May 2010

Parents Group Threatens CBS Over Shatner’s “$#*! My Dad Says”

The announcement of William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says is only a day old, and already it is stirring up controversy. CBS is touting the show as a "family comedy" and putting it on at 8:30 on Thursdays, but a parents group is denouncing CBS for its choice of title, and has announced a campaign to go after affiliates who air the show and advertisers who sponsor the show.

Roddenberry-inspired 70s TV Movie “Strange New World” Available On DVD + Clips

Last October the Warner Brothers Archive released DVDs of the TV movies Genesis II and Planet Earth, developed by Gene Roddenberry in the 70s. They have just released the third movie in the ‘PAX series’ Strange New World. Although Roddenberry was no longer involved, the film was inspired by the previous two, and contained common elements from the Roddenberry films.

First Images & Details For Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says & Orci/Kurtzman’s Hawaii Five-0 [UPDATED w/ Videos]

Earlier in the week we reported that CBS has picked up a new Sitcom starring William Shatner. Today CBS released more details on $#*! My Dad Says, including the first images. We also have details and images on Hawaii Five-0, produced by Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: video clips from both shows]

Leonard Nimoy Providing Voice For Kingdom Hearts PSP Game + Preview

According to Leonard Nimoy, his last appearance as an actor will be this Thursday on the season finale of Fox’s Fringe, but that will actually not his last performance to be released. It has been announced that Mr. Nimoy has added his voice to the next installment in Disney’s popular Kingdom Hearts series for PSP. More details and a preview featuring Nimoy below. 

Leonard Nimoy “Hopes It Works Out” For William Shatner and Star Trek Sequel

This Thursday Fox airs the season finale of JJ Abrams Fringe, featuring what is likely the last performance of Leonard Nimoy as an actor. Nimoy recently did a conference call with reporters discussing the finale, where he also talks about his decision to retire (again) from acting, and he gives his thoughts on the next Star Trek.

CBS Picks Up Shatner Sitcom ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ & Orci/Kurtzman’s ‘Hawaii Five-O’ + Trailer For Abrams ‘Undercovers’

William Shatner, Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk, is headed back to network TV, this time in a sitcom. CBS is announcing their Fall schedule this week, which will include the $#*! My Dad Says sitcom, as well as the remake of Hawaii Five-O, produced by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. More details below, plus NBC’s newly released trailer for JJ Abrams Undercovers.

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: LOST, V, Fringe, Chuck, The Cape, Undercovers, Terra Nova, Dr Who + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week, it is season finale time and we have big updates on V, Fringe, and of course Lost. We also say goodbye to FlashForward and Heroes, and say hello to new shows like The Cape and Undercovers. All that and more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews, including new looks at Doctor Who.

District 9 Beats Star Trek For Nebula Award + Round-up Of Upcoming Sci-Fi Awards

Last night at an event in Cocoa Beach Florida the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced the Nebula Award Winners for 2009. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were nominated for their work on Star Trek, but lost out to the writers for District 9. More details below, plus a summary of Star Trek nominations at upcoming sci-fi awards.

D.C. Fontana To Judge Star Trek Fan Fiction Contest

Star Trek Fan fiction has been around since the first Star Trek series began in the 60’s, and now aspiring authors have an opportunity to have their stories critiqued by one of the original writers for Star Trek, Dorothy ‘D.C.’ Fontana. The ‘Starfleet’ Star Trek fan club has announced their second creative writing contest will be judged by Fontana, details below.

Science Saturday: Atlantis’ Final Journey + Biggest Science Experiment + Real Tricorder + Robot Violinist

Welcome to another (late) edition of your favorite science column! This week, watch the last ever launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, witness the largest science experiment ever, see an icy moon in a new light, and scan for viruses with medical tricorder 1.0. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: a violin-playing robot!

Star Trek Live Headed To San Diego + Details on ST: The Exhibition In Sacramento & Riverside

This summer Star Trek fans will have some great opportunities to go out and experience Star Trek at museums and stage shows. Today we have news on the West Coast premiere of Star Trek Live in San Diego in June. We also have details, including pricing an hours, for the two locations of Star Trek: The Exhibition this summer, in Riverside and Sacramento.

Sci-Fi Movies Thursday: Judge Dredd, Cowboys & Aliens, Riddick, Super 8, Iron Man 3, Avatar 2, Tron + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column Iron Man 2 is a hit and so its already time to talk about Iron Man 3. There are also details on the next Riddick and Cowboys & Aliens. Plus Judge Dredd is ready for his reboot, and the new Conan is revealed. Plus more, including the latest box office numbers, casting bites, videos and images, including new shots from Tron Legacy.

VIDEO: Big Bang Theory Star Trek Refs From This Week and Next Week

The geeky CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is rife with comic book and sci-fi references, but this week and last week’s episodes show that Star Trek is the closest to their hearts. In this week’s episode Sheldon revealed just how important Trek is to him in a potential crisis, and in next week’s episode, a flashback will show how Sheldon used Star Trek as a key test for his roommate Leonard. And you can watch video of both Trek refs below.

Con Report: TNG, DS9 & VOY Trek Stars At FedCon XIX

In the beginning of May more than 5,000 fans met their genre stars at FedCon XIX, Europe’s biggest Star Trek and Sci Fi convention, in Bonn, Germany. Star Trek was represented well by Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, Suzie Plakson, Chase Masterson, Martha Hackett and Manu Intiraymi. See below for a report from the event, including photos.