THR Profiles Trek’s Big Return w/ Trailer Details + Comments from Orci & Kurtzman

The Hollywood Reporter has an extensive feature cover story in Friday’s edition, all about Paramount bringing back the Trek franchise with the big budget Star Trek movie coming in May. THR has analysis of the franchise and the marketing campaign (including new information on upcoming trailers), plus quotes from scribes Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and others. Details and excerpts below.

Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week (week 2)

You have just 17 days to submit a video to the new Esurance Star Trek site explaining how you are the ‘biggest Trekkie’ and get a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie. Each week TrekMovie picks one entry as our video of the week, hopefully giving one of our readers a boost. Check this weeks entry below [note video autoplays after you hit ‘more’].

Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week

Esurance, Paramount’s new Star Trek promotional partner has a new cool website ( with behind the scenes video, movie assets, and a ‘Biggest Trekkie’ video contest, with the winner going to the Hollywood premiere. Starting today TrekMovie will feature one of these videos as our weekly favorite, and award the weekly winner with an Esurance Star Trek T-Shirt. Check it out below [note video autoplays after you hit ‘more’].

Star Trek Commercial 2nd Most Memorable Super Bowl Movie Spot

Last weekend Paramount dropped some big cash on a number of Super Bowl commercials, including one for JJ Abrams Star Trek (each 30 second spot estimated by Variety to cost around $2 Million). On Monday we reported that media analysts were mostly positive about the spot and now there are three new online polls showing that the Trek ad  is rating as the penultimate movie commercial of the 2009 Super Bowl.

Media Critics and Focus Groups Weigh In On Star Trek Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event of the year. Even though ratings dropped a bit from last year’s record, the game averaged around 93 million viewers, with more during the early parts of the game (when the Star Trek ad aired). Befitting the event, today there are a lot of media stories covering the Super Bowl commercials with critics and focus groups weighing in. See what they say about Trek’s first even SB spot below.

Star Trek Super Bowl Commercial (Officially) Online + TrekMovie Shot-by-shot Analysis

The new Star Trek commercial aired during the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, and now it is available at the official movie site. You can see the official version below. Plus, just like we did for the theatrical trailer, we have a full set of screenshots including a shot by shot analysis of the commercial, explaining what you are seeing. All that and more below.

Esurance Launches Star Trek Promo Site w/ Behind The Scenes Shots + Contest

Today Esurance, a new Paramount promotional partner for the new Star Trek feature film, has launched a special Star Trek website that has a new video with the first behind the scenes footage for the movie. The new promotional site also has a contest to win tickets to the premiere of the movie and some other goodies, details below.

Star Trek Movie Getting Super Bowl Commercial

If you were looking for proof that Paramount is serious about promoting the new Star Trek movie, look no further. In another franchise first, Paramount has purchased time to run a Star Trek commercial during this year’s Super Bowl airing February 1st on NBC. Trek will be joined by a number of other movie spots from Paramount and other studios, details below.