March 2008

Science Friday: Titan’s Ocean, Mars’ Water, Jupiter’s Lights + Real Tricorder and Robodog

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Time for a round-up of what’s happening in the science world this week. Today we bring you a new discovery about Titan’s underground oceans, possible beginnings for the tricorder, the reason why you need a salt shaker on Mars, a new place to see the northern lights, and a mans best friend gets upgraded for the gadget of the week!

Shatner Live Chat March 31st + Recent Shatner Q&A

A couple of weeks ago we reported that William Shatner will taking his ‘Shatnvervision’ live with an online chat with fans, but it was postponed. Now The Shat’s team have set a firm date of Monday March 31 at 3:00PM Pacific. The chat will be on (for more info check out this announcement). In the mean time Bill has been taking fan questions the old fashioned way via his regular Shatnervision Blog, some recent answers below.

William Morgan Sheppard In New Star Trek

In a new interview with Den of Geek, veteran character actor William Morgan Sheppard revealed he has a small part in JJ Abrams new Star Trek (and has verified the report). Trek fans should recognize Sheppard from his multiple Trek appearances, most notably as the Klingon commandant of Rura Penthe in Star Trek VI. Sheppard only revealed that the role is ‘small’ and he plays a race he hasn’t played before.

Yelchin In Talks To Co-Star In Terminator 4

Anton Yelchin, who recently finished work playing Star Trek’s new Chekov, may be stepping in to another famous role in another sci-fi franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter the 19 year-old actor is “in negotiations” to star as Kyle Reese alongside Christian Bale in the post-apocalyptic Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth film in the Terminator series.

Moore: No Trek-like Films For BSG – But Yes For TV Prequel

Today brings lots of news on the future of Trek vet Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica franchise. The BSG co-creator tells The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t expect the show to follow in the footsteps of Trek to the big screen. However, the show will be finally getting the TV prequel announced two years, ago as Sci-Fi have given the greenlight fo the pilot of Moore’s Caprica.

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

AP is reporting that legendary science-fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke passed away at his home in Sri Lanka after suffering from breathing problems. The author of over 100 books was 90. Clarke never wrote for Star Trek, however he certainly had an influence many of those who were involved with Trek , including creator Gene Roddenberry.

CSUN Transformed Into Academy? [UPDATED]

It is Spring Break and the campus of Cal State Northridge should be deserted, but instead it is full of people with sci-fi looking uniforms and banners bearing a very familiar emblem. Reports have been coming in to today about “Corporate Headquarters” aka “Untitled Paramount Feature” aka….shooting at CSUN. And tonight AICN has put up some pictures. [spoilers]

Ron Moore Visits Star Trek Set – Compares Abrams’ Team To Bennett & Meyer

As both the co-creator of the new Battlestar Galactica and a former Star Trek writer/producer, Ron Moore is an expert on Trek and reviving sci-fi franchises. In a new interview with Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, Moore revealed that he “wrangled a set visit” for the new Star Trek movie. He also drew a parallel between the JJ Abrams team and 80s Trek vets Harve Bennett and Nick Meyer.

Star Trek’s Top ‘O The Irish

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate that inner Irish person in every one of us…often with a drink in your hand. The staff at got to wondering, who in the world of Star Trek would we want with us as we hop down to the pub on St. Patty’s day. See below for’s ‘Top O’ The Irish.’

Cho Injured On Trek Set [UPDATED w/ Pics]

John Cho has already revealed that he did ‘fight training’ to prepare for his work on Star Trek and that his Sulu is ‘a badass’ (Paparazzi even caught him in the act practicing last month) [spoilers]. But now it appears that ‘action Sulu’ may have taken its toll on the actor, as Cho showed up over the weekend at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival with an arm/wrist injury.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Hulk, Dark Knight, Potter, Fringe, Terminator, BSG, and more

A big week in Sci Fi news. Superman is returning again, the Hulk is getting big fight, Harvey Dent is hitting the road, Potter gets an extra movie, Ant-man is crawling to the big screen. Plus new movie posters, images and trailers. In TV news we got sci-fi bubble shows, Fringe wrapping, a Battlestar Top 10, Details on Star Wars on TV and more.

Pegg Geeked Out On Star Trek

Playing Scotty in the new Star Trek is a dream come true for Simon Pegg. In a new interview with Collider the actor says “I am such a roaring geek. I still have the bruises from pinching myself.” In the in depth interview the actor shows off his geek cred in talking about about getting the Star Trek job, his feelings about Abrams, the script, the original Doohan, and even Trek fan films.

Vintage Video: Shatner On Kirk v Crane, Why He Did Trek and Kirk’s Death

Four years ago this month, the Museum of Television & Radio held a ‘Tribute to William Shatner’ at their annual Paley Festival. Video for this 2004 event is now online at Fancast, where you can see The Shat on subjects ranging from meeting Spencer Tracy to the death of Kirk. Plus in videos for a separate MTR event for Boston Legal, Shatner declares which role is bigger: Kirk or Crane…see below

Perry: Abrams Talked Me Into It

The cameo of Tyler Perry was a surprise addition for the new Star Trek movie for both the fans and apparently Perry himself. In a new brief interview with BlackFilm Perry says he isn’t a Trek fan and he took some convincing (and that Star Trek Nemesis could have derailed it). Apparently Perry felt an affinity with Abrams as they both are writer/director/producers who have worked in film and TV.

Science Friday: Pi Day Edition

This week in Science Friday we bring you news from the recent Enceladus flyby from the Cassini crew, a look at some baby stars, why the NASA chief refuses "to boldly go", whether or not the Grand Canyon is lying about its age, a new book outlining Trek possibilities, a gadget to solve all that talking when on the phone, and a tribute to an infinite day. Read on!

Review – Of Gods and Men Act 2

Act 2 of the Trek-celebrity-filled independent fan film Of Gods and Men (available this weekend) delivers a dark, yet fun midpoint for this long-awaited production. This second outing is stronger than the first first both technically and dramatically. Now in the heart of the story we get to see the actors (which is OGaM’s strong point) really push the edges on this different sort of Star Trek story. 

CelebWatch: Shatner Honored, Stewart Loses, Bakula Dances, Quinto and Spiner Sing

Howdy, folks. This week, the Watch brings you news on Zachary Quinto and other Trek stars singing (with William Shatner in attendance), Patrick Stewart losing an award but winning a chair (no, not a captain’s chair), Brent Spiner discussing Sinatra and online communities, a new movie for Alexander Siddig, Walter Koenig’s thoughts on his son’s arrest, and more!

Cryptic Confirmed As New Developer for Star Trek Online

In January was the first to mention Cryptic Studios as the possible new home for the “Star Trek Online” MMORPG. Since then evidenced has mounted that Cryptic has the license, with the latest clue coming from sleuthing by board members of Although Cryptic will still not officially acknowledge they are the new license holder, has independently confirmed with sources that they definitely are.

Simon Pegg Cast By E-mail

Simon Pegg is currently out and about promoting his new film, Run, Fat Boy, Run, and naturally, he ends up discussing Star Trek. In an interview with the Australian Herald-Sun Pegg reveals how director/producer J.J. Abrams offered him the role of Scotty and that he wasn’t sure he wanted it at first. He also talked about the ‘sc-fi’ nature of the new movie.

Cassini Enceladus Flyby Happening Now has ‘adopted’ the NASA Cassini mission, something near and dear to the heart of Star Trek’s science advisor Caroline Porco. Today Cassini is in progress of making an unprecedented “in your face” flyby of Saturn’s geyser-spewing moon Enceladus in order to gather key data. More details on how you can keep up with today’s event below.

John Cho Sees Importance Of Trek

It seems everyone is talking this week, now it is John Cho’s turn in a couple of new interviews. The new Sulu tells AP when he was cast as Sulu a friend sent him a long email about “how great a responsibility” it was. In comparing Trek to other work Cho said: “it is daunting, it’s scary. Frankly, I’m not used to this kind of heat.” Cho is also the cover boy on this month’s Geek Magazine where he talked about meeting George Takei and how the film has a lot going on.

Announcing: Orci and Kurtzman Q&A At Grand Slam + Ticket Give-away [UPDATED: Available Globally] is headed to beautiful downtown Burbank next month for the Creation Grand Slam Convention. The event is chock full of Trek and sci-fi celebs (including Spocks, Quinto and Nimoy). And today Creation and are announcing the addition of a Q&A with the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. We also have a pair of ‘Gold’ tickets to give away.

Today is Anton Yelchin’s Birthday and He Thinks Trek is ‘Awesome’

Today (March 11) is Anton Yelchin’s 19th birthday. He may not be old enough to drink, but he is old enough to get a seat on the bridge of the USS Enterprise as Chekov in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. In a new interview with Total Film Magazine, the young actor says he thinks the new movie isn’t going to be ‘old Trek’ and that it is going to be ‘epic’ and ‘awesome.’