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Celebrate Canada’s Contribution To Trek

On July 1st 1867 the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada joined together to form a ‘Federation’ and Canadians celebrate this day as a national holiday commemorating the ‘birth’ of Canada. Canada was mentioned a few times on Star Trek, but its greatest contribution is as the real-life birthplace of many Trek stars, including three series regulars.

DC Fontana Talks Spock, Genes, TOS Season 3 + more

Dorothy Fontana (aka D.C. Fontana) has been penning Star Trek for over forty years. Starting as a writer and script editor on The Original Series, she went on to write for The Animate Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine many books, video games, and this year has a new IDW Trek Comic Book Series. In a new interview with IGN, Fontana looks back at the beginning with her time on TOS.

Remembering DeForest Kelley

It was June 11, 1999, that DeForest Kelley passed away. As the first loss of the main Original Series cast, Kelley’s death showed us that Star Trek (and its fans) was aging. Yet, DeForest Kelley’s legacy continues to inspire fans, actors and medical professionals to this day. Today, we celebrate his contributions to acting, animal rights, volunteerism, and being a role model for many with a series of personal memories.

Shatner Reflects On Kirk

Just last weekend we had Leonard Nimoy looking back with NPR and discussing the character of Spock. Now we have William Shatner talking Kirk with the AP. The original Kirk, who is known to not like to watch himself, actually sat down to watch an episode of Star Trek The Original Series, and tells AP “from my perspective of 40 years later, and I thought, ‘You know, that’s rather good.’”

More From Tahir On Abrams and The Trek Script

Faran Tahir can be seen as one of the main villains in this summer’s hit Iron Man, but next May he will be playing Capt. Robau in JJ Abrams Star Trek. Tahir talked to Comic Book Resources about Iron Man and Trek and noted that he sees his ‘heroic’ Trek role as a “great change of gears.” He also talked about director JJ Abrams approach and the Orci/Kurtzman script.

Shatner: Roddenberry Was A Chiseler

It appears that William Shatner’s media tour for his autobiography “Up Till Now” may never end. In many of the previous interviews Shatner has noted that he thinks his former co-stars (in particular George Takei) should ‘let go’ of previous grievances, but in a new interview (and in excerpts from his book) it is Shatner who is airing a grievance…this time with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

NPR (& Nimoy) Take A Look At Spock

As part of their ongoing ‘in character’ series, NPR radio took a close look at the character of Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series. The six minute audio report available online includes comments from the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, along with TOS writer DC Fontana and MIT professor Henry Jenkins.

BSG Preview: “Sine Qua Non”

Battlestar Galactica is back after taking a week off with “Sine Qua Non” which has Adama and Tigh not exactly seeing eye to eye (and that would be Tigh’s left eye of course). More info and vids from that episode below, plus news on more webisodes, TV movies, deleted scenes, and Ron Moore’s other projects below.

Shatner On Abrams, Pine, STV and 1992 MTV Movie Awards

It appears that Shatner is still out and about and talking to the press. In a couple of new interviews with MTV the actor again talks about being disappointed about not being in the Star Trek movie, but also expressed confidence in director JJ Abrams. Shatner also gave details on his apparently very brief meeting with Chris Pine (the new Kirk) and talked extensively about a 1992 singing performance at the first MTV Movie Awards.

Shatner: Star Trek Was A Miracle

Just when you thought it was safe, there is yet more from William Shatner as part of his tour promoting "Up Till Now.” The British Daily Telegraph has an extensive feature on Shatner where he talks all aspects his life including some good tidbits on Trek, from how it started to how it ended to the rumors of him wearing corset. Plus in a separate radio interview Shatner talked about Galaxy Quest!

Star Trek Movie Make-up Effects Artist Talks Real v Fake

With the biggest budget of any Star Trek film ever, we know that JJ Abrams is going to have a lot of spectacular effects for his Star Trek. However, even though Abrams has brought on CGI effects powerhouse ILM, he has also brought on board veterans of the world of practical effects as well. In a new article in the UK Guardian one of those old-school effects artists talks about keeping it real.