February 2010

Avatar Dominates At VES Awards – Trek Vets Win For BSG

Sunday night was the prelim of award season leading up to next weekend’s Oscars. This time it was the Visual Effects Society where Star Trek was nominated for two awards. However, it came as no surprise that James Cameron’s Avatar dominated the evening, walking home with a big pile of awards, including one shared by Zoe Saldana. A couple of Trek vets also picked up awards for their work on BSG.

ST09 CelebWatch: Zoe Saldana Named Face of the Future + Pine Helps Haiti + Pegg as Body-snatcher + more

Hey, paisanos! It’s a special, Zoe Saldana-centric edition of CelebWatch. We have several Zoe-related news for you this week, including new awards, new projects, and, of course, new pics! But it’s not all about the lady; we also have bits on the other Star Trek movie stars, including Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Anton Yelchin.

Remembering Andrew Koenig

As we reported on Thursday, the search for Walter Koenig’s son Andrew came to a tragic end, when he was found dead in a park in Vancouver, Canada, from an apparent suicide. The Koenig family have asked us to let fans know how much they appreciate the outpouring of affection from the fans, and and to let people know they would prefer donations to Andrew’s favorite charities in lieu of cards and flowers. Details below plus some videos of Andrew and Walter.

Science Friday: Enceladus Plumes + LHC Discoveries + Alternate Universe Life + WISE Images + iSun +more

Welcome to Science Friday! This week, explore newly discovered plumes on Enceladus, do some science with the LHC, contemplate life in other universes, and glimpse the universe in a whole new light (infrared, to be exact). All this and more, plus an astonishing video of a sonic boom you can see and our gadget of the week, 3D Sun!

No Wins For Star Trek At Costumer Guild or Faith & Values Awards

Tonight the Costume Designer Guild held their annual awards event. Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan was nominated. Star Trek and Kaplan lost (but at least this time it didn’t lose to Avatar). Star Trek was also nominated for an award at the Faith and Values Awards held on Tuesday, but again also walked away empty handed. See below for the full results  

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Tron Legacy, The Man of Steel, Batman, Conan, Captain America, Avatar + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies we have several big updates, including David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan writing the new Superman movie, a short list for the lead role in ‘Captain America’ and confirmation of Mickey Rourke in Conan.  There are also updates on the GI. Joe sequel, Battleship, Avatar 2 (and the Avatar DVD/Blu-ray) and a filming update on Batman 3.  All that plus a new image from Joseph Kosinski’s Tron Legacy and the latest casting bites, images and videos.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Movie Adaptation #1

It’s stardate 2230.08, and a new life comes into being, with the cutest little pointy ears. Three years later, everything changes when a lightning storm  in space strikes the USS Kelvin. Today IDW Publishing begins their version of the story of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie, presented in six parts. Every epic story must begin somewhere. Check out the TrekMovie review of Star Trek Movie Adaptation #1 below.

VIDEO: Walter Koenig Appears On Today Show To Appeal For Help In Search For Son [UPDATED]

The search for Walter Koenig’s son Andrew continues. Yesterday, Walter and his wife flew to Vancouver, Canada to work on the search effort. This morning they appeared on the NBC Today show and made an emotional appeal for help. In addition, Andrew’s sister appeared on CNN and CBS. Watch all three videos below. [UPDATED: more video and info from press conference]

Video & Photos From Gene Roddenberry’s Induction into TV Hall of Fame – Watch Seth MacFarlane’s Tribute

A month ago Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences TV Hall of Fame. Video from the gala event is now online, where you can see uber-Trek fan (and Family Guy creator) Seth MacFarlane giving a loving tribute to Roddenberry. Check out the video and photos below.

TrekInk: Early Review of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Ghosts #4

Trapped in a ghostly plane of existence, Picard must communicate with the Enterprise before Riker gets medieval on the squabbling leaders of Juulet and Dorossh. It’s business as usual in the penultimate issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Ghosts from IDW Publishing. Check out our early review of Star Trek TNG: Ghosts #4 due in comic shops tomorrow (Wednesday). We also have a bit of a late review of Ghosts #3.

Walter Koenig Talks About His Missing Son [UPDATED]

Yesterday we reported that Star Trek’s Walter Koenig’s son Andrew has been missing for a week, last seen visiting friends in Vancouver, Canada. This missing person story has had a lot of coverage over the last day, including Walter going on TV, but so far there is no word on where Andrew is. See below for the latest, including video of Walter Koenig talking about his missing son. [UPDATE: Police ‘inundated’ with sightings]

Happy Birthday, Jeri Ryan

Last week was Simon Pegg’s 40th birthday, and today another Trek alum can do him two better. Jeri Ryan, aka Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One aka Annika Hansen, of Star Trek Voyager, is turning 42 years young today. So TrekMovie wishes her a happy birthday, and catches up on what the former Borg babe is up to these days.

Scott Bakula Talks Star Trek Movie & Trek Legacy + Preview Of Men of a Certain Age S1 Finale

Scott Bakula may be on a new TV show but he still thinks fondly of his time back as Capt. Jonathan Archer on Star Trek Enterprise. In a new interview the actor talks about his place in Trek history, and also about tonight’s season finale of Men of a Certain Age. We also have a sneak peek and photos from the episode as well.