Articles by John Tenuto

The Collective: A Look At The Star Trek Terran Empire XP Hypersuite

Today, The Collective wears a beard as we imagine this scenario: A Star Trek fan has two computers. One is a good computer, yet the other is from an evil mirror universe. Want this scenario to be true? Now it can be with the Star Trek: The Terran Empire desktop interface from The Skins Factory. See below for details, images and a demo video.

The Collective: Review of Star Trek Electric Train Collection

TrekMovie continues our look at the heirloom quality Star Trek collectibles from the Bradford Group with an unusual set that brings two hobbies together: model trains and Star Trek collecting. The Star Trek Electric Train Collection is a first of its kind Star Trek item and TrekMovie has all the details below in a review with pictures and video.  

UK Star Trek Comic Magazine Review

Star Trek: The Magazine by Titan is a familiar institution to fans from the UK, and more recently, to US fans when it started publishing in North America about 2 years ago. Now, through the Titan Comics brand, younger UK and Ireland fans are now being treated to a really cool monthly publication. TrekMovie has all the details and a look at the first two issues of Star Trek Comics.   

The Collective: Review Of “Star Trek” Novel Adaptation Signed Collector’s Edition Box Set

The adaptation to 2009’s Star Trek film by Alan Dean Foster has had seven printings so far and made its way to the New York Times Best seller list. It is appropriate then that his book is getting some royal treatment by Premiere Collectibles. TrekMovie has all the details in our review of their special edition boxed signed hardcover book.

Conventional Wisdom: TrekMovie Guide To Summer 2009 Conventions & Events

Summer 2009 is shaping up to be a great convention season for Star Trek fans. In addition to the official Star Trek conventions, there are a number of other events (both big and small) which are all about or include Star Trek. As we do each season, TrekMovie provides an easy guide and schedule to all the activities around the world.

Exclusive Excerpt From Upcoming Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir

A generation ago a young upstart director had the temerity to shake things up in the Trek franchise, and result was the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, beginning a decade long relationship for Nicholas Meyer. This summer Meyer will recount his years with Trek in a new memoir, and TrekMovie has an exclusive excerpt, along with more Meyer summer 2009 news.

Exclusive First Look At Star Trek Movie Enterprise Model + More Round 2 Trek Model Previews

Since the film came out, many have been asking if there was going to be a model kit for the new USS Enterprise from Star Trek. And the answer is: yes! TrekMovie has all the exclusive details and a first look from Round 2 at their first Star Trek movie model, along with all the details about for the other ‘classic’ Trek models coming out later this year and into 2010 and beyond.

The Collective: Review Of Hamilton Star Trek Trek Ship Collectibles

You may not have heard of them, but the Bradford Group (and its various brands) has been making legacy-quality Star Trek collectibles for years. Over the next couple of weeks TrekMovie will be reviewing their latest offerings which are perfect gifts for dads and grads. Today we start with the Hamilton USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Laser Etched Glass Statue, and the Guardians of the Federation Collection Figurines. 

Kellogg’s Introduces Limited Edition Eggo Waffles With Star Trek Images

The Kellogg’s promotion for the Star Trek movie has been one of the longer running for the feature film with items starting to appear in stores in March and continuing to this summer. While the Kellogg’s website lists almost every product featuring ST09 images or offers, there have been a few surprises not listed, with the most recent being a limited series of Eggo waffles

ShatWatch Video Special: Bill’s Star Trek Leno Cameo + ‘Gavones’ Animated Show Preview + more

Chris Pine may be the new prince of paparazzi and celebrity gossip, but William Shatner remains the king of all media. In just the last few days the original Kirk has been all over TV and internet video, including a preview for a new Internet animated show and a Star Trek cameo on last night’s Leno. Check it all out below.

Ben Burtt Talks Star Trek (& Star Wars) Sounds + Links To More Recent Star Trek/Star Wars Connections

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which is still the 6th best grossing film in US history. Star Trek and Star Wars have always had a symbiotic relationship (from Lucas’ ILM providing effects to George Takei’s voice in Clone Wars). So today TrekMovie provides some recent SW/ST links and references, including a new interview with Star Wars (and Star Trek) sound designer Ben Burtt.

The Collective: New Star Trek Tchotchkes Edition

"Star Trek" collectibles are arriving "fast and furious" at Collective Headquarters. Like "angels and demons" we have been opening and reviewing the items so fellow fans could feel like "17 again" and learn about all the products available now. Enjoy this guide to some recent Star Trek items that aren’t as noticeable on store shelves. From key chains to cards, there are many items in the tchotchke category this summer.

Library Computer: “New Frontier: Treason” Review + “Star Trek” Ltd Edition Preview + “Trek Classic” Excerpt

Today we have a special Library Computer chock full of Star Trek book goodies. First John catches up with a review of the latest Peter David New Frontier novel, "Treason". Then we have a first look and more details on the limited edition hard cover from the Star Trek movie adaptation. Finally we have excerpts from Ed Gross’ reissue of "Trek Classic: The Unofficial Making of the Original Series,"

Star Trek Returning To QVC

We have news of yet another sign that Trek is returning to the heydays of the franchise. Trekkies who were fans in the 1990s might remember the QVC (home shopping channel) Star Trek shows which were a sure sign of the popularity of the franchise. Today, TrekMovie confirms that there will be a Star Trek QVC hour with products from Dynamic Forces this May 17th/18th, the first in almost 12 years.

The Collective: Reviews Of New DST Star Trek Figures + Preview Of Upcoming DST Trek Toys

Even though the world is focused on the new Star Trek movie, the rest of Star Trek still marches on, in this case with figures and toys. In the last few weeks Diamond Select Toys has released a number of new figures from TOS and DS9, inducing a Worf/Gowron 2-pack and the 19" Ultimate Scale Kirk and Spock. We have reviews of those plus some new previews, including the Salt Vampire.

Quantum Mechanix Gets Star Trek Movie Replica License – Will Make ‘Studio Scale’ Enterprise & more

Many starship aficionados and collectors have been wondering if there were going to be studio scale or museum quality versions of the new Star Trek feature film ships. Well, to paraphrase the classic Captain Kirk, the word has indeed been given and Trekmovie has all the details of Quantum Mechanix’s new license for Star Trek.