October 2007

1-18-08/Cloverfield Trailer (and title) Coming Soon

Remember that monster movie J.J. Abrams is producing codenamed ‘Cloverfield’ coming out on 1-18-08? It is the one the teaser site (1-18-08.com) with just random photographs and viral sites like slusho.jp and various MySpace pages for the films characters. Well Paramount will be releasing the first full trailer for the mysterious film in front of Beowulf on November 16th. The trailer will reveal the final name for the film, which has been the subject of much debate. Now CHUD.com reveals that they have seen a draft of the trailer…click for details. But it looks like in the end the title will actually be…Cloverfield. TrekMovie will put up the trailer when it becomes available.

Nimoy Expects Trek To ‘Surge’ Again

The Star Trek shoot starts next week, but Leonard Nimoy doesn’t need to be on the set until December. In the mean time he is keeping busy with his photography. In a couple weeks he will be appearing at a book festival in St. Louis to promote his “Full Body Project” book. In a new interview with the St. Louis Jewish Light he discusses his photography, but inevitably Nimoy gets around to talking about that other project he has in the works: I will be acting in a new Star Trek movie, that is going to be filmed later this year and early next year, the first acting job I have accepted in 15 or 18 years. So they need me to come back once more to play the character of Spock, in a sort of prequel to the original story. I am still strongly identified with it, no question about it, and there will be a surge again because of this new movie.

Details Revealed On “Star Trek The Beginning”

After the failure of Star Trek Nemesis and Before JJ Abrams came along, there was a project in development at Paramount called “Star Trek The Beginning.” It was written by Band of Brothers producer/writer Erik Jendresen and was being shepherded through the system by producer Jordon Kerner (although Rick Berman was reportedly involved, he actually had very little to do with the project beyond being contractually attached to any Trek project at the time). The story covered the events of the Romulan War and was set shortly after Star Trek Enterprise, but without using the Enterprise cast. In 2005 the project stalled for a variety of reasons and then Abrams and his team came along and that was that. Now AICN has revealed details of the first draft of the script…CLICK HERE to read a Star Trek that never was.

Abrams Took Convincing To Pick Quinto

Of all the casting announcements for the new Star Trek, the one that seems most obvious is the first one – Zachary Quinto as the new Spock. He is talented, a break-out star on a hit TV series (Heroes), has the right look, and was highly motivated to get the part. But apparently it wasn’t a slam dunk after all. In a new Hollywood Reporter article about Quinto moving up to a bigger agency, there was this tidbit: When he did a work session for Spock with the “Trek” casting director in June, the response he received was that, after seeing his tape, Abrams “wasn’t convinced” he was right for the role and had to move on and see other actors. That changed a couple of weeks later when Quinto met with Abrams. Soon after that, he became the first actor cast in the movie.

‘Star Trek’ Close To A Pike – Still Looking For Kirk’s (and Spock’s) Parents

J.J. Abrams has his entire new Star Trek crew, but he still has casting to do on a number of important roles. TrekMovie.com has learned that although casting has progressed on a number of minor roles (such as crew members on other ships), no major roles have been cast since Karl Urban signed on as McCoy. However, a source tells TrekMovie.com they are close to picking their new Captain Christopher Pike. The source confirmed that Josh Lucas was considered, but implied that he wasn’t the leading candidate. Although Pike is said to have a “significant role,” the source also disputed recent rumors that Pike has a larger role than Kirk.

Shatner: No ‘Star Trek’ Cameo For Me

In case you were wondering, William Shatner is still not happy that he has not been asked to be in the new Star Trek film. When asked by MovieWeb if he had a cameo role he denied it, and went on to say: I would be reluctant to do something that had so little value as to be a cameo. I’m disappointed that the story that they chose to do does not include the character I play, having been in on the birth of Star Trek, I would love to have been in on the rebirth or the resuscitation of it. The fact that I’m not is a disappointing and I think a foolish business decision on their part. Somebody decided how to play their story and they’re knowledgeable people and wonderful entertainers so we’ll see what happens.

Nichols Praises Abrams – Kyson Lee Talks Sulus

Since she began her recurring role on Heroes, Nichelle Nichols has been getting a whole lot of new attention. NBC recently held a press conference call with Nichols and her Heroes co-star Dana Davis. Nichols reveals that she actually found out she was going to appear in Heroes after being told by some Trek fans, but she didn’t appear surprised saying “They’re Trekkers, they know everything." Nichols also says that her role on the show, like George Takei before her, keeps ‘expanding’ and revels we will see her in a flashback scene in an upcoming episode. No word yet on if she has any superpowers, but they do seem to run in her family. Nichols was also asked about the upcoming Star Trek film and, unlike her former captain, she had nothing but the nicest things to say about young J.J. Abrams…even proclaiming that Gene would approve of the new master of Trek…

Rumor: Josh Lucas As Pike?

One of last bits of major casting the new Star Trek films need to do is for Chris Pike, Spock’s captain on the Enterprise before Kirk. We know that they are looking for a well known name and now IESB is throwing one into the ring. According to their source the studio is ‘considering’ Josh Lucas (Poseidon, Glory Road) for the role originally played by Jeffrey Hunter. This cannot be confirmed at this time by TrekMovie.com. However, Lucas’ name was once heard in relation to the role of Kirk, but it couldn’t be confirmed and at 36 he seemed too old for that part. He would be in the right age range for Pike. Lucas just recently finished shooting one project and is attached to three other films, including one that will possibly overlap with the Trek shooting schedule (something the Trek producers have dealt with for other actors). (More on Lucas @ IMDB, Wikipedia)

Book Review: TNG – Q&A

For many years, the enigmatic Q has been a recurring companion (or should that read nuisance?) to Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise. For the better part of two decades we have witnessed his exploits on the Federation’s flagship, as well as in other parts of the universe. But now, the ultimate riddler prepares to deliver the ultimate answer in Keith R. A. DeCandido’s new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, "Q&A". Right off the top, "Q&A" sets itself apart from the recent batch of Next Generation novels, opening with quite possibly the most unique prologues of any Star Trek work I have ever picked up. To be honest, it felt more like the work of Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide series) than anything else.

Shatner: Not Putting Me In Is Not Wise

It seems the ‘Shatner not in the new Star Trek movie’ story has worked its way into the mainstream media. The AP talked to The Shat today and he let it be known that he is not pleased that he has not been asked: I couldn’t believe it. I’m not in the movie at all. Leonard [Nimoy], God bless his heart, is in, but not me. I thought, what a decision to make, since it obviously is a decision not to make use of the popularity I have to ensure the movie has good box office. It didn’t seem to be a wise business decision

Book Review: ‘Star Trek Academy – Collision Course’

Living on the fringes, 17-year-old Jim Kirk has fled from his father’s Iowa farm to that traditional haven for rebels, San Francisco, where he is a dropout hacker who has seen and experienced too much at a young age: As a wide-eyed space enthusiast three years before on Tarsus IV, he was caught in a nightmare of murder and betrayal, caused by the sudden dictator who called himself Kodos (familiar of course to TOS fans from the episode, “The Conscience of the King.”) We meet Jim as he is trying to clear his Academy cadet girlfriend of false charges, and to show up Starfleet at the same time, for reasons that become clearer as the story goes on.

Quick Note About ‘ Star Trek’ Ranks

[article contains minor spoilers] Some have noticed and inquired why TrekMovie.com does not use character ranks when discussing the Original Series crew in the new Star Trek film. The reason is simple (and has been stated in the FAQ on the Star Trek 2008 cast page for a year). The characters in the film will be seen at various time frames and therefore at various ranks. This is to be expected in a film that is primarily a prequel and an origin story, but a new story at Screenrant expresses surprise that Pike is a ‘captain’ in the film and Kirk is not.

Menagerie Screening Dates Added in Europe and Canada

The November screenings for the remastered two-part Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” keeps expanding. Last week an additional day was added to the US (story), and now it is going international. Fathom have added a link to details for seventeen Canadian locations (November 15th only) – Canadian details at Empire Theaters. And now new showings in Europe have been announced as well, varying from November 13th to November 20th depending on location – European details at STARTREK.COM. Tickets info for the American screenings on November 13th and 15th available at Fathom Entertainment.

Quinto Talks About The Sets, Pegg, Spock, Research and More

Zachary Quinto was a popular person to nab for questions at the recent Spike Scream awards. For the most part, the new Spock repeated his usual comments about being “excited” and “humbled” about the project and working with Nimoy. But MTV did get him to open up a bit more. Here is Quinto on younger Spock I think there’s a distinction you need to make as an actor that you’re clear when and where you drop into that character. [Spock] evolved over a long period of time, so to pick that up and establish it at a time before you knew those characters is exciting. It allows me to discover some of the origins of these things.

Keri Russell Was In Talks For Star Trek Role…Might Still Be

Back in May we reported that both J.J. Abrams and Keri Russell dropped some hints that they would both be open to her being in the new Star Trek, but it seemed to just be usual celebrity log rolling. Russell was the star of Abrams’ first TV series Felicity and appeared in his first feature film, Mission: Impossible: III. In a new interview with TV Guide the actress reveals that there is actually some fire to the smoke. She says that she is in discussions on some film roles and that she talks to J.J. Abrams “all the time.” When asked specifically about a possible role in Star Trek she said:

Star Trek Stars Honored At Spike Scream Awards – Airs Tonight

Spike TV, which is still the cable home of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, honored Star Trek at their Annual Scream awards held over the weekend in Los Angeles. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and George Takei were all on hand to receive a special award in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban was not in attendance, but Shatner solicited a “Khaaaaan” scream from the audience in his honor.

Cruise Is Not Pike – But Who Is?

In August a rumor surfaced that Tom Cruise would be playing the role of Captain Christopher Pike in the new Star Trek film. That was actually the second time that the star of J.J. Abrams’ first feature film (M:I:III) came up in relation to Star Trek. In both cases TrekMovie.com reported that Cruise’s people denied the rumors and today Empire reports that Cruise himself has denied the rumor. The Tom replied to the inquiry “What? No, I’m not in that,….Nope. It’s just rumor.”

Doohan Family On Simon Pegg As Scotty

There is a bunch of press lately that Simon Pegg (star of Hot Fuzz) was a “bizarre casting choice” for the role of Scotty in the up-coming Star Trek movie. (Simon Pegg quotes below). Although I was publicly backing Paul McGillion because he looked so much like my father, I believe that Simon Pegg is a great choice. He may not look like Scotty, but his Scottish accent is very good, with a slight Glaswegian flare and he’s a great actor.

Nimoy Ready For Older Spock

In December Leonard Nimoy will step in front of the cameras as Spock for the first time since 1991. Before he does, the original Spock is keeping active with his photography career. In a new interview regarding an upcoming photography show Mr. Nimoy spoke briefly about his return to Trek. From the article: “It’s interesting and challenging,” Nimoy said of playing the character 16 years later. “If you accept the fact that I am older and so is the character, that is a start.”

Does Star Trek Appeal To Kids Today?

The second of our series of guest blogs from the TrekMovie.com youth correspondent. The topic for my October blog is how kids my age (age 10) like Star Trek. Some of my friends know about Star Trek from their parents. For example, one friend has only seen one episode of The Original Series. He said that his dad had shown it to him to see what television was like in the old days. I think that it didn’t hold his attention because we are so used to CGI effects. It is sad that my friends have not seen the newer series or movies like Enterprise or Deep Space Nine. They are more interested in shows like Heroes and video games like Halo. However, another friend of mine said he had seen an episode of Star Trek and wanted to see more. He can’t see more because he doesn’t know what channel it is on and when.