the box office, ranking 7th in sales from Friday’s estimates domestically. With almost $236M in domestic sales, the new Star Trek has passed another milsestone, being the most attended Trek film in the franchise. See below for the latest details and analysis.

President Obama Flashes Vulcan Salute (Twice) At Correspondent Dinner – Is Trek Cool Again?

Last night was the annual Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC. Traditionally it is a light-hearted evening attended by the current President with comic entertainment. The Daily Show’s John Hodgman was the entertainment who focused on President Obama’s ‘nerdcore’, including Star Trek credentials. We have video below, plus an infographic analyzing how Star Trek is ‘cool again’.

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Star Trek Sequel (and the one after that too)

Next weekend Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will likely have their second hit of the season. The pair are doing a lot of press, including a press conference on Friday, and of course they are getting Star Trek sequel questions. Below are excerpts on the latest from the writers on the next Trek

Exclusive Details On 2010 Star Trek Movie Calendar + New Digital Calendar

In 2010 Trek fans will have a wide choice of calendars to choose from. A couple of weeks ago we previewed the Original Series calendar and showed the cover for the ships of the line calendar. Today we have the exclusive first look at the cover and details on the 2010 Star Trek movie calendar, plus news on a digital 2010 Star Trek calendar.   

ST09 CelebWatch: Pine #2 Bachelor + Quinto’s New Role + Zoe’s Bday + Pegg Autobio + Urban Talks Fans + more

Star Trek continues raking in the dough at the box office, and the film’s stars continue to make the news. We have Chris Pine heating up People’s Top Bachelor list and the LA stage, Zachary Quinto taking on the current financial crisis, Karl Urbans talking about the fans, Simon Pegg penning an autubio, and much more. Plus, what ST09 star update would be complete without pictures of  Zoe attending a fashion event!

Watch William Shatner Give Conan The Salute [UPDATED: Bill’s Finger Makes Global News]

As noted in yesterday’s ‘ShatWatch’, William Shatner was a guest on last night’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Bill was there to promote his latest projects and was his usual avuncular self. There was no talk of the new Star Trek movie, but Bill did recall a Trek related story and then there was a bit of an incident when he gave Conan a couple of different ‘salutes’. [UPDATE: Shatner’s Conan Appearance is getting lots of press, we have the links]

Star Trek Shows Up At Country Music Awards

As the number one movie in America, Star Trek seems to be working its way into all demographics. It showed up at the MTV Movie Awards, The Kids Choice Awards, and was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards. And last night Star Trek worked its way into the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards. Check it out below, plus find out what Star Trek star picked up a CMT award.

Exclusive: Gil Gerard Joins Cawley’s Buck Rogers Web Series + Star Trek Phase II Update

It has been a while since we have reported on news from Cawley Productions on their Star Trek Phase II and new Buck Rogers web series, but today we have exclusives for both. First up is breaking news that Gil Gerard is joining the Buck Rogers series. Plus we have a production update and exclusive images from Phase II’s "Kitumba"

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Star Trek Lessons & Sequel

Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof have yet to dive into the script for the sequel to the Star Trek movie (aka "Star Trek: Something Something"), but they have until Christmas to deliver it. Before they do, they are still taking stock of the first one. In a new interview, Bob and Alex talk about the lessons learned from Star Trek and the big question for the second.

Star Trek Nominated For 5 Teen Choice Awards + Chris Pine’s HS Yearbook Photo + BO Update

In another possible sign of the resurgence of the franchise, the new Star Trek movie has been nominated for five Teen Choice Awards. The film itself received a Best Movie nomination, along with nods for a number of the actors. All the details below, including how you can vote, plus we have a look at Chris Pine’s high school yearbook photo and the latest box office update.

NYC Mayoral Candidate Talks Star Trek – Is Trek The New Thing In Politics?

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. a candidate for mayor for the largest city in America and, as revealed in an article to day in the New York Times, he is also a Trekkie. The article also reveals that he has the support of none other than the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. Thompson joins what seems to be a growing list of Trekkie politicians.