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TrekMovie Giving Away Star Trek Messenger Bags + 1 Week Left To Enter Lenovo Laptop Contest

Intel and Lenovo are promotional partners for the Paramount’s new Star Trek movie (see the cool In November we reported they are running a contest giving away 5 ‘Star Trek’ customized laptops and you have just a week left to enter. Lenovo has also provided TrekMovie with two customized Star Trek messenger bags to give away to our readers. Details below.

Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Official Productions & Events

The previous entry in our ‘Best of Trek 2008’ series looked at all the top stories related to Paramount’s Star Trek movie over the last year. Today we look at all the other official productions related to Star Trek coming from CBS and the various official licensees, including picking our favorite Trek episode, DVD, book, comics, and events of the year.  

Novel Excerpt: Star Trek A Singular Destiny

The Star Trek big book event of 2008 has been the "Star Trek Destiny" crossover trilogy from David Mack, which has shaken things up in the Star Trek universe. Coming in January 2009 will be the first follow-up book "Star Trek: A Singular Destiny" by Keith R.A. DeCandido. If you can’t wait, see below to read the entire fourth chapter.  

TrekMovie’s Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Merchandise

Well 2008 is almost at an end and so for the next few days TrekMovie will be looking back at the year that was. The editors have combed through the year to pick the Best of 2008 in a number of categories and today we start off with the best Star Trek merchandise of the year. See below for our picks for the best toys, figures and all the fun stuff for the year.

STO Update: Check Out The Federation’s Next Big Ship

Cryptic Studios has a Christmas presents today for fans of the upcoming Star Trek Online massive multiplayer game. They have a new feature on their official site, introducing us to the first of the new ships for the game. The breakdown of the Federation Starship NX-91001, a successor to the Sovereign class (the USS Enterprise E type) is just full of fun Treknobabble. Full details below.

Star Trek’s 12 Best Giving Moments

There are many great things about the holidays, from time with family to the food, from charity to traditions. Of course, the holiday season is a great time to give to others, and many Star Trek episodes and feature films reveal the importance of giving to others. In honor of the "12 Days of Christmas" Trekmovie presents this list of the 12 of the best gift giving moments in Star Trek. 

Watch The Simon Pegg Christmas Special

On Sunday night Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg was the guest host on the Christmas edition of Sunday Night Project, a comedy show airing on the UK’s Channel 4. Pegg talked (and joked) about the new Trek a bit with the show’s regular hosts Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr, and generally had a good time. The whole show is on YouTube now and a fun watch for Pegg fans, check it out below.  

A Holiday Update From JJ Abrams

The new Star Trek movie is 136 days away, but the original plan was for it to be here in just three days, on Christmas. Back in February Paramount moved the film to the bigger summer season, but director JJ Abrams has pretty much stuck with his original schedule. Today Abrams posted a comment for fans at the official Star Trek Facebook page about the status of the movie. Read it below.

Sunday Movie – “Trek Through Time”

Our friends at have put together a fun a special Christmas present for fans of Star Trek, as well as fans of the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. "Trek Through Time" is an excellent and cleverly edited video ‘mashup’ episode that brings the good Doctor and his trusty TARDIS face to face with Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Check it out below.

Celebrate ‘Fringemas’

It is been a while since we have done an update on Fringe, the new show from the Star Trek team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The genre mystery series returns January 20th with new episodes, and if you want to get caught up, FOX has created a fun Walterific ‘Fringemas’ video recap of the first season so far, see below.

Star Trek Luminaries Remember Barrett Roddenberry [UPDATE 3]

The mourning of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who passed away yesterday has just begun. Some of those who knew and worked with Star Trek’s ‘First Lady’ have already sent in their condolences for us to share with the fans, including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo and more. [3 UPDATES: w/ Wil Wheaton, JJ Abrams, Nichelle Nichols + more]

STO Game Story Progresses With ‘Path to 2409: 2383’

Cryptic have put out the fourth of their their ‘Path to 2409’ summaries which tell the story between the events of Nemesis and the beginning of the massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online. Like the third installment, Cryptic is now charting its own course, going beyond the time of the Star Trek novels towards setting up the galactic war between the Federation and the Klingons.

Abrams, Saldana and Quinto Talk Trek On TVGuide Channel

This week the TV Guide Channel’s "Hollywood 411" show did a brief segment on the new Star Trek movie, including some comments from director JJ Abrams, Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and Zachary Quinto (Spock). Not much is new, but the segment shows how the film is being positioned in the mainstream media. video below plus more photos from a recent event with Abrams and his stars.

Michael Dorn A Surprise Guest On Tonight’s Heroes + Denise Crosby Appears On Prison Break

UPDATED: Monday night December 15th was a big night for former security officers of the USS Enterprise D. Firstly, Michael Dorn is the latest Star Trek crossover to appear on the NBC comic-book drama Heroes where  Star Trek The Next Generation’s Worf was a surprise guest star. And on Fox Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar) showed up on Prison Break. [images of both below + SPOILERS below]

Abrams: ‘Star Trek’ Is Movie They Couldn’t Afford In Past + New Trek Banner [UPDATE: Hi Res.]

In a new interview with MTV, Star Trek director JJ Abrams says that the final cut of the film should be completed very soon. He also talked about deleted scenes, humor, Majel Roddenberry, and more, including what is different about his star Trek movie. UPDATE: Plus we have a high resolution version of a new promo banner from Paramount.

Gabriel Koerner Weighs In On New USS Enterprise

It has been a month since Paramount released a full image of their new USS Enterprise, sparking much discussion. But for the last two years there have been numerous sightings of a ‘new Enterprise’ which usually turned out to be mistaken reports based on designs from Gabriel Koerner, a Trek fan featured in Trekkies and professional CGI artist. Today Koerner has decided to weigh in on the new ‘real’ Enterprise.

Howard Stern Grills Shatner On Abrams, Star Trek Movie & Takei Feud

As part of his publicity tour this week, William Shatner showed up on the Howard Stern Show on Monday, and as usual, things didn’t stick to the usual promotional boilerplate. Stern needled The Shat on all sorts of topics, including the new Star Trek movie and the Takei feud. Some excerpts and a video clip below.

Star Trek Online MMO Maker Cryptic Acquired By Atari

It was announced this morning that Cryptic Studios, the maker of the new Star Trek Online MMO, have been acquired by French game publisher Infogrames, the parent company of Atari. Earlier this year the license for STO transferred from Perpetual Entertainment to Crytpic Studios after Perpetual ran into trouble, however this acquisition looks like it will have little effect on the game itself.