September 2009

Science Friday: SF Zoology Edition

This week in Science Friday we look into the awesome world of animals through the eyes of science. Plus, the latest news from our water-seeking lunar spacecraft. Geneticists cure color blind monkeys, paleontologists discover new mini T. Rex’s, and ecologists study how crows use tools. All this and more plus our gadgets of the week: robots that resemble dogs and fleas!

More Star Trek Memorabilia Up For Auction In October

In October, Profiles in History is holding the 37th Hollywood Auction, which includes a large number of rare pieces of Star Trek memorabilia, from original photos, props, costumes and more, ranging the entire span of Star Trek history. They are even auctioning off one of the first ever Apple Macintosh computers, which was a gift to Gene Roddenberry. 

Creation Cancel November L.A. Trek Con – Add New Cons In Chicago, Vancouver & San Francisco

Citing issues with securing appearances by cast members from the new Star Trek movie, Creation Entertainment announced today that they had to cancel the November Star Trek Grand Slam Convention in November. However, creation has also announced three new Star Trek conventions in 2010 for cities that haven’t seen cons in some time. 

Brad & Kate: A Star Trek Love Story – Couple Wed On USS Enterprise [VIDEO]

Last weekend two lucky Star Trek fans got to have their wedding in the Final Frontier. Brad Siegel and Kate Erwin, winners of a contest held by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, got married on Sunday on a replica of the USS Enterprise D bridge at Star Trek The Exhibition. The couple has sent TrekMovie a special video telling their story from a proposal at a convention to the wedding itself. 

The Collective: Review Of Playmates Star Trek Movie Utility Belt + More Exclusives News

There is something about the 60s TV show utility belts. Batman and Robin had their versions, just as Kirk and Spock had theirs. As everything old is new again, Playmates Toys introduces the "Star Trek Movie Mission Utility Belt" based on the 2009 feature film, and it is the most interactive and fun version ever available. See our review below, plus an update on some newly announced Star Trek toys.

Bakula Talks ‘Informant’ & Open To More Quantum Leap + ‘Men of Certain Age’ Preview

This weekend Scot Bakula, Star Trek Enterprise’s Capt. Archer, is back in the big screen, co-starring with Matt Damon in The Informant!. The actor has been out promoting the movie and we have video of his TV appearance this morning and more. In other Bakula updates, we have a preview of his upcoming TNT show Men of a Certain Age, plus Scott talking about a return to Quantum Leap.

TrekInk: Review of “Star Trek: Romulans: Schisms” #1 + Details on TNG “Ghosts”

The recent marriage of the Romulan Praetor is causing Kor and Koloth some headaches, but it is nothing compared to the end result of the Enterprise Incident! Politics play to the forefront as the schisms begin. With the release of "Star Trek: Romulans: Schism" #1, John Byrne kicks off the final chapter in his Romulan saga. See below for our review, plus some new details on a new TNG comic series

Sci-Fi Movies Tuesday: Pirates 4, Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four, Indy 5, Hancock 2, Green Hornet + more

Sci-Fi Movies is back and there’s a lot to report on, including the announcement of a title and release time frame for the fourth Pirates of the Carribbean, news of Spider-Man 4 being released in IMAX + an update on the musical, Harrison Ford talking Indy 5 and a release date for Tron Legacy. All that and much more, including the latest sci-fi images and videos, follow after the jump.

George Takei (& Brad) Headed To ‘Newlywed Game’ + More Takei Updates

A year ago yesterday George Takei married his long-time partner Brad Altman, which apparently still qualifies him as a ‘newlyweds’ as a celebrity contestant (with Brad) on the new The Newlywed Game . Details on that below, plus a new 1 year anniversary video interview with the pair and more, including news of Takei playing the Emperor of China in an upcoming British ‘panto’.

Star Trek Movie ‘Rising From Titan’ Images Available Online

One of the more dramatic moments from the Star Trek movie was when the USS Enterprise rises from the clouds of Saturn’s moon Titan. This scene was actually suggested by the science advisor Carolyn Porco, who also leads the imaging science team for NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn. Now Paramount has given Porco a couple of beautiful high res images of that scene for her website.

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: FlashForward, Fringe, Stargate, Lost, Dollhouse, Heroes, Vampire Diaries + more

After a week off, Sci-Fi Saturday is back with all the latest news, images and videos for sci-fi/genre television.  This week brings news about a possible continuation of Lost, status updates on the SG-1 and Atlantis movies, Smallville’s Clark Kent in his Superman outfit and much, much more.  So head on over the jump to get your latest sci-fi TV fix.

Science Friday: The Sights, Smells, and Price of Space Exploration + Lunar Impact Announcement

This week in Science Friday we look at the sights, smells, and price of space exploration as well as today’s announcement by NASA of where the LCROSS spacecraft will impact the moon. Be sure to check out the gorgeous images back from the newly refurbished Hubble, and see our video of the week: the Ares rocket motor test.

More Dragon Con Video: Nimoy, Shatner, Stewart, Phase II, Guest Stars + more

More video is now available from last weekend’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Below is much more showing Patrick Stewarts two appearances, plus an additional appearance from Leonard Nimoy, full video of the Phase II panel, clips from the Trek ‘guest stars panel’, an interview with William Shatner and also video of Trekkies in the big parade.

Shatner & Nimoy Talk Star Trek Movie & More At DragonCon – VIDEO

This morning DragonCon kicked off in Altanta, and the first event in the impressive Star Trek schedule was an appearance by the original Kirk and Spock, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Reports are coming in apparently the new Star Trek movie was the focus for the pair speaking to a crowd of over 2000. We have a summary and some video below.