June 2011

Review: JJ Abrams Super 8

On Friday June 10th JJ Abrams follows up his 2009 Star Trek movie with Super 8. With the help of producer Steven Spielberg, Abrams has returned to his own childhood for a mysterious monster movie, which turns out to be an effective coming-of-age story. Find out more in the TrekMovie.com review. [Some Spoilers Ahead]   

Celeb Honors: Quinto Wins Theater Award + Stewart To Get Doctorate + Video From Shatner’s Doctorate

There is news this week with three Star Trek celebrities being honored. First up is Zachary Quinto picking up a theater award, we have details and pictures from the event below. Plus we have behind the scenes video of William Shatner picking up his honorary doctorate, and news that Patrick Stewart is also becoming an honorary doctor.    

JJ Abrams On More Star Trek Sequels + Talks “Overusing” Lens Flares & Super 8

We have already heard this week from JJ Abrams on how he won’t rush the Star Trek sequel to meet it’s June 29, 2012 release date. Now in a new interview, Abrams talks about Star Trek beyond the next Star Trek movie. We also have a few video clips of Abrams talking about possible delay, lens flares and Super 8.    

Teaser Trailer For 2012 Star Trek Video Game + PS Move Phaser Attachment & Download Prequel Announced

Last week we reported there is a new game coming in 2012 tied to the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie universe. Today at Sony’s E3 press conference the first teaser was shown, plus a special phaser attachment for the PlayStation Move and a downloadable prequel were announced. All the details below, plus watch the new trailer. [UPDATE: replaced vid w/ HD Version]

JJ Abrams: “Cool” Star Trek Sequel “Worth The Wait” + Is Paramount Already Planning Delay?

There is more from JJ Abrams about the Star Trek sequel, with the producer talking about a "cool" story as well as discussing decisions on the release date and his directing of the film, saying it will be "worth the wait." Plus another report adds to speculation that Paramount may already be planning for a delay on the Star Trek sequel. Details on all that below, plus analysis on a new possible release date.    

JJ Abrams: Not Considering 3D For Star Trek Sequel + Wont Rush To Meet Release Date

While promoting Super 8 this weekend, JJ Abrams has also been dropping some tidbits about his next project, the Star Trek sequel. The producer (and expected director) says his next Star Trek will not be rushed to meet it release date, and he has also confirmed he will buck the trend and not go 3D. Details below. Abrams also revealed a Star Trek easter egg in Super 8.

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: The Walking Dead, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Falling Skies, Warehouse 13 spinoff + More

Sci-Fi TV is back and we’ve got you covered with a rundown on the 2011/2012 new show pickups (as well as new looks at the passed on NBC pilot Wonder Woman), plus updates on the new seasons of The Walking Dead and True Blood, a video from the series premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot and news on TNT’s Falling Skies and a possible Warehouse 13 spinoff. All that plus much more, including the latest television ratings, and new images and video previews.

Science Saturday: Goodbye Spirit + Hello Osiris REx & Orion + Mars Rumor Debunk + Jetpacks!

This week in Science Saturday, hear all the latest NASA news, say thanks and give a teary goodbye to Mars Rover Spirit, collect asteroid samples, send humans into deep space, and get a great view of Earth from orbit. All this plus our resident Mars expert’s take on “Bio Station Alpha”, a rumored new tricorder, personal jetpacks, and more!

Video Game Set In Star Trek Movie Universe Coming In 2012

Star Trek is finally returning to the world of video games. This morning Paramount announced they are developing a new game for PC, Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3, based on the 2009 Star Trek movie. The story for the game is being developed in collaboration with Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Details below.

Sneak Peek Of Syfy’s “Alphas” – Produced By Star Trek: DS9’s Ira Steven Behr

In July Syfy are launching a new series – Alphas. This new show about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities is executive produced by Ira Steven Behr – known to Trek fans as the writer/exec. producer and show-runner for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We have pictures, a sneak peek preview and more details on Alphas below.

Lindelof Tweets Planking Pic From Star Trek Sequel Writing Session w/ Orci

There has been a lot of talk about the status of the Star Trek sequel and its script in the last few weeks. We are all still waiting for JJ Abrams promised "announcement soon" on the status of the sequel, but we did get a little tidbit today in the form of writers Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof joining the latest fad…planking.  

Watch: Dr. William Shatner Gives McGill University Convocation Address

Today Star Trek’s original Kirk returned to his alma mater McGill University in Montreal, Canada to receive an honorary doctorate and to deliver the convocation address where he advised the new graduates to take risks and not be afraid of of making an ass" of themselves, noting it had worked for him. Watch the video below.  

Online Star Trek Memorabilia Auction On Saturday

On Saturday Propworx is holding their second big Star Trek auction and this time it is being done entirely online. The auction will feature 257 lots with props, costumes, set pieces, set decoration and production art from all the Star Trek series, plus some of the movies. Lots will range from rare high-end items for collector to affordable lots for around $100. More details below.