January 2010

Bethesda Once Pitched TOS Era Star Trek RPG Videogame

There is a lot of buzz about the launch of Star Trek Online, the massive multiplayer role playing game coming out next month, but a new interview reveals that just a few years ago (ex-Star Trek licensee) Bethesda had discussed developing a big single player Star Trek role playing game, set in the TOS era with Shatner voice acting even. Find out more below.

Democracy Fails: Twilight Shuts Star Trek Out At People’s Choice Awards

The message of Star Trek since its beginning has been one of supporting the ‘infinite diversity’ of democracy, through the Federation. However, today the people have spoken, and apparently they love teen vampires. The Star Trek movie was nominated for five People’s Choice Awards, which were handed out tonight, but came away empty handed.

Star Trek On Final Oscar VFX Shortlist + New Paramount FYC Online Campaign + People’s Choice Tonight

Another day and another bit of award season news for JJ Abrams Star Trek. Today it was announced that Star Trek is on the final short list of films for a possible Visual Effects Academy Award. Paramount has also started a new online "For Your Consideration Campaign", and finally we have a reminder on the People’s Choice Awards, airing tonight.

George Lucas Talks Star Wars Critiques – A Lesson For Star Trek?

The following has no direct link to Star Trek, but is about that other big Star franchise, Star Wars (which most of us are fans of as well). George Lucas was a guest on last night’s Daily Show with John Stewart, who did some fanboy grilling of the producer/director. Lucas had an interesting perspective on some of the nitpicking, and made some points which could apply to Star Trek as well.

New Viral Video With Zachary Quinto, a Stormtrooper, Mickey Mouse and more weirdness

Star Trek’s new Spock, Zachary Quinto, made our Top 2009 celebrity Stories List for his viral videos, and this week a new one from his friend Tyler Shields was released. Quinto appears with a number of other celebs, as well as a Stormtrooper, Mickey Mouse and all sorts of weirdness. Watch it below [note: video contains adult themes and imagery]

Sci-Fi Movies Tuesday: Avatar, Dune, Ghostbusters 3, Spider-Man 4, The Thing, Thor + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies, we’ve got the latest updates on the record-breaking box office run of James Cameron’s Avatar, plus new details on a deleted scene to be included on the DVD / Blu-ray release.  There’s also news this week on a new director for the Dune remake, as well as positive movement on production for Ghostbusters 3, ‘Captain America‘, The Thing and Cowboys & Aliens. All that and more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.

Star Trek Nominated For Producers Guild Award – Could Indicate Best Picture Oscar Nomination

This morning the Producers Guild of America announced the nominees for the best produced motion picture of 2009, and in another franchise first. JJ Abrams Star Trek was on the list, along with two other sci-fi films (a PGA first). The PGA nomination is a major step towards a possible Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Chuck, Doctor Who, Fringe, LOST, The Sarah Jane Adventures + more

Sci-Fi TV is back after a short break and although news is still a bit light due to the holiday, we’ve got the latest on your favorite sci-fi programming, including LOST (S6 details and a contest), Fringe (details on the unaired season one episode set to air next weekl), Chuck (star Zachary Levi on his character’s transition to action-hero) and Doctor Who, which saw the end of David Tennant’s run as the Doctor.  All that and more, including the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.

Paramount Working To Fix Problem With Some Star Trek 2009 DVD/Blu-ray Digital Copies

One of the cooler features of the home video release of the 2009 Star Trek movie was the inclusion of a ‘digital copy’ on the Blu-ray and 2-disk DVD editions. However, some have been having problems getting this feature to work. Paramount is aware of the situation and have put out a message that they are working on it with some guidance on how you can get yours to work.  

Star Trek: The Music Performing In Calgary Next Week

You have have seen the multi-city tour for Star Wars: In Concert, but there is actually a (smaller) Star Trek tour also going on. "Star Trek: The Music," hosted by Bob Picardo and John DeLancie, has been performed by a number of orchestras in North America since 2007. The next stop is next week in Calgary, Alberta. Details below, plus a guide to more January Star Trek events.

Watch Marching Bands Playing Star Trek Music

Today is a day for college football bowl games, and that means half time shows. What does this have to do with Star Trek? Well one of the signs of the impressive return of Star Trek to the mainstream in 2009, was the music of Star Trek being played by marching bands at college and high school football games. Below we have some of the examples from this season.