ToyFair DST Update: New Excelsior & Enterprise B Toys Announced

The 2009 Toy Fair has already revealed a bounty of Trek goodies from Diamond Select Toys (see previous story). But DST have shown two more items that will be joining their 2009 line: toy ship versions of the USS Excelsior and USS Enterprise B. We also have new pictures of some of the functionality of previously announced toys, and some new images of packaging.  

DST Announces New Star Trek Toys, Figures & More at ToyFair 2009

At this weekend’s Toy Fair (New York), Diamond Select Toys revealed plans for some of their 2009 Star Trek line. Newly announced items include TOS & Wrath of Khan toys, an Enterprise D variant ship, a Pike bust and (of course) a bunch of action figures, including a Romulan Kirk and a ‘fascinating’ Spock. So buckle up and let’s see what DST has in mind in what is certainly the best year for Star Trek merchandise ever. 

The Collective: Review Of DST Exclusive Toys R Us Figures

There has been a lot of news about new Star Trek toys and merchandise headed to major retailers this spring, but Trek’s return to Toys R Us has already started with a whole wave of classic Trek toys and figures from Diamond Select, including the instant-classic exclusive ‘screaming Khan’ Kirk figure. See below for our review with pictures first 2009 TRU Exclusives, plus more DST news on the return of Locutus.

Exclusive Details On Playmates Full Line Of Star Trek Movie Toys + Hi Res Images

Over the last week there has been a lot of news and images floating around for Playmates Toys line of toys and figures for the new Star Trek movie. Today, with the help of Playmates, TrekMovie puts it all together, presenting the full line with exclusive details, analysis and high resolution images. See below for everything you could want to know about Playmates and Trek.

Detailed Look At Star Trek Movie Barbie Figures – Including Detail on Prop Accessories

TrekMovie has previously reported that Mattel will be doing a line of collector figures for the new Star Trek movie in their Barbie line, and today CBS Consumer Products and Mattel have provided us with more details and some high resolution images, showing just how impressive these figures are. The images also give us a good look at the movie props.

Star Trek Hot Wheels Coming In May

The 2009 Star Trek toy news keeps on coming, with yet another venerable line from Mattel getting into the game. This May, Mattel will offer fans and collectors the first ever Hot Wheels brand Star Trek ships, starting with some Star Trek classics. TrekMovie provides the details and preorder information below.

The Collective: DST Star Trek Exclusives Arriving At Toys R Us

2009 is already shaping up to be Star Trek’s return to big retailers, including exclusives. Diamond Select Star Trek toys are now starting to show up at Toys ‘R Us stores across the United States, including a number of new exclusives (in addition to the very cool Khaaaannnn! Admiral Kirk). We have details, images (and new info on an exclusive as well) below.

The Collective: TRU Exclusive Figure Revealed + Timeless Geordi Arrives

In the last ‘Collective’ TrekMovie reported that Star Trek toys from Diamond Select were headed into Toys R’ Us and this week we can show you the TRU exclusive figure that is going along with them…one hint: Khaaaaannnnn! Plus we have a review of the exclusive Geordi figure you can get with the ‘Alternate Realities DVD Set’ and some new Borg figure pictures.

The Collective: Review Of Kirk & Spock Amok Time Figure Set + 2009 Borg Figures Update

This week, retailers are shipping the "Amok Time" Kirk and Spock two pack of action figures from Diamond Select Toys. This is one the nicest sets from DST, both because of the excellent likenesses, and because of the very cool accessories included. provides you with all the pictures of this great new item. Plus we have an update on DST’s planned line of Borg figures for 2009.

The Collective: DST Trek Toys Headed To Toys R Us + Review Of Retro Khan Figure

Diamond Select Toys announces this week that it has teamed up with Toys R Us stores in the United States to offer DST toys and collectibles, including the popular Star Trek line. See below for details, plus we have a review of the newest retro item, a brand new MEGO-style Khan figure (with the promise that the ubiquitous “Ah-dmiral Kirk” line “Khaaaannnnnn!” will not be featured).