July 2011

Leonard Nimoy Makes It Official: Retiring After Just 3 More Conventions [UPDATED]

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy has been talking about (and dipping in and out) of retirement for the last couple of years, but today he made it official that he will retire from convention appearances after two more official Star Trek cons (Las Vegas in August and Chicago in October). More details below. [UPDATE: Nimoy also slated for Dragon*Con]

Shatner Talks “The Captains” & Still Wants Into Star Trek 2012 + Exclusive Captains Pix Of Shatner & Pine

William Shatner’s The Captains is just two days away and in a new interview the original Star Trek captain talks about the journey and surprises from making the documentary. He also says he is still very willing to take JJ Abrams call for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. We also have two exclusive images from The Captains featuring Chris Pine and William Shatner.

Book Review: Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified + Vanguard Series To End In 2012

It’s time to return to the Taurus Reach with the collection “Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified.” Contributors Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Marco Palmieri, and David Mack bring readers four novellas, spread across the Vanguard saga’s timeline, which promise to open up some new perspectives on the crew and the circumstances that are associated with the life of Starbase 47. The TrekMovie novel review below plus news on the end of the Vanguard saga.

Great Links: Mila Kunis’ Star Trek Ranking + Craig Ferguson on Wars v Trek + Wizard Spock + Robot Theme + more

This week The Great Links has Mila Kunis showing what a Trek nerd she is. We also have Craig Ferguson and Adam Savage creating detente between Star Trek and Star Wars. All that plus Mr. Spock, Space Wizard, more lists with (and without) Star Trek, a robot playing Star Trek theme on a Theremin, and a wool cap to keep your pointed ears warm.  

Exclusive Clips From William Shatner’s ‘The Captains’ + How To Watch Doc For Free Online

William Shatner’s new documentary The Captains, featuring Shatner chatting with Star Trek’s TV captains and Chris Pine, premieres on Friday on Epix. We have two exclusive clips from the doc featuring Bill and Sir Patrick Stewart for you to watch, along with compiling additional clips online with Shatner, Stewart, Christopher Plummer, Scott Bakula, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, and Bob Picardo. Plus we have info on how you can watch The Captains for free online.

Comic Con Guide To Star Trek Merchandise Exclusives & First Looks

The big San Diego Comic Con kicks off this week. In addition to the  Star Trek celebrities appearing on various panels (see previous article), Comic Con will also feature a number of Star Trek licensees offering sneak peaks at upcoming Star Trek products and exclusive Comic Con Star Trek items. Some will even be offering signings with Star Trek celebs including William Shatner and Roberto Orci. See below for the full breakdown.

Robot Chicken Producer: Star Trek Not Expansive Enough For Special + But More Trek Sketches Soon

The stop motion animated comedy Robot Chicken often has Star Trek gags. However, even though they have done three dedicated Star Wars specials, the show’s co-creator says the Star Trek universe isn’t "expansive" enough to justify its own dedicated episode. But he does promise more Trek sketches are coming up soon. Details below, plus a video compilation of every Star Trek segment on Robot Chicken ever.

Shatner Hosting Outdoor “Captains” Screenings In LA & NYC + Stewart & Bakula Confirmed For SDCC

Four Star Trek captains will be at San Diego Comic Con 2011 with Patrick Stewart and Scott Bakula now confirmed for separate events (in addition to the previously announced The Captains panel with William Shatner & Avery Brooks). And in the week following SDCC William Shatner is hosting outdoor screenings of The Captains in New York and LA, and he and Epix are giving out prizes for fans who show up in costume.

ST09 CelebWatch: New Previews w/ Yelchin, Urban & Pegg + Cho & Quinto To SDCC + Pine Rumor Update + Zoe w/ Royals

This week the new Star Trek crew have been making news. There is a new TV spot for Fright Night featuring Anton Yelchin, a new trailer for Tintin with Simon Pegg, and a new image of Karl Urban as Dredd. Also John Cho and Zachary Quinto are headed to Comic Con next week and there is also an update on that Chris Pine RoboCop rumor And rounding it out we have some lovely pictures of Zoe Saldana at a recent polo match (attended by Royals).

New Promos For The Captains & Shatnerpalooza + Long Khan + TrekMovie/Epix Star Trek Trivia Contest

Next Friday William Shatner’s documentary The Captains will premier on Epix HD, joined by a "Shatnerpalooza" of programming. Today Epix provided TrekMovie with new promos for both. They have also put their first "Long Khan" fan video compilation online. And finally, TrekMovie and Epix are starting a new Twitter trivia contest with prizes. Check out all the Shatner-ific fun below.

Promo Video & Photos From Kate Mulgrew’s New Comedy Series ‘NTSF: SD: SUV’

Kate Mulgrew is once again headed up a crew facing peril, but her new show is a long way from the Delta Quadrant. Next Adult Swim premieres NTSF: SD: SUV::, a spoof on procedural cop shows with Mulgrew leading the team. Check out promo video and photos from the show, including one with Mulgrew and guest star (and Star Trek: Voyager co-star) Bob Picardo.

Photos & Video Of Trek In The Park “Mirror, Mirror” + Portland Mayor Declares July Star Trek Month

Over the weekend Portland’s Atomic Arts Theater Group held their third annual "Trek in the Park" event with free performances of the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror." At the event Portland’s Mayor declared July as "Star Trek Month." See below for a photo slideshow of the event plus video.

The Collective: Review of DST Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Communicator

Used in exasperation (or a half Vulcan. half Romulan approximation) by Saavik and in revelatory assuredness by James T. Kirk, the Wrath of Khan era communicator is now available as a role playing toy from Diamond Select Toys. The Collective column makes it Khan-etic return with a review of the brand new item (including video demo).

No Paramount Star Trek Comic Con Panel But Shatner Brings The Captains + Full Trek Guide To SDCC 2011

The official schedule for San Diego Comic Con was revealed this weekend and (no surprise) Paramount has not scheduled a panel for the Star Trek sequel. However, William Shatner and Avery Brooks will be at SDCC for The Captains, plus there are a number of Trek celebs there for other projects. See below for a full breakdown of events plus list of Star Trek licensee booths. [UPDATE: Added events for John Cho & Zachary Quinto] [UPDATE 2: Added Bakula, Patrick Stewart, Bob Picardo]

Science Saturday: Final Shuttle Launch + James Webb Telescope In Danger + New Holodeck Tech + Air Power + More

Say au revoir to the space shuttle program as Atlantis is the last ever shuttle to launch into space. The James Webb Space Telescope is in danger of being cut; What do we stand to loose? Plus, holodeck technology is in the making, and how to harness power from thin air. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: Terrafugia flying car gets street legal!

Watch George Takei & Nichelle Nichols Talking Final Shuttle Launch On MSNBC

This morning Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Florida for what is the final launch of the Shuttle program. And tonight to commemorate the event Star Trek’s George Takei and Nichelle Nichols were guests on MSNBC’s The Last Word to talk about the past and future of NASA’s manned space program. Watch the segment below.