July 2010

ShatWatch: London Comic Con Pix + Lifetime Achievement Video + Nick Cage On Shatner’s Greatness

It is time for a new ShatWatch. Star Trek’s William Shatner has spent the weekend at the London Comic Con and we have pix of Bill from the event. We also have some recently uploaded Shatner videos, including the Banff Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony, a recent con where he talks about De Kelley and his pitch for wild salmon. All that plus Nicholas Cage talking about how Bill is a ‘Great Man’.

Review: ‘Star Trek Live’ – The Trek-themed Educational Stage Show

The Star Trek Live educational stage show is running at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex until September, but there is also a second, longer version that is touring North America. This week Star Trek Live stopped at the Harper College Performing Arts Center in Illinois and my family and I attended the show. TrekMovie provides this special review of this longer, touring version of Star Trek Live.

Reminder: Midnight Screening Tonight of Star Trek V in 70MM w/ Walter Koenig in West L.A.

There are only two more original crew movies to go in the Summer STAR TREK Simply 70 Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays at the Royal Theater in West L.A. Tonight continues with a 70 MM showing of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, preceded by a Q&A session with the original Pavel Chekov, Walter Koenig. More details below, plus a fun parody video all about Walter.

Science Friday: How Science Works Edition

Welcome to another edition of Science Friday. This week, we will take an interesting new look at the world of science. Instead of just reporting the news, I thought we’d dive into something deeper. In today’s edition, you’ll learn how a rocket launch works, why superconductors are useful, why fluorine is so cool, and why volcanoes blow up where they do. All this and more in today’s How Science Works edition!

Sci-Fi Movies Friday: Thor, Green Lantern, Paul, Superman, The Hobbit, The Avengers

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column we start with first looks from the upcoming Thor and Green Lantern movies. We also have first looks at Simon Pegg’s Paul. Plus Peter Jackson starts casting for The Hobbit, there is casting news for the new Hulk and casting rumors for the next Superman. We also have a breakdown of the movies coming to Comic Con. All that and the latest casting bites, images and videos.

QMx Releases Cool Retro-style Star Trek 2009 Movie Poster Set

Today Quantum Mechanix has announced their first set of lithographs prints from the recent Star Trek movie. The first set of four prints will be based on early poster design concepts, as seen in the recent "Star Trek: The Art of the Film" book. The posters are available to buy now and will also be available at San Diego Comic Con. More details and images below.

George Takei to Perform with Indianapolis Symphony in “Sci-Fi Spectacular” Concerts July 16-17

If you are looking for something to do in the Indianapolis area this weekend, you may want to take in some culture with the original Sulu. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will be performing a concert of music from Sci-Fi TV and movies (including Star Trek), with special guest George Takei who will be proving a "dramatic narration"…oh my. More details below.

Details On William Shatner’s New ‘Aftermath’ Show Coming In August

Proving that he is the hardest working man in show business, we have a second press release today related to Star Trek’s William Shatner. The Bio Channel has released details on their second Shatner show, Aftermath, which has Bill taking a look into the famous and infamous in the ‘aftermath’ of coming to notice. The show is coming in August, more details below 

Sci-Fi TV Tuesday: Comic-Con schedules, Smallville, Doctor Who, True Blood, Torchwood, LOST + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we kick it off with details on the Doctor Who Christmas special, find out what the next creature headed to True Blood, and get ready to laugh at Robot Chicken’s new Star Wars parody. Plus Darlton from Lost talk about their big set of Emmy nominations. We have all that plus all the new previews and more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and a breakdown of TV shows coming to Comic Con.

ST09 CelebWatch: Pine Play Praise + Saldana GQ Cover + Quinto Wraps + Urban Talks Fans + New Yelchin Spidey Rumor + more

It is another time to check in with Star Trek’s new crew to see what is up. Firstly Chris Pine is getting some high praise for his new play, Zoe Saldana is talking men in a new GQ cover story, Zachary Quinto wrapped acting on his new film, Anton Yelchin is the subject of a new Spidey Rumor, Karl Urban is talking Red and fans. All that and more below.